DEBUT: "Escape Routes"

Remember, former U.S. "Temptation" host Rossi Morreale has that same position for this show. The contesti:

Iris Hill and Terrence Terrell (L.A.)- She's a dance instructor, while he's a college admissions representative
Bre and Tara (Boulder, CO)- Bre's a makeup entrepreneur, while Tara's an advertising executive
Drew & Derek (Seattle)- Musicians
Wilson & Sharon Monterro (brother/sister from Tampa)- He's a boxer, whereas she's a radio personality
Ross & Brett (Venice Beach)- A pair of online bloggers who frequently post videos on YouTube
Chekesha & Tiffany (NYC)- A couple of models, NCAA Division I female basketball players & best friends originally from Houston, TX

The big winners after six episodes will not only each win their own redesigned 2013 Ford Escape, but $50K apiece as well. To help each of these teams, they'll get their own social online network to help them out in their stunts. iJUSTINE is the co-host.

Opening Challenge: The social networks are being asked to give their teams as many valid five-letter words as possible.

First Urban Challenge: Using their Escape's MapQuest service, they need to meet Rossi on top of a roof at 737 Terminal Street in L.A to play a life-sized version of "hanging with friends" from zynga. One teammate will be harnessed to a swing near the edge of the building, while their partners try to guess the letters of their opponents' designated words one letter at a time. Each right letter means that balloon in their mystery word pops and the player hanging will be pushed further back. Once a team's word is guessed, they're eliminated from the challenge and the designated player will drop about 100 feet to the ground.

Iris (White Team): T
Sharon (Black Team): A (A----)
Ross (Black Team): T
Tiffany (WT): A
Derek (WT): E (---E-)
Tara (Black Team): F (A-F--)

Iris (WT): N (--NE-)
Ross (Black Team): L (A-F-L)

Tiffany: D (--NED)
Derek: U (WT)
Tara (YT): A (A----)

Iris: O (-ONED)
Ross: W (AWF-L)

Sharon: Z (ZONED)- WT OUT
Tiffany (RT): A (--A--)
Tara: R (YT)

Sharon: S (RT)
Tiffany: K (--A-K)
Tara (GT): E (E----)

Iris: C (--ACK)
Sharon: L (RT)
Tara (Blue Team): A (--A--)

Iris: W (RT)
Tiffany: Y (RT)
Tara: N (YT)

Tiffany: Q (Q-ACK)
Sharon: B (AB---)

Iris: O (ABO--)
Sharon: D (ABOD-)

Rest of this Game:
Sharon: N
Iris: L (--A-L)
Iris: U (-UA-L)
Sharon: R
Iris: Q (QUA-L)
Sharon: P (E-P--)
Iris: WIN! (QUAIL)

At least for this challenge, finishing a challenge in last place will get you NO points. Each successive position's worth 20 points more than the one below it (so first's worth 100 & fifth's worth 20).

Interactive Challenge: Put on a live streaming talent show within 20 minutes.

Escape Challenge: At Fullerton Airport's Air Combat USA base, the six teams battle it out in a one-hit dogfight tournament. In the first round, the team w/ the fastest winning time will earn a bye to the final round.

Heat #1: Iris vs. Tara (The Terrells chose them since they won control for their UC victory)- IRIS (:31)
Heat #2: Chekesha vs. Sharon- SHARON (:33)
Heat #3: Derek vs. Ross- DEREK (1:52)

Semi-Final Round (winner faces Terrence in the Final Round): Wilson vs. Drew- DREW


Current Scoreboard:

1. GT: 180
2. BT: 140
3. BT: 100
4. YT: 80
5. WT: 60
6. RT: 40


1. GT: 240
2. BT: 180
T3. BT & WT (160 each)
TIED FOR LAST- RT & YT (80 each) 

Next time, it's off to The Big Apple; in the future, Atlanta will be visited.

"The Ultimate Fighter Live" 3/30

SECOND-ROUND FIGHT #3: Myles Jury vs. Al Iaquinta
Referee: Josh

Jon's "MLB 12: The Show" Keys to Victory:

Myles: Dictate the pace & defend the overhand rights
Al: Stay on the offensive & keep it standing

Tale of the Tape:

Age: 23/24
Height: 5'11"/5'9"
Weight: 154/155
Reach: 74"/68.5"
MMA Record: 9-0/5-1-1

R1: After Al put him in a sick submission hold with about a minute left...Myles comes back w/ a big back suplex to likely take that round.

R2: The bout's temporarily stopped 11 seconds into the round because of a low blow to Al...& even though Myles scores a takedown late in regulation, we're going on!

SUDDEN VICTORY: Al's early beatdown of Myles should just about do it...

 ends in a split decision, but Al still WINS w/ the last two judges! The sole judge that scored it 10-9 in Myles' favor was Adelaide Byrd.

Final Ratings Report for March '12

"American Idol":
Wednesday: 17.15 million
Thursday: 15.27 million (both slight gains from a week ago)
"Dancing with the Stars":
Monday: 17.62 million (down slightly from last week's Season Premiere)
Tuesday: 15.32 million
"The Voice": 11.79 million (about the same as last week's season-low)
"Survivor: One World": 9.6 million- ANOTHER NON-FINALE SERIES-LOW
"The Amazing Race XX": 9.29 million (down from last week)
"The Celebrity Apprentice": 5.99 million (barely up from last week)
"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses": 5.62 million- S-L
"Fashion Star": 4 million- S-L
"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" (finale): 1.99 million
"Top Shot": 1.56 million (up from previous week's S-L)
"AMERICA'S NEXT top model: British Invasion": 1.4 million (nearly tying its season-high)
"The Ultimate Fighter Live": 1.21 million (up from first two weeks of season)

Source: The Futon Critic

3/30/2012 Results

LMaD: On this episode, someone could win that Tahoe boat & the $50K, so this morning's Super Deal's worth $75,045.

Blanca (a surgical technician from Dallas) starts out w/ a $1 bankroll loaded w/ $100s...& turns that down for the middle curtain...the money totaled $2,101.

CURTAIN #1 (THE BIG RISK)- Bedroom w/ acer laptop ($4,968)
CURTAIN #2 (it moves)- Nissan Versa SV ($15,445)
CURTAIN #3 (it uses gas)- 2012 Mazda2 MT 


Jennifer (who's wearing a grandma wig) has the other chance of the week to Smash for Ca$h. All of this day's piggy banks are blue & for at least this playing only, Wayne & Jonathan trade places!

1. #9 (for her daughter's birthday)- DANGER ZONE ENFORCED ALREADY
2. #5- $2
3. #10- $2 ($4; $1K)
4. #1- $2 ($6; $2K)
5. #6- LOSS
$100 Consolation Pick: #8- WINS $200

Lynne (a director of teaching & learning in MN dressed as Santa) is part of a good deal given that she's an educator- Spell Me a Deal.

