HAPPY NEW YEAR and some more on Aframe lesson with Rachel Sanders


I hope 2012 if full of new adventures and great surprises for everyone!

BOY, do I have a list of resolutions. I have been working on some goal setting programs, and there is sure room for improvement for me in that area. One thing I have been having trouble with is posting to my blog.

I promised awhile back to post about my running aframe and what I learned from Rachel Saunders during our private lesson.

Going back to when I was teaching Breeze a four on the floor, when that method first came out....I trained that and actually feel like we did a great job with it. Of course we did it before the second round of articles Ann Croft put out so a bunch of the things she addressed in the second round of articles were training issues that I had messed up with and had to figure out how to fix them.

When I started Crickets contacts I wanted to try a running aframe. I wish I had not wasted so much time going back and forth and had just went for it, but doing a running aframe was a bit scary for me. I am a slow runner, I feel like I have so many skills to learn as far as handling which will make the running aframe a little harder perhaps, and I really had no one around me learning it at the same time. Just like the four on the floor with Breeze, there were a few parts of the running aframe training with Rachel's method that I feel like I did not fully understand. Rachel is releasing a second running aframe DVD very shortly that I think will address some of those things. You know if I understood a few things I would have been done with my aframe and moved on a LONG time ago and it would have caused me a lot less worry, LOL.

So as far as my lesson, I started out telling Rachel the saga of our running aframe and all the steps we had taken. I fully admitted we started with the box, and the grids on the ground, then back chained on the aframe to the box, then slowly raised the aframe. At a certain point Cricket was VERY consistent about putting her left front foot right on top of the "box", two hits but a little bit of a step with her foot above the box, so only three feet in the box.

The criteria for the aframe when the pvc box in place is....
1. four feet in the box--which means four feet in the contact zone
2. two hits on the aframe

Well, I was very afraid to accept how Cricket was CONSISTENTLY doing the aframe because I did not want it to deteriorate and leave me wondering what to do once I broke down my original PVC box training.

Here is where I could have saved myself a lot of heart ache and time if I had just sent a video to Rachel and asked for some help. A few quick questions would have taken care of the problem and clarified things, if it took more then that I could have paid for her time, but I think most people who put out a method of training would really like to help people with quick questions rather then have their method twisted and messed up, LOL. In my case I know now Rachel would have said to take the pvc box off the aframe and to move on a long time ago-because Cricket was so consistent in how she chose to perform the aframe.

So the way I chose to fix the three foot problem was to put a stride regulator in place. I had to admit this to Rachel knowing she REALLY does not want to see a stride regulator used. I do not want to speak for her but my UNDERSTANDING is that even if you want to think of the pvc box as a stride regulator, it is a stride regulator with CRITERIA. The dog has a job and can work to do it. A stride regulator is just something that is trying to mechanically force a dog to do what you want. Hummmm, guess I see why the stride regulator was not a great idea, but truly it was the only way to get the behavior since Cricket was so used to sticking that one foot down BEFORE the PVC box it was a habit. The stride regulator did get the behavior.

After talking to Rachel I should have just taken the box off. The second thing I did not understand until after my lesson was that the criteria we used for the PVC box was for the PVC box, but once that box was off, the criteria for the aframe changed. Now with the box off it is perfectly acceptable to have three feet in the yellow as the criteria. If I need to put the box on then we go back to the four feet in the box as the criteria. I think before this I would have been way too fast to put that box back on, it should not be a crutch.

So as far as a lot of Crickets hits being rather high up in the contact zone Rachel said what I have heard Silvia Trkman say ....namely that as the dog gains confidence and relaxes into their running contact dogs with high hits will usually normally start hitting lower into the contact zone and so she thinks Crickets aframe will be fine. She also said that dogs that hit really far down into the contact zone will settle in and start hitting a little higher up, so you just have to sort of let them settle into how their performance will be as they gain confidence.

Rachel also said to make sure to help Cricket sort of settle and get ready for the aframe before she approaches it and for now to do everything I can to be out even with her or in front because she does not totally understand doing her aframe while I am decelerating behind her, so some good tips for when we do our first few trials. Rachel gave me hints about to look for that could still break down with our aframe, but said to send her a video and ask if any of those things started....so that was really nice of her.

It was sooo funny because when I told Rachel I had used a stride regulator she kept asking WHY would I do that? She was kidding that her next DVD was going to have a big picture of a stride regulator with a line through it for NO STRIDE REGULATORS. A little while later we were watching another dog work, a puppy starting his aframe and I was filming, we were having trouble seeing what his feet were doing so Rachel says hummmm, I need to think for a minute about what we want to do here....I said "Do you think we should stick on a stride regulator" LOL, good thing she has a great sense of humor!!!

Just a few min. of the first couple aframes we tried with the box...then we did some without the box and a few in sequences.

The Week in Review: Last Week of 2011

Player of the Week:
WINNER: Jason Keller ($215,900 as nine-day champion)("Jeopardy!")
RUNNER-UP: Lou Pell ($67,950)("Wheel of Fortune")
3RD PLACE: K.C. & Carole Holliday ($77,400)("You Deserve It")

Other Notable Big Winners:

Eric B. Grant II- $62,625 ("WoF")
Kelly Decker- $51K ("Who's Still Standing?")
Anya Boyer- $50,697 ("The Price is Right")

FINAL PLAYER OF THE MONTH OF '11: Melanie Amaro ("The X Factor")
RUNNER-UP: Jason Keller ("Jeopardy!")

12/30/2011 Results

TPiR: It's the third annual Best Prizes of the Year Show! The First Four this time out are Sheri Barnett, Christopher Ellard, Lizanne Tomassoni & Anya Boyer. The IUFB opener's a trio of Apple products- the iPad2 (which led to that four-car Race Game win), iPhone4S & the MacBook Air (Manuela in the clam)("The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco).

Lizanne: $2,100/Sheri: $1.5K/Christopher: $1,900/Anya: $1,950

ARP: $2,486

Lizanne (who has a fiancee named Mike) is playing the last retro car Pricing Game of '11, the Bonus Game, for something similar to what we saw on the Halloween episode, a 1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe (includes three-speed automatic transmission) appraised at $19,900 (Rachel at Door #3)("S & M" by Rihanna; the previous restored automobile was a $19.5K '73 Mustang Mach 1 Convertible).

Designated SP Song: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady GaGa

(Notes: As of this taping day, the board for this PG has had its stucco removed & the base of it's now green.)

1. Burger maker
IS NOT: $29

2. Keurig coffee brewer
IS NOT: $90

3. Donut hole maker
IS NOT: $39

4. Snow cone maker
IS NOT: $40

She...unknowingly LOST right away after getting tricked by that burger maker. After a year of having all the retro cars won, they got SHUT OUT this year. The next chance to give away a retro ride will take place on Monday w/ Snoop Dogg.

I'm sure this person isn't necessarily a LFaT unlike Lizanne, Valerie Westmoreland, & the second IUFB's the Michael C. Fina 18-karat white gold sapphire/diamond ring that Gwendolyn's wearing right this second ("Dynamite" by Taio Cruz).

