1/31/2012 Results

LMaD: Let's Spell Me a Deal again!

Danielle's First Round: CURTAIN #1- 2012 KIA Rio LX 5-Door (Std., AT, Mats)($15,545)

After wrongly thinking a new Mercedes-Benz was behind the center curtain, she correctly called a car would be behind her curtain!

Melissa's First Round (dressed as a pink/white dog): Big Box- Home entertainment center ($4,150)

Marcus' Round (who's wearing an orange NASA suit): $1,300- MONSTER truck tricycle


Lisa from Encino, CA (a stay-at-home mom) plays The New Movin' On Up for some money &/or the Mazda3 Sport (Curtain #3).

(Notes: On the new gameboard, there's a green arrow at the bottom. Also, we hear a new money-accumulating sound effect, at least for this game.)

1. #4: $300
2. #2: $500 ($800)
3. #3: $1K ($1,800)
4. #1: $2K ($3,800)

(If I were the host, I would've let her pick one more number from the next-to-bottom row for a consolation prize.)

Mara's Headlines Fast Deal (an Oakland native who's wearing a black/green lizard queen suit): "Fashion's Latest Accessories Found Inside Small Box!"
DECISION: GO ($1,400)- Honeycomb purse & wallet

Paula's LMAD News Fast Deal (she's dressed as an elf): Juicy thing behind CURTAIN #1
DECISION: STOP ($1,400)- Game room (including a Popcorn Concessions machine & a soda maker collection)($4,960)

Kathryn's First Round Choice for the Guys in the Next Deal (she's wearing lots of old socks): Pair of items in SB (Jonathan)
CHECK- $800

Lewis & Terry's Second Round Choice for Kathryn (Lewis' wearing a shower cap, while Terry's dressed as a Blues Brother): SB
BB (which had something that weighed at least 50 pounds)- Shag carpet appliances

Final Round Decisions:

Kathryn: SB- Accutron luxury watches ($2,145)
Guys: CURTAIN #2- A red hybrid motorscooter w/ a twin discs system ($4,599)

Renee & Robert (he's dressed as an L.A. Angel; they've been together for eight years) play Panic Button for at least:

#1: Retro blue Frigidaire refrigerator w/ $500 baSkiN robbiNS gift card ($3,195)
#2: hp laptop & touchscreen desktop computer system w/ a portable printer & a year's worth of Internet & mobile broadband ($4,481)
#3: Five-night trip to the Marriott St. Kitts Resort & The Royal Beach Casino ($6,204)

1. #4- FRIDGE
2. #3- DUD
3. #1- DUD

Even though the cash bonus' the usual $1K, they're still going on.


Gertrude (a counseling instructor dressed as a princess) plays Think Big for that same Mazda (Curtain #3).

Number of years between premiere of original "Footloose" & the remake
Diameter, in inches, of largest bubblegum bubble blown, according to Guinness World Records
Number of Grammys won by The Beatles
Number of chapters in the original "Twilight" book by Stephenie Meyer

PICK: Bubblegum bubble

The Sure Thing Jackpot (Tiffany w/ SB in front of the center curtain) has a $2,356 Coco Chanel package, but she goes on.

Beatles Grammys- 8
Book chapters- 24
"Footloose"- 27
Bubble- 20

THE BIG DEAL: Lewis was called first amongst the men in the deal where the two scooters were won, so he'll get a shot at maybe a $24,645 car today. After his wife Vannessa joins him at home base, they choose Door #1...but they're way off- they leave w/ a Herman Miller living room group worth $8,847.

#2- Sunlighten sauna w/ towels ($2,259)
#3- 19" West White Potter Sailboat ($19,995) & the four-night trip to the SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa in The Bahamas ($4,650)(which were revealed second)

Maria (dressed as a green crayon) kinda embarrasses herself in front of Jonathan by saying purple & blue make up green (blue was right, but the other was yellow), costing her $100. As for Katie (dressed as a police officer), she shows Wayne a book for that amount.

TPiR: Let meet this morning's First Four winner wannabes at The Bob Barker Studio- Shannon Munson, Kelly Sedbemy, Sandra Bowen & Mark Boggs. By this time in the November 30th tapings, Drew wasn't wearing the more obvious sling as he did on yesterday's show (which was filmed on Jan. 5th). The first PUFB's a Napoleon gas grill (Amber behind splitting sign)("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People).

Mark: $899/Sandra: $750/Kelly: $1,099/Shannon: $1,100

ARP: $1,200

Shannon from San Clemente, CA (who's a mom that's part of a 60-member group) plays Squeeze Play for a four-night holiday to the new york manhattan hotel in The Big Apple (Gwendolyn at Door #2)("New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra). Board:


She goes w/ my advice of removing the second trey...

$ 8 3 8 7

...& gets to pack her bags!

But heading to Contestant's Row fifth's Beth Mecozzi & the second GUFB's 14 pieces of Murad skincare (Amber & Gwen)("It Girl" by Jason Derulo).

Mark: $2,100/Sandra: $525/Kelly: $200 (STAGE GARF)/BETH: $375

ARP: $531

Sandra from Fresno, CA (who's a housewife) could look more beautiful in the '12 Chevrolet Camaro LS (Manuela at Door #3)("Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera)($24,100), but she's gonna have to play That's Too Much.

1. $18,941
2. $20,442
3. $22,960
4. $24,650
5. $26,899
6. $28,521- OVER

Ann Marie's called sixth by GG & the third GUFB's a pair of Day 6 321 Comfort Bicycles (Amber & George in front of Contestant's Row)("In the Dark" by Dev).

Mark: $1K/ANN MARIE: $1,100/Kelly: $1,200/Beth: $1,225

ARP: $1,758

Beth from Rancho Palos Verdes & Fresno (who has four kids & a fifth inside her that's three months old) plays that Shell Game for at least a six-piece hayneedle queen bedroom group w/ a pair of iPod Touches worth $5,487 (Manuela at Door #2)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina for the prize package, "Turn Me On" by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj for the SPs Gwen's modeling).