First Letter: S
Nicole's Round (she's a dancer, fitness instructor & cheerleader from Diamond Bar, CA dressed as a bee): BIG BOX ($1.5K; originally $800)- Shag carpet appliances ($100)

Second Letter: E
Joshua's Round (a Orange County, CA native dressed as a matador): SMALL BOX ($2K)- Used cell phones ($100)

Third Letter: A
Lynne's Final Round: $2K- SEA-DOO ($8,999)

Get out the Headlines Deal, Jonathan.

Natasha Ellis' Round (from Reseda, CA)("Trader Feels the Heat Behind CURTAIN #1!"): GO ($1.5K)- Six-night trip to the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino ($6,282)


James (a freshman at UCI dressed as a penguin) plays Remember When for that same Mazda2 (but it's behind Curtain #2 this time).

Today's Titles (all superhero flicks): "Batman Begins", "Spider-Man 2", "Superman Returns", "Catwoman" & "Iron Man"
GUESSES: "Batman Begins" & "Spider-Man 2"- INSTANT BAILOUT

He's going home w/ the $2,573 AjMadison royal blue washer/dryer (BB).

"Batman Begins"- '05
"Iron Man"- '08
"Superman Returns"- '06
"Catwoman"- '04
"Spider-Man 2"- '04

The last regular deal of the week's Raven (who's a mom of three). At least either the SB or CURTAIN #1 has something worth $3K+, but she takes neither in favor of $900.

CURTAIN #1- Home gym ($4,399)
SB (which would've been her choice)- Vera Wang pumps & a diamond ring ($3,475)

THE BIG DEAL: BLANCA'S GOING FOR AT LEAST THIS! Her hopefully not final answer's DOOR #2 for her two-year-old baby Omar. Behind #3 was...the two-night spa retreat at The Oaks at Ojai w/ a round spa, a total deal of $8,050. #1 had...the SAMSUNG 50" 3-D HDTV on top of a media console worth $2,999!

SUPER DEAL #2: Because she lives on a lake, she's KEEPING HER BOAT. She also would've chosen the Emerald...


After we shake that major disappointment off, Matthew correctly tells the host that five's the last digit of his credit card number for $100 & Jonathan gives a pinata girl $500 for her bag of candy ($100 per piece w/ a limit of five)!

(Final notes: The BD win cue didn't sound when the boat was revealed & there apparently was no deal edited out for a SD playing this time.)

TPiRecap (NO April Fool's Day pranks at all; sorry)

WoF: After this week, the next full week on the dips & columns set will be in two weeks & feature Shopping Sprees as featured prizes.

$1K T-U: On the Map

H _ _ _ / _ _ _ G

Dennis can't resist completing the TV show title "____ ____ PHOOEY" w/ "HONG KONG". Last panelists of the week:

Dennis Farrell (Valley Stream, NY)- A field technician for a major telephone company who's here because of her girlfriend thinking he's been procrastinating too much in his life
Kym Jenke (San Diego; moved from Vancouver, BC five years ago for better weather)- A zookeeper married to John
Sara Lewis (St. Louis)- A St. Louis Area Foodbank agency relations coordinator who's pursuing her Master's Degree in Nonprofit Administration at Longwood University

$2K T-U: Event

C _ _ _ _ L

F _ _ D A _

I don't know if "Tic Tac Dough" showing off featured hats on this day of the week counts as an example of CASUAL FRIDAY, but I do know Dennis' tripled up.

Last Featured Trip of the Week: Lotte Hotels & Resort in Seoul, South Korea w/ airfare from Asiana Airlines ($9,160)

Meineke Jackpot Round: Fun & Games

He loses his turn immediately by calling N for negative while on the Wild Card. Second, Kym calls two T's to put $1,600 in her bank, but has to give it right back because of the Bankrupt next to $2.5K. Third, Sara calls a second dud of S. Fourth, Dennis calls for two R's to pick up the S.K. wedge & a $300 L, then he buys three E's & calls a $2.5K C before buying two A's & landing the LaT. After Kym gets the same fate from her previous spin of the wheel, Sara takes the $900 D at the end, the $800 G at the start and the $1K pair of F's while on Jackpot...

G E T / _ _ T / _ F

_ A _ L / F R E E


...she doesn't need a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD to break the $11,700 bank and win $14,400 overall!

DUDS: N (Dennis), $900 S (Sara)
SOLE LaT: Dennis

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: $0/Sara: $14,400

Mystery Round: Song Lyrics

Kym immediately cashes in on $4K w/ four T's while on the Mystery Wedge next to that Million Dollar Wedge, which she uses to buy a flip of that...but also her third Bankrupt of the night. Sara secondly Free PLAYS three E's but then Bankrupts out next to $3.5K. Third, Dennis lights a $500 P for the blue 1/2 KIA, & quadruples the cash w/ three L's before spinning LaT for his second time. Kym tries again but records her third Bankrupt in a row (and fourth overall; that's her third next to top dollar), giving Sara the chance to call a couple R's for a grand, buy the same number of A's, say an $800 H and purchase two O's before she goes to the board...

P _ T / A / L _ T T L E

L O _ E / _ _ / _ O _ R


...and solves "PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART" by Jackie DeShannon from 1968 (we also hear that lyric at the end of the current Smart Balance commercials) to retain control and add $1,300 to her winnings.

SOLE LaT: Dennis
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Kym, Sara)

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: $0/Sara: $15,700

(Note: The people in control inadvertently gave Dennis another $500 when he picked up his plate.)

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

She calls the two obvious N's for $1K & that blue 1/2 KIA and a $350 G, followed by the buys of four I's and three A's but then a dud of R. Going Dennis' road second is another baddie of S. Third, Kym discovers a $1,200 T pairing, an H for the LuggageOnline gift tag and an E before wisely FPing the sole dummy vowel of O. After a $300 K & the U come a $400 D, a $300 P but then that same Bankrupt, her fifth in total this evening, depriving her of $2,700 in money and luggage. Sara follows all of that w/ the back-to-back Z's for six more crisp pictures of Mr. Franklin...

T A K I N G / A

D I P / I N / T H E

_ A _ U Z Z I

...and she'll be TAKING A DIP IN THE JACUZZI shortly, since she's $1,450 richer & has won the getaway to the SuperClubs Breezes Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club worth $6,540.

DUDS: O (Kym), $300 R (Sara), $300 S (Dennis) 

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: NH4309859 (Nick H.)

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: NO LUCK/Sara: $23,690 in cash & Jamaica

$3K T-U: Person

E S C A _ E

A _ T I _ _

Dennis gets the T-U Sweep on an ESCAPE ARTIST.

Last Chance Round: Phrase

The big one of $6K is what every consonant's worth in this last maingame round of the week! Four lit I's later...