VALERIE: $1,999/Sheri: $2K/Christopher: $2,300/Anya: $2,800

ARP: $2,200

Chris was over by a Benjamin, so Sheri (originally from Tulsa, OK) scores a Bonkers FIVE-SECOND EXACTA on the $7,995 Brammo Enertia motorcycle (Rachel at Door #3)("The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars)! The wrong price was $8,236.

The blue podium's secondly occupied by Linda Koening & the third PUFB's that inflatable Twister game set (All at Door #3)("Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner).

Valerie: TWO BUCKS/LINDA: $1,200/Christopher: $1,100/Anya: BUCK

ARP: $2K

Linda, a YWCA worker from Pala Mesa, CA, plays Most Expen$ive for a BBQ gas grill (Gwen), a mojo :) photo booth (Rachel) & the SAMSUNG 59" plasma HDTV (Manuela)("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People). She goes w/ the grill.

BBQ- $1,400
Booth- $4,999
TV- $2,599

Linda ($2K): 20 + 95 = OVER BY $.15
Lizanne ($2,631): 45 + 60 = OVER BY A NICKEL

Third to go blue's Charles Jones & the fourth IUFB today's a four-piece selection of those Burberry accessories for the ladies (Manuela at Door #5)("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi).

Valerie: $1,501/CHARLES: $1,200/Christopher: $1.5K/Anya: $3,200

ARP: $1,870

Valerie from Chicago plays Pick-a-Pair (instead of Pl!nko as her black T-shirt already indicates) for the Fantastic Sams gift card, the twice-a-month services from The Maids for a year, a year's worth of organic groceries & pairs of adult movie tickets every week for a year courtesy of Fandango, making it a prize package worth $7,404 ("Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae for the main prizes; "Lighters" by Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars for the grocery items). The popular groceries used in this edition are a 12-pack of TAB soda, a 16-ounce box of General Mills Basic 4 Cereal, an eight-ounce pack of Challenge Butter, the 12-ounce bottle of Herbal essences Toussle Me Softly Shampoo, the Gorton's 30 Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks & the 24-ounce bottle of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears...& she's a winner right away w/ the $5.19 soda & fish! The shampoo & the cereal each cost $4.19 & the butter & the pickles were each worth $2.89.

Coming on down eighth will be Betty Hartwick & that royal blue Electrolux washer/dryer's next to be bid on (Gwen behind splitting sign)("Born This Way" by Lady GaGa).

BETTY: $2K/Charles: $2,300/Christopher: $2,600/Anya: BUCK

Christopher, a pharmaceutical worker from Laguna Beach, CA who looks like the late McLean Stevenson (he was one of the regulars on the syndicated "Match Game" from '79-'82), was off by $68 on the right side, so he'll play Gas Money for this popular new car...the FIAT 500 AT (Std., Mats, Organizer, Covers)(Manuela)("Forget You!" by Cee-Lo Green). Whenever we play this PG, I say we're at BobboChung's Car Castle & I'm willing to sell him that FIAT & $10K for the price of $10K if he can leave the ARP on the board amongst these five price cards:


1. $14,029- $1K
2. $15,947 (the Peanut Gallery isn't too happy)- $4K ($5K)
3. $16,524 (they don't like that selection, either)- $3K ($8K)
FINAL PICK: $18,711 (at the request of the crowd)- FOURTH GM WINNER EVER!!!

The last new "Price" participant this year's Thomas Olafson & the final GUFB's a Nintendo 3DS package that includes two consoles & starter kits (Manuela & Rachel)("More" by Usher). Anya's in the WORST possible one-bid position.

Betty: $800/Charles: $575/THOMAS: $549/Anya: $629

ARP: $760- Anya's finally on stage!

After this singer from The Funkomatics (she's from Temple Beach, CA but originally from Palm Springs) gives Drew a fake eye, she plays Freeze Frame for one of those stainless-steel kitchen appliance trios (Gwen at Door #3)("On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull). Win, lose or draw, she'll spin The Big Wheel first in the second SCSD. Her answer's $8,536...but it's only $6,847.

SCSD #2:
Anya ($760): 60 + 20 = $.80
Valerie ($9,274): 70 + 95 = OVER
Christopher ($30,024): 75 + 35 = OVER BY TWO DIMES


Door #1- 100 pairs of designer shoes (Rachel)("E.T." by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West)
Door #2- '12 Chevrolet Volt (Gwen)("TPiR" consolation prize cue)



SHERI'S SHOWCASE ("Rolling in the Deep" by Adele):

Door #4- Six-night trip to the Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa in Tahiti (Manuela)
Door #3- Porsche Boxster (Std., AT, Seats, Bar, Wheel, Sound)(Rachel)

SHERI BIDS 28 GRAND ON TRIP/PORSCHE SHOWCASE (because she thought Anya overbid)- GAME OVER


Showcase ARPs:

Anya: $49,937
Sheri: $71,628

Thanks to Sheri's EPIC FAIL, she's NOT the biggest winner of Season 40 so far & Anya wins $50,697 in stuff, Volt included.


WoF: Toss-Up #1 this Friday revolves around a one-line Person:

_ _ R F E _ _ _ O _ I _ T

Becca's a PERFECTIONIST so far. The last three aired players of '11 on this stage are:

Becca Christian (Bakersfield, CA)- A Riverlakes Community Church administrative assistant & hospital registration clerk going to Bakersfield College & is working on completing the prerequisites to become a future physician's assistant
Melissa Malka (Sunrise, FL)- A single, healthy baker who has pictures of her feet taken while she travels (early in her interview, she mistakenly said she's married & has two children)
Eric B. Grant II (Blacksburg, VA)- A Montgomery County Schools substitute teacher for the middle & high levels who's also a big sports fan (especially the Virginia Tech Hokies)

$2K T-U Q's What Are You Doing?:

_ O _ _ _ _ G

C H _ _ P A _ N E

Becca blanks.

_ O _ R _ _ G

C H _ M P A _ N E

Eric's POURING CHAMPAGNE to steal control.

The last Prize Wedge of the year represents a trip to the Bernadus Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA worth $5,790 & the NatuRelief Jackpot Round has a big-sized Event in store. He first calls for two T's to get the trip wedge right out of the gate & a $300 H, then after buying five E's, he calls a $1K couple of S's while on the Jackpot & a $2.5K S & purchases two A's & five I's. Following his Free Play of the U to clean out the vowels, he captures five N's for $4.5K additional but then Bankrupts out of the round while on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side to miss out on $13,340 in cash & trip...

_ I N _ I N _ / I N

T H E / N E _

_ E A _ / I N

T I M E S / S _ U A _ E

...& Becca's RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR IN TIMES SQUARE to tie for the early lead w/ $2K each & keep control of that giant circle.


This is the year's last Before & After Round. She leads it off w/ a dud in T. Second, Melissa calls out two R's for $600 & a $350 S, makes the purchases of an E & an A & duds out w/ the P. Third, Eric inserts a $1,200 couple of L's, a $350 M & three N's all on top for the Wild Card & w/ said object still in hand (after learning his lesson in gambling)...

_ _ N N A M _ N

R _ L L S -

R _ _ _ E

...he says CINNAMON ROLLS-ROYCE for a $1,550 lead.

