"The Voice" 4/30- SEMI-FINALS

1. Tony (Adam): "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy (currently best known for being the theme song to the MLB Network show "Intentional Talk")
2. Erin (Blake): "Without You" by David Guetta featuring Usher
3. Chris (Christina): "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert
4. Jamar (Cee-Lo): "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
5. Jermaine (B): "Open Arms" by Journey
6. Katrina (A): "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Roberta Flack
7. Lindsey (C): "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver
8. Juliet (C-L): "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown

Non-Competition Performances:
Teams Adam & Cee-Lo: "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers
Blake: "Over"
The Other Two Teams: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady GaGa


This, I believe, is the first time at least the finale announcements have been revealed in front of a live (well, almost) studio audience. Charo also appears!

It was revealed that William was disqualified because she lied to her 6'6" husband that she was part of a horror movie (because William knew spoiling the secret about this program, like "True Beauty", isn't allowed) & that the hubby made frequent visits at their hotel room to deliver William's drag queen clothes. Before the reasons for the rules violation (s) got revealed, RuPaul & the audience repeatedly yelled "What did William do?". IMO, nothing personal to anybody, but that was unnecessary &/or intrusive.

Let's get to what everybody's really here for- the winner of the grand prize package, which includes their biggest cash jackpot to date of $100K, is...

Phi Phi


Ritchie OUT of "Duets"

Lionel Ritchie will NOT be a part of ABC's "Duets"; he has been replaced by John Legend.

Source: The Futon Critic

Important note about a previous post/apology

I have been forced to take down the "One Man Army" recap from August 10th at the request of contestant Ricoh Danielson because of unacceptable remarks regarding him by yours truly & my frequent followers about his gameplay.

W/ that, Ricoh, I want to sincerely apologize for the outburst & would like to wish you well & hope you stay safe during the rest of your life. I hope this will resolve the problems between the two of us.

-Bobby McBride

4/30/2012 Results

LMaD: The Head-to-Head for a Car Game again starts off yet another week of dealing.

Curtain Choices:
Valerie (dressed as the donkey ZONK dentist): #2
Amy: #3

OFFERS: $800, $1,100, $1,700 & $2K- THAT'S ENOUGH FOR VALERIE

#3 (Daughter Amy, whose late mom got ZONKED about 40 years ago)- Honda Fit MT (#2: Really old & broken Buick Roadmaster)


This is the One-Roll Dice Deal.

Vickie's $100 Round (grandma w/ hair rollers): CURTAIN #1- Home office ($3,701; she needs that because she just got a new job)(6/2 = $800)
Rhonda's $200 Round (Halloween; she & grandma are fans of this show): SILVER ENVELOPE- Arctic innertube cruise ($100)(2/5 = $1,400)
Jordan's $300 Round (male SCUBA diver): SMALL BOX (Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2)- Five-night trip to the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico ($7,322)(6/2 = $2,400)

Donna's Fast Deal Decision (cat): $100 bankroll- $4,100
CURTAIN #2 (Game)- Game room ($2,008)
SB (Set)- Dining room ($3,197)

Robert's "LMaD News" FD Decision (cowboy): CURTAIN #3 ($1K)- Pair of FLYScooter 150s ($6,978)


Megan (who has a big dark green leaf design on her white dress) & Margaret (dressed as a fireman) are going to make the Peanut Gallery clap during the appropriate music, because it's time for the Auction Deal.

RB: Margaret ($450 left)- Laura's Jewelry opal & diamond gold cocktail ring ($1.5K)
GB: Megan ($450 left)- Hoist home gym ($2,280)
BB: Margaret ($250 left)- Android smartphone w/ one-year plan ($2,040)

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #1): NEITHER (Megan wanted a car, but she wants to go to Vegas)- Cactus furniture set


Denyse (a college graduate dressed as a grocery bag w/ an egg carton on top of her head) goes to that Find the Face card table.

Three-Card Tiffany Prize (SB): Nikon digital camera w/ Adobe Lightroom Photoshop 3 ($1,799)

#1: $500

Four-Card Jonathan Prize (BB): Six-night trip to Charlotte, NC ($6,526)

#1: $750 ($1,250)($1K: #2)

FIVE-CARD WAYNE CAR (CURTAIN #2): 2012 Toyota Tacoma MT

#4: WINS $500
#5: $2K

Amanda's FD Decision: CURTAIN #1 (which has something we've already seen)- Cactus furniture (SE: VIP photo shoot)($2,255)

THE BIG DEAL: Believe it or not, AMY'S GOING FOR IT because she knows she won't get ZONKED. Out of a choice between DOORS #1 & #2, she picks #1. #2 had a small kitchen worth...$6,209. Behind #3 was...THE BD- trips to Curacao ($6,244) & Ireland ($11,840) w/ $4K spending money (that was revealed last on-air). Which means before she possibly makes a deal w/ Jordan to join him on his P.R. vacation, she'll have to settle for that cheaper-than-you-think Sunlighten sauna.

Furthermore, for the first time that I know of on this version of the show, one trader was deemed INELIGIBLE & has been stripped of his/her winnings.


FF: After this episode, we've got 20 that we haven't seen yet this season.