T H _ / T _ N S I _ N

I S / _ _ I L _ I N _

...THE TENSION IS BUILDING and Sara makes the $12K solve to seal the deal! Left behind:

Dennis: $18K
Kym: $24K (she could've won by $310)

Final Scores:

Dennis: $6K in T-U cash/Kym: HARD LUCK $1K/Sara: $35,690 in cash & trip
GT: $42,690


Big Money Round #132: Sara's last spin comes to a freeze on the single-star.

Topic: Phrase


_ N / T _ E

_ _ _

CPDO...end it all. We couldn't add the $30K IN THE MIX for her (she thought the last word was HUB and HUT at the buzzer), but she made a good deal out of that to the tune of $35,690 in cash & vacation.

Pat & Vanna talk about the show's April Fool's Day past to end this week.

J!: Beau Henson could be at least a four-time champ at the expense of:

Ruth Robbins (Jacksonville, NC)- Stay-at-home mom
Sarah Curtis (Oceanside, CA)- Mechanical/electrical drafter

Friday's Base Topics:


Beau goes Daily Double Hunting quickly in the middle of the "EX" clues...& gets it at the end of the Wild Cats w/ a Lock Game Territory-quality score of $2,800, while Sarah has $200. He goes w/ this clue's face value:

The cougar has the Guinness (World) Record for most other names in English, over 40, including this four-letter name.

"What is Puma?"...also the name of a clothing & consumer goods manufacturer, that's right to make his score $3,800. It's down to $3,200 at the timeout, but he's still $2K ahead of Ruth; Sarah's $800 in negative territory. The time's up signal goes off before we end the round w/ the $1K It's All Relative answer.


Post-R1 Scores:

Beau & Ruth: $2,600 each (following an incorrect response reversal by Ruth on a $1K clue, which means the champion's starting Double Jeopardy! because he's furthest to the left of the two tied contestants)
Sarah: $2,800

Next on Tap:


Beau goes DDH right away in this round of play in the center of Poe's takes him a while, but he does pick up his second of this game courtesy of the $1,200 Language of South America & he's back in LGT w/ $7,400; Ruth's at $3,200 & Sarah's close behind her w/ $2,600. He makes this clue worth $2.5K:

W/ 1.5M speakers, Italian's this country's second-most spoken language; Arabic's third and German's fourth.

"What is...Chile?"...nope, it was Argentina, so he's kicked back out of LGT to $4,900. He does sweep those DDs & after choosing the last one in the center screen of Michael at the Mike w/ $8,900 (Sarah stands at $4,600 & Ruth trails her by a thou). For two more C-notes & to move back in LGT:

Last year, this singer said of his band's breakup "We have to thank all the people who helped us...for these 31 years".

"Who is Michael Stipe?"...that was indeed the lead singer of R.E.M. we were looking for to send the champ to $10,900 w/ less than a minute on the round's clock! It runs out prior to the last three Record Destroyers being talked about.


Heading into the Final:

Beau: $11,300
Sarah: $7K
Ruth: $5,200


Beau: $13K

Sarah: $7K
Ruth: $5,200

FJ! CATEGORY: U.S. Vice-Presidents.

More V-Ps have been from this state than any other, including two 20th Century V-Ps who were its governor.

RR put "What is Texas?"...she wasn't confident & for good reason- she drops to a buck. Sarah Curtis guessed "What is New York"...good enough for the $14K & the win. Beau Henson, who thought of TN, leaves us w/ $53,202.

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "The Price is Right" and "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!"


Surprise! Last night at 11 PM EST started the second season of "Repo Games", unlike the previous SP date we told you for that show. But, let's do the recaps better late than never. BTW, Bob's one of the show's tow truck drivers.

"Gunnin' For Payback":

Age: 37
Hometown: Wenonah, NJ
Vehicle: Her husband Bill's green 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 instead of her silver Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited Edition (first-ever Bait & Switch Repo)
Intel: Not voted most anything in high school
Host: Tom

IMPORTANT NOTE: BILL SHOWED OFF A GUN AT TOM!!!!! However, there was no disqualifcation that time.

1. According to the song, who's the black private Dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks?
Guess: "Shaft"

2. Name four of the five original members of the band Guns N' Roses.
Names listed: Axel Rose, Slash, Duff & Mike
Not given: Izzy Stradlin & Steven Adler

3. How many dots are there in the Domino's Pizza logo?
Guess: Six (A: Three)

4. Casablanca's the largest city in what country?
Guess: Spain- REPO (A: Morocco)

Ages: 24 & 25
Place: Impound lot
Vehicle: Red 2006 Chevrolet Malibu
Intel: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Double Dee
Host: Tom
TT Driver: Greg

1. Who won eight gold medals in Swimming in the 2008 Summer Olympics?
Guess: Andrew Smith (A: Michael Phelps)

2. What part of your body's also known as your peepers?
Guess: Boobs (A: Eyes)

3. On a standard clock, the small hand's on what number at noon?
Guess: 12

4. What African river's the longest in the world?
Guess: Nile

Final Question: Known as The Red Planet, what's the fourth planet from The Sun?
Guess: Mars- PAID!

Hometown: Gloucester, NJ
Age: 35
Vehicle: White '03 Windstar
Intel: Louder & shorter than the kids on the bus
Host: Josh

1. Who went from being a gangsta rapper to giving haircuts in "Barbershop"?
Guess: Ice Cube

2. The Star of David's on the flag of what country in the Middle East?
Guess: Israel

3. What's the name of Super Mario's younger, skinner & taller brother
Guess: Luigi- SWEEP!

"No Underwear, No Problems":

Ages: 49 & 47
Vehicle: White '99 Escort Sedan
Hometown: Lindenwold, NJ
Intel: Totally love jokes
Host: Tom

1. Who was the only U.S. President born in the state of GA?
Guess: Jimmy Carter (Brian)- YES

2. What animated film features the lions Simba & Mufasa?
Guess: "The Lion King"

3. Which "Hannah Montana" star earned $48M two years ago?
Guess: Hilary Duff (A: Miley Cyrus)

4. What four types of huts must a baseball player achieve for the cycle?
Guess: Single, double, triple & HR- PAID!

Age: 40
Hometown: Indianapolis
Vehicle: Black '05 Hyundai Sonata
Intel: Likes to go "hands free" when he's home alone (& he previously had a ride repoed)
Host: Josh

1. Who are four of the six Bayside buddies from "Saved by the Bell"?
Guesses: Zack, Screech, Lark & Mario
Unlisted: Kelly, Lisa, A.C. Slater & Jessie

2. What nun & Nobel Prize winner worked in Calcutta until her death in 1997?
Guess: His aunt Shenita (A: Mother Theresa)

3. What novel's main characters live in East Egg & West Egg?
Guess: "Twilight" novels- FIRST TOTAL REPO OF S2 (A: "The Great Gatsby")

Age: 39
Hometown: Indianapolis
Vehicle: Silver '04 Pontiac Grand Am Sedan
Intel: Not the first time she fell for the ol' strip-o-gram trick
Host: Josh


The next new episode will air Wednesday at 11:30 PM EST.