DUDS: $500 P (Melissa), $600 T (Becca)

'11's last Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round theme's Thing. Melissa's letter picks start out w/ S for sorry. Secondly for Eric are quad T's for $3,600, three E's, an A, a $1,200 N quartet & the three I's to wipe out the vowel section...

I N - _ _ I _ _ T

E N T E _ T A I N _ E N T

...& he banks another $4,050 & will be watching some IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT early on his trip to the SuperClubs Breezes Resort, Spa & Golf Club on Runaway Bay valued at $6,540, so this first-place player's at $14,140 in money & Jamaica.

SOLE DUD: $900 S (Melissa)


(Note: Unlike the show's most recent video game, FP's available in the entire maingame.)

The year's T-U's conclude w/ the Proper Name of a media personality:

_ _ D E R _ O N

_ _ _ P E _

Formerly the host of "The Mole", Melissa IDs ANDERSON COOPER to avoid getting gooseegged.

She'll then start this Phrase w/ a $900 M, three I's to complete the first word but then Loses a Turn. Eric secondly calls a couple T's at $300 per appearance & buys three O's, then come a $1,200 N pairing, four G's to add triple the previous amount & the double E's just before his light bulb turns on again...

I ' M / G O I N G / T O

G E T / O _ G _ N I _ E _

...& he says "I'M GOING TO GET ORGANIZED" to jump to $19,040 in cash & vacation.

SOLE LaT: Melissa

Time for that Last Chance Round w/ Living Thing as the topic & consonants being worth...$1,900 a pop. After two D's are said by Becca...

_ L D / _ N _ L _ S H

S H _ _ _ D _ _

...at the buzzer, she likely just gave away $11,400 w/ an incorrect response of OLD ENGLISH SCHNEIDER. After Melissa repeats the H, Eric gets the E's for free..

_ L D / E N _ L _ S H

S H E E _ D _ _

...& gets an OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG worth another $5,700 to his winning overall bank of $24,740 in cash & trip! Becca leaves w/ two thou & Melissa has three.

$29,740 in cash & trip has been given away on the '11 "Wheel" finale so far.

DUDS: M (Melissa), R (Melissa), T (Eric)
DQs: 2 (Becca's blown solve, Melissa's H duplication)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $13,340 in cash & getaway

Final Maxwell House Big Money Round of '11: Eric's Bonus Wheel spin stops on the one-star & the BMR category right here's Phrase. This pretty big one starts w/:

S _ _ _ / T _ E

S _ R _ _ _ E

Let's see what CHDAM do...

S _ _ M / T H E

S _ R _ A C E

...I've got plenty of bad news...first, Jim Lubinski just cost us our fourth & final PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK of this year. Also, Eric's going to have to SKIM THE SURFACE...

...on lots of specs & have to pay the tax & title on this Chrysler 200 Convertible Limited (Std., #730N) worth $32,885! That means he drives home w/ $62,625 in cash & merchandise and the Rebuilding Together bank has reached a final total of $187.5K!

(Final notes: I thought for sure the final count in the Rebuilding Together charity bank would be $185K; that means either one of the BR wins from this season's weekend "Wheel" reruns actually counted towards that total or they've given an unintentional spoiler about how the "America's Game" episode went on the Ports of Call set that hasn't aired yet.)

(Also tonight: Final Jeopardy! was a Triple Stumper again to close out the week, but Dave Leach still had a lock game win & has a two-day total of $34,683.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"

12/29/2011 Results

WoF: Two more episodes left this year. Thursday's first Toss-Up falls under the topic of Place:

F _ V E - _ T A R

H _ _ _ _

"Wheel" offers trips to these all the time & Jamie knows we're referring to a FIVE-STAR HOTEL. Let's find out how many stars each of these players will get for their performances tonight:

Jamie Schuh (Valders, WI)- An autism therapist who has two nephews, one of whom just returned from Afghanistan
Becky Gorton (Lakeville, MN)- A director of business development for an analytics consulting firm & an Augustana nursing home volunteer who's married to Matthew, has a six-month-old baby girl named Caitlin & a female Airedale dog named Zoey
Gardenia Parham (Lynwood, IL)- A legal secretary married to Fred for 16 years who has hopped on the back of her husband's motorcycle on occasion

The next stop's the $2K T-U that acts as something In the Kitchen:

C A _ _ E R O _ E

D I _ _

Gardenia gets CASSEROLE DISH.

The featured trip wedge of the night could send one to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay in Hawaii & it's worth $5,800. After announcing that the NatuRelief Jackpot Round category is Fun & Games, Gardenia's first letters are two T's for $800, three E's, an A, a $300 N, five R's for another $1.5K & the other two vowels in the puzzle of two O's & three I's, then she calls on four L's to add another two grand & the green 1/2 KIA...

T _ R I L L I N _


_ O A _ T E R

R I _ E

...so far, her THRILLING ROLLER COASTER RIDE has led her to a cash total of $5,600.


(Note: A holiday shout-out's made by the production department.)

Jamie kicks off the Before & After Round w/ the Lose a Turn. Second, Becky puts up three T's to pick up that Million Dollar Wedge, two H's for $1,200, two E's, a $300 N & two A's, then she takes two D's for another 11 bills & the board at this time...

T H E / T _ D A _

_ H _ _

A N D / T E _ _

...and she solves "THE TODAY SHOW" AND TELL to get on the board w/ $2,100.

SOLE LaT: Jamie

(Note: The other shout-out of the evening comes from the post-production folks.)

However, she's starting the Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round featuring some People. She collects the other 1/2 KIA immediately w/ two S's for a grand, two E's & three A's, followed by a $900 N pairing, a couple I's but then the only dud vowel buy of the round (O). Gardenia secondly calls for a $300 R & M & buys the leftover U...

_ E _ E N _ A R _

_ A _ _ / M U S I _ I A N S

...& she's known enough LEGENDARY JAZZ MUSICIANS to win 350 more bucks & a $5.5K vacation to the Loews New Orleans Hotel, giving her a new total of $11,450 in cash & trip.

SOLE DUD: O (Becky)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: EJ0736704 (Edna J.)

The final T-U category's Show Biz:

B _ _ _ S _ A _ E

T O U _

Becky takes too long.

B A C _ S _ A G E

T O U _

Jamie doesn't need the BACKSTAGE TOUR for him to quadruple up.

Some Food & Drink goes on the big board next. Jamie's opening letter is N for negative. Becky secondly says a $400 T but then a dud of R. Third for Gardenia are a $500 S, triple E's, a $500 B but then the Bankrupt next to where the WC formerly was to give back $750. Jamie's second turn leads off w/ the twin F's for eight Benjamins, two O's & a U, then following a $1,650 set of C's...

C _ O _ C E / C U T S

O F / B E E F

...he eats some CHOICE CUTS OF BEEF for $1,950 additional & $5,950 overall, so he's in second place.

DUDS: $350 N (Jamie), $400 R (Becky)

Next to be solved appears to be a Phrase. Becky duds out right away w/ a T. Gardenia gets the other Bankrupt, which means we move on to Jamie, who calls a $600 N & a $900 trio of G's & purchases an I & two E's before we finally go to Last Chance Mode...

