Individual Dance Round:

1. David Arquette & Kym Johnson (Cha-Cha-Cha): "Abracadabra" by The Steve Miller Band


2. J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff (Tango): "Ghostbusters"

CARRIE ANN: 9/LEN: 8/BRUNO: 8 = 25

3. Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus (Jive): "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Charlie Daniels Band


4. Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke (T): "The Addams Family"


5. Ricki Lake & Derek Hough (Paso Doble): "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce


6. Hope Solo & Maksim Chermovskiy (Samba): "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon


Team Round:

David & Kym, Nancy & Tristan & J.R. & Karina (Tango): "Disturbia" by Rihanna

CARRIE ANN: 8/LEN: 7/BRUNO: 8 = 23

Other Three Couples (PD): "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence

CARRIE ANN: 9/LEN: 8/BRUNO: 9 = 26


1. Ricki & Derek- 53
2. Rob & Cheryl- 51
3. Hope & Maks- 50
4. J.R. & Karina- 48
5. David & Kym- 47
6. Nancy & Tristan- 44

Tomorrow's musical guests are Justin Bieber, Boyz II Men & Christina Perri.

"The Sing-Off"- HAPPY HALLOWEEN '11

Opening Medley: "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Mansion, "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon & "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr.


1. Urban Method: "What's My Name"/"Umbrella"/"Only Girl (In the World)" by Rihanna
2. Focal Point: "Don't Be Cruel"/"Only Fools Rush In"/"Can't Help Falling in Love"/"Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley
3. Afro Blue: "What Have You Done For Me Lately"/"When I Think Of You"/"Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson
4. Darthmouth Aires: "Killer Queen"/"Bohemian Rhapsody"/"Somebody To Love" by Queen
5. PENTATONIX: "Oops! I Did It Again"/"Toxic"/"Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears
6. Delilah: "Fallin'"/"A Woman's Worth"/"If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys
7. YellowJackets: "Uptown Girl"/"A River of Dreams"/"She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel

Committed's Medley: "Forever"/"With You"/"Yeah 3X" by Chris Brown

NOT making it to November are...

Urban Method


...YellowJackets. Surprisingly, they sing for their Swan Song "I Get Knocked Down" by Chumbawamba.

"Who's Still Standing?" FINALLY on NBC schedule

"Who's Still Standing?", which is hosted by "Ca$h Cab's" Ben Bailey, will debut as a near- week-long event from Dec. 19-22; starting the week after that, it will air Mondays through January 30, 2012. All episodes are set to air at 8 PM EST.

Source: The Futon Critic

No puppy breathe for me this halloween!

Well, this weekend I went to my friends house-Breeze's first mom to assist her with the delivery of anywhere between 8-13 pups that her dog Nel is expecting. Nel is such a sweetheart but I have never seen such a big doggie, she is a small border collie but her waist is 33 inches around and just looks so huge. Her temp was down on Saturday so I expected pups would be there soon, but when I left to go home Monday at noon there was no sign of puppies yet ;-), just poor Nel who really did not even want to walk to go outside anymore-who can blame her. I was bummed I missed the delivery....but I had to get home for Halloween with the kids! I was at the delivery of her last litter, that was a litter of 12 also.

When I got home this is what the girls had done while I was gone to get ready for Halloween:
Abby's Pumpkin:

Emmas pumpkin-

While we were hanging around waiting for Nel to pop we got to do some agility with Cricket and Breeze. Breeze was actually able to do the weaves, but all her contacts were broken and she was doing some funny jumping-I am going to have to review the video and see if I can see what was going on.....and Cricket, she was pretty spot on, she did great except for dropping about 25% of the bars,....hummm... We got some pretty awesome trick training in a new environment done--the dogs were so excited after waiting for me in the kennel they really were happy to earn some treats and willing to do just about any tricks to keep me from leaving them to the OUTSIDE KENNEL, ((shudder)).

Only Breeze and Cricket got to go to the ranch because if I bring dogs they have to stay outside in a kennel when I am not playing with them (((gasp!!)) and Lizzie will not put up with it (she barks constantly) so she got to stay home. It was too funny because every time I came out of the house-the kennel is across from the house door and these two tricksters would be in virtually the same spot doing the same thing every time I walked out the door.