1. Fondue set
IS NOT: $175

2. 350-watt 32-ounce countertop blender
IS NOT: $40

3. Vegetable slicer
IS NOT: $60

4. Elite toaster
IS NOT: $65

After Drew nearly lifts the unwon shell first, he decides to reveal the first one...no & the ball was in Shell #2 the whole time!

Sandra ($531): Nickel + Quarter = Three Dimes
Beth ($7,535): Half-Dollar + Quarter = Three Quarters
Shannon ($9,587): 40 + 65 = OVER BY A NICKEL

Green player #3's Angela Dickson & the fourth one-bid serves up a Look of the Week- a Herve Leger red dress w/ a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps worn by Manuela to resemble a night on the town ("Young, Wild & Free" by Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg feat. Bruno Mars).

Mark: $999/Ann Marie: $1,200/Kelly: $1,225/ANGELA: $900

ARP: $2,910

Kelly, a district manager, plays One Wrong Price ("Fortune Hunter" by Edd Kalehoff) for a Golden West pool table marked at $3,599 (Amber), the 59" SAMSUNG plasma HDTV marked at $2,599 (Amber) & a stainless-steel fridge marked at $1,599 (Gwen). He chooses the TV...but the table's $4,995.

Next's Amy Gleason & at Door #5/the turntable is the next PUFB, some Go Fit fitness equipment (George)("T.H.E." by will.i.am feat. Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger).

Mark: $799/Ann Marie: $870/AMY: $850/Angela: $1,100

ARP: $1,490

Bad news for Mark, but good for Angela- this Texan (who's an American Government professor) should be fit enough to play Hole in ONE or TWO to maybe take the '12 Toyota Tacoma AT (Amber at Door #3) back to Houston (IUFB/truck cue by Michael Karp for the truck, "International Love" by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown for the items). The morning's groceries are the Necco candy buttons, Pledge Revitalizing Orange Oil, the eight-pack of Yoplait Original Fridge Pack Yogurt, the 1.9 oz. box of Splenda granulated sugar, an 80-count box of Schift Move Free Advanced Triple Strength sore joint tablets & Hidden Valley Ranch.

LINEUP GUESSES: Candy ($1.39)/Dressing ($3.79)/Yogurt ($5.99)/Splenda ($2.69)/Oil ($4.99)/Supplement

Drew's Inspiration Putt...goes wide left. Angela...gives her first putt a little too much oomph, but enough for it to bounce back into the hole! And Dimich provides us w/ an instant replay of that putt just before the next timeout!

Last to plug in the green area's Janet Mulligan & the sixth & final IUFB's an Opulent Items acryllic bar set (Gwen behind GPT)("Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne).

Mark: $1,400/Ann Marie: $1,501/Amy: $1,900/JANET: $1.5K

ARP: $2,750


Amy, a toy marketer from Redondo, CA (but originally from Schenectady, NY), plays Flip-Flop for a WWII-inspired desk w/ an 8 GB/2 TB iMac system (Amber at Door #2)("Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson). Numbers, please:


She Flops...then does the whole thing. If she doesn't win, she'll spin The Big Wheel first right after the next set of commercials...

$ 5 3 3 9

...but she does win!

I would've swapped the car Pricing Game placements today.

SCSD #2:
Kelly ($2,910): 40 + 30 = $.70
Amy ($8,089): 35 + 90 = OVER BY A QUARTER
Angela ($20,255): WINS W/ $.90


Left of Door #2- Pairs of surfboards & wetsuits (Amber)
Right- Skateboarding equipment (Amber)("Domino" by Jessie J for first two packages)
Inside- Six-night trip to the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas (Manuela)(Mexican music by Edd)
Door #3- '12 Jeep Patriot CVT (Gwen)(Consolation prize cue by Edd)




In front of CR- 18-karat white gold necklace/ring set ("Car Slide Vamp" by Edd)
Door #4- Six-night trips to the Hilton Amsterdam & the Mariott Paris Champs Elysses ("We Found Love" by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: If Angela wins at least her Showcase, the truck will join the trip monitor behind Door #2

Showcase Prices:

Beth: $26,393
Angela: $30,918

A Texas professor like Angela has hit it big on "Price" for the second season in a row at the end of January- her final winnings are $51,173!

FINAL DOOR #2 PRIZE LOCATIONS: The trip screen's only displaying Amsterdam (when it should be displaying both that & Paris like it is on Door #4; it didn't switch to the Paris screen until late in the online credit roll) & the truck's on the right w/ some of fake trees in the background reduced to make them more like they came from a forest, which makes it a more suitable setting for trucks/utes

(One more note: In her Winner's Circle video on the show's website, it was revealed that Angela's older ride had 200K+ miles on it!)



TODAY'S GAME: Grochows (whose one-day cash winnings total $850) vs. Grants

(Note: Some members of the military were in the audience for at least this episode.)

R1: If you were driving in a funeral procession, name something it would be inappropriate to do. First answer (s) of the day:

#1: Drive fast/pass hearse (29)(Melissa)
#2: Honk (26)(Chris)


Brandon: Running STOP signs- X
Mom Donna: Wave to the people- XX
Vicki: Play your music loudly- #3 (22)
Donna #2: Leave casket behind- XXX

Chris Steal (for 77): Ride w/ no hazard lights on- ALSO WRONG

#4: Laugh (4)
#5: Curse/yell (3)
BOTTOM ANSWERS: Talk/phone, sing & drink alcohol (2 each)

R2: We all know love can lead to marriage, but what does marriage lead to? Starter (s):

#2: Babies/children (31)(Yolanda)
DUD: Shared residence (Brandon)


Lawrence (a Massage Therapy student at the Anthem Institute in Jersey City): Divorce- #1 (32)
CJ: Infidelity- X
Chev: Poverty/heartbreak- XX
Chris (who's married): Credit Hell- XXX

Melissa Steal (for another 63): Sharing a bedroom/having sex in there- NO

#3: Fights/frustration (11)
#4: Happiness (10)
BAs: Death & companionship (3 each)

(Note: The Grants do a victory lap around their family podium as if they've already won the game.)