G _ E _ _ I N G

G _ _ E

...& the remaining consonants have a value of $1,550 per appearance. He then calls the back-to-back S's on top...

G _ E S S I N G

G _ _ E

...& he's won this kind of a GUESSING GAME round to pocket another $3,700 & leave w/ $9,650. Becky has the $2,100 from the second maingame round & Gardenia wins by $1,800.

$23,200 in cash & flying has been won so far on the show this evening.

SOLE DUD (before final bell): $800 T (Becky)


Maxwell House Big Money Round #69: Given Gardenia's late two Bankrupts, I'm not sure her landed envelope from the first A in AMERICA'S has anything worth all that much. But we'll know what's in there whether she wins or loses on this Phrase, starting like this:

_ _ _ _ / T _

_ N _ _

She might have an idea by calling GDMO...

G O O D / T O

_ N O _

...it's GOOD TO KNOW she's $30K richer & we have our third BMR win in a row after an eight-episode drought! She finishes w/ $41,450 in cash & Hawaii and the Rebuilding Together bank's up to $182.5K; she didn't bring any friends or family, though.

J!: These contestants don't want Jason Keller to be the third-ever 10-time champion:

Dave Leach (Atlanta)- Software analyst
Jennifer Green (Paris, TN)- University librarian

Thursday's Openers:


After the first half has been completed, Jason's trailing Dave $2,600-$2K by the amount Jennifer has, $600. To wrap up this Jeopardy! Round, because of a Triple Stumper on the $800 Official British Royal Post, Jason misses out on the round-ending Daily Double that Dave gets instead; Dave's leading the champ $3,800-$3K, w/ Jennifer on both of their heels w/ $2,200. Dave wagers $2K:

Edmund Halley was the second this "Royal" from 1720-1742.

"What is a Royal Astronomer?"...he had the two words switched around, but that's acceptable to end the round w/ $5,800.

LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2,600

It's Double Jeopardy! Time on All of This:

THE THIRD-MOST POPULAR PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE (every clue reveals said person & each correct response's the name of the President who won)

$400 "D-O":

It precedes "tranquility' in The Preamble of The Constitution.

Jennifer: "What is domestic?"- CORRECT ($2,600)


A lump or blob of something, like whipped cream.

Dave: "What is a dollop?"- CORRECT ($6,600)

Middle clue:

It's a file of documents on a particular subject or person.

Jason: "What's a dossier?"- YES ($4,200)

First Opera Clue:

This title character's sent to fetch Isolde, his uncle King Mark's intended bride.

Jason: "Who was Trista?"- RIGHT ($4,600)


She's a slave to Amneris, an Egyptian princess.

Jennifer: "Who was Aida?"- RIGHT ($3,400)

$1,600 "D-O":

Small "coins" thrown from Mardi Gras floats.

Dave: "What are doubloons?"- RIGHT ($8,200)

Last "D-O":

This word for a wild brawl's from the name of a Dublin fair.

Dave: "What is donnybrook?"- RIGHT ($10,200)

$400 Scientist:

In 1727, this physicist became the first scientist buried in Westminster Abbey.

Jason: "Who was (Isaac) Newton?"- RIGHT ($5K)

$1,200 Opera Clue:

Alban Berg's 1937 opera's a real doozy, or a real this, the double-talk name of its title character.

TS #3: "Lulu"


Gingerbread figures turn back into boys & girls when the witch's spell's broken in this opera.

Jennifer: "What is 'Hansel & Gretel'?"- YES ($5K)

Final Opera Clue from Alex from the Metropolitan Opera:

The Mets' production "Enchanted Island" (which premieres on New Year's Day, BTW) is a version of "The Tempest" & the costume I'm wearing belongs to this magician who rules the island.

Dave: "Who is Prospero?"- RIGHT TO MOVE INTO LOCK GAME TERRITORY ($12,200)

$800 Scientists Clue from Sarah Whitcomb from Rio:

To switch on floodlights for Christ the Redeemer's dedication in 1931, this radio pioneer sent shortwave signals from Naples.

Jason: "Who was (Guglielmo) Marconi?"- CORRECT ($5,800)

Center clue:

Scientist & author Temple Grandin overcame this alienating condition, from the Greek for "self" or "same".

Jennifer: "What is autism?"- YES INDEED ($6,200)


In the 2nd Century, this Alexandrian astronomer catalogued 47 of the 88 constellations we know today.

Dave: "Who is Ptolemy?"- RIGHT ($13,800)


In 1986, Ernest Ruska received The Nobel Prize in Physics for his development of this type of microscope 53 years earlier.

Dave: "What is an electronmicroscope?"- RIGHT ($15,800)

First Daylight Come Answer:

A dawn event, or a Florida city of 84K.

Dave: "What is Sunrise?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($16,200)


"Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky", says a hymn for Lauds, also called morning this.

Jennifer: "What are prayers?"- YES THEY WERE ($7K)


Daylight comes & its time for this mix of martial arts & exercise whose name means "supreme ultimate fist".

Jennifer: "What is T'ai chi (ch'uan)?"- RIGHT ($8,200)


DD #1! For another $3K, here's her clue:

When in Rome, Eos, Goddess of Dawn, went by this name.

"What is Aurora?"...good for $11,200.


This author says the cells in the skin of some of her characters are "...reflective like crystal" & sparkle in daylight.

Dave: "Who is (Stephanie) Meyers?"- RIGHT ($18,200)

$400 Me Wanna Go Home Clue:

The "wine" is too warm in the Transylvanian Alps of this country & why do I have to carry garlic? Me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Romania?"- YUP ($6,200)

$2K (DD Hunting & High School Strategy Alerts):

If you can't stand the heat either, then let's caravan out of this fabled city at the center of Mali; me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Timbuktu?"- RIGHT ($8,200)


The seafood was great, the tequila too much in this "True Cross" city on the Gulf of Mexico (which is also named for a Hyundai car); me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Veracruz?"- RIGHT ($9,800)(ONE-MINUTE ALERT)


Got sunburned visiting the beach of this most populous Brazilian city; home, please!

Dave: "What is Rio de Janiero?"- INCORRECT ($17K)
Jason: "What is Sao Paulo?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($11K)

$2K Clue Under The Third-Most Popular Presidential Choice:

John B. Anderson

Dave: "Who was (Ronald) Reagan?"- RIGHT ($19K)

Last Me Wanna Come Home Answer for $800:

The Summers are nice in this capital of Manitoba-- that's when I should've come. Me wanna go home!

Jason: "What is Winnipeg?"- YES ($11,800)



Strom Thurmond

"Who is FDR?"...WAS NOT CORRECT. He was Harry Truman.


SOLE TS OF THE ROUND (unattempted): $1,200 (Opera)

Heading into the Final:

Jason: $8,800
Jennifer: $11,200
Dave: $19K


Jason: $11,800
Jennifer: $9,800
Dave: $18K

Jason's all but out of this.

FINAL JEOPARDY! CATEGORY: Contemporary American Writers.

Concluding a four-book series, his 2004 novel "Folly and Glory" features Kit Carson, William Clark & Jim Bowie.