So much for getting things done on time, I had planned on making our videos for our on line class this weekend --UNFORTUNATELY we are on the first week, and it is the second time through the class so no good excuses but we are late already, DRATS! We actually have done the training just nothing to post showing our work, so ya know, sometimes that is how it goes! Then there is my blogger friends that I have sorely neglected,sorry everyone, I am trying to do better but I have just been sort of really busy lately, not sure what I have been busy doing because it really does not seem like I have done much but.....

BREAKING NEWS: DirecTV-FOX agreement reached

DirecTV & FOX have agreed to terms on a new carriage deal that includes all FOX networks (including the broadcast network itself).

Source: The Futon Critic

Halloween 2011 Results

LMaD: Dominick (dressed as a doughnut boy) could win the 2012 Hyundai Accent (Curtain #3) in the day's first deal involving a bucket of 10 apples. He'll be bobbing for them, of course. Nine of the apples have cash amounts from $100 to $300, but the other one has a ZONK attached. This car's on sale for $1K.


But, just like that famous Cash Register deal, if he should pick that ZONK again, he'll still win the car.


(Notes: Tiffany's dressed as Carol Merrill & Cat's dressed as an extra from "The Heat Is On" music video.)

Sharon (dressed as a bumblebee) has her choice of these two ZONKS:

Curtain #1: Skeleton band
Curtain #2: Haunted cuckoo clock

She chooses #2 but leaves w/ $1K.

#1- Trip to New Orleans
#2- Half-eaten candy

Carrie's deal involves that giant crystal ball.

News Choice (Small Box- Tiffany): Good- It will help you feel beautiful
Other Option: Silver Envelope
PICK: SE- GEM Car (Curtain #3)
SB- Professional airbrush makeup tools ($1,168)

Those three pumpkins from one of last year's car deals are back for this year's. Tammy (dressed as a gingerbread man) sees that they're each marked w/ a year- 1973, 1975 & 1978. If she picks the year the original "Halloween" movie directed by John Carpenter came out & goes all the way w/ it, she'll win four grand besides the candy in the designated pumpkin. She locks in 1978...& quickly declines a $2,240 XBOX 360 package (Curtain #2) & $700...PERFECT ROUND!

Taking the season's second trip down the ZONK & Winding Road will be Jane.

Curtain #1: TRICK
Curtain #3: TREAT

She originally wants #1, but settles on the Big Box.

#1- '11 KIA Forte LX (Std., AT)($16,690)
#3- Accent
Green Box- $200
BB- Tennis package ($2,725)

The next three traders are Laurenne (dressed as a sailor), Marcus (dressed as a hot dog) & Kelly (dressed as an Indian). They see four more pumpkins, each of which has a dollar amount on the bottom; at least one of them has a buck underneath. If they let it ride on such a pumpkin, they'll buy the trip to London (Curtain #3).

Laurenne: #3
Marcus: #2
Kelly: #4

Kelly leaves w/ $900.

WINNING PUMPKINS: #1 & #4 (everyone else gets $100)

Here are Michael's choices (he's wearing a mohawk):

#1: Giant cash coffin (from a dollar to $10K)
Gold Box: HOME

He's going for some spooktacular cash.

RB- TOSHIBA laptop w/ digital camera & Internet for a year ($1,481)
COFFIN- $140

Sarah's GB Round Decision: YES ($300)- Living room w/ a $500 amazon.com gift card ($4,113)

But Sarah then goes for the Volvo C30 in Big Deal Land!

THE BIG DEAL: After mentioning that she's getting married to her fiancee on New Year's Eve, Sarah's final answer this morning's #1...so much for the BD streak behind that door & they leave w/ a $3,434 Maytag washer/dryer package; #3 had the WaveRunner.

(Note: Today's curtain reveals had a creaking sound for this episode only.)

TPiRecap (featuring lots of classic cues & ANOTHER unknown ineligible contestant)

FF: The treat of the Ford Taurus could be taken by one family today if they're victorious.