Episode ratings:

11 PM: 8
11:30 PM: 7

"American Idol" 3/29

Ford music video song: "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister

Guest Performances:

Nicki Minaj: "Starships"
Scotty McCreery: "Water Tower Town"

BOTTOM THREE: Skylar, Heejun & Hollie

In the end...

Skylar (safe first)

...Heejun's the least popular of this trio & is eliminated.

3/29/2012 Results

LMaD: This morning's Big Deal of the Day's worth $23,490, so the Chevrolet Equinox could play a part in giving away the $50K suitcase (remember, "$ale of the Century" was best known for that).

But we're going to give Kimberly (a leadership training & consulting company worker dressed as Santa whose boyfriend Scott broke up w/ her recently) a chance to win up to a car right now playing Find the Face.

Three-Card Tiffany Prize (SMALL BOX): Luxury spa day at Thibiant in Beverly Hills w/ skincare ($2,910)

#3: TIFFANY ($500: #2)

Four-Card Jonathan Prize (CURTAIN #1): Designer accessories, makeup & sunglasses ($4,771)

#4: $1K ($750: #1)

FIVE-CARD WAYNE AUTOMOBILE (CURTAIN #3): Mitsubishi Lancer ($17,455)


#2- $500
#3- $2K

Aisha (a temp worker/receptionist dressed as an outlet) starts out w/ a bottled message brought out by Tiffany.

Adam's Round (dressed as a Mexican Scotsman): CURTAIN #2 ($1K)- KEMCO scooter

Janette's Round (dressed as a cowgirl): NO to BIG BOX ($1K)- HDTV trio ($4,100)

Aisha's Round: Message (because she likes "Message in a Bottle" by The Police)- A treasure map that leads to a treasure chest filled w/ $4,675 (CURTAIN #3)
SB (Jonathan)- Rock radio

Michelle will be in the first-ever "LMaD" Debate. Both the host & the co-host will have 20 seconds to talk about their prize (s).

Wayne: CURTAIN #1

PICK: SE- $100
CURTAIN #1- Four-night trip to the Beaver Creek Lodge in Avon, CO w/ equipment ($10,920)

Dominic (dressed as a feather bird) plays The New New Car Pong for the Toyota Tacoma MT (Curtain #3).

Prompt: Stores in the Mall of America
Choices (now on iPads for at least this playing): Adidas, Bloomingdale's, macy's & Nordstrom
PICKS: macy's, Nordstrom & Bloomingdales

RESULTS- WINS TRUCK & $750 (Southeast & South cups; the $250 cup landing came at the buzzer)

He got the truck in just nine of the 20 seconds!

(Notes: Even if you win the automobile before time expires, you can still keep throwing balls for the money. Also, Wayne forgot that he landed the $500 cup in three sec. & an instant replay of that was shown just before the next deal.)

Patricia's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a fried egg): CURTAIN #2- A chariot w/ a gorilla on top of it 
SILVER ENVELOPE (X10): $310 ($3,100)

Teaming up for the last regulation deal today are Melanie & Phung (who've been high school friends for 6-7 years).

Lounge: Phung ($1K)- living room ($4,905)
Focus: ELIMINATED AT THE START- Digital camera & camcorder w/ classes ($3,008; it could've been a said Ford car)
BB (Style): NEITHER ($1K; this would've been Melanie's)- Packing peanut clothing

THE BIG DEAL: Phung chose Door #3 one aired episode too late, so she's headed to the cleaners- a $2,456 washer/dryer set, to be exact.

#1- Mustang (Std., Axle, Tire/Wheel)
#2- Trip to theReef ($6,306)

(Note: There was no pan of the three doors just before her final selection.)

While wearing a sombrero, Sean shows Jonathan a credit card w/ a 1-800 number on it for $100, Yontiguah (dressed as a pageant girl) can't find a nail file to have Tiffany pay her $100 & Kailen digs up 47 cents from her purse in time to win Wayne's $200.



$1K T-U: On the Map

T H E / S O U T H

C _ _ _ A / _ E A

The non-hosting Pat's wrong w/ THE SOUTH CASPIA SEA, so Shaun steals this one on THE SOUTH CHINA SEA. Introducing these guys & the girl for tonight's game:

Shaun Garvin (Atlanta; originally from St. Louis)- A flight attendant who's going to graduate school to be an organizational psychologist
Amira Azimi (L.A.; originally from Oxnard, CA)- A sales account manager for an apparel company who's been a Wheel Watcher since she was three years old w/ a 99 yr. old grandma
Pat Kotsonis (Fords, NJ)- Owner of two restaurants

$2K T-U: Occupation

H _ _ E _

D O _ _ M _ N

Amira solves HOTEL DOORMAN.

Thursday's Featured Trip: Tour of Japan from g adventures ($8,946)

Meineke Jackpot Round: What Are You Doing?

She starts w/ two $500 N's for the blue 1/2 KIA, three I's but then the Lose a Turn. Secondly, Pat calls the G & three T's for $500 each, buys two E's & an A & gets two H's for another $800, but then Bankrupts out on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side for $2,300. Third, Shaun collects the $600 W & the three O's to finish out the vowels, then a $900 pair of C's but he then LaTs out. After Amira picks a $500 P...


N O O _ _ E _ / W I T H

C H O _ _ T I C _ _

...she's EATING NOODLES WITH CHOPSTICKS for another $1,250.

LaTs: 2 (Amira & Shaun)

Current Scores:

Pat: $0/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 (1/2 KIA)

Mystery Round: Same Name

Pat picks up the tour right away w/ two T's, Free PLAYS an O, calls for three S's for $900 & buys two I's & three A's, then he gets an N for the TravelSmith gift card & two E's to clean the vowel department out again and let's go to the board...

S A T E _ _ I T E

A N _ / S O A _

_ I S _

...he solves SATELLITE AND SOAP DISH for $10,096 in cash & merchandise.


Current Scores:

Pat: $10,096 in cash & prizes/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 (1/2 KIA)

Prize Puzzle Round: Song Lyrics

Shaun immediately duds out w/ S while on the other 1/2 KIA. Second, Amira finds a $300 N, three E's, a $600 pair of R's, a $600 H, two A's up top & a $300 M, then she FPs triple the I's & takes the two C's for $600 extra...

C A _ I _ _ R N I A

H E R E / I / C _ M E

...too bad she has to solve the 1927 Al Jolson song "CALIFORNIA, HERE I COME", but at least she has first place back w/ another $1,900 & a $5.5K trip for two of her friends to the Omni Hotel & Resort in S.F.