TODAY'S GAME: Abrahamses (whose one-day cash winnings total $625) vs. Pippins (Nashville)

R1: According to 100 men, name something you look for in a car that you might also look for in a woman. Starting with:

#2: Soft, comfy interior (10)(Tony)


SHOCKING DUD- Smell (Steve)

Abrahamses (I think Tony called the host Steven):
Chris: The ride- X
Tisha: Endurance- XX
Martina (who's a college graduate): Not a lot of mileage- #5 (4)
Toya: Beautiful/nice body- #1 (64)
Tony: Good sound- XXX

Steve Steal (for 78): Low maintenance- #4 (5)

#3: Fast/speed (6)
#6: Fun (3)

Video Bonus: This Round in its Entirety

R2: According to 100 married women, name a reason your husband couldn't get hired as an exotic dancer. At least one reason on the way:

#1: Out of shape/overweight/belly (51)(Chris)


Tisha: Ugly facial features- X
Martina: Can't dance- #2 (25)
Toya: Private parts aren't big enough- XX
Tony: Smelly/funky- XXX

Steve Steal #2 (for another 76): Too old- T3 (6)(154)

T3: Too shy (6)
BOTTOM ANSWERS: Stiff/arthritis, too skinny & he belongs to me (2 each)

Double: Name something that could be hard to swallow. I think I know at least one of the following:

#1: Pill/medicine (30)(Jeff)


Lindsay: The truth- #2 (10)
Steve Jr.: Bad news- BA (4)
Steve (a veteran country music writer/producer): Pride- BA (4)
Leslie (who's married to Steve for 32 years): Burnt/chewy meat- BA (4)
Jeff: Liquid that's too hot- X
Lindsay: Onions- XX
Steve Jr.: Too much cold ice cream- XXX

Tony Steal (for 104): Rejection- NOT IT (Pippins: 258)(#3: Gum/candy)(10)

Triple: Name something you associate w/ a kangaroo. Can you guess what the top answer to this survey is?:

#1: Pouch (61)(Martina)
#2: Hopping/jumping (19)(Lindsay)

Toya: Baby kangaroo/Joey- X
Tony: Australia- #3 (8)
Chris: Big feet- XX
Tisha: "Captain Kangaroo"- XXX

Steve Steal to Win Title: Tail- GAME NOT OVER (Abrahamses: 264)(#4: Boxing)(4)

SUDDEN DEATH: Name a holiday that, for men, is all about football.
Steve Jr.: Thanksgiving- WIN (69)


1. Name something that frustrates you so much you toss it out the window.
2. At what age does a person stop growing?
3. Besides clams, name something you use to make clam chowder.
4. Name an animal you see on a safari.
5. Name a day when a person wakes up excited.

2. 30- 4
3. Cream- 12
4. Lion- 32
5. Saturday- 15

Steve Jr.:
1. Drink
2. 18- 27
3. Cheese- DUD
4. Elephant- 18
5. Birthday- 14
TOTAL- 122 ($610)

1. Phone
3. Potatoes
5. Christmas


Nate & Kate
Thor & Erin (who once dressed as zombies)
Marcus & Priscilla (who each have had four kids even just before they got married)

1. If your wife was able to classify one thing about herself as top secret, would she choose her weight, IQ or the kinkiest thing she's ever done?
2. "If I had to pick one negative thing about my wife's family, it would be they're a little too _______________."
3. If your wife did a shoot w/ Playboy, which of her body parts would need the most airbrushing?

1. Weight- KINKIEST (to be specific, the two making it out on a city hotel's public roof deck) 
2. Rural- FED
3. Legs- LEGS (she compares hers to Mega Man's)(5)

1. Kinkiest- KINKIEST (parked car in public)(5)
2. Crazy- CRAZY (10)
3. Arms- ARMS (15)

1. Weight- KINKIEST (going outside every time it rains)
2. Dysfunctional- OVER THE TOP
3. Breasts- FEET

SECOND HONEYMOON: Marriott San Juan Resort & Stellaris Casino

1. When your husband's "pen" runs dry, does he communicate more powerfully by using hand gestures or by speaking in tongues?
2. "My husband is ready to nominate himself for 'Sexiest Man Alive' because he thinks he looks like ________________."
3. What's the one topic you guys argue about that makes you think "'Til death do us part seems a little far away"?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "You wanna see a couple of fish in water? Put my husband in a _________ & put me in a _________."

1. Tongues- YES (15)
2. Shrek- SHREK (25)
BONUS: Club & movie trivia game- DANCE CONTEST & POLITICAL DEBATE (40)

1. Gestures- YES (25)
2. Harrison Ford- HARRISON FORD (35)
3. Him being more quiet- THE BILLS
BONUS: Sporting event (both)

1. Tongues- YES (10)
2. Morris Chestnut- MORRIS CHESTNUT (20)
3. Picking up behind themselves- HIM NOT EMPTYING THE WATER IN THEIR MOP
BONUS: Six-hour trip & sport- SPEEDO & FRENCH MAID OUTFIT (Fake Zerg Cam Alert)

Consolation Prize: sodastream

Episode #2:
Matthew & Inese (he's from California, while she's from Lafayette, LA)
Korey & Laquita (who are said to look like brother & sister)
John & Liz (in the given picture, she used one of those fake guns w/ the "Bang" sign inside while dressed as a devil; he was dressed as an angel)

1. What does your wife work out the hardest- her arms, abs, legs or you?
2. "Sometimes I feel like an overworked bartender when I have to listen to my wife yammer on about ___________________."
3. What's the last movie you watched w/ your wife that made you a little bit misty-eyed?

1. Him- HIM (5)
2. Her nothing having enough clothes- ASKING FOR MORE MASSAGES
3. "Silence of the Lambs"- "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" (10)

1. Him- HIM (5)
2. Me being more romantic- HER FAMILY
3. "Fahrenheit 9/11"- "WHY DID I GET MARRIED?"

1. Him- HIM (5)
2. Those reality shows- TAKING THE F.E. TEST
3. "The Fountain"- "CLICK"

SH #2: Almond Casuarina Beach

1. "If my husband played in a sports league & the number on his jersey represented the true sides of his manhood, he would wear #__."
2. In comedy, timing's everything, so what's the worst time to joke around w/ your husband?
3. When it comes to sexting, would you say you're more likely to do it, your husband's more likely to do it or neither of you have the type of cell service?
30-POINT BQ: "When we were first getting to know each other, I thought my husband's ____________ would be a dealbreaker, but then his _____________ sealed the deal for life."