GAME #1: Joyners (whose four-day cash winnings total $21,965) vs. Van Dykes

R1: If there were nude Olympics, name an event you want to see. Starting with:

#6: Running/marathon (10)(Taliah)
DUD: Basketball (Cathy)


Derek: Wrestling- TIED FOR #2 (14)
Lynnette: Pole vaulting- #4 (11)
Tiffany: Long jump- X
Ibraheem: Gymnastics- #1 (18)
Taliah: Speed skating- XX
Derek: Skiing- XXX

Cathy Steal (for 53): Figure skating- NO

OTHER ANSWER TIED FOR #2: Volleyball (14)
OTHER ANSWER TIED FOR #4: Swimming (11)
#7: Hurdles (6)

R2: Name something you'd be surprised to find you'd still have to do every day in heaven. For kicks:

#1: Chores/cleaning (33)(Derek)


Lynnette: Go to work- #3 (10)
Tiffany: Feel pain- X
Ibraheem: Pray- TIED FOR #4 (7)
Taliah: Eat- XX
Derek: Walk- XXX

Cathy Steal (for 50): Sleep/wake up- #6 (6)

#2: Take a whiz/dump (12)
OTHER ANSWER TIED FOR #4: Shower/bathe (7)

Double: What's the one thing that people lie about the most? During this face-off:

#1: Their age (39)(Jan)
DUD: Being married (Lynnette)

Van Dykes:

Penny: Weight- #2 (17)
Eric: Job- TIED FOR BOTTOM (4)
Cathy: Hair color- X
Erin (a high school student who wants to go to a Wisconsin college/university): What they did last night- XX
Jan: Height- XXX

Taliah Steal (for another 120 & to keep the lead): Income/money- #2 (26)(173)

OTHER BOTTOM ANSWERS (4 each): Sexcapades & where they live

Triple: What's a good gift to take someone who's staying in the hospital? Here's at least one gift idea for any occasion:

#1: Flowers (53)(Tiffany)


Ibraheem: Sympathy card- X
Taliah: Balloons- #4 (5)
Derek: Food/snacks- #3 (12)
Lynnette: Something to read- WINS CAR! (19)


1. Name something that makes women older than they really are.
2. Tell me how often you weigh yourself.
3. Besides a coat, name something you wear on a freezing day.
4. Name something men like to collect.
5. Name a decoration you see in store windows at Christmas time.


1. Gray hair- 23
2. Once a day- 15
3. Hat- 12
4. Baseball cards- 7
5. Christmas tree- 42


1. Makeup- 12
2. Twice a week- DUD
3. Earmuffs- 5
4. Women- 7
5. Mannequins- DUD
TOTAL- 123

Their final total winnings: $48,825.


2. Once a month
3. Gloves/mittens
4. Coins/money

GAME #2: Wises (whose one-day cash winnings total $600) vs. Virellas

R1: Name something a busty woman might pull out of her cleavage. Let's see an answer or two:

#1: Money (46)(Rosy)


Gigi: Tissue- #3 (15)
Petra: Keys- X
Emily (who works in a hospital lab): Cell phone- TIED FOR BOTTOM (3)
Rucky (a former MLB player who's currently an electrician): Pocketbook/purse- XX
Rosy: Phone number- XXX

Terry Steal (for 64): Cigarettes- NO

#2: Food/crumbs (20)
#4: Man's face/hands (4)
OTHER BA: Handkerchief (3)

R2: According to 100 women, name something that most men don't do as well as they think they do. Starting w/:

#6: Play sports (3)(Tevin)


La Tanya: Cook/BBQ- TIED FOR #4 (4)
BJ: Clean up- #3 (14)
Terry: Have sex- #1 (43)
Tiffany: Being a father- X
Tevin: XX
La Tanya: Eat right- XXX

Rosy Steal (to double their score): Being good drivers- OTHER ANSWER TIED FOR #4 (4)(128)

#2: Fix things/cars (22)
#7: Dance (2)

Double: Name something associated w/ Jennifer Lopez. Let's see if my answer's up there right away:

#1: Booty/figure (31)(Petra)


Emily: Singing/music- #2 (16)
Rucky: Movies- X
Rosy: Marc Anthony- #4 (10)
Gigi: Clothes- XX
Petra: "American Idol" (my guess)- #3 (13)
Emily: P. Diddy- XXX

Terry Steal (for 140 & the lead): She's Hispanic- NO (Virellas: 268)(#5: She's beautiful)(9)

Triple: Name an article of women's clothing that a man might have trouble removing. To lead off this final maingame segment of the afternoon:

#1: Bra (78)(Emily)


Rucky: Panties- #4 (4)
Rosy: Buttoned shirt- X
Gigi: Shoes- XX
Petra: Pants- XXX

Terry Steal to Stay Alive: Stockings- #3 (5)(246)(#2: Girdle)(8)

SUDDEN DEATH: Name something people worry might break down.
BJ: Car- WIN! (82)

FM #2 Q's:

1. Besides tomatoes, name something people grow in their vegetable garden.
2. Name an average hip measurement for women.
3. Name a farm animal some people have as pets.
4. Name something a man reaches for in the middle of the night.
5. Name something found in a manicure set.