Double: Name something in the house you wouldn't want your dog to lift their leg on. At the sound of the face-off buzzer:

#1: Furniture/couch (71)(Mom Donna)


Vicki: Yourself/leg- #2 (6)
Donna #2: Carpet/floor- TIED FOR #3 (4)
Melissa: Clothes in your closet- #5 (3; counts as shoes)
Brandon: Food- X
Mom Donna: Newspaper- XX
Vicki: Floor plant- XXX

Chris Steal #2 (for another 168 & the lead): By the wall- NO (Grochows: 245)(Other answer T3: Computer/laptop)(4)

Triple: Name a bad thing for an actor to eat before doing a love scene. Hold your noses if you need to while we show you at least one guess:

#2: Onions (36)(CJ)
#3: Beans (9)(Vicki)


Chris: Garlic- #1 (41)
Yolanda: Doritos- XX
Lawrence: Corn- XXX

Melissa Steal #2 To Retain Title: Mexican food- LOSS (#4: Chili)(3)

FAST MONEY: We see a lot more friends/members of the Grants after the five in the studio have had two big fits of excitement already today.

1. According to 100 women, on the 1-10 scale, how hard would it be to be beautiful?
2. Besides oranges, name something you eat that's orange in color.
3. Name something that may need to be tightened.
4. Name something wild that people do at a wild party.
5. Name something dogs do when they're bored.

1. 8- 8
2. Peach- 5
3. Sneakers- 7
4. Beer pong- 28
5. Scratch- 3

1. 5- 20
2. Peppers
3. Belt- 27
4. Do drugs- 4
5. Bark- 6
TOTAL- 108 ($540)


2. Carrot
4. Strip
5. Sleep

WoF: Let's get a start on Tuesday's category menu.

$1K T-U: Food & Drink

C _ _ _ _ _

T O M _ T O _ S

Yasmine solves CHERRY TOMATOES. Hopefully we won't have the urge to throw lots of them at any of these fine folks:

Yasmine Key (Chattanooga)- A private family nurse middle/high school practitioner married to Jason for five years & has a two-year-old daughter
Meagan Cunningham (S.F.)- An Italian restaurant owner married to Gaspe w/ three children
Troy Zalesky (Aurora, CO; originally from Florida)- A tech support manager for a large payment processing company & a Chicago sports fan married to Kristi & has two dogs & a cat; also, his dad grew up across the street from Wrigley Field

$2K T-U: Person

_ O _ _ _ _ / _ F

T H _ / Y E _ R

Yasmine's a letter short w/ WOMAN OF THE YEAR.

_ O _ K I _ / O F

T H _ / Y E A R

Troy's playing like the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR so far, because he's scored second.

Tuesday's Featured Trip: Hotel Monteleone w/ a New Orleans culinary history tour of the French Quarter ($5,200)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: Omaha Steaks

IHOP Jackpot Round: Phrase

This guy first calls two T's for $900 & two N's for another $1,200, buys an A & four I's but then bobbles the N. Secondly, Yasmine calls two L's for $1,800, buys four E's but then loses the $1,550 remainder to the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Third, Meagan calls the $500 B & buys the other two vowels before Free Playing a $500 H & calling a $500 V while on the Jackpot. Unfortunately, she can't solve for the $8,950 pot & then Loses a Turn. After Troy takes the WC by calling the S, he finds the $600 S at the end but then LaTs out too. Yasmine then goes for the $1K solve...

I ' L L / B E / _ O U _

_ A I T E _ / T H I S


...& she's correct w/ "I'LL BE YOUR WAITER THIS EVENING", so she & Troy are tied for the early lead w/ $2K each. Yasmine also retains control.

SOLE LaT: Meagan
SOLE DQ: Troy (N repeat on a yellow $500)

Mystery Round: Same Name

First from Yasmine as far as letters go is a baddie of S while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar one. Second, Meagan lights up two N's & picks up the other MW...but that's the wrong one. Third, Troy takes a $300 D, three A's, a $500 T for the blue 1/2 KIA, two R's & C's for six more Benjamins per pair but then buys a negative of E. Yasmine next takes the two H's at $600 each...

_ R A _ _ / A N D

C H _ _ - C H _ _

T R A _ N

...& gets sole possession of first place after solving GRAVY AND CHOO-CHOO TRAIN.

DUDS: E (Troy), S (Yasmine)

Current Scores:

Troy: $2K/Yasmine: $3,200/Meagan: $0

Prize Puzzle Round: Fun & Games

In the hopes of avoiding being gooseegged, Meagan starts her latest letter spree w/ a $1,200 pair of N's, two E's, three I's, a $500 S & the rest of the vowels (two O's & singletons of A & U) before FPing a dud of L, saying quad H's for another two C-notes & dudding out w/ M. Following Troy's Bankrupt landing on the same location as before to forfeit the WC, Yasmine picks a $1,050 set of T's & the same amount of R's for an $1,800 addition and we have...

H I _ I N _

T H R O U _ H / T H E

R A I N / _ O R E S T

...she's won another $2,850 & will be HIKING THROUGH THE RAIN FOREST on her way to The Springs Resort & Spa courtesy of Hotwire.com, a Costa Rican trip worth $6,700.

DUDS: $500 L (Meagan), $800 M (Yasmine)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: AK0576706 (Amos K.)

Current Scores:

Troy: $2K/Yasmine: $12,750 in cash & C.R./Meagan: NULL

$3K T-U: Thing

S E C _ _ T

_ E C I _ E

Meagan has the SECRET RECIPE to get off the $0 mark.

R4: What Are You Doing?

Now that she's $3K richer, she Bankrupts next to where the WC formerly was for the second time tonight (it's also the third time overall that's been landed on in this episode). Second for Troy are two T's & an H at $900 per appearance before we go to Last Chance Mode...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / T H _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _

...the rest of the consonants are worth $1,900 each. After Troy asks for three E's...