SOLE DUD: $500 S (Shaun)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JC7350224 (Judi C.)

Current Scores:

Pat: $10,096 in cash & stuff/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 in cash & S.F.

$3K T-U: Person

_ _ R _ _ _ _

D _ P _ O M A T

Shaun quadruples his moolah because of a FOREIGN DIPLOMAT.

R4: Place

He gets the S at the beginning & end of this board for $600 each, two A's & two FP T's for another thou, but an I buy ends his turn. Second for Amira is a dud consonant of N. Third, Pat inserts trip R's for $1.5K, an E quartet & a $450 C before...


_ E A _ _ _ A R T E R S

...he steals an extra $1,700 from the SECRET HEADQUARTERS to get first back.

DUDS: I (Shaun), $600 N (Amira)

Current Scores:

Pat: $11,796 in cash & stuff/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 in cash & trip

Last Chance Round: Living Things

Consonants pay $1,600. Early in this puzzle, Shaun asks for an L...

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ L _ S S _ _ S

...CHERRY BLOSSOMS is a good guess, but that's incorrect. W/ only vowels left after this, Amira wants the B...

_ R _ N G _

B L _ S S _ M S

...& she says ORANGE BLOSSOMS on the buzzer for the $8K win! Shaun ultimately gave back $4,800.

DUDS: C (Amira) & F (Pat)
SOLE DQ: Shaun (missolve)

Final Scores:

Pat: $11,796 in cash & merchandise/Shaun: $4K/Amira: $18,650 in cash & vacation
GT: $34,446


Big Money Round #131: Amira whips up the W.

Category: Phrase

Starting us off this time are:

_ L _ _ / T _ E

S _ _ T _ _

She's about to nail this one! After calling the P, F, C & the I's...

F L _ P / T _ E

S _ I T C _

...don't FLIP THE SWITCH on your TV's, my friends- she's $40K happier as the 50th BR winner of the season, meaning she's leaving w/ $58,650 in cash & local vacation!

(Note: Jimmy came up w/ a new post-BR line "_______, here's your ticket to instant happiness...".)

Remember, "Wheel" starts shooting in Portland tomorrow!

J!: No joke- Beau Henson's a two-time champ on this program (he's an actor originally from Mt. Carmel, IL). But challenging him are two more guys:

Richie Rodriguez (Haywood, CA)- Mechanical engineer
Jay Ben Markson (originally from Lakeville, MA)- Also an actor

For real, here are Thursday's first six:


Jay Ben correctly answers Where on Earth is the Video Daily Double? Under its $600 clue & he has $2,200; Richie has the six bills. He's going for the $4,400 doubler:

The Tower of the Great Opening Hotel's in Khartoum in this country.

"What is Sudan?"...Khartoum's indeed its capital for the $4,400! He's added half that score to that once we reach the first break, while Richie's gotten to the $1K mark; however, Beau's $400 in the hole.

SOLE TS OF THE ROUND (attempted): $600 (N.T.)

Post-J! Round Scores:

Beau: $3,400
Jay Ben: $9,200 (Lock Game Territory Alert)
Richie: $3,200

Double J! Topics:

14-, 15- & 16-LETTER WORDS

Richie's road to getting rich has reached a crucial point- him finding a DD w/ $8K attached to the $1,600 Philosophical Metaphor during such a spree. He's $600 behind Beau for second & is $2,400 out of the lead. For another five big ones & the lead, here's the clue for Richie:

In a work of political philosophy, hobbies compared "The great power of..." man's governor to this Biblical beast.

"What is the Behemoth?"...NO. It was The Leviathan & his bank's cut to $3K. Jay Ben's second & final DD this match comes from the middle spot under They Came From Ohio w/ about a minute left in this round of play & he's barely leading the champ, $13,600-$12,600; Richie's far behind them at $3,800. To move back in front w/ a $4K bet:

An elementary school in Lorain, OH is named for this woman from Lorain, who's both a Pulitzer & Nobel Prize winner.

"Who is Rachel Carson?"...heeeeeeeeeeere's bad news for Jay Ben- her name was Toni Morrison instead, meaning he has a $3K deficit between him & Beau.

ATTEMPTED LACH TRASH: $1,600 (14-, 15- & 16-Letter Words)

Scores After DJ!:

Beau: $13,800
Jay Ben: $11,600
Richie: $5,400


Beau: $13,800
Jay Ben: $14K

Richie: $10,400

FINAL J! SUBJECT: Space Exploration.

On March 17, 2011, a probe called Messenger became the first spacecraft to orbit this planet.

RR's response to that answer was "What is Neptune?"...BUSTED. Jay Ben Markson almost agreed w/ Richie, but he wrote "What is Mercury?"...Ford's now-defunct mid-luxury line name is GOOD FOR THE DOUBLER TO $23,200...but Beau Henson's won for the third time at $23,201! Three-day total: $51,202.

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: Everything else

"American Idol" 3/28

Theme of the Week: Personal Idols
Mentor: Stevie Nicks


1. Colton: "Everything" by Lifehouse (2000)
2. Skylar: "Gunpowder & Lead" by Miranda Lambert (2008)
3. Heejun: "A Song for You" by Leon Russell (1970; his Idol was Donny Hathaway)
4. Hollie: "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood (2005)
5. DeAndre: "Sometimes I Cry" by Eric Benet (2010)
6. Jessica: "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce (2009)
7. Phillip: "Still Rainin'" by Jonny Lang (1998)
8. Joshua: "Without You" by Bedfinger (1970; later re-done by his Idol, Mariah Carey)
9. Elise: "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin (1969)


Colton, Elise & Phillip- Fleetwood Mac/Stevie medley ("Landslide", "Edge of Seventeen" & "Don't Stop"
DeAndre, Heejun & Joshua- Michael Jackson medley ("Lady In My Life", "Rock With You" & "P.Y.T.")
Hollie, Skylar & Jessica- Madonna medley ("Like a Prayer", "Borderline" & "Express Yourself")

The featured guest on Thursday will be Nicki Minaj.

"AMERICA'S NEXT top model: British Invasion" 3/28

This week's episode was filmed in Canada & they first met Jay inside the CN Tower.

Challenge of the Week: The girls had to make the most quality designer fashion show bookings they could & the winner (s) won some of Jay's collection & got a free fashion trip back to Canada.

Some of the designers include Pink Tartan, Triarchy, Travis Taddeo, Cassie Dee, Martin Kim, UNTTLD & Attitude Jay Manuel.