1. Watermelon- DUD
2. 36- 29
3. Cow- 5
4. Condoms- DUD
5. Nails- 3


1. Cucumbers- 25
2. 6- DUD
3. Pigs- 16
4. Phone- 7
5. Nail polish- 17
TOTAL- 102

They've got $1,110 after two shots at FM.


3. Horses
4. Spouse/mate
5. Nail file

Tomorrow, one clan featuring a current NBA player will appear!

WoF: The season's last Halloween show gets underway w/ a Thing Toss-Up:

_ H O _ T

_ T O _ _

Heather's had enough reading a GHOST STORY for $1K. Our Halloween player panel:

Heather De Lalla (Moorpark, CA)- Stay-at-home mom/former embalmer
Tonya Carter (Martinsville, VA)- Credit administrator
Johnny Baltz (Chandler, AZ)- A Chaplin's Assistant for the Arizona National Guard who occasionally hunts for scorpions

A $2K treat will go to the player who can first solve this Landmark:

D E V _ _ S

_ O W E _

Johnny gets DEVILS TOWER.

The last Halloween trip this season could take one to New Orleans' Hotel Monteleone w/ a Haunted History Tour worth $5,040. After the identity of the IHOP Jackpot Round solution is revealed to be Same Letter, he spins first the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Secondly, Heather calls the night's first dud in N. Third, Tonya calls a $300 T & two R's for another $1,100, buys four E's & an A, calls three S's to add $1,800 & a $500 H while on the green 1/2 Car wedge, then she gets two C's for that Million Dollar Wedge before going Bankrupt in the same way to lose both pieces of cardboard & $3,200. On Johnny's second go-round, he calls the SL of four W's for $1,600 & two L's to add $600 to that & we have...

W _ T C H E S

W A R L _ C _ S / &

W E R E W _ L _ E S

...he solves WITCHES, WARLOCKS & WEREWOLVES to go to $4,200.

SOLE DUD OF THE ROUND: $800 N (Heather)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Johnny & Tonya)

This Phrase is a part of tonight's Prize Puzzle Round, first w/ Heather calling an $800 T & an H for the DVDEmpire.com gift tag, purchasing five E's, but that same Bankrupt bites her as well to eradicate $1,550 in cash & gift certificate. Tonya secondly loses a turn w/ an L call. Third, Johnny calls another dud in N while on the other 1/2 Car. Returning to Heather, she calls out a $300 M, two R's for another $900 & buys an O, followed by a $3.5K F, a $500 D, the twin A's to clean out the vowels & we get...

E _ _ A _ E

F R O M / T H E

E _ E R _ D A _

...she'll get to ESCAPE FROM THE EVERYDAY w/ another $4,700 & a $7K trip to the Almond Beach Club & Spa, for a new first-place total of $12,700 in cash & Barbados.

DUDS: $300 L (Tonya), $500 N (Johnny)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DH7277956 (Dianna H. from Kansas)

Tonya's up first in the What's That Song? Mystery Round w/ a T while on the Mystery Wedge next to the former MDW & behind it for her is...the $10K! Following that are three S's for $1,800, an I, five A's, but then the other available Bankrupt to scare her out of $11,300; that's her second one of the night. Johnny's next turn features two R's for $1,600, a G for the Wild Card & a jump-in...

I T / _ A S / A

G R A _ _ _ A R _

S _ A S _

...he correctly says "IT WAS A GRAVEYARD SMASH" for the extra $1,600 & knows it comes from "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers to make this round worth $4,600, putting him at $8,800.