Response: "Who is McMurty?"
Wager: $11,198
Final score: $2

Response: "Who is (James A.) Michener?"
Wager: $3,401
Final score: $15,599

Jason Keller's important response was "Who is (Jason) Grisham?" & he wagered $7K. So if he's right, he's the first 10-time champ since David Madden. Otherwise, he's leaving for the time being w/ $215,900 & Dave's won the crown...

...NO. Shoot. Correct: "Who was Larry McMurtry?" (I wonder if Jennifer meant James).

p!: The weather wasn't that good when this episode was shot.

Joshua Peterson (who's the fireman chief for the LSFD): '99 Honda Accord Sedan


1. More than 70% of police cruisers sold in the last five years have been Ford Crown Victorias.
Guess: TRUE- CORRECT ($25)(1/4)

2. For every human being on Earth, there are more than 1M ants.
Guess: TRUE- YES INDEED ($50)(1/2)

3. In '10, Americans aged 18-24 spent more hours online per month than those aged 45-54.
Guess: TRUE- WRONG (A: 39.3-32.2)

Final Question: According to the USDA, soda provides more added sugar to a two-year-old's diet than candy, cookies & ice cream combined.
Guess: TRUE- RIGHT ($75)(3/4)


1. W/ five titles, Jack Ingram has more championships than any other driver in what racing series- Sprint Cup, Nationwide, IRL or Trucks?
Guess: Trucks- WRONG (A: Nationwide)(1/2)

2. Which of the following states is NOT part of The Four Corners- New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona or Colorado?
Guess: Oklahoma- RIGHT ($125)(3/4)

3. Though the winningest team the last two seasons, what MLB team has racked up the most losses in history- Phillies, Cubs, Braves or Cardinals?
Guess: Phillies ($175)(FULL)

FQ: Eleven horses have won the Triple Crown of horse racing. Which of these horses didn't- Affirmed, Secretariat, Seabiscuit or Citation?
Guess: "Seabiscuit" ($275)- OVERFLOW

Squeegee Challenge Category: Race Car Driving

$200 (top-left corner): SHRUB
$100 (bottom-left corner): NOT KURT
$50 (top-right corner): KID- LIL'KRIS
$25: TOTAL PRO (A: Kyle Busch)

high octane:

1. The championship tournament of what college sport inspired the term March Madness?
Guess: Basketball ($375)

2. As of this year, who's the world's highest-paid athlete according to Forbes?
Guess: Alex Rodriguez- INCORRECT (A: Tiger Woods)

3. What popular ballpark snack was introduced at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair under the name "Candied popcorn & peanuts"?
Guess: Cracker Jacks ($475)

FQ: Who's the only racer to win the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 & the 24 Hours of Le Mans?
Guess: Jeff Gordon- NO WAY (A: A.J. Foyt)

BAILOUT (second ever to pass on the final query)

Jose Ragan & John Grassie: '02 Suzuki XL-7 4-Door

regular: They're right on the first & last statements.

plus: They nail the even-numbered questions to stay in this game.

S.C. Category #2: Athletes

$200 (top-left): WRESTLER- JOHN CENA
$100 (top-right): "ROCKY III"- HULK HOGAN ($250)

That's their final total.

Rafael Candelaria: '91 Accord Sedan

regular: He's up to a full tank of gas already.


1. What college topped The Princeton Review's list of the top American party schools for the '11-'12 school year- Arizona State University, University of Georgia, Ohio University or Florida State University?
Guess: Ohio- YES INDEED ($200)- OVERFLOW #2

2. At the end of "Thelma & Louise", the title characters are seen driving a Thunderbird into what national monument- Devils Tower, Mount St. Helens, Mariana Trench or Grand Canyon?
Guess: Mt. St. Helens- NO (A: Grand Canyon)(3/4)

3. Andy Roddick's married to which top "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" model- Marisa Miller, Brooklyn Decker, Kate Upton or Irina Shayk?
Guess: Irina- WRONG (A: Brooklyn)(1/2)

FQ: What NFL team has won the most Super Bowls- Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers or Patriots?
Guess: Cowboys- WRONG AGAIN (A: Steelers)(1/4)

search warrant Le Mans Edition #2: Greg's looking for the name of a race track.

$200: MILK
$50: OPEN WHEEL- TIME OVER (A: Indianapolis Motor Speedway)


1. What steak sauce got its name because King George VI thought it was top-class?
Guess: A-1- RIGHT ($300)(1/2)

2. What term refers to a car that's been customized to sit closer to the ground?
Guess: Lowrider- RIGHT ($400)

3. Found on bottles of sunscreen, what does the abbreviation SPF stand for?
Guess: Sun prick- NO WAY (A: Sun Protection Factor)

FQ: What mission was the site of a famous 13-day siege during the Texas Revolution?
Guess: The Alamo- HE REMEMBERED IT ($500)

top-off challenge: Which of the following is NOT a way to say "goodbye" in a foreign language- "Ciao", "Konnichiwa" or "Auf Wiedersehen"?
Final Answer: "Auf Wiedersehen" (A: "Konnichiwa")($275)

Episode ratings:

7: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "pumped!"

"Wheel"/"Jeopardy!" 12/28

WoF: What comes up first in the Toss-Up department? Why, it's a Person:

B _ _

S P _ N _ E R

Lou's a BIG SPENDER according to this solve; BTW, he's wearing a Santa Claus-like beard! Let's get to know him & his opposition more:

Lou Pell (Bellevue, NE)- A civilian computer operator in the U.S. Air Force & former 26-year-member married to Mary for a quarter of a century (he retired in '08)
Mallory Jilot (De Pere, WI)- An insurance agent married to Steve & has two funny dogs
Abby Arumbulo (L.A.)- An occupational therapist married to Jay & expecting their first child; her signature accessory category's big purses

The $2K T-U theme's Around the House:

_ A N D _ _ A P E

P A I N _ _ _ G

Lou picks up another two thou from a LANDSCAPE PAINTING.

Wednesday night's featured trip's to The Brazilian Court Hotel & Beach Club in Palm Beach, FL worth $5K & the category of the NatuRelief Jackpot Round board's Fun & Games. First, he calls a $2.5K T, buys four E's but then Bankrupts next to said top dollar wedge to lose the remaining $2,250. Second, Mallory calls out $1K worth of two H's but then loses her turn by buying a dud vowel of O. Third, Abby hits the Million Dollar Wedge's left-side Bankrupt, so Lou regains control & next gets the GourmetGiftBaskets.com gift tag w/ an R but then calls a dud in S while on the blue 1/2 KIA. Mallory next calls for the $600 D at the end of the third word & buys an A for both the first & third lines before Free Playing an I to finish off the vowels & getting up there an $800 L & an N for the Florida retreat. After she duds out w/ an M call, Abby takes the two G's for $1K, a $900 F & two C's for another $300 apiece before Bankrupting next to $2.5K; that will cost her exactly that amount this time. Lou follows suit w/ a $500 W...

W A _ I N G / T H E

C H E C _ E R E D


...& he keeps it & the gift certificate by WAVING THE CHECKERED FLAG, meaning he's at the $4.5K mark.

DUDS: $300 M (Mallory), O (Mallory), $500 S (Lou)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Abby, Lou)

(Note: The holiday shout-out of the night comes from the production staff.)