WINNERS- Eboni & Sophie

PHOTO SHOOT #5: While in the distillery district of the country, they need to take pictures while covered in organic maple syrup.
Photographer: Miguel Jacob

PS ORDER: Sophie, Alisha, Catherine, Laura, Annaliese, Ashley, Kyle, AzMarie, Seymone & Eboni

Guest Judge: Beverly Johnson


2. AzMarie
3. Sophie
4. Seymone
5. Laura
6. Kyle
7. Alisha
8. Annaliese

"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes"- GRAND FINALE

#3: "Feast For a Viking"

#4: "Ice Key"- Break an icebox w/ a rock to get the key inside to unlock two pairs of snowshoes.

Johnny & Camila take first place for now, while CT & Diem drop to third.

#5: "Poled Out"- Using 12 of the 13 logs, make six complete boundaries of each size w/ a boulder in each one.

Emily & Ty MAX OUT on this task (30 minutes), so they're in last.

#6: "What An Ice Hole"- Tunnel throw a snow drift.

#7: "Sliced Up"- Move a totem pole so that all four of its sides have matching designs.

FINAL TASK: "Finish It"- After placing the seven artifacts properly on the Viking sundial, it'll open to allow them to collect a horn to take to the finish line, where they must then blow the horn to claim their cash.

Thanks to having difficulty on that boulder & pole puzzle, Emily & Ty definitely finish in third & leave w/ $20K each, but the bigger dough ($75K each) go to...

CT & Diem
Johnny & Camila

...JOHNNY & CAMILA, SO THEY SPLIT A GRAND TOTAL THIS SEASON OF $152.5K! CT & Diem leave this cycle w/ $105K in total.

"Survivor: One World" 3/28

As of the end of the last episode, we're in SOLO MODE. The merged tribe's name this season will be Tikiano.

Reward Challenge: In two different tribes, they have to dig up four bags of puzzle pieces before solving a turtle puzzle to win cold beer, pizza & a note that says they can go search for a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Orange: Alicia, Jay, Sabrina, Chelsea, Christina & Troyzan
Blue: Leif, Kat, Michael, Kim, Jonas & Tarzan

FIRST INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: In this balancing challenge, wind will be blowing while they're standing on a log balancing a minimum of one ball (& a maximum of three) on a giant disc.


1. Tarzan
2. Christina
3. Michael
4. Chelsea
5. Kim
6. Alicia
7. Jay
8. Jonas
9. Sabrina
10. Leif
WINNER- Troyzan

TRIBAL COUNCIL #5: By a 10-2 vote over Michael...Jonas' the first castaway this season to be sent to the jury house.

3/28/2012 Results

LMaD: I've just realized something during these Super Deal episodes- apparently, at least one deal gets edited out of any broadcast when the SD comes into play. Yesterday, although Christopher went home w/ a $17.5K car & $3,900 to maybe buy some pizza from the pizza joint he works for after graduating from school, Wesley completely bombed out on the SD while in Big Deal Land, losing $23,093 worth of vehicles after giving up a near-$17K automobile that he won early on in that episode. Wednesday's BD has a price of $23,175.

This is the third time this season we're playing Spell the Car's Name for that 2012 Ford Fiesta S (Curtain #3); Rebecca (who says she needs to go to the bathroom & wants to replace her 25-year-old car) & Kimberly (dressed as a nurse who has no ride at all) are the ladies playing for it this morning.

Control Round:
Rebecca: Golden Envelope- $100
Kimberly: Silver Envelope- $50

Rebecca: #6- I (-I----)
Kimberly: #2- T (-I--T-)

Rebecca (turns down $400): #3- S (-I-ST-)
Kimberly (turns down $500): #7- F (FI-ST-)

Rebecca (turns down $1K): #5- E (FIEST-)
Kimberly: BAILOUT W/ $1.5K ($1,550 to help her buy a scooter)
Rebecca finally declines $2K to choose #4 for the month of April & that A's behind...#1.

Getting $700 in betting money apiece to begin the second deal are Theryn (a girl dressed as a giant white box of playing cards), Todd Aspegren (dressed as a #2 beekeeper) & Valerie.

BIG BOX: Valerie ($700)- Giant mouse trap w/ that gorilla behind it
CURTAIN #2: Theryn ($1K)- Game room ($3,054; Tiffany mistakenly called both her & Todd ladies)
CURTAIN #1: NOBODY (Todd leaves w/ $1,400)- Kitchen ($6,377)

Video Bonus: Tiffany's Blooper

Jerwin's Fast Deal Decision (he's wearing a dog hat): SMALL BOX (Jonathan; travel)($500)- AmericanAirlines round-trip airline travel for two w/ a pair of BOSE QuietComfort 15 headphones ($2,100) 
CURTAIN #3- '12 Polaris TrailBlazer ATV ($4,799)

Martha, a college student, will face the Inkblot Deal. The only one on offer's the one for CURTAIN #1, but she goes all the way w/ the SILVER ENVELOPE.

CURTAIN #1: Camouflaged car (some of the Peanut Gallery correctly thought it was some kind of automobile)
SB (Jonathan): Trip to the Rosedon Hotel ($6,022)
SE: DEALER'S DELIGHT- Chevrolet Sonic 1LS HB (CURTAIN #2)($15,395)


Celeste, a retail vintage saleswoman, picked the perfect time to get chosen w/ a piggy bank in her hand, because she's playing Smash for Ca$h.

1. #7- $2
2. #10- BUCK ($3; $1K)
4. #6- $2 ($5; $2K)


Among the ones left behind were #4 & #8.

Lisa (a physical therapist dressed as a purple witch) & Delmos (a paint contractor dressed as a plate of spaghetti & meatballs) have been together for nine years.

R1 (Lisa's in control): RED BOX ($800)- Mon Cheri white gold diamond ring ($3,743)
R2 (Delmos' in control): BLUE BOX ($800)- Fresh-baked loafers

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #3): YES- Patio furniture w/ a BULL BBQ & the Margaritaville machine ($6,036)


They're NOT done, though...

THE BIG DEAL: ...BUT THEY ARE after choosing Door #1, which nets them $2,181 from The Bank Vault.

#2- Home office w/ Apple electronics & SAMSUNG 40" HDTV ($6,465)
#3- Trip to Argentina (included six nights at their wine country)

To start the aired Quickie Deals, Sue (dressed as a Cheesehead) is asked by Jonathan to pick a number from 0-9 & she chooses six. Unfortunately, the only credit card she's got doesn't end in that number & she loses out on $100 for every card that did end w/ the selected number.Vanessa (dressed as a spa lady) does manage to pull out a small cocktail umbrella for the $500 twitter wad held by Tiffany, while Jessica (dressed as Brooke Hogan w/ a mustache) can't pull out an actual book or magazine for $200.

TPiR: This should be the last old-school episode this week. It starts w/ these First Four "Pricers"- Savannah Smith from the front row, Mary Hynek, Thomas Brown & Catherine Kobak. The one-bid prizes begin w/ a trio of Coach accessories (Rachel in the clam)("In Paris" by Jay-Z & Kanye West).