The last TU's about something In the Kitchen:

C A _ _ _ _ G

_ _ _ _ _

Heather solves a previously-used bonus puzzle that resulted in a $100K loss back at the start of Halloween Week '04, CARVING KNIFE, to pad her lead a little more w/ $15,700 in cash & vacation.

We're trying to solve a Fictional Place for this Last Chance Round w/ consonants worth...$1,300 apiece. Once Tonya has called for a couple of L's...

_ R _ _ _ L _ ' S

_ _ S T L _

...she escapes from DRACULA'S CASTLE for her only $3,900. Johnny's total cash treat's $8,800 & Heather's going trick-or-treating in Bonusland w/ $15,700 in cash & travel.

$28,400 in maingame winnings were cooked up on this Halloween night.

SOLE DUD: N (Heather)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding props): $16,050 in cash & gift card

Maxwell House Big Money Round #28: Heather gets the & envelope and her BMR topic of the evening's Phrase. To begin:

_ N / E _ S _

_ _ _

MDCA gives her...

A N / E A S _

_ _ _

...she thinks her guess will be AN EASY FIX to tonight's episode...well, not necessarily, but she's $35K wealthier for a final total of $50,700 in cash & Barbados; the Rebuilding Together bank's at $145K!

Pat's Credit in Full Credit Roll: Count Patula

(Note: During these episodes, the Ford Fiesta S wasn't plugged just after the "Promotional consideration provided by..." line was said by Jim.)

"Millionaire"/"Ghost Hunters" Charity Game '11

(Also on "Jeopardy!" tonight: Instead of going to sleep as his last name may indicate, Evan Sandman won the championship & $28,801; Sunny Stalter left w/ $38,200.)

Episode ratings:

"Family Feud":
5 PM: 7
5:30 PM: 6
7: "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"

Next Week in Game Shows: Halloween- November 6, 2011

As we turn the corner into a new month of 2011:

-"Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune" celebrate Halloween in full style!

-The start of the 2011 "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions!

-The premiere of "Top Chef's" biggest season yet in Texas!

-Will the video gamers win $600K or the million on "Million Dollar Mind Game"?

All this & other surprises next week on GSK.

The Week in Review: October 24-30

Player of the Week:
WINNER: Anya Ayoung-Chee ($170K in cash & prizes amongst everything else)("Project Runway" Season 9 CHAMPION)
RUNNER-UP: Amie ($160K)("Ton of Cash")
3RD PLACE: Dustin Ellermann ($102K)("Top Shot")
4TH PLACE: Chris Hanmer ($100K in addition to everything else)("Top Chef: Just Desserts")

Other Big Winners & Notables:

Gabor Vari- $60,402 as two-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Mary Stratton- $58,949 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Balaji Narain- $56,799 as two-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Chris Zehnder- $52,600 ("Millionaire")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK- "Put you to sleep" response to the dog question in Fast Money

"MAJORS & minors" 10/30

FEATURED SONG: "Keep Holding On"
MAJOR: Avril Lavigne (who else?)

"The Amazing Race" 10/30

First Clue (7:22 AM): Fly over 5K miles across the Indian Ocean to Lilongwe, Malawi in Africa. Once there, they have to report to Gate #7 at a tobacco warehouse to pick up their second clue.

ROADBLOCK #7: While wearing workman's uniforms, they have to transport 10 200-pound bales of tobacco to a drop-off zone using short-handled dollies to be awarded their third clue.

Clue #3: Go to the Memorial Tower, where the next clue awaits.

DETOUR #4: All Sewn Up or Not Grown Up?

ASU: At the White House De-Signs tailor shop, they have to choose a customer that will take them to a pair of manual sewing machines. Then, the teams have to stitch the unfinished seams of a suit jacket & pant legs to get their next clue.

NGU: At Lilongwe Lea School, they have to build two traditional toy trucks & have them successfully test driven outside by children to pick up the next clue.

Clue #5: Go to the R-K Furniture Shop for what could be the last clue of this stage.

PIT STOP #6: Transport two handcrafted beds to Kumbali Village, where the last-place team may be the next to leave the "Race".

Jennifer & Justin are the first to check in, but have to go back & pay their truck driver since they failed to do so the first time. The same fate goes to Bill & Cathi, who originally arrive in third place.