R _ _ D _ N G / T H E

R E _ R _ G E R _ T _ R

...he's RAIDING THE REFRIGERATOR to the tune of $13.5K & the match! Yasmine left behind $5,400 in addition to tonight's title.

DUDS (all during Speed-Up): C (Troy), L (Meagan), M (Meagan), P (Yasmine), S (Meagan)

Final Scores:

Troy: $15.5K/Yasmine: $12,750 in cash & C.R./Meagan: $3K
GRAND TOTAL: $31,250

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $1,550

Big Money Round #91: The &'s where Troy's endgame envelope comes from.

Subject: Things

The last two letters to get this puzzle off to some kind of start are:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ T S

DMCA gives him...

C _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ T S

...an early exit. Without the O's, the $35K gets left in these pair of COWBOY BOOTS, so he leaves $15.5K wealthier than he was before.

B IQ: Before we find out who's going to face Seth Bluman in the next round, let's get to this game:

PRELIMINARY GAME #7: Steve Morse vs. Rich Linville

Leadoff Home Run: Who was the last Orioles player to win a league MVP award?
Steve: Cal Ripken, Jr.

CATEGORIES: Teammates Who "Rose" to the Occasion, Bravo!, Kings of the Hill, They Brought the Lumber for (Jim) Leyland, Clean Up Crew, Guys With 120-Meter Power, Is 15 the New 20? & Better Fielders Than Prince

#1: They Brought the Lumber for Leyland- Players W/ 30+ HRs in a season under that manager besides Jeff King (8)
GUESSES: Miguel Cabrera, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla & Carlos Pena- STEVE (2)(Others: Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla, Curtis Granderson, Todd Helton & Larry Walker)

#2: Bravo!- Braves pitchers w/ 20+ wins in a single season since 1946 (10)
GUESSES: John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Warren Spahn, Phil Negro, Johnny Sane, Danny Neagle & Andy Messersmith- RICH (TIED at 2)(Others: Lew Burdette, Tony Cloninger & Russ Ortiz)

#3: Clean Up Crew- Most games started batting fourth in lineup last year (14)
GUESSES: Miguel Cabrera & Carlos Pena- STEVE (3)(Others: Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, Carlos Lee, Troy Tulowitzki, Vladmir Guerrero, Matt Kemp, Adam Lind, Josh Willingham, Kevin Youkilis, Matt Holliday, Torii Hunter, Carlos Santana & Alex Rodriguez)

#4: Better Fielders Than Prince- First basemen to win four or more Gold Gloves (10)
GUESSES: Keith Hernandez, Mark Grace, Steve Garvey, Don Mattingly, Vic Power & John Olerud- RICH (4)(Others: George Scott, Bill White, Wes Parker, J.T. Snow & Mark Teixeira)

#5: Teammates Who "Rose" to the Occasion- Pete Rose's Hall of Fame teammates besides Barry Larkin (10)
GUESSES: Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Andre Dawson, Tony Perez & Dave Concepcion- RICH (6)(Others: Gary Carter, Frank Robinson, Ryne Sandberg & Tom Seaver)

#6: Kings of the Hill- Pitchers w/ most All-Star Game starts other than Jack Morris (12)
GUESSES: Robin Roberts, Roger Clemens, Jim Palmer & Tom Seaver- RICH
BIG INNING: Don Drysdale, Lefty Gomez, Vida Blue & Randy Johnson (9)(Others: Jim Bunning, Whitey Ford, Greg Maddux, Billy Pierce & Warren Spahn)

#7: Guys W/ 120-Meter Power- Players to lead Blue Jays in HRs in a season (16)
GUESSES: Carlos Delgado, Fred McGriff, George Bell, Jose Bautista & Jesse Barfield- STEVE (5)(Others: Joe Carter, John Mayberry, Willie Upshaw, Vernon Wells, Tony Batista, Jose Canseco, Ron Fairly, Tony Glaus, Aaron Hill, Ed Sprague & Frank Thomas)

#8: Is 15 the New 20?- American League pitchers w/ 15+ wins last year (12)
GUESSES: Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, CC Sabbathia & David Price- RICH (10)(Others: Jered Weaver, Gio Gonzalez, Dan Haren, Derek Holland, Ivan Nova, James Shields, C.J. Wilson, Ricky Romero & Max Scherzer)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Most HRs by player whose primary career position's second base (20)

Sole Bid: RICH AT 7
GUESSES: Ryne Sandberg, Bret Boone, Jeff Kent, Joe Morgan, Rogers Hornsby, Roberto Alomar & Bobby Grich- WIN! (Others: Craig Biggio, Joe Gordon, Lou Whitaker, Bobby Doerr, Dick McAuliffe, Ray Durham, Dan Uggla, Chase Utley, Charlie Gehringer, Tony Lazzeri, Damon Easley, Juan Samuel & Frank White)

PRELIMINARY GAME #8: Aaron Heinrich vs. Fred Gerson

LHR: Who was the last Indians pitcher to win the Cy Young?
Aaron: Cliff Lee

CATEGORIES: A Fall Classic, Bay City Stars, Absent in October, Hall, Hall the Gangs All Here, No Team Ever Hit More Home Runs, Gene Autry's Greatest Hitters, Win-terleague Play & Minnesota T"winners"

#1: Minnesota T"winners"- Twins to win Cy Young, MVP &/or Rookie of the Year (12)
GUESSES: Rod Carew, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Juan Santana, Chuck Knoblauch, Zoilo Versalles, Harmon Killebrew & Bob Allison- AARON (3)(Others: John Castino, Marty Cordova, Tony Oliva, Jim Perry & Frank Viola)

#2: Hall, Hall the Gangs All Here- Top 10 vote-getters on this year's HoF ballot
GUESSES: Barry Larkin & Jack Morris- AARON (4)(Others: Jeff Bagwell, Lee Smith, Tim Raines, Alan Trammell, Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Larry Walker & Mark McGwire)

#3: Absent in October- Most HRs by player never to appear in World Series (20)
GUESSES: Ernie Banks, Rafael Palmeiro & Fred McGriff- FRED (1)(Others: Ken Griffey, Jr., Sammy Sosa, Frank Thomas, Carlos Delgado, Dave Kingman, Andre Dawson, Juan Gonzalez, Billy Williams, Andres Galarraga, Dale Murphy, Rocky Colavito, Ralph Kiner, Adam Dunn, Ellis Burks, Dick Allen, Carlos Lee, Ron Santo & Bobby Bonds)

#4: No Team Ever Hit More HRs- Players w/ double-digit HR totals for '97 Mariners other than Joey Cora (8)
GUESSES: Ken Griffey, Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez & Jay Buhner- AARON (5)(Others: Paul Sorrento, Russ Davis, Dan Wilson & Jose Cruz, Jr.)