Savannah: $725/Thomas: $765/Mary: $690/Catherine: $735

ARP: $904

Catherine, an office person from Stephensville, WI, plays Let 'em Roll for a '12 Hyundai Elantra Sedan GLS (Std., AT, Pref., Guards)(Amber at Door #3)("Turn Up the Music" by Chris Brown) worth $18,890.

Groceries (Manuela)("Starships" by Nicki Minaj):

Alka-Seltzer Plus Allergy Fast Relief Formula: $4.22
Bronzer: $8.99
Bayer Low-Dose: $10.34


1. CAR/CAR/CAR/$500/$500

(Note: As of this taping week, George has gone back to saying the name of a Pricing Game's car after plugging it.)

Tina Dorsey replaces her in Bidder's Row & the second IUFB's a hayneedle breakfast nook (Amber at Door #3)("A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri).

Savannah: $1,100/Thomas: $1,250/Mary: $1,401/TINA: $1,400

ARP: $1,200

After doing a back handspring, Savannah from presumably Detroit plays Coming or Going for a Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow (Rachel at Door #2)(using a generic WCW wrestler theme).

PICK: Coming ($9,498)
ARP: $9,498- WIN!

Red occupant #2's Kolby Nelson & the last PUFB this half's the Zojirushi small appliances (Amber & Manuela)("Breathing" by Jason Derulo).

KOLBY: $550/Thomas: $473/Mary: $621/Tina: $622

ARP: $788

Tina, who's definitely from Detroit, goes on a Shopping Spree ("Wild Ones" by Flo Rida featuring Sia) to try & win the Avanti XL209 treadmill (Rachel), the SAMSUNG 51" HDTV (Rachel), a stainless-steel French door refrigerator (Manuela) & a red La-Z-Boy sofa (Manuela). The target's set at $5.5K.

1. Fridge- $1,899 ($3,601 left)
2. TV- $1,399 ($2,202 left)
FINAL PICK: Treadmill- $2,499 (Sofa: $649)

Catherine ($1,404): $.80
Tina ($7,234): $.80
Savannah ($10,698): BOTH GREEN SECTIONS

Catherine: $.85
Tina: $.90

Green participant #3's Maryanne Moon (who's moving w/ a cane) & a couple of Infinity surfboards (Rachel behind splitting sign)("We Are Young" by Fun feat. Janelle Monae).

Kolby: $800/Thomas: $1,225/Mary: $1,100/MARYANNE: $900

Thomas, a weatherman from Toronto, makes an impressive $500 bonus win happen! He then plays Secret X for a six-night trip to the Flamingo in Costa Rica (Amber at Door #3; includes a two-hour surfing lesson)("Without You" by David Guetta feat. Usher) worth $6,170. He places his first X in the very first square.

SPs (Rachel)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina):

Water-powered clock: $19 or $42?
Mini fridge: $59 or $84?

He overprices the clock at $42, but does win the mini fridge...


...& the vacation!

I forecast that George next calls on Debbie McCullough & the next GUFB's the VocoPro machine (Amber at Door #5)("Work Out" by J. Cole).

Kolby: $901/DEBBIE: $550/Mary: $690/Maryanne: $900

Kolby gets the $1K karaoke set, but now he has 10 Chances to win a Bissell Little Green Clean Machine (Manuela), a SONY digital SLR camera (Manuela) &/or a '12 Nissan Sentra S (Std., Guards, Conv., Mats)(Rachel)(MGHS theme by Edd Kalehoff for that, "da-da-da" main prize cue for the previous two prizes).

Possible Numbers for Vacuum: 0, 8 & 9

1. $89
2. $90- $90

Possible Numbers in Camera: 0, 5, 7 & 9

3. $590- INCORRECT
4. $795
5. $790- NO
6. $750- $750

SENTRA NUMBERS: 0, 1, 7, 8 & 9

7. $19,780- NO! (I thought for sure that was it)
8. $18,790
9. $18,970
10. $17,890 (ARP: $19,870)

Shawn Rees from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo comes down last & the final PUFB today's a Valencia bicycle (Manuela in front of CR)("Someone Like You" by Adele). Mary's been here the whole time.

SHAWN: $749/Debbie: $800/Mary: $1,150/Maryanne: $1,151

Shawn's the second $500 bonus winner of the day! He then's forced to Pick-a-Number for an O.W. Lee patio set (Amber at Door #3)("Sorry For Party Rocking" by LMFAO). Board:

$ 7 9 6 _


He goes w/ that second seven...but that prize actually ended in five.

SCSD #2:
Shawn ($1,249): 15 + 60 = Three Quarters
Kolby ($1,840): $.75
Thomas ($7,954): 30 + 80 = OVER BY A DIME

Shawn: $.40

Kolby: Quarter

SHOWCASE #1 (Door #2)("We Found Love" by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris):
Left- MacBook Pro package (Manuela)
Right- Six-night trip to the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami, FL (Manuela)
Inside- '12 Bayliner 175 Bowrider (Amber)


Door #1- Almost Heaven Silo Sauna (Amber)
Door #4- 10-day Insight Vacations tour to Barcelona, Spain (Rachel)
Door #3- '12 Sonata GLS (Std., CMats, Net)(Manuela)


Showcase ARPs:
Shawn: $29,631 (Difference: $2,631)
Tina: $39,620 (Difference: $1,620)

I thought for sure Tina was done! But she's the champion anyway w/ $46,854 in total winnings, highest since the end of January.

TODAY'S PG RECORD: 3-3 (w/ Technical Loss in TC)

WoF: W/ Pat's reported guarantee at the end of last night's episode, I wouldn't be too surprised if one of the two remaining America's Game Weeks this season has at least one $100K win, given the way they've been going this season as compared to Season 28.

$1K T-U: Landmark (we hear laughter after Vanna doesn't start the board properly):

_ H _ / F _ R _ I D _ _ N

_ _ T Y

Ryan figures out THE FORBIDDEN CITY, so the interviewing starts w/ him:

Ryan Slauter (Wyndham, NH)- A nonprofit administrative assistant & former six-year Air Force air traffic controller married to Lindsay w/ two children (Ryan & Tyler)
Minnie Miller (Tacoma, WA)- An Army medic w/ Christopher (13) & Takesha (18) as her children & an uncle who previously appeared about 25 yrs. ago & still hasn't forgotten the puzzle (DON'T BE SARCASTIC) that he missed
Yeganeh Watts (Temecula)- A behavior consultant & singer/songwriter who has a 20-month-old daughter named Lily & has opened a kids' art/music studio

$2K T-U: What Are You Doing?

T H _ _ K I N G

_ U _ / L _ _ D

Ryan rightly says THINKING OUT LOUD is a good strategy to use in the BR.