This Quotation's the solution of tonight's Prize Puzzle Round. Mallory starts off w/ an instant dud of T. Second, Abby asks for two N's for $800, two D's to make that $2K, half a dozen A's & three O's, followed by a $450 R, a $300 S, an M for the Wild Card, an E, a $1,350 trio of K's but then the only negative vowel on the board (I) is bought by here. Lou's subsequently sees...

A _ _ / _ O R K

A N D / N O / _ _ A _

M A K E S / _ A _ K

A / D _ _ _ / _ O _

...& says "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY" exactly right for the secret trip to the Sooke Harbour House in Vancouver, BC valued at $7,700, so his maingame haul's up to $12,200 in cash & stuff.

DUDS: I (Abby), $500 T (Mallory)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RS9627782 (Randall S.)

(Note: We have another shout-out from the camera/audio crew.)

Abby's had two late round fails in a row, but maybe she can break the ice in the Mystery/Before & After Round. She Bankrupts on the MDW's left side for the second time this episode, so there goes the WC; that's her third Bankrupt overall. Lou secondly lights up three S's for nine bills, a couple O's, a $1,200 set of N's, a pair of I's at the top, the $400 G at the end of the opening word, a $1,650 trio of T's & an $1,100 L before he tries to hopefully solve what's up there...

S I T T I N G / O N

S _ N T _ ' S

L _ _

O _ / L _ _ _ _ _

...after we've been SITTING ON SANTA'S LAP OF LUXURY, he's $4,750 happier & is $50 shy of $17K in winnings to this point.


Wheel Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: greatBIGcanvas hand-crafted wall art for $45 instead of $127; use the SonyCard & two bucks more are taken off

It's Rhyme Time on the $3K T-U:

N _ C E

_ R I _ E

Mallory is right in saying $3K's a NICE PRICE.

There's a Phrase in the Last Chance Round w/ the consonant value determined to be...$1.5K per appearance. After two H's from Lou...

T H _ / _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

T H _ / _ _ _ _

...he may be about to face THE PRICE OF FAME for being way off the mark there. But he gets another shot after confidently calling the two C's...

T H _ / C R _ _ M / _ _

T H _ / C R _ _

...& he proves he's THE CREAM OF THE CROP as far as this night's concerned w/ $22,950 in cash & prizes! Mallory has the $3K in TU cash & Abby has the $1K consolation.

That makes tonight's maingame total $26,950.

DUDS: G (Abby), L (Mallory), N (Mallory), S (Lou)
SOLE DQ OF THE MATCH: Lou (missolve)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $4,750

Maxwell House Big Money Round #68: Lou lifts the envelope from the single-star position & he's got half the letters in this Thing to begin already:

_ _ S

T _ _ E N

He calls BKMO no sweat...

B _ S


...& gathers a BUS TOKEN redeemable for...

...$45K in Christmas cash! He's riding out w/ $67,950 in cash & stuff & the Rebuilding Together bank's reached $180K!

J!: The next challengers on Jason Keller's hit list are:

Lesley Tsina (L.A.)- Comedy writer
Patrick Rostock (Ft. Lauderdale)- Fulfillment manager

First Subject Menu of the Night:


Jason ends the first tried category of "New" U.S. Cities w/ the Daily Double & $1,200; he has a $400 lead over Lesley. He's going for the $2,400 doubler on this clue:

Somewhat ironically, this Connecticut city was attacked, captured & burned by the British in 1781.

"What is New London?"...right! Fittingly, he leads off Double Double Letters & halfway in the round, he's still in Lock Game Territory w/ $4,800; Lesley has 1/4 that figure & Patrick exactly has $1K to the good so far.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,800

After One Round of Play:

Jason: $3,800 (I think this is the first time he's starting Double Jeopardy!)
Patrick: $7,400
Lesley: $4,200

DJ! Board:

THIS...IS...HEGEMONY! (Johnny announces the title!)

$400 Orange You Hungry?:

If you separate out these rhyming candies, you'll get about half orange ones, 1/4 brown & 1/4 yellow.

Jason: "What are Reese's Pieces?"- CORRECT ($4,200)


A Kraft favorite debuted in 1937 containing this food in orange powder form.

Jason: "What is cheese?"- RIGHT ($5K)


Orange chicken's the most popular item at this restaurant founded by Andrew Cherng.

Jason: "What is PF Chang's?"- NO! ($3,800)



The country tune "Song of the South" mentions pie made from this tuber.

Patrick: "What is sweet potato?"- RIGHT TO GO INTO LGT, AT LEAST FOR NOW ($9K)


In Yiddish, tsorres (trouble) shouldn't be confused w/ Tsimmes, a stew containing mern, these veggies.

Jason: "What are carrots?"- YES ($5,800)

$400 Host W/ the Most:

Ted Koppel, 1980-2005

Jason: "What is 'Nightline'?"- YOU BET ($6,200)


Peter Marshall, 1966-1982

Jason: "What is '(The) Hollywood Squares'?"- ABSOLUTELY ($7K)

Middle clue:

Chris Harrison, 2002-Present

TS #2: "The Bachelor/The Bachlorette"


Jim McKay, 1961-1998

Jason: "What is 'ABC's Wide World of Sports'?"- RIGHT ($8,600)

Closing that up:

Ed McMahon, 1983-1995

Lesley: "What is 'TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes'?"- WRONG ($2,200)
Patrick: "What is 'Star Search'?"- OF COURSE ($11K)

$400 Hegemony Answer:

Around 274 B.C., this republic, which later went full-blown empire, gained dominance over Italy w/ the defeat of Pyrrhus.

Lesley: "What is the Roman Empire?"- CORRECT ($2,600)


After the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, the Serbs fell under the hegemony of this empire of Nomadic Turks.

Patrick: "Who are The Ottomans?"- RIGHT ($11,800)


In 386 B.C., Persia ratified this city-state's hegemony, about 100 years too late for Leonidas & his 300.

Jason: "What is Sparta?"- RIGHT ($9,800)

First Center of Power:

The Kingston Fossil Power Plant in Tennessee burns 14K tons of this a day.

Patrick: "What is coal?"- CORRECT ($12,200)


The Belwind Offshort Wind Farm, Bel for Belgium, is in this sea.

Jason: "What is The North Sea?"- RIGHT ($10,600)

Center Square:

The Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center has over 90K solar these-- aiieee! Turn it away! I'm going blind!

Jason: "What are panels?"- RIGHT ($11,800)


(VIDEO) DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY DOUBLE #1! An extra $5K & first place are both on the line for this champion on this clue read by Alex while he was in Niagara Falls:

The huge hydroelectric potential of the Falls led to a war of inventors; it was only settled when Westinghouse was given the right to build the A/C generators that were designed & patented by this man.

"Who is (Nikola) Tesla?"...also named after an expensive car company, he was RIGHT to send Jason in front w/ $16,800!


One of the worst nuclear accidents in history took place earlier this year at this Japanese plant #1.

Patrick: "What is Yokoshima?"- YES ($14,200)

$1,600 Hegemony Clue:

In October 1919, he reorganized his political party, the Kuomintang, & was Communism's rival for power in China.