#5: Gene Autry's Greatest Hitters- Angels w/ the most hits (20)
GUESSES: Rod Carew, Garret Anderson, Tim Salmon, Troy Glaus, Don Baylor, Jim Fregosi & Bobby Grich- AARON (7)(Others: Brian Downing, Darin Erstad, Chone Figgins, Vladimir Guerrero, Chili Davis, Gary Disarcina, Wally Joyner, Adam Kennedy, Dick Schofield, Jim Edmonds, Doug DeCinces, Sandy Alomar, Sr. & Bob Boone)

#6: Bay City Stars- Giants named to an ASG in the 21st Century (12)
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain & Russ Vogelsong- AARON (8)(Others: Pablo Sandoval, Ryan Vogelsong, Brian Wilson, Moises Alou, Jason Schmidt, Robb Nen, Benito Santiago & Rich Aurilia)

#7: A Fall Classic- 18 starters of 1975 WS Game 6
GUESSES: Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Dave Concepcion, Joe Morgan, Carlton Fisk, Cesar Geronimo, George Foster, Carl Yastrzemski, Dwight Evans & Lee May- AARON (11)(Others: Rick Burleson, Cecil Cooper, Denny Doyle, Ken Griffey, Sr., Fred Lynn, Gary Nolan, Tony Perez, Rico Petrocelli & Luis Tiant)

#8: Win-terleague Play- Pitchers w/ most wins in Interleague play (20)
GUESSES: Roger Clemens & Randy Johnson- AARON
BI: Greg Maddux, Johan Santana, Curt Schilling (Others: Mark Buehrle, Freddy Garcia, Jamie Moyer, Roy Halladay, Livan Hernandez, Mike Mussina, CC Sabathia, Aaron Sele, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettite, Cliff Lee, Al Leiter, Derek Lowe, Mark Mulder, Kenny Rogers, Tim Wakefield & Jeff Weaver)

NI PROMPT: Most games started in center field last year (20)

Sole Bid: 11 BY FRED
GUESSES: Cameron Maybin, Andrew McCutchen, Curtis Granderson, Matt Kemp, Torii Hunter- ELIMINATED (Others: Chris Young, Michael Bourn, Jacoby Ellsbury, B.J. Upton, Adam Jones, Drew Stubbs, Melky Cabrera, Austin Jackson, Peter Bourjos, Alex Rios, Coco Crisp, Shane Victorino, Colby Rasmus, Dexter Fowler, Angel Pagan & Marlon Byrd)

Millionaire Tuesday:

Game 1
Game 2
Start of Game 3

(Also: Danny Parra left w/ $24K while Patrick Morrison became the new "Jeopardy!" champ w/ $29,601 & gets all but the Leap Year Day of February off.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Baseball IQ" & "The Price is Right"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Millionaire"

Several U.S. "X Factor" castmates out

NEITHER Steve Jones & Nicole Scherzinger will return next season. Also, Paula Abdul's NOT expected to return, either.

Source: CBSNews.com


To get all the details, click this link.

This show's a hybrid of at least those other beauty reality shows & "American Idol". And this episode's 90 minutes long for at least this edition only.

First Mini-Challenge: Mike Ruiz (who's also a guest judge this week) will take photos of each of these drag racers while they're sprayed w/ toxic waste.


1. Chad Michaels
2. Dida Ritz
3. Kenya Michaels
4. Milan
5. Sharon Needles
6. Jiggly Caliente
7. Alisa Summers
8. The Princess
9. Phi Phi O'Hara
10. Lashauwn Beyond
11. Madame LaQueer
12. Latrice Royale
13. Willam

Video messages from RuPaul are titled SheMail.

WINNER- Jiggly Caliente

MAIN CHALLENGE: Using cockroaches & attire from former "Drag Race" competitors dressed as zombies at a motel, they have to design outfits that resemble post-apocalyptic couture.

Guest Judge #2: Elvira (Santino Rice's on the judging panel, too)

The winner of each Main Challenge will get at least a prize; for most of the early part of the season, immunity's usually awarded as well. The bottom two each week will have to lip sync to a designated song to determine who stays & who goes.


1. Willam
2. Phi Phi O'Hara
3. Lashauwn Beyond
4. Chad Michaels
5. The Princess
6. Kenya Michaels
7. Latrice Royale
8. Alisa Summers
9. Milan
10. Jiggly Caliente
11. Dida Ritz
12. Madame LaQueer
13. Sharon Needles

WINNER- Sharon (Immunity & Sequin Queen.com custom gown)(Runners-up: Lashauwn & The Princess)
BOTTOM TWO- Jiggly & Alisa

LIP SYNC SONG OF THE WEEK: "Toxic" by Britney Spears

New "Ca$h Cab" season beginning this week

After "Who's Still Standing?" has finished airing, catch Ben Bailey on the new season of "Ca$h Cab" w/ back-to-back new episodes Thursdays at 6 PM EST starting this week.

1/30/2012 Results

LMaD: The first three traders this week Wayne's looking for are Charles from Long Beach, CA (a ballet dancer dressed as the Green Giant), Tina from Acton, CA (who's wearing Fall leaves all over her black shirt) & Melissa (who's dressed as partly cloudy w/ a chance of showers). They each buy this for $700 (Big Box)...a gourmet coffee counter worth $2,453.