1. 10- 100
3. Him- HIM (30)
BONUS: Hair & abs- HAIR & SMILE (45)

1. 42- 7
2. Playing football- WHENEVER HE'S MAD
3. Herself- HIM
BONUS: Eyes & personality- PEZ (DISPENSER) & CHARMING (20)

1. 7- 8
2. Whenever they have a fight- PLAYING VIDEO GAMES
3. Neither- NEITHER (15)

CP: Beyond the Rack

WoF: The first week we're going to see from the Portland, OR road trip's Going Green Week (this was actually the third of the four weeks taped from the Oregon Convention Center). For at least this week, we hear the regular John Hoke intro cue as the opening logos come into focus just before we listen to the Portland montage intro music. And yes, Jimmy was at the tapings!

$1K T-U: Thing

_ _ L _ R

E _ E _ G Y

Manny solves SOLAR ENERGY. Here's tonight's panel:

Manny Guendalay (Eugene, OR)- A newly-appointed middle school teacher for the last nine weeks of this school yr. who also fire dances on occasion; he has a daughter named Anna
Emily Eichelberger (Albany, OR)- A research analyst for a full-service marketing research firm in Corvalis who's married to an archaeologist who's getting his PhD at Oregon State University; they have one three yr. old daughter who's a Bigfoot fan & she's going w/ her on their first expedition this Summer
Lindsay Phillips (Seattle, which is the announced hometown of OVW Women's Champion Taeler Hendrix; originally from N.J.)- A regional trainer from a made-from-scratch cafe/bakery who paints her nails every night; she says she has about 200 polishes

$2K T-U: Person

_ _ _ _ - D _ S _ _ N C E

R U _ _ _ _

Emily might be a LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER this coming Summer, especially after solving this puzzle.

Monday's Featured Prize: Earth River Expedition in Patagonia, Chile courtesy of Hotwire.com ($9K)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: seventh GENERATION

IHOP Jackpot Round: Before & After (w/ a recycling truck category wipe that has a $ on it)

Emily's first letters are an N for the Million Dollar Wedge, a $900 R, three E's, a $600 S & two A's (including the obvious one at the end of the first line out of three in this puzzle), followed by D for dud while on that Chile expedition. Secondly, Lindsay gets horned for repeating said consonant. Third, Manny calls triple T's for $1.5K (including one at the very end of this solution) & double M's for the Wild Card, Free PLAYS two O's, picks up the trip w/ a C call & the green 1/2 KIA w/ a P pick. After buying two I's to round out the round's vowels, he finds two $600 L's & an $800 V but then Bankrupts out next to the now-vacated WC to lose that, his plate & $13,750 in cash & prizes. Emily then hits the other one available on the wheel to lose her MDW & a C-note. Right after those spins, Lindsay calls the $400 F...

F I T S / L I _ E / A



...& gets the other six $100 greenbacks w/ the response FITS LIKE A GLOVE DEPARTMENT, as well as the chance to lead off the next round.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Manny & Emily)
SOLE DQ OF THE ROUND: Lindsay (D repeat)

Current Scores:

Manny: $1K/Emily: $2K/Lindsay: $1K

Mystery Round: Place

Lindsay has lit first two S's for 18 bills & five O's before she Loses a Turn. Second, Manny Bankrupts in the same place as he did late last round. Third, Emily calls a $500 N for the same 1/2 KIA, purchases the same number of I's & has discovered three T's while on the Mystery Wedge next to the invisible MDW. Once she takes the $3K offer (but the $10K was on the back side), she calls an H for the other 1/2 KIA & five more Benjamins. After that's an LaT landing, unfortunately. Lindsay next puts in trip C's for $1.5K extra, an I, but nothing w/ a V call. Then for Manny's a $3,200 quartet of R's & a $550 G before we finally get a look at...

_ R O _ _ C E

S E C T I O N / O _

T H E / G R O C E R Y


...the PRODUCE SECTION OF THE GROCERY STORE to let him keep the accumulated $3,750 & take a little lead just before he begins the next puzzle.

SOLE DUD OF THE ROUND: $900 V (Lindsay)
LaTs: 2 (ladies)

Current Scores:

Manny: $4,750/Emily: $2K/Lindsay: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

He begins his path in the round w/ the Bankrupt Emily recently landed on (the one next to top dollar), his third of the night. Speaking of Emily, she's second in line & inserts a $550 N, five R's at $900 each, seven E's, tres T's to add $2,400, quatro A's & the $600 H prior to buying the sole dud vowel on the board (I). That gives Lindsay a chance to solve the following for the mystery trip...

R E _ E _ _ E R

T _ / _ A _ _ / T H E

_ N _ E R _ A T E R

_ A _ E R A

...& she's right to REMEMBER TO PACK THE UNDERWATER THE CAMERA, because she'll be on her way to the Sugar Beach Condo Resort, a holiday in St. Croix worth $5,740.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JT02334 (Jacqueline T.)

Current Scores:

Manny: $4,750/Emily: $2K/Lindsay: $6,740 in cash & trip

$3K T-U: In the Kitchen

E L E C T _ I C

_ O _

Manny goofs w/ an ELECTRIC POT, allowing Emily to get the steal on an ELECTRIC WOK & is at least $5K wealthier than she was before; also, she's $250 ahead of Manny for second place.

Sudden Victory Speed-Up Round: Food & Drink

Consonants are worth $1,550 each. After a D call from one of these folks...

_ _ _ _ R T - C _ _ E R E D

C R _ N B E R R _ E S

...Emily finally eats a few YOGURT-COVERED CRANBERRIES to punch her ticket to Bonusland w/ $6,200 more in moolah. Left in the other banks:

Manny: $3,100
Lindsay: $9,300

SOLE DUD: L (Emily) 

Final Scores:

Manny: $4,750/Emily: $11,200/Lindsay: $6,740 in cash & St. Croix

GT: $22,690

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $14,750 in cash & merchandise

Maxwell House Regular BR #152: The all-electric red ride on offer this week's exactly the one I thought was going to be offered this year- a '12 Nissan LEAF. Emily's spun the G.

Category: Thing

Starter (s):

_ _ R _

_ _ _ _

Half of DPBA are decent choices...

B _ R D

_ _ _ D

...don't blow this all on BIRD FOOD, Ms. Eichelberger...