Jason: "Who is Chiang Kai-shek?"- NO ($15,200)

TS #3: Sun Yat-sen

Closing Out That End of the Board:

In the first half of the third millennium B.C., this two-letter city established its hegemony over the rest of Sumer.

Jason: "What is Ur?"- YES ($17,200)

First Six-Syllable Word:

Adjective for school activities that aren't class.

Patrick: "What is extracurricular?"- RIGHT ($14,600)


It's a noun meaning anything that CAN'T happen.

Jason: "What is impossibility?"- RIGHT ($18K)

Middle Answer:

Heidegger espoused this philosophy that stresses individual choice.

Lesley: "What is...individualism?"- NO ($1,400)

TS #4: Existentialism


To have an insufficient amount of start-up cash for a business enterprise.

TS #5: Undercapitalize

Final Six-Syllable Word:

When a man sees a woman only as a thing serving his needs, not as a person- that's this process.

Patrick: "What is objectification?"- RIGHT ($16,600)(ONE-MINUTE ALERT)

$400 Author Not Writing:

In 1848, the year he turned 13, he became a printer's apprentice for Joseph Ament's Missouri Courier.

Jason: "Who is (Mark) Twain?"- YES ($18,400)

$2K (DD Hunting & High School Strategy Alerts):

In 1824, his dad was thrown into debtor's prison; he was withdrawn from school & forced to work in a factory.

Patrick: "Who is (Charles) Dickens?"- RIGHT FOR A $200 LEAD ($18,600)



In WWII, he flew 60 combat missions as a bombardier w/ the U.S. Army Air Forces in Europe.

"Who is Joseph Heller?"...$21,600!


She taught at Howard University before writing "Song of Solomon".

Lesley: "Who is Toni Morrison?"- RIGHT ($2,600)



Heading Into a Tense Final Jeopardy!:

Jason: $18,400
Patrick: $21,600
Lesley: $2,600


Jason: $14,800
Patrick: $20,200
Lesley: $2,600

FJ! CATEGORY: Business History.

Crosby, Sinatra & Hope starred in the Oct. 13, 1957 CBS-TV special that launched this short-lived product.

Response: "What is the Edsel"
Wager: $2,598
Final score: $5,198

Jason Keller's way off the mark w/ "What is...Toronto", which is just his second FJ! miss on the program...but it only costs him $6,600, so he's still alive w/ $11,800. Patrick Rostock...


Both shows get an 8 out of 10 tonight.

"Wheel"/"Jeopardy!" 12/27

WoF: Apparently, Best of the Best Week's NOT about Pat Sajak's 30th year of hosting this show, but rather about the best trip locations in the world (at least in this program's opinion). The first Toss-Up category's Thing:

_ _ U E

_ _ B B _ N

Audrey gets a $1K BLUE RIBBON for solving this puzzle. Let's greet them now:

Audrey Hamlin (Madison, NC)- A coupon clipper who's the coach of her son Clayton's soccer team & is married to Steve
Lisa Ward (Olive Branch, MS)- A choir leader at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Hernando who's married to David & has four children; she's also a senior manager at a multinational consulting technology networking company & is also learning to play both the flute & the guitar
George Barsoum (Miami, FL; originally from Nanuet, NY)- A medical student who lived in The Caribbean for two years to attend school there; he's also an aspiring screenwriter w/ his brother

For the second episode in a row, the $2K T-U topic's On the Map:

_ _ _ _ D I _ _ V _ A

Audrey solves SCANDINAVIA and now has $3K.

Tonight's showcased trip is to the Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul, Turkey worth $12,770 & the Tuesday/Thursday gift tag's courtesy of BerryFactory.com. The NatuRelief Jackpot Round category's Phrase & Audrey's first consonant call is three T's for $1,650, immediately followed by an E, a $600 N, two O's, three I's to clean out the vowels, a $2.5K S, a couple G's for another thousand bucks & the blue 1/2 KIA & a $450 L, then we have...

_ O _ T _ / I T S

_ E I G _ T / I N

G O L _

...this solve's WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD for her to the tune of another $5,450 in cash & $8,450 total.


(Note: The art department provides the holiday shout-out of the night.)

A Landmark's fittingly part of the Prize Puzzle Round for this match. First, Lisa calls three N's for the Million Dollar Wedge (& the audience does a good reaction when the wheel lands on it) & two L's for the same 1/2 KIA & $1K, purchases six A's but then runs into the Lose a Turn. Second, George gets a $300 T, three O's, a $300 S, an E, the $550 H at the beginning, a $300 W & a $450 R before we take a look at...

H A W A _ _

_ O L _ A N O E S

N A T _ O N A L

_ A R _

...he banks his first $1,400 & the chance to visit the HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK during his holiday to the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa worth $6,090, making this a $7,490 round for him; he also starts the next puzzle.

SOLE LaT: Lisa

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DT2560508 (Dennis T.)

The identity of the Mystery Round puzzle's a Person. First up for him are five T's for the other 1/2 KIA & $2.5K (this may be the first time everybody's landed on at least one of those plates), an $800 H, trip E's, quadruple O's, quintuple R's for $1.5K extra, a pair of A's & the same number of S's to add $1,800. Here's the board...

_ _ T E R _ O R

_ E _ O R A T O R

T O / T H E / S T A R S

...while he ain't the INTERIOR DECORATOR TO THE STARS, he's the new leader w/ $13,340 in cash & Hawaii.


We're now desiring the Proper Name of someone:

M _ _ _ L

_ _ _ _ E P

Audrey certainly knows MERYL STREEP to also break five-figure territory w/ $11,450 & sweep the T-Us.

It's time to go In the Kitchen for the next round. First are a $500 N but then the Bankrupt next to where the Wild Card formerly was. Lisa secondly calls for a T, but it's a dud. Third, George Free Plays an A but then bobbles the T. Returning to Audrey, she lights a $600 L & the $5K R at the end, buys the remainder of the vowel department (four E's & singletons of I, O & U) & calls a possibly crucial dud of W. After Lisa gets the starting $300 S, a $1,600 duo of F's, a $600 C pairing & a $5K M...

S I N _ L E - C U _

C O F F E E M A _ E R

...she says SINGLE-CUP COFFEEMAKER to finally get off the zero mark w/ $7.5K.

DUDS: $350 T (Lisa) & $500 W (Audrey)
SOLE DQ: George (T repeat on a green $300 wedge)

The question What Are You Doing? is asked for the Last Chance Round w/ $1.5K as the consonant value; anybody can now win. After a B call...

_ L _ D _ N G / D _ _ N

T _ _ / B _ N _ _ T _ _

...Audrey's SLIDING DOWN THE BANISTER w/ an extra $3K to Bonusland w/ $14,450! Lisa missed out on doubling her money in this round & George doesn't add $4.5K to his final score, but he still leaves w/ $13,340 in cash & vacation.

$35,290 worth of cash & trip has been sent out the door thus far.


Maxwell House Big Money Round #67: Audrey sounds like a player that can break our current endgame losing streak at eight episodes. She spins the A in GAME & hit us w/ some letters on another Phrase:

_ _ E R _ _ E

_ E _ _ _ T

DMHI gives her...