Jessica (an Interior Design major from SDSU dressed as a spa lady) chooses the thing that rolls behind Curtain #2...it's a car, but it's made of lemons. That will cost her from the Small Box...the $11,840 trip to Ireland.

Go Big or Go Home has been won in each of the past two weeks. Should Elizabeth & Michael (a 24-year couple dressed as chefs) cook up another win at it, they'll win the Ford Focus S (Curtain #3) in addition to everything else. At least for this edition, the standalone prize space located just under the top-right corner of the gameboard's been replaced w/ the SB icon.

1. 1: $250
2. 6: $750 (QUADRUPLE)(Bad roll: 1)
3. 3: $1K (DOUBLE)(needs a six for the car, but a four will ZONK them out)
4. 2: $500 ($2.5K)(a four's now needed for the automobile, but a two or five will have them booted out of the studio)

Who knows how much they would've won if they had been playing that virtually-impossible Six Checks Deal instead.

Randy & Rose (she's dressed as a red/white cheerleader) each start out w/ a $1,550 sunset wine cruise from Corks Away Wine Adventures (Silver Envelope). They both go all-in on Curtain #1.

BB- Touring motorscooter ($3,299)
CURTAIN #2- BLUDOT bedroom group w/ customized closet from The Container Store & a $1K macy's gift card ($5,298)
CURTAIN #1- Giant robot

Christine (dressed as an oyster) is playing the Guess the Money in the Box Deal. There are a ton of $20s in there & she's got a $500 range. Her guess's $4,200 & she turns down all that money (in addition to the sure $700) for what's in the SB (Tiffany in front of Curtain #2).

MB ANSWER- $4,840
SB- Red Cole Haan pebble grain leather bag & Mon Cheri pink sapphire necklace ($2,746)

Noel's Fast Deal (he's dressed as the SB): Turns down camping gear from said prize location (Jonathan) for what's in CURTAIN #3 (even though he just came from camping in Yosemite)- Apple electronics suite ($4,645)
REJECTED: SE- Zombie ranch trip


The Big Deal of the Day's worth $26,330 on this Monday.

Once again, it's time for Beat the Dealer.

$500 Round:

Tom (dressed as a baseball player): C- WIPEOUT
Jennifer (a Developmental Math college teacher dressed as a red crayon): E- SEVEN
Lawann (a Southern cow belle dressed as a cow): G- EIGHT

R2 Prize (Curtain #1): Elliptical trainer ($3,299) & $2K worth of fitness lessons

Lawann: I- FIVE

CAR (Curtain #2): Toyota Yaris ($16,433)

Wayne: B- SIX
Lawann: H- FOUR


Mustafa (a baker who performs as Wolfman at Universal Studios Hollywood) is the next customer for Big Head Jonathan. This morning's questions for Curtain #3:

1. Does it seat more than two people?
2. Does it use gas?
3. Is it easy to travel with?
4. Is it more than one item?


1. #2- YES
2. #4- YES

CURTAIN #3- Outdoor furniture w/ a gas grill ($6,724)
SB (Tiffany in front of middle curtain)- Extreme anti-anti-perspirant

THE BIG DEAL: He also misses out on any chance of going for this, because Noel's staying w/ his electronics. That means Christine (a photographer) will choose Door #2 w/ nothing much to lose...she does NOT win a car that she wanted so bad, but she's won the BD of these two Hawaiian holidays for herself & Jeremy- a six-night stay at The Kapalua Villas in Maui & a six-night retreat at the Turtle Bay Resort w/ the $5K bonus!

#1- Home entertainment center ($2,100)(which was revealed last & not fully described)
#3- Strong Spa 6

In the Quickie Deal department, Linda (dressed as an Indian) correctly calls tails on a coin flip held by the host for $100, Robert (a coach) gets paid $100 from Wayne & then has that payout doubled by Tiffany for wearing a stopwatch, Barbara (who's wearing a Santa hat) finds five pennies just in the nick of time for $100 & Joshua (dressed as a penguin) remembers in front of Wayne that seven's the last digit of his student ID for $200.


FF: The first two families to battle it out this year are:

TODAY'S GAME: Grochows (Dassel, MN) vs. Woodys (designated champs w/ at least $20K to their name)

R1: Name something that makes a man sleep like a baby. Opening guess (es):

#1: Sex/a good boink (32)(Shay)
#3: Beer/booze/liquor (16)(Melissa)


Bryauna: Good meal- #2 (19; milk would've also been accepted)
Marcus: Good movie- BOTTOM ANSWER (3; "Sex & The City" & TV were also acceptable for that response)
Contessa: Good book- X
Jonathan: Exercise- XX
Shay: A long, hot bath- XXX

Melissa Steal (for 70): Sleeping pills- #4 (12)

#5: Hard work (4)
OTHER BA: Massage/rub (3)

R2: Name something David Hasselhoff has done that makes people cringe. For instance:

#1: Drink too much & make a fool of himself (28)(Donna #1)
TIME OVER: Bryauna
DUD: Seeing Pamela Anderson nude (Brandon)

For just the third time this season, a question's being PASSED.


Marcus: Eating a hamburger off the floor online- #3 (18)
Contessa: Being seen in public w/ someone other than his wife- X
Jonathan: Jumping in a kid car- #4 (13; that counts as acting)
Shay: Fell out in public- XX
Bryauna: Going real fast in a car- XXX

Melissa Steal #2 (for another 59): Singing in his leather pants- #2 (26)(129)

Tied for #5: Taken his shirt off & danced (4 each)
#7: Judged talent (2)

Double: Name something people say's good for the soul. Starting w/:

#1: Chicken soup/food (29)(Marcus)
#2: Church/prayer (20)(Donna)


Contessa: Confessions/truth- TIED FOR BOTTOM (7)
Jonathan: Music- OTHER BA (7)
Shay: Good book (s)- X
Bryauna: Love- XX
Marcus: Exercise- XXX

Melissa Steal #3 (for another 126 & the safety net): Vacation- NO (#3: Laughter)(8)

Triple: Name something you wish wasn't on your driver's license. At the face-off:

#2: Date of birth (27)(Contessa)
#3: Weight (27)(Vicki)


Donna #2: Height- X
Melissa: Photo- #1 (35)
Brandon: DUI- XX
Donna #1: Wearing glasses- WIN (6)(414)

FIRST FAST MONEY OF '12: The Grochows' Home Town Family Moment representatives are their grandson & grandma.