...100 THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUSAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDD DOLLARS (second in three aired first-run episodes)! That makes you the top winner to date this season by $700 w/ an all-cash sum of $111,200 (even though it could've been $1,011,200 instead)- congratulations! And likewise, the Rebuilding Together bank's at $7.5K.

Video Bonus: "Wheel" Season 29 BREAK BANK Moment #2 (although kinda bittersweet)

J!: Here are the first three teens that Johnny introduces for this year's themed tourney:

Eliza Scruton (Louisville, KY)- Junior
Rose Schaefer (Portland, OR)- Junior
Jeff Haylon (New Town, CT)- Sophomore

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the first-round games will take place at SONY Pictures Studios; the second week of that tourney & the Power Players Week episodes were shot at DAR Constitution Hall in our nation's capital. That's the first time the program's done such a thing.

Light 'em up, Kevin:
NAME THE SPORT (three terms are given per answer)

What a Century Jeff chooses from its $400 location- it's the Daily Double when he only has $600 in his bank; Elisa has twice as much & Rose's in first early on at $2,200. Here's the $1K clue for Jeff:

Russia loses its last czar.

"What's the 20th Century?"...correct to go to second at $1,600. He drops slightly to $1,400 at the halfway point in the Jeopardy! Round, which is currently half of Rose's leading score & Eliza has her previous total of $2,200. Remember, every participant's school for this event will receive the Classroom J! kit.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $600 (Name the Sport- it was about the non-pro style of wrestling)

Scores After Opening Round:
Jeff & Rose: $3,200 each
Eliza: $5,800

On Tap for Double J!:

The next-to-last Kings & Queens clue nets Rose a DD w/ $4,800 & she needs it, because Eliza's in Lock Game Territory w/ $11K; Jeff's $800 out of second. Rose goes for another two grand on this:

In 1863, George I became king of this country & known as King of the Hellenes.

"What is Greece?"...is right to temporarily get within striking distance of Eliza w/ $6,800. Speaking of Eliza, she's gotten the last of them this evening thanks to the $1,600 Physical Science screen; it's a back-and-forth match between the girls & she's only $200 over Rose, $16,600-$16,400, while Jeff's at $7,200. Eliza bets $1.5K on the following:

In an atom, these particles move in arrangements called orbitals.

"What are electrons?"...you bet they are to send her to $18,100!

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $3,600

Heading into Final J!:
Jeff: $7,200
Rose: $18,400
Eliza: $18,100

Jeff: $6,600
Rose: $18K
Eliza: $16,600

FJ! CATEGORY: U.S. Government Agencies.

Its seal shows a 16-pointed star, symbolizing the search for information, on a shield symbolizing defense.

Response: "What is the FBI?"
Wager: $7K
Final score: $200

Response: "What is the CIA?"

Wager: $1,901
Final score: $20,001

Response: SAME AS JEFF
Wager: $3K
Final score: $15,400- ELIZA ADVANCES

First "Millionaire" American Pride Game of the Week

Episode ratings:
"The Newlywed Game":
6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7
9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Millionaire"
7: "Jeopardy!"
6: "Family Feud"
5: "The Price is Right"
4: "Let's Make a Deal"

Next Week in Game Shows: April 30-May 6

Coming up next week:

-Will The Browns at least have a share of the wins record on "The Amazing Race", much less win the $1 Million? Or will Art & J.J. or Brendon & Rachel thwart their plans? Or will Vanessa & Ralph pull off the upset?

-The season finales of "RuPaul's Drag Race", "Top Shot", "The Biggest Loser" & "Escape Routes"!

-The beginning of "Wheel's" four-week stay from Portland, OR!

-The start of the 2012 "Jeopardy!" Teen Tournament!

-American Pride Week on "Millionaire" w/ most contestants coming out of the studio audience!

All this & maybe even more next week on GSK.

The Week in Review: Apr. 23-29

Player of the Week:
WINNER: Sharon Adams ($110.5K)("Wheel of Fortune")
RUNNER-UP: David Shannon ($78,135)("WoF")
3RD PLACE: Dave & Rachel Brown (six wins on "The Amazing Race XX" after this week)
4TH PLACE: Cindy Vanderbur ($56,800 as two-day champ)("Jeopardy!")

Previous PotWs:
Apr. 9-15: Becky Cotton ($60K)("WoF")
Apr. 16-22: NO ONE

"The Celebrity Apprentice" 4/29

TASK #12: Make a 90-second jingle for Good Sam's RV roadside assistance program. The winner will get $45K ($25K from Good Sam) & all of the mascot's proceeds.
PROJECT MANAGERS: Arsenio Hall (Ivanka) & Dayana Mendoza (Don)

BOARDROOM #12: Dayana makes Lisa Lampanelli livid because she feels Dayana virtually did NOTHING on this task, while Clay stays quiet the whole time...

...AND THEY LOSE BY A FAIRLY WIDE MARGIN, resulting in Dayana leaving w/ $30K for the Latino Commission on AIDS.

"The Amazing Race" 4/29

Opening Clue (6:53 AM): After driving to a temple, they have to remove their shoes in order to receive a greeting from a head priest, along w/ their second clue.

Budget: $25

FINAL FAST FORWARD: Both The Browns and Art & J.J. are ineligible to do this- go to Mutharaman Devastanam & find two priests. At that time, the players' heads must be shaved in order to claim this prestigious pass.

LAST SPEED BUMP: This time, Bopper & Mark have to paint the tiger on the belly of a Pulikali Tiger Dancer & then dance w/ them.

Clue #2: The third clue awaits at the Pattanacaud Coir Mats & Matting.

ROADBLOCK #9: Spin & spool 40 feet of coconut rope.
Attempting It: Art, Brendon, Dave, Vanessa (who twisted her ankle minutes after she completed it),

Clue #3: Go to Fort Kochi for the potential Detour details.

DETOUR #9: Pachyderm or Pack a Box?

Pachyderm: Properly decorate an elephant, then transfer 50 pounds of elephant manure via wheelbarrows to a truck.
PaB: At a ginger-processing center, 10 boxes have to be filled w/ dry ginger, then sealed & stenciled before being transferred to a shipping depot.