_ _ E R _ _ E

H E I _ H T

...her AVERAGE HEIGHT will go up once Pat shows her she's won $35K, so her final all-cash sum's $49,450; the Rebuilding Together bank's now at $177.5K!


J!: Jason Keller's championship reign wants to be frozen by:

Andrew Robinson (Washington, D.C.)- A graduate student of International Science & Technology Policy who previously met Alex while he was the Grand Marshal of the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade (Andrew was a volunteer at that time)
Bill Moreau (Woodbridge, Ontario)- Elementary school teacher

The categories that Kevin puts up to get the panel going this evening:

TIPS ON NETWORKING (each correct response's a TV network)

Bill's the one in Lock Game Territory at the halftime point tonight w/ $4K; Jason's sitting on $1,400 & Andrew has 1/10 the current leader's total. Immediately after the interviews, Andrew goes Daily Double Hunting on the $800 Lesser-Known American...but Bill grabs it from the end of Decades of Disaster w/ $4,800, double Jason's new score; Andrew's currently on $1,800. He risks $2K of his $2,400 lead on this:

The USS Maine goes down, killing 260.

"What are the 1920s?"...are incorrect. The right decade was actually the 1890s & he finishes at $3,400 to round out the Jeopardy! Round; Andrew's starting the next round of play w/ $2,400 & Jason's in LGT once again at $6,400.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1K (Talking Italian)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Lesser-Known Americans)

Up For Grabs in Double Jeopardy! (after a reverse ruling on Bill's incorrect response on the $400 Talking Italian clue, which was a TS at the time):

WAITING FOR THE HAIRDRESSER (this is a beauty-themed board)

$1,600 "W" (DDH Alert #2):

This four-letter term for a ridge on the skin resulting from a blow also begins the name of a boxing weight division.

Bill: "What is a welt?"- YOU BET ($5K)


It's a man who has lost his wife by death & has NOT been remarried.

Bill: "What is a widower?"- RIGHT ($5,400)


An exploratory gas or oil well, or a nickname for a student from the University of Arizona.

Andrew: "What is a Wildcat?"- CORRECT ($3,200)

$1,600 Red Book:

This psychologist was Unafreud to confront his own demons in "The Red Book", written between 1914-1930 & published in 2009.

Andrew: "Who is (Carl) Young?"- RIGHT ($4,800)

Middle A Lure Clue:

Rapala lures are made to mimic wounded fish; in 2003, Phillipe Marn used one to land a record 385-pound Yellowfin this.

Jason: "What is Tuna?"- YES ($7,600)

Center "W":

In a Coors Light ad, the guy w/ this "avian" nickname tried to help his amorous buddy "live the dream".

Jason: "What's a wingman?"- YES INDEED ($8,800)


High-quality wood's used in this kind of paneling, whose name's German for "wagon".

Jason: "What is Wainscoting?"- RIGHT ($10,800)

First Elle Answer:

Marion Cotillard played Leonardo DiCaprio's dreamy wife Mal in this 2010 film.

Andrew: "What is 'Inception'?"- RIGHT ($5,200)

$2K Cosmopolitan Clue:

DD #1! Andrew's betting the lot on this:

This city in The Crimea is a health resort w/ many sanatoriums, including one suggested by Chekhov in 1899.

"What is...Odessa?"...NO. Correct: "What is Yalta?".

$1,600 (High School Strategy Alert):

The Postal Museum in Vaduz, this principality's capital, is a must-visit for stamp collectors.

Jason: "What is Lichtenstein?"- RIGHT TO GO BACK INTO LGT ($12,400)


India's financial capital, this West Coast city consists of several islands that have become one land mass via reclamation.

Bill: "What is Mumbai?"- YES ($6,600)


Sudan University of College & Technology, including The Institute of Laser, is in this capital.

Andrew: "What is Kartun?"- CORRECT ($800)

$1,600 A Lure Clue from Sarah Whitcomb:

When you wrap a fish hook w/ feathers & thread, it's called tying one of these lightweight lures that mimic insects.

Andrew: "What is a jig?"- OOPS (-$800)
Jason: "What are flies?"- RIGHT TO GET BACK TO LGT ($14K)

Last Remaining Cosmopolitan Clue For $400:

This Spanish city on The Mediterranean was known in antiquity as Barcino.

Andrew: "What is Barcelona?"- RIGHT (-$400)

Middle Red Book Spot:

This Stendahl novel title was inspired by the colors worn by the Catholic clergy & the French military.

Andrew: "What is 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'?"- WRONG (-$1,600)
Jason: "What is 'The Red and the Black'?"- RIGHT ($15,200)


The title of this Dr. Seuss work's illustrated on its cover.

Jason: "What is 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish'?"- RIGHT ($15,600)


OTHER DD! To add $3K to his sizable lead:

In "The Veteran", a sequel to this 1895 novel, Henry Fleming tells us Chancellorsville was where he was wounded.

He has the right to be confident in responding w/ "What is 'The Red Badge of Courage'?" to rise to $18,600!

$400 Clue under Waiting For the Hairdresser:

I might ask for "Just a..." this, a simple shortening & tidying up around the edges.

Bill: "What is a trim?"- CORRECT ($7K)


I'll get my hair straightened w/ the Brazilian this; it's also what happened to my favorite football team, 35-0.

Bill: "What is wax?"- NO WAY ($6,200)



I hope things are OK here; I think I see this woman in the back filming for the Bravo show about her "Salon Takeover".

Jason: "Who is Tabatha (Coffey)?"- OF COURSE ($19,800)

$400 A Lure:

Cock-a-doodle-doo! In the 1950s, Howard Worden developed a classic fishing lure called this animal's tail.

Jason: "What's a rooster?"- RIGHT ($20,200)


The million-dollar lure's made up of three lbs. of gold & platinum & 100 karats of diamonds & these red gems.

Andrew: "What are rubies?"- YES (-$800)(ONE MINUTE ALERT)


Mepps makes its special "Killer" lure to catch this large member of the Pike family, NOT Hubert Humphrey's running mate.

Jason: "What is an Estes Pike?"- NO ($18,200)

TS #2: Muskie

$2K Elle Monitor:

She starred w/ Ethan Hawke in "Before Sunrise"; she & Ethan Hawke not only starred in the sequel, but also co-wrote it.

Andrew: "Who is Julie Delpy?"- RIGHT ($1,200)

$2K Red Book Answer:

Made into a '98 film, this James Jones novel fictionalizes the "narrow"ly won battle for Guadalcanal.

Andrew: "What is 'The Thin Red Line'?"- RIGHT ($3,200)


DJ! LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2,800

Totals After DJ!:

Jason: $18,200 (LG!!!)
Bill: $6,200
Andrew: $3,200


Jason: $16K
Bill: $8,200
Andrew: $8,400

FINAL JEOPARDY! TOPIC: Presidential Inaugurations.

His second inauguration marked the first time that women officially participated in the inaugural parade.

Response: "Who is Calvin Coolidge?"
Wager: $3,198
Final score: $2

Response: "Who is F.D.R.?"
Wager: $6,199
Final score: BUCK (he leaves w/ $1K)

Response: "Who was (Woodrow) Wilson?"




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