1. Name something that would be on a baby's list of things to do today.
2. Tell me how tall pro basketball players are.
3. Name a food restaurants give you a lot of.
4. Name an animated movie that made you cry.
5. Name an occupation whose members wear sunglasses on the job.

Donna #1 (Brandon's mom):

1. Play w/ their toys- 10
2. 7"- 26
3. French Fries- 24
4. "Bambi"- 31
5. Lifeguard (w/ about one second left)- 39
TOTAL- 130


1. Crawl- 3 (Top answer: Cry)
2. 6'6"- 15
3. Salad- 20
4. "Snow White"- 2
5. Actors- LOSS
TOTAL- 170 ($850)

WoF: This week was taped the day before "WHEEL Around the World Week"- it's the same theme that ended the New Orleans road trip w/ a $100K win & a PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK late that season, "Fabulous Food Week"!

$1K T-U: Phrase

H O T / O F F

T H E / G _ _ L L

Nancy gets the money HOT OFF THE GRILL. The week's first puzzle solvers:

Nancy Cahill (Framingham, MA)- A local hospital pediatric nurse married to school sweetheart Howie for 33 years who watches game shows w/ her mom
Tom Ericksen (South Pasadena, CA)- A second-year USC dental student & marathon married to Stacey w/ two children (Abby & Jake) who had a mid-life crisis that caused him to go back to dental school
Jillian Humes (Seattle)- A nursing school graduate from Seattle University & barista who recently studied abroad in Australia & is currently looking for a job

$2K T-U: Around the House

F L _ O R

_ _ _ _

Jillian guesses FLOOR MATS...also often found in cars, but incorrect.


L _ M P

Tom takes control w/ a FLOOR LAMP.

Monday's Featured Trip: Florence & Rome from EZ-Italy ($8.5K)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: ZAGAT

IHOP Jackpot Round: Event

He gets the green 1/2 KIA & $1K right away w/ two S's, then he buys an A, two E's & three O's to clean out the vowels in one fell swoop before spinning Lose a Turn. Secondly, Jillian takes the Italy wedge w/ three R's, two T's for a grand while on Jackpot, three C's for another $2,700, two H's for an extra $1,200 & two N's for another C-note before she takes a shot at solving...

S _ _ _ H O N _



...& correctly responds w/ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT for the cash, the trip & to keep control.


Current Scores:

Jillian: $14,400 in cash & Italy/Nancy: $1K/Tom: $2K

Mystery Round: Before & After

Jillian leads off by calling for a T worth $300 & buying a column of three E's, then she calls two H's for another $1,800 but then buys the only dud vowel in the round (A). Second, Nancy calls up three N's for $1,050, buys the rest of the vowel department (four O's, an I & a pair of U's) & lights up two C's & an S for another three bills apiece & two D's for another nine Benjamins. We have...

D O / T H E / _ U N _ _

C H I C _ E N

N O O D _ E / S O U _

...she obviously doesn't DO THE FUNKY CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP, but she's $2,100 richer & retains possession of the wheel.


Current Scores:

Jillian: $14,400 in cash & Italy/Nancy: $3,100/Tom: $2K

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

Nancy's base letters in this crucial round of play are a $400 N, a Free Play I & the $300 G, followed by couples of O's & A's but then a baddie of T while on the other 1/2 KIA. Tom secondly captures a $2,700 trio of S's & buys an E, then after calling the $500 P & buying the leftover U before Bankrupting next to $3.5K to lose both his remaining $2,700 & most likely the mystery trip. As for Jillian...

S O A _ I N G / U P

S O _ E / _ A _ S

...she'll also be SOAKING UP SOME RAYS at the PUNTACANA Resort & Spa courtesy of SpaFinder.com, a $6.5K getaway.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LG6710660 (Lorriea G.)

Current Scores:

Jillian: $20,900 in cash & trips/Nancy: $3,100/Tom: $2K

$3K T-U: Food & Drink

_ I E _ _ _

S A U _ _ _ E S

Tom eats a few VIENNA SAUSAGES to turn his two G's into five.

R4: Fictional Place

He begins w/ a negative of T. Jillian secondly loses her turn on the same Bankrupt previously hit. Third, Nancy inserts the triple S's for $1.5K, buys the E at the end but then purchases a dud of A. After Tom strikes out right away w/ another dud of R, Jillian puts up a $300 N, four O's, an $800 P & a $500 D &...

S N O O P _ ' S

D O _ _ O _ S E

...she envisions SNOOPY'S DOGHOUSE for 1,350 more bucks.

DUDS: A (Nancy), $900 R (Tom), $300 T (Tom)

Current Scores:

Jillian: $22,250 in cash & travel/Nancy: $3,100/Tom: $5K

Last Chance Round: Fun & Games

The Speed-Up consonant amount's...$1.5K. After a B from Nancy...

B _ _ R D _ _ L _ / _ N D

_ _ R _ / _ L _ _ _

...she IDs BOARDWALK AND PARK PLACE as the most valuable Monopoly properties for $6K more.

DUDS: M (Jillian), S (Tom), T (Jillian)

Final Scores:

Jillian: $22,250 in cash & vacations/Nancy: $9,100/Tom: $5K
GRAND TOTAL: $36,350


Big Money Round #90: The ride that might be won this week's a Chrysler 300. Jillian spins the second A in AMERICA'S.

Topic: Phrase

At the beginning:

S _ _ _

_ _ E _ _

DMPA gives her...

S _ _ P

A _ E A D

...she decides to SKIP AHEAD of the right answer w/ SHIP AHEAD & SHOP AHEAD...but she does make the $30K solve w/ about two seconds to spare! Total: $52,250 in cash & trips!

The end-of-show chat reveals that Vanna ate sausages from a truck stop at least once back in '80.