Pachyderm: Brendon & Rachel, The Browns and Vanessa & Ralph
PaB: Art & J.J.

PIT STOP #10: The Cheena Vala Fishing Nets. 


SIX-TIME WINNERS- The Browns ($20K)
2. Brendon & Rachel (who arrived at the FF first but Rachel passed on it)
3. Ralph & Vanessa

Bopper & Mark started this stage w/ Mark suffering from heat exhaustion because of his bad luck w/ last week's Roadblock dancing. I'll tell you right now they won the FF. But is it enough for them to make it to the finale?...

Art & J.J.
Bopper & Mark

...NO- THEY'RE THE SECOND TEAM EVER TO BE ELIMINATED EVEN AFTER WINNING A FF. OUCH. But they're not leaving us empty-handed- they're still going to The Aloha State.

"Normal" schedule update

A sneak preview episode of "Are You Normal, America?" will air June 3rd at 10 PM EST; its regular timeslot will be Mondays at 9 PM EST starting on Jun. 4th.

Source: The Futon Critic

"Escape Routes" 4/28

This week's locale is S.F., while the finale's in Las Vegas.

Urban Challenge #5: Starting near the Golden Gate Bridge, a scavenger hunt. The four items that they need to come up without using any maps w/ are a loaf of sourdough bread shaped like a crab from the Boudin Bakery, a fortune card from the wizard machine at the Musee Mecanique, a video that they have to shoot of themselves trading their show's T-shirt at the corner of Haight-Ashbury & another personal video of them driving down Lombard Street (which is where Vanna White once drove a Chrysler LeBaron GTC Convertible during a "Wheel of Fortune" prize wedge description back in 1992 during "Wheel's" Soap Opera College Challenge). The standings are determined by the least amount of miles traveled & the finish line's at Crissy Field; failure to bring all the required items to Rossi upon arrival will result in a penalty.

Interactive Challenge #5: Questions are asked; one time this challenge, each team's entitled to consult w/ their virtual teammates for help. The first team to buzz in & answer three Q's correctly wins the 100 points.

2. WT (740)
3. YT (600)
4. BT (690)
5. RT (540)

Escape Challenge #5: At Trapeze Pro, one teammate per team has to perform a knee hang to a flying catch on a flying trapeze, while the other teammates each have a minute to do as many backflips as they can on a trampoline.

2. YT (680)
3. BT (750)
4. WT (780)
5. GT (700)


T1. GT & WT (800 each)
3. BT (790)
4. BT (720; they tied for 2nd in the latest UC w/ the RT)
5. RT (710)

POINT REPO #4 (this could be the last one): Each of the six red juggling balls has a flash drive that holds a point value raging from 0-50. After 30 seconds of juggling by the two pros, the YT has to choose a ball & when their chosen drive's put in their MyFord Touch, their points for this PR will be revealed & the GT & WT will split their losses.

W/ that, the YT's up to 4th (730) & the BT's back in the lead by 15 over both the GT & the WT w/ 775 each.

OWN GS premiere date announced

OWN's first traditional GS, "Are You Normal, America?", will premiere on Monday, June 4th & is hosted by Barry Poznick & Kim Coles.

Source: B & C

"The Ultimate Fighter Live" 4/27

SECOND-ROUND FIGHT #7: Sam vs. Chris
Referee: Herb

Early on this episode, new Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion "Rowdy" Rhonda Rousey appeared! 

Tale of the Tape:
Age: 25 (both)
Height: 5'7"/5'8"
Weight: 155 (both)

Reach: 68"/67"
MMA Record: 10-0/9-2

R1: Sam dominates the early & late parts of this round w/ two takedowns, while Chris had his way in the middle portion of the round w/ a takedown of his own; there were quite a few knees to the face.

R2: After the first two minutes of this round are controlled by Sam, Chris takes him down from the back & tries for a rear-naked choke after not being successful w/ the guillotine...not even close. W/ 1:34 left in regulation, Sam knocks down Chris...NO stoppage & this fight's over.

The winner by split decision is...

...Saunders! Tough break for Sicilia; that's why just like in boxing, if you don't get the stoppage win in any fight, you can't leave your fate in the hands of the judges, because they can screw you over at times.

Last April '12 Ratings Report This Month

"American Idol":
Wednesday: 16.48 million (virtually the same as the week before)
Thursday: 14.45 million (down slightly from last week's results episode)
"Dancing with the Stars":
Monday: 17.27 million

Tuesday: 14.16 million (both slight gains from last week)
"The Voice":
Monday: 10.12 million (up slightly from last week's performance episode)
Tuesday: 8.75 million (same as one week ago)
"Survivor: One World": 9.53 million (barely up from last week's non-special series-low)
"The Amazing Race" 9.12 million (down slightly from last week)
"The Biggest Loser": 6.76 million (barely down from a week ago)
"The Celebrity Apprentice": 6.21 million (down from last week's show)
"Fashion Star": 4.64 million (up from last week)
"Top Shot": 1.73 million (almost the same as last week)
"Total Blackout" (debut): 1.33 million
"America's Best Dance Crew": 1.24 million (up slightly from previous week)
"AMERICA'S NEXT top model": 1.1 million (down from a week before)
"The Ultimate Fighter Live": 1.05 million (up slightly from the previous two weeks)

Source: The Futon Critic

4/27/2012 Results

LMaD: The featured item of today's first rounds of dealing is a close-up photo of CURTAIN #3.

R1 (CURTAIN #2): Scott ($1K)- Yamaha ATV
R2 (BIG BOX): Khantialy ($800; she was dressed like the BB)- SAMSUNG home entertainment center w/ a year of cable TV service ($4,927)
Chyenne's FR: $1,300- Green grass car


Video Bonus: Clip of that Opening Deal

Daughter Jayme brought her dad James to play Tic-Tac-Deal for the $17,455 Mitsubishi Lancer (Curtain #1).