WINNERS (fourth time out of five!)- Andy & Tommy (Five-night trip to the Scrub Island, Resort, Spa & Marina)

2. Jennifer & Justin

3. Jeremy & Sandy

4. Laurence & Zac

5. Ernie & Cindy

6. Bill & Cathi

Amani & Marcus have taken the WORST-TO-FIRST PLUNGE (first time that's happened in a non-championship stage since Nov. 21, 2010)...

...but they get NON-ELIMINATION TREAT #3 of the season!

List of notable record moments

-Barry Lander's $343K win on "1 vs. 100"
-Devon Grover's $91K+ daytime male winnings record on "The Price is Right", including a near-$81K Winnebago in Golden Road
-The biggest single daytime Showcase won to date on Bob Barker's last regular daytime "Price" episode worth $90,761, including a Cadillac XLR
-The back-to-back massive Day 2 "Jeopardy!" Teen Tournament comebacks by David Walter & Meryl Federman in '07
-Jamie Sadler becoming TV's youngest traditional GS millionaire on the debut of "Power of 10"
-Celeste DiNucci's "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions win from Nov.' 07, making her the show's all-time female winner
-The $30,100 Pl!nko win on the Christmas '07 "TPiR" episode
-Ashlee Register becoming the biggest female traditional GS winner ever two days before Christmas '07 after winning "Duel" for $1,795,000
-Adam Rose's $1,153,908 "Price" win in Feb. '08
-Michelle Lowenstein's record-breaking $1,026,080 "Wheel of Fortune" show from Oct. '08
-Two "The Amazing Race" teams won a record seven stages (including a record-tying four in a row at one point)- Nick & Starr Spangler (Fall '08) & Meghan Rickey & Cheyne Whitney (Fall '09)
-Ken Basin becoming the first $475K loser on "Millionaire" on its last episode of its 10-year anniversary celebration in August '09
-Roger Craig's $77K one-night win on "Jeopardy!" on Sept. 14, 2010
-Danny Cayhill's record-breaking 55.58% weight-loss percentage on "The Biggest Loser" Dec. 8, 2009
-The infamous "TPiR" El Skunko episode from Nov. 10, 2010 where only $7,311 was won, a modern-day low
-The four-car Race Game win to start off the 40th season of "Price"

10/30/2011 Results

MDMG: Here are six video gamers playing for some real dough:

Gordon Bellamy (Reston, VA)- Game Developers Association chairman

Raphi Lima- Music composer
John Gibson- Marketer
Chad Jones (L.A.)- Administrations manager

Frank Tota (NYC)
Aman Chaudhary- Illustrator

1. In 2009, an Ohio State University website offered two tips to make game days more environmentally-friendly. If you change the first two letters of the first tip, you'll get the second tip. What are these two tips?

Current Guess: Recycle & bicycle
FINAL GUESS: Bicycle & recycle- CORRECT ($6K)


2. People have been taking a version of this test since 1350 B.C., even though there's no real way to pass it. It can be when one plus one becomes one, two, three, four, eight or more; what's this test?

Current Guess: Pregnancy test

FINAL GUESS: Pregnancy test- RIGHT ($12K)


3. John Dennis had his theater invention swiped, prompting what three-word phrase?

Current Guess: Stealing your thunder
FINAL GUESS: Stealing your thunder- YES ($24K)


4. In 1971, a golfer found his outfit to be a bit restricting, so he decided to try swinging his club w/ one hand. By all accounts, the ball traveled over 200 yards...not bad for an amateur. What was this man's profession?

Current Guess: Tennis player

FINAL GUESS: Tennis player-
WRONG (A: Astronaut; their other guess was baseball player)

5. Inside the black box's an item that you can use to prove correctly that 9 + 8 = 5 & 7 + 11 = 6.

Current Guess: Clock


6. To succeed in this job, professionals need to think inside the box & make "the invisible visible". According to a famous one, they pull on ropes & deal w/ strong winds, but you won't hear them complain about it; who are they?

Current Guess: Mimes



7. This company's label hasn't really changed much since 1921. Now, there are 31 grapes, eight currants, an apple & a few greens, although the product's definitely NOT meant to go in your mouth. What's the company?