J!: Brendan Graham's back in action this evening against:

Danny Parra (Miami, FL)- A sportscaster who uses famous movie quotes for HR calls
Kate Jeracki (Ft. Collins, CO)- A newspaper staff writer who just missed qualifying to being a contestant on the classic Art Fleming version by not identifying that Pat Nixon had the given nickname of "Thelma Ryan" (& Alex knew it just before Kate told him the right response!)

The Week's First Half-Dozen Subjects:

PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT (each correct question's a playing card)

Brendan's in Lock Game Territory w/ $5K at the first break; Danny's a fairly distant second w/ $1,800 & Kate's $2K in the hole thanks to back-to-back incorrect responses on $1K clues. Within one of the last four Art "R"eview clues is the first Daily Double of the week...it turns out to be the very last one, but Kate's got it w/ -$1,600; Brendan's still heavily leading Danny $10,200-$3,600. To knock $1K off her current debt, here's the clue:

This term can refer to a style of art or design or to a highly ornamental style of music of the late 18th Century.

"What is Rococo?"...yup to start the second round w/ -$600.


Double J! Categories:

IT'S A PARTY! (semi-themed board)

Danny could get much closer to Brendan's lead, because he finds a DD under the $800 Place clue & he's trailing $13,800-$600; Kate's only $200 in the red now. Danny's wager turns out to be five big ones:

Cape Dezhnev, the easternmost point on Mainland Asia, juts into this strait.

"What is the Bering Strait?"...that's the one to jump to $11K & he uses the High School Strategy on the remainder of the topic to close the gap to $15K-$14,600 between the two guys! And on the $1,600 Occasion, he swipes DJ!'s other DD & now has such a lead over Brendan's $15K; Kate's $200 is now on the positive side. Danny's other bet's $6K, so for a new total of $22,600 & to stay in first place, the answer is:

September 21, 1897: It seems three months early, but the N.Y. Sun publishes an editorial famous for this seven-word phrase.

"What is 'Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain'?"...uh, NO- he just lost the lead right back to the champion. Correct: "What was 'Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus'?".


Post-DJ! Banks:

Brendan: $21K
Kate: $11,400
Danny: $11K


Brendan: $21K
Kate: $11,400
Danny: $12,200

FINAL J! TOPIC: 1960s TV Characters.

One of her first spoken lines is translated as "You have the face of a wise and fearless caliph".

Danny Parra put down "Who is Jeannie?"...$22K DOUBLER! Kate Jeracki...left off an N & her response's acceptable, but she only bet $10K. Brendan Graham...leaves w/ $47,602 after responding w/ Scherezade, so Danny's the new champ.

WSS: The last Hero's Kathyrn Ricketts from Spokane, WA (who's a therapist for children).

#2: TRAVIS SCHARIO (Marietta, OH)- An underwear salesman who previously won $49,271 in cash & stuff on the 32nd Season Premiere of "The Price is Right" that the late Rod Roddy announced (including the $46,573 Cadillac DeVille playing Lucky $even)

After the first break:

Travis (_ _ S _ _ N / _ _ _ B _ _): A piece of what pop star's hair was sold for over $40K?- OUT (A: JUSTIN BIEBER)


BTW, Kathyrn's driver door of her car doesn't work anymore.

#6: Julie Terrell Travis (Bloomington, IN)- A legal administrator in a small construction law firm


After Break #2:

Julie (A _ _ _ N _ _ D / P _ _ _ _ M _ _ _): High school teenagers earn college credits in "AP" classes, which stands for this- ADVANCED PLACEMENT (11.27)
Kathyrn (B _ _ / M _ _ Z _ _ _): What ceremony traditionally marks a Jewish boy's 13th birthday?- BAR MITZVAH (15)
Julie (_ _ _ L _ _ / _ _ K _ / _ _ _ N / _ P _ _ _ T): Nirvana's first hit song- DROPPED (A: "SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT", which the Hero knew)

AMOUNT FOR #6- $1K ($16K)

#7: Fazlul Zabair (L.A.)- Rocket scientist

Just before the third timeout:

Fazlul (_ _ T _ _ _ / _ _ A _ Y): In what neighborhood of NYC will you find restaurants like Il Palazzo & Pelegrino's?- GONE (A: LITTLE ITALY)

AMOUNT FOR #7- $10K ($26K)

#3: Wanda Marie (Huntington Beach, CA)- A full-time Communications major student who can speak Romanian, English & Spanish

Specialty Round Theme #2 (which also could be the last): "East vs. West"

This is what gets asked just before & after the following TO:

Wanda (_ _ S _ / _ _ S _ _ _ N): What's the world's largest hotel chain?- OUT (A: BEST WESTERN, said by the Hero)

AMOUNT FOR #3- $3K ($29K)

#1: Erik Pearson (Chicago)- College professor of Communications Studies (just as she suspected)

Kathyrn has to use the first of two passes on this w/ about five seconds to go:

(_ / _ _ A _ _ _ _ / _ O _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _): Garrison Keller's the host of what long-running public radio show?

After the next-to-last break:

Kathyrn (_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ A _ _): What stand-up comic voiced Remy the rat chief in "Ratatouille"?- OTHER PASS USED W/ ABOUT THREE SECONDS LEFT

AMOUNT FOR #1- $15K ($44K)



Kat Leeks- Writes her own current events blog
Jesse Easley- Teacher's assistant at a graduate school
Jetta Wesle- An EMT who graduate from a fire science academy
Nate Kappra- Ferry boat captain/nautical expert
Crystal Nettles- Qualified to be a member of MENSA

Initial Elimination Order:

1. Nate ($3K)
2. Jetta ($6K)
3. Crystal ($6K)

Kat (_ _ L _ _ I _): Familiar food measurement that's actually a unit of height, not weight- CALORIE (3.27)($7K)
Jesse (_ _ T _ _ _ _ P _ _ _ I _): Process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly- KAT WINS & DROPS (A: METAMORPHOSIS)

Millionaire Monday:

Game 1
Game 2

Episode ratings:

7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Millionaire"


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