PICKS (all by Jayme): #8, #2 & #1

1. #8: O
2. #1: O

In the Sure Thing Jackpot for this round (CURTAIN #3) is a beach cruiser package that includes a $500 Whole Foods Market gift card valued at $2,887...after $500's thrown in, they walk.


Three traders for the next deal (it's the Four Traders Deal, but w/ one less player).

R1 (SE): Mindi (beekeeper)- Three-night trip to the Hotel del Coronado ($3K)
R2 (Tiffany w/ SB in front of CURTAIN #2): Jillian (pink baby suit)- Four-night ski trip to The Sky ($7,480)
Patricia's FR (CURTAIN #2)(pilgrim): $2K- Hyundai Elantra Touring MT

Army member Shawn meets the Honorable Judge Tiffany at her podium.

Wayne: CURTAIN #1
Jonathan: CURTAIN #3
PICK: #3- BBQ/patio set ($5,784)(#1: Dud houseboat)


Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Shane vs. Juli
WINNER- Shane ($500)

THE BIG RISK (BB): GO (he could've had a tripler)- WIPEOUT (Sushi)

Laura's Fast Deal Decision (Greek goddess): CURTAIN #2- Small kitchen (4,436 Japanese Yen = $55)(Deborah guessed $60 & was exactly within a $5 range for a $100 bonus)($4,347)

Loretta's FD Decision (princess): CURTAIN #3- Crosley jukebox w/ iPod Classic & Gibson guitar ($5,345)
Derri's FD Decision (police officer): SB (Canadian ranger hat on top of it)($1K)- Canadian bacon jewelry
($100 after Wayne puts the necklace on her)

THE BIG DEAL: Let's try again to have that $26,165 Mazda Miata driven out of here. But it WON'T happen this morning either after Jillian picks DOOR #2- however, she still tops this day w/ a Michael Amini living room group w/ an LG 50" 3-D HDTV & monthly Passion Growers flowers for a year (the wrong cue was played), a prize package worth $6,659. Left in The Bank Vault behind #3 was $2,174.

And Adrienne (dressed as a Vegas showgirl) fails to find for Tiffany a shift computer keyboard key for the five $100 bills (she had a thumb drive instead).

TPiR: Now up for Contestant's Row are Adam Stone, Rodney Jasmer, Halie Holden & Maria Burton; up for bidding's some Hamilton Beach appliances (Gwendolyn inside the clam)("The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry).

Maria: $595/Halie: $625/Rodney: $499/Adam: BUCK

ARP: $590

Rodney, a geologist from Minnesota, will feel rotten to the core if he wins a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport (Manuela at Door #3)("Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber) playing That's Too Much.

1. $20,159
2. $21,115
3. $22,050
4. $23,107- HOW IN THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?!?! (ARP: $22,845)

(Note: Paint/fabric protection on the '12 Wrangler's $572.)

Fifth's Kelly Anne Alexander & PUFB #2's three pieces of Lois Hill jewelry (ceiling)("Without You" by David Guetta featuring Usher).

Maria: $1,201/Halie: $926/K.A.: $1,200/Adam: $925

ARP: $1,606

Maria from St. Louis (Mr. Gray's hometown, BTW) plays Coming or Going for a home office (Gwen at Door #2).

Guess: $4,946 (Going)
ARP: $6,494- LOSS

Contestant #6's Lanette McDonald & we don't see George at his booth right now as he calls her, because he's behind the splitting sign to help model the third GUFB, a shuffleboard table w/ Gwen (piano version of the current IUFB/truck cues).

LANETTE: $599/Halie: $603/K.A.: $580/Adam: BUCK

ARP: $630

Halie, a nurse from San Diego (but originally from Ventura), plays Pl!nko.

SPs (Manuela)("Turn Up the Music" by Chris Brown):
1. Mini cooler ($57): 7 ($59)
2. Potato masher ($30): 0 ($20)
3. Purr frangrance ($85): 8 ($65)
4. Libman hardwood floor cleaning system ($26): 2 ($16)

THE CHIPS (Gwen has her other):

1. $500 (Left)
2. $1K (Right)- $1.5K

Maria ($1,606): Three Quarters
Halie ($2,150): 20 + 75 = $.95

Coming on down seventh's gonna be James Addeo & the next IUFB's an Ariel see-through whirlpool bathtub (Gwen behind GPT)(Saxophone IUFB/Showcase cue by Edd Kalehoff, I think).

Lanette: $1,281/JAMES: $1,100/K.A.: $1,280/Adam: $790

ARP: $2,869

Lanette, a cattle rancher from Montana, goes to the SWAP Meet to try to match the price of these designer accessories (Manuela; Triple Play last car description music by Edd, followed by another variant of "Fortune Hunter") w/ a Epic BBQ from The Holland Grill (Gwen), the Avanti XFIT 209 treadmill (George next to it) & a Danby beverage cooler (George). But she flubs by choosing the treadmill- it's $2,499, whereas the accessories are only $874.

Grill- $874
Cooler- $1,400

But all of those prizes were less valuable than the tub, so she really had nothing to lose there.

Red occupant #3's Celia Barakat & now in the offering's a '30s-style Coca-Cola machine (Manuela at Door #5)("Back in Time" by Pitbull).

CELIA: $400/James: $550/K.A.: $610/Adam: $551

ARP: $1,284

Kelly Anne, a Marine wife from Vacaville, CA, is about to try to win another vintage prize playing Hole in ONE or TWO- it's the "Price Retro Car of the Month", a black '65 Ford Mustang GT Coupe (includes automatic transmission & power sterring) priced at $15.5K (Gwen at Door #3)("Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris for the car, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jensen for the grocery items). She's gonna try to figure out the prices of these groceries & put them in non-Pay the Rent fashion- Kingsford Odorless Charcoal Lighter, a small container of VitalBerry blackberries, Aspercreme Heat Gel, Diamond Walnuts, that root beer keg & Wesson Canola Oil.

K.A.'S LINEUP: Blackberries ($1.49)/Lighter ($3.99)/Oil ($5.29)/Walnuts ($9.99)/Keg ($18)/Aspercreme ($6.79)

Forget the Inspiration Putt- Kelly Anne's the second ride winner of the day (& she even says "Well be right back" after Drew says that)!