Current Guess: Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom ($120K)


8. What logistical problem traveling from Hong Kong to China does
this bridge solve?

Current Guess: Driving on different sides of the road
FINAL GUESS: Driving on different sides of the road-


9. Schoolkids in the U.K. were all abuzz when "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" came out. Even though U.K. shops were open all day & had them in stock, the book didn't go on sale until 3:45 PM on July 8, 1999. Why did they go on sale at that precise time?

Current Guess: The sequence of the numbers are significant to the train times for hogwarts

FINAL GUESS: The sequence of the numbers are significant to the train times for hogwarts- NO (A: To prevent kids from skipping school)

Final Question This Week: They're found around the world & one of the oldest continuously-operating ones is in Bologna, Italy. Despite offering a wealth of things to do, some women to to them w/ the sole intent of snagging a robe & a bachelor. Whey do they go?

Current Guess: University
FINAL GUESS: University- YES ($360K)


FGN: Let's try again to give away the $10K treat to one of these two families, even though there's NO Halloween designs in the studio:

Red Team: Michelle (a young cook), Christopher (brother), Thomas (dad/motorcycle maniac) & Denise (mom)
Yellow Team: Ashley (who wants to be a lawyer because she says she's so good at arguing), Lance (skateboarding brother), Kamiko (mom) & Greg (a bicycling dad)

Trash the Host #3:

First Monopoly Crazy Cash Cards:

Ashley: Plane
Michelle: Dog

Green Scream Monopoly Party Prize: Casio keyboard

RT (Landmarks): The White House, Empire State Building, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Golden Gate Bridge, Taj Mahal, The Space Needle, Colisseum & The Gateway Arch
YT (Amusement Parks): Popcorn, roller coaster, tickets, Ferris Wheel, cotton candy, bumper cars & caramel apples (:35 left)

Ashley's Second CCC: Skateboard

bop it! boptagon MPP: Six tickets to Knott's Berry Farm


1. Kamiko (Pull It on a Kick It)
DOUBLE ELIMINATION- Chris & Lance (bad Rotate Its)
4. Denise (missed Pull It)
5. Tom (missed Honk It)
6. Michelle (Bop It on a Reverse It)

Ashley's Third CCC: Horse

Twister Lights Out MPP: Sports Authority gift card

Kids' Round EO:

1. Ashley (put foot on a dot way too early)
2. Lance (incorrect foot)

Adults' Round EO:

1. Kamiko (wrong foot)
2. Denise


1. Lance (moved hand instead of foot)
2. Ashley (wrong foot)

Michelle's Second CCC: Pretzel

Connect 4 Basketball MPP: California state park pass/Kelty camping gear package
WINNERS- RT (diagonally)

Michelle's Third CCC: Cell Phone

Yahtzee Bowling MPP: Whiplash scooters

Round 1:

1. 1/3/3/4/5- KEEPS PAIR
3. 1/6

1. 1/1/4/6/6- KEEPS SIXES
2. 4/4/5- KEEPS FOURS
3. 5


3. 5/6

1. 1/1/3/4/6- KEEPS A ONE, THREE & FOUR
3. 2/4- WIN

Ashley's Final CCC: Battleship

TRIP AT STAKE: Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa in Cabo


Battleship- $585
Plane- $810 ($1,395)
Horse- $880 ($2,275)
Skateboard- $1,200 ($3,475)

Dog- $635
Phone- $650 ($1,285)
Pretzel- $1K ($2,285)

$10K: Boot

LIFE: The featured top prize this week's not to Transylvania, but to St. Croix on a snorkeling adventure within The Caribbean. These are the teams looking to claim it:

RT: George (soccer player), Justin (a brother who wants to be a pro basketball player) & Dwayne (who builds & flies kites w/ them)
OT: Claire, Brandon (who wants to be an astronaut) & Scott (a dad who climbs mountains)

First R1 Categories: Own a Farm or Baseball Team?

RT: Farm

1. A group of 12 or more cows is called a what- flink or gaze?
Guess: Gaze

2. The first mammal ever cloned, Dolly the Sheep was named for what- Dolly Parton or a girl's doll?
Guess: Dolly Parton (200)

Final Question: The pupil in a goat's eye is shaped like a what- half-moon or rectangle?
Guess: Half-moon

New Topic: Own an Italian Restaurant

OT: Baseball Team

1. In baseball terms, what's a "fungo"- a ball hit for fielding practice or slang for a long team road trip?
Guess: Ball hit for fielding practice

2. Which is the name used by an actual Major League Baseball outfielder- Coco Crisp or Pinto Bean?
Guess: Coco Crisp (300)

FQ: What did the Minor League Hudson Valley Renegades one give out to fans at a game- dog biscuits or toilet seat cushions?
Guess: Toilet seat cushions (600)

First Careers in R2: Go to Space Camp or Tour w/ The Jonas Brothers?