Wednesday's Featured Trip: Viking River Cruise from ($9,850)

Meineke Jackpot Round: Fun & Games

He gets four T's for 12 bills, buys an I & grabs two N's for another $1,600 & Free PLAYS an E, then he purchases four A's, calls an L for the Wild Card & buys the other two vowels before repeating the N. Minnie can't take advantage of that mistake, as she loses a turn on the Million Dollar Wedge's right side. As for Yeganeh, she calls the $600 pair of M's...

M A _ T I A L / A _ T _

T O U _ N A M E N T

...& gets the other four Benjamins courtesy of a MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT.

SOLE DQ: Ryan (N repetition)

Current Scores:

Minnie: $0/Yeganeh: $1K/Ryan: $3K (WC)

Mystery Round: Title

Starting w/ Minnie's second spin of the wheel, she calls two T's for $1K the green 1/2 KIA, buys two E's, calls two $450 H's & a $500 G. Then, she buys two I's and says two Y's for another $600, a $300 L, two A's, a $7K pair of N's & a $1,200 R couplet & we have...

A R _ _ N _ / T H E

_ _ R L _ / I N

E I G H T Y / _ A Y _

...if you replace the last word of this w/ "PLATES", you've got the title of a future Bravo TV reality GS. She solves "AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS" for her first $10,750.


Current Scores:

Minnie: $10,750 (1/2 KIA)/Yeganeh: $1K/Ryan: $3K (WC)

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Beginning Yeganeh's next turn is the same Bankrupt of the MDW. Second for Ryan is its other Bankrupt, so there goes his WC. Third, Minnie puts in $1,200 worth of two T's but then calls a dud in H. Fourth, Yeganeh has an S for the LuggageOnline gift tag but that's wiped off the board by the Bankrupt next to where the WC formerly was. Ryan next finds a $300 N, a $550 Y, four E's & a $300 P before trying for the mystery vacation...

_ N E / _ _ / _ Y

_ _ _ - T _ _ E

_ _ _ _ _ _ T E

P _ _ _ E S

...he wins another $900 & will be going to ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE PLACES, the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa, worth $5,263.

SOLE DUD: $600 H (Minnie)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Yegameh, Ryan)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MD3241827 (Mary D.)

Current Scores:

Minnie: $10,750/Yeganeh: $1K/Ryan: $9,163 in cash & Hawaii

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $100 gift card for only $10; $8 if you use that SonyCard

$3K T-U: On the Map

T _ _ _ L _ N _ / _ N D

_ I E T _ _ _

Ryan nails THAILAND AND VIETNAM for the lead at $12,163.

R4: Thing

After spinning the wheel again, he wastes a spin on the Bankrupt next to top dollar; that's his second of the night. Minnie secondly digs up two T's & an H at $350 per appearance, quadruple E's but then a negative of L. Third for Yeganeh are a $600 S, an $1,100 N pairing, the same amount of A's, the same quantity of R's for $600 extra but then a dummy letter of M. After Ryan hits the regular Bankrupt from earlier in the match (that's his third), Minnie then puts the trip P's for $900 additional & we're headed to Last Chance Mode late on this puzzle...

_ R O N T / P A _ E / O _

T H E / N E _ S P A P E R

...w/ the remaining three consonants worth $1,300 each. After she next desires the F's...

F R O N T / P A _ E / O F

T H E / N E _ S P A P E R

...she might soon be appearing on the FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPER in her hometown, because she's won it w/ 4,050 more bucks.

DUDS (both before big bell): $800 L (Minnie), $600 M (Yeganeh)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (both by Ryan)

Final Scores:

Minnie: $14,800/Yeganeh: $1K/Ryan: $12,163 in cash & trip
GT: $27,963

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $1K in luggage

Big Money Round #130: Minnie lands on an A...this time the first one in AMERICA'S.

Subject: Things

Let's see some RSTLNE help, fellers:

_ _ S _ _

R E _ _ _ R E _ E N T S

PDMA adds a couple letters...

_ A S _ _

R E _ _ _ R E M E N T S

...but she's too thirsty for this bonus puzzle, wrongly thinking the second word's REFRESHMENTS, so she didn't even have the BASIC REQUIREMENTS to win $35K; she goes home w/ $14,800.

(Also: Beau Henson finally ended the April Fools Day's Week curse on "Jeopardy!" w/ the sole correct response in Final J!, winning $12,001 for a two-day total of $28,002.)

Episode ratings:

7: "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"

"Fashion Star" 3/27

Theme of the Week: Summer
Guest Performance: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO featuring Quest Crew

R1 ("California Gurls" by Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg):
Orly (sheath dress)- $120K (Saks Fifth Avenue; macy's rang in first w/ $70K)
Barbara (shirt dress)- NO
Ronnie (asymmetrical draped dress)- NO

Nikki (Palazzo jumpsuit)- $50K (macy's)
Sarah (wrap maxi dress)- $50K (H&M)
Nzimro (European cut shorts)- $50K (H&M)

Final Round ("Turn the Party Up" by Miss Amani):
Edmond (maxi dress)- NO
Kara (tuxedo pants)- $50K (SFA)
Lizzie (sheath dress)- ELIMINATED (Dishonorable mention: Luciana)

Other Notable Offer: Ross ($120K for macy's)


Sek Securities
Ebook Central Library
Alternative Medicine
Dream Positive
Law and Politics
Real Estate Marketplace
Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking
Drivers Training Guide
Health Care Professionals
Interior Design Services
Emergency Cash Loans
Brain Radiation Treatment
Construction Jobs and Careers
Business Funding Solutions
Prescription Drug Information
Drug Rehabilitation care
Better Economy Calculator
Printing Supplies and Accessories
Sports Training Academy
Western Inc
Chinese Rehabilitation Center
Chinese Treatment Centre
Golden Pacific Apartment
Human Rights Watch
Business Travel Industry
Healthy During Pregnancy
Top Media Agencies
Auto Dealer and Business
Liberty Capital Financial
Auto Parts and Auto Accessories
Educational Ideals
Automotive Mechanic
Holiday Vacations and Travel
Weddings and Honeymoons
Home Repair Projects
Manufacture Real Estate Investing
Entertainment Express
Employees Insurance Agency
Diet and Fitness Tips
Architectural Design on Real Estate
Jewelry and Accessories
Journal of Health Medical Informatics
Nights and Holiday
Recreational Sports and Facilities
Top Media Agencies Automotive Mechanic Recreational Sports and Facilities Teahouse Restaurant Healthy Families and Relationships Better Homes and Gardens Moving and Storage Services Greener Business Lawyer and Attorney Careers Best Business Opportunities Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Website Design and Online Marketing Planning Strategy for Writing High and Low Finance Home and Property Insurance anabolic steroids
News Fashion
Auto Insurance
Business Online
Prevent Drugs
Computer Society
Wedding Ring Jewelry
Austria hotel deals
Computer games USA
Studio Design Decorative
Journalism Careers
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