The last winner wannabe at this studio this week's Amanda Padinchock & Adam unfortunately has to bid second on the last IUFB of the week in the hopes of avoiding the First Four Breakfast Club, the Kodak camcorder quartet (both female models)("Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock).

Celia: $777/James: BUCK/AMANDA: $850/Adam: $925

ARP: $758


James from Freehold Township N.J. (whose Nets are moving to Brooklyn starting next season) plays the Range Game for a five-night vacation to the Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti (Manuela at Door #3)(surfing cue). Using a range of $8,900-$9.5K, he stops at $9,114-$9,264...$9,194 is a definite winner & he picks up Manuela!

SCSD #2:
Lannette ($2,869): 60 + 65 = OVER BY A QUARTER
James ($9,952): WINS $1K & SHOWCASE BERTH
K.A. ($16,784): 45 + Dime = $.55

James' Bonus Spin comes to a stop on...$.20.

NOOKS SHOWCASE ("Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele for first two prizes only):
Door #3- hayneedle.com breakfast nook set (Manuela)
Door #4- Six-night trip to the Pine Inn Carmel by the Sea (Gwen)
Door #1- Dodge Journey (Manuela)(MDS theme by Karp)



HALIE'S PET-FRIENDLY SHOWCASE (George & Manuela at Door #2)("Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson; click this Showcase title to watch it):
Left- Five-night trip to the INN by the SEA in Crescent Beach, ME (Manuela, who's holding her puppy named Pixie)
Right- Five-night stay at the W Hotels of New Orleans (George, who's holding his kitten named Crackers Sinatra)
Inside- Focus SE



Showcase ARPs:
Halie: $36,548 (Difference: $13,548)
James: $30,291 (Difference: $3,291)

James' grand total in cash & stuff: $41,243.



TODAY'S GAME: Abrahamses vs. Augers (whose two-day cash winnings total $20,870)

R1: Name something you do in the mirror when no one's looking. At the opening face-off:

#2: Pluck/inspect hair (18)(Tony)
#4: Flex/pose muscles (12)(Mark)


Chris (the manager of a sexy nightclub in his basement who looks like Lakers coach Mike Brown in the face): Clean/pick your nose- #7 (4)
Tisha: Inspect your private your parts- X
Martina: Pick/floss your teeth- #5 (8)
Toya (a mom of two): Sing/perform- #6 (6)
Tony: Adjust your underwear- XX
Chris: Take medication- XXX

Mark Steal (for 49): Pop your pimples/zits- #3 (14)

#1: Smile/make faces (20)
#8: Check out butt (3)

R2: Name a specific article of clothing people wear when they feel fat. Opening guess(es) this question:

#2: Big, long shirt (22)(Chris)

DUD- Undies (Mike)

Tisha: Girdle- #3 (17)
Martina: Oversized dress/muumuu- T4 (8)
Toya: Overcoat/jacket- T4 (8)
Tony: Spahnx- X
Chris: T-shirts- XX
Tisha: Scarves- XXX

Mark Steal #2 (for another 55 & to retain lead): Sweats- #1 (33)(104)(#6: Big sweater, which was among Toya's latest guesses)(7)

Double: Name a question a father might ask his daughter's date. First given:

#1: "What time is she bringing me home?" (45)(Tisha)


Martina: "Where do you work?"- X
Toya: "Where are you taking my daughter?"- #3 (11)
Tony: "What will she be doing?"- XX
Chris: "How old are you?"- #2 (14)
Tisha: "Do you drink?"- XXX

Mark Steal #3 (for another 140 & to stay way ahead): "Where do you live?"- NO (#4: "Do you smoke?")(10)

Triple: Name something that rhymes w/ "genie". Important base answer(s):

#3: Beanie (24)(Martina)

DUD- Dreamy (Chris A.)

Toya: Weenie- #1 (44)
Tony: Steamy- X
Chris: Meanie- #2 (25)
Tisha: Teeny- WIN (5)(437)

FAST MONEY: Three of the Abrahams clan's loved ones are in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name a place you'd be embarrassed to be called sleepy.
2. At what age does your brain start slowing down?
3. Name something you would need if you were making cupcakes.
4. Name a vehicle that would be hard how to operate.
5. Name a kind of beer a beer lover might name his son after.

1. Church- 20
2. 30- 5
3. Flour- 15
4. Forklift- 2
5. Heineken- 4

1. School- 5
2. 40- 21
4. Tractor- 11
5. Budweiser- 42
TOTAL- 125 ($625)

1. Work
3. Pan
4. Truck/big rig

WoF: The America's Game Weeks have been miles ahead of last season's! We can put an exclamation mark at the end of that statement, as Sharon Adams came all the way back from the $0 mark in the final part of a Military Spouses-themed maingame to advance to Bonusland by three bills & then did exactly the same thing Elyse Thomas did nearly six years ago- win the $100K for solving the bonus puzzle BACK IN A FLASH. As a result of that, the week's winnings nearly doubled to $264,063! And as I previously mentioned, we're on the Big Money set to wrap up the week just before going to Oregon for four weeks; the episodes on that set (including this one) were taped the day after the MS ones.

$1K T-U: Proper Name

B _ _ J _ _ _ N

_ R _ _ _ _ _ _

You see him on the $100 bill & Kristin reminds us that's BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. One of these three could help us end this week in style:

Kristin Roth (Chattanooga, TN)- An E.S.O.L. teacher at DuPont Elementary School married to Matt; they
got married in OR & went to TN for their honeymoon
Sherika Little (Lithonia, GA; originally from Winston-Salem)- A mental health profession who just bought a home
Michael Rose (Westminster, CO)- A customer service rep for a large federal organization married to Jen

$2K T-U: Food & Drink

_ _ _ _ M / _ F

W _ E A _

Kristin picks up some CREAM OF WHEAT to stay in control of this game w/ $3K.