OT: Space Camp

1. What does the first A in NASA stand for- Aeronautics or Astronaut?
Guess: Astronaut

2. Which Presidential daughter attended Space Camp- Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush?
Guess: Jenna

Extra Gas Question: What did scientists announce about Pluto in '06- it's twice as big as we thought or it's no longer a planet?
Guess: It's no longer a planet (1,200)

FQ: What movie star wanted to grow up & be an astronaut- Robert Downey, Jr. or Tom Hanks?
Guess: Robert

Last Subject: Visit the U.S. Mint

RT: The Jonas Bros.

1. Where have The Jonas Bros. performed live- at The White House or in Moscow's Red Square?
Guess: Red Square

2. In '08, The Jonas Bros. received their only Grammy nomination; what was it for- Best New Artist or Best Concert Video?
Guess: Best New Artist (600)

EGQ: Who did Nick Jonas break up w/ in '07- Miley Cyrus or Miranda Cosgrove?
Guess: Miley (1,200)

FQ: Before becoming a rock star, Joe Jonas wanted to be a what- comedian or chief of police?
Guess: Comedian (2K)

Bonus Prize Round:
PICK: Odd- 5 (Limo ride from home to school for a week)

Final Round: The parents are dressed up as monsters & will grab some "The Game of LIFE" marked candy from their cauldron, who will toss it to their robot kids before they toss it to their team captain kids dressed as pirates, who need to catch the candy in their Jack-O'-Lantern buckets.

OT- Seven (2,950)
RT- Eight (4K)


Dwayne: Would you rather raise corn on a farm or flowers in your backyard?
Guess: Corn- NO

Justin: Would you rather sing as well as Joe or play keyboards as well as Nick?
Guess: Keyboards- YES

George: Who do you find scarier- someone dressed as a witch or a clown?
Guess: Clown- NO

Bonus Number: 10 (originally 2)

SS: One of these two family pairs will win a trip to a not-so-spooky locale:

Paul & Spencer- Costa Rica (Paul's been there once before)
Debbie & Taylor- Paris, France (Taylor's grandma was born there)

Babble Prize: Roller Derby inline skates

P & S:

1. BIT
5. CONCERT (:33)

D & T:

1. HUG
4. PICKLE (Taylor's guess of PICKLES wasn't allowed)

Scream Prize: Peavey guitar package

S & P:

6. OFF----

T & D:

4. RIPTIDE (also Angel Orsini's former nickname; got it later on w/ one second left to win)

Flash Prize: INSIGNIA home theater system
Letter Line: RCAEL

BT: RACE, CAR, LACE & ACE = 14 (:07 left)



BT: F + B + M + Q = 20
RT: V + M = 7

1. KKUNS- A real stinker
Taylor: SKUNK (33)

2. RETESAUR (up/down from the S)- Pirates really dig this
Paul: TREASURE (28)

3. FAWFLE (left from the first E)- A square meal
Taylor: WAFFLE (48)

4. LSABTE (up/down from the A in WAFFLE)- Hold your horses
Paul: STABLE (36)

5. KAATER (down from the second K)- Jackie Chan's weapon
Taylor: KARATE (58)

6. RKOECT (across from the R in KARATE)- Takes up space

7. ECIELPS (up/down from the C)- "Twilight's" dark side

8. ALGEV (across from the second E in ECLIPSE)- It's often in the hands of a judge
Debbie: GAVEL (67)

9. MHUTBS (up/down from the U)- Fastest fingers for texting
Spencer: THUMBS (49)

10. ATCREP (up/down from the E in ROCKET)- Red, shag or magic
Paul: CARPET (59)

11. BBULBE (left from the E in KARATE)- It'll pop up in baths
Spencer: BUBBLE (71)

12. UQSRAE (left from the second E in TREASURE)- A shapely dance
Paul: SQUARE- WIN (101)


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