Friday's Featured Prize: MSC Cruise courtesy of Hotwire.com ($7,200)
Gift Tag: Phillips 66

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Quotation

She calls two $500 N's while on the Jackpot automatically, buys two A's, selects a $500 D for the blue 1/2 KIA, calls for two R's to add $1,600 & purchases four E's, then she has dug up a $7.5K T trio & an I quartet before...

_ I _ E

_ I _ E R T _ / A N D

T _ E / _ _ R _ _ I T

_ _ / _ A _ _ I N E _ _

...she solves "LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" from The Declaration of Independence to keep her plate & add $9,850 to the three grand she's already got, $12,850 total.


(Note: Vanna has done the Mystery Round bumper every night this week from various locations.)

MR: Before & After

Sherika leads off by calling out an S while on the Mystery Wedge next to that Million Dollar one. Instead of 10 Benjamins, she's getting after her flip...$10K! After two T's for the gas card & two H's to pick up the Wild Card, she calls a couple of $1K W's, buys two E's and then the same for three O's & A's, after which we take a look...

W H O ' S / A _ _ A _ _

O _ / T H E / _ _ _ / _ A _

W O _ _

_ _ _ T _ E _

...& she nails "WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF(?)" BLITZER for $12,250 in cash & gas store merchandise.


Current Scores:

Kristin: $12,850 (1/2 KIA)/Sherika: $12,250 in cash & tag (WC)/Michael: $0

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Michael starts his quest to strike paydirt on this night w/ $2,400 worth of triple N's, but his A buy following one for the I is a stopper. Kristin secondly calls a $450 G & a $500 S & buys quad E's from the vowel department, then she's lit two T's for $1,800 more & is willing to sacrifice her Soul automobile opportunity...

E _ E _ _ T _ I N G

_ N _ E _ / T _ E / S _ N

...for a good reason- $2.5K extra's stuffed in her pockets & she'll be seeing EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN while she's on her $6,700 holiday to the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa.

SOLE DUD: A (Michael)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SF9843264 (Sarah F.)

Current Scores:

Kristin: $22,050 in cash & Jamaica/Sherika: $12,250 in cash & prizes (WC)/Michael: HARD LUCK

Final T-U: Living Thing

F _ O R I D A

_ A _ T H E R

Kristin scores the T-U Sweep after hearing the sounds of a FLORIDA PANTHER, so she's $50 over that $25K plateau.

R4: Event

The openers from her on this board are a $1,600 couple of N's (one of which's at the end), two O's & a single I, followed by the Bankrupt next to the vacated WC to definitely deny her the $1,100 remainder. Headed Sherika's way second is a worthless T. Third for Mike are a $350 S, the Free PLAY of two A's, a $500 R, the leftover vowel of E, a $400 L & the double D's to add a grand, then we're looking at...

L A N D _ A R _

D E _ I S I O N

...his not-so LANDMARK DECISION to solve this puzzle to salvage $2K.

SOLE DUD: $300 T (Sherika)

Current Scores:

Kristin: $25,050 in cash & trip/Sherika: $12,250 in cash & card (WC)/Michael: $2K

R5: Landmark

After Sherika's $400 T, it's Speed-Up Mode time...

T _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

...& the consonants left on the board are worth $1.5K each at this time. Michael later calls the N at the end...

T  H _ / H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

S _ _ N

...& IDs THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN for $3K; Sherika obviously had $400 more than that in her till at the time of the solve.

DUDS (after final bell): P (Sherika), R (Kristin)

Final Scores:

Kristin: $25,050 in cash & travel/Sherika: $12,250 in cash & gas/Michael: $5K
GT: $42,300


Maxwell House Old-School BR #151: W/ possible history on the line, Kristin captures the C card.

Category: Phrase

The last column of this bonus board gets her started:

_ / _ _ T

_ _ _ _ E

HDMA gives her two appearances of said hot vowel...

A / _ _ T

A _ _ _ E

...but she's NOT "A CUT ABOVE" (that was Pontiac's slogan at one time in their history) after instead saying A PIT ABOVE; the C probably would've done the trick for her. Could we have had the ultimate dream of back-to-back $100K wins for the first time ever?...

...NO, only the $30K was lost. She's heading home w/ $25,050 in cash & voyage.

In total, $303,363 in cash & merchandise was given away on this AGW!

J!: Either Jacob Silverman will get a three-week rest, or one of these challengers:

Kevin Rowe (Chicago)- Firefighter
Marla Goldstein (originally from Brooklyn)- Retired advertising executive

Friday's First Six:

The $800 President of the Year could be worth even more to Kevin, as it's Daily Double time at the $1,600 mark, which also means he's in Lock Game Territory early on; Jacob has four pictures of Franklin & Marla has two. Kevin wagers a C-note on this year:


"Who is John Adams?"...is right for $2,600. He slips a little bit after that, but he & Marla are tied for first place w/ $2K, both leading Jacob by 200 clams.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,200

Post-J! Round Scores:
Jacob: $2,800
Marla: $5,400
Kevin: $4,800

Double J! Board:

Jacob not only has a chance to sweep Spying right off the bat in this round of play, but its $2K clue also has a DD; Kevin's dropped to $3,200. The champion goes for another three big ones on this answer:

Normally a verb, in spy jargon it's a noun meaning acquisition of an electronic message NOT meant for you.

"What is intercept?"...he didn't do just that & is in LGT himself for now w/ $12,800! Just before round's end, Marla swipes the last one of the week w/ a 50/50 shot at finding it within Novelty Song Lyrics from the $800 spot; the $2K one will be left behind. She has $12,600 & trails Jacob by $1,600; Kevin's a respectable third w/ $7,600. To add $1.5K:

1984: "My hope of winning sank, 'cause I got the Daily Double now, and then my mind went blank."

Unfortunately, she's done the same on Weird Al Yankovic's "I Lost on 'Jeopardy!'".

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $10,800

(Note: The round time's up signal didn't sound after the last DD was played.)

Heading into Final:
Jacob: $14,200
Marla: $11,100
Kevin: $7,600

Jacob: $13,200

Marla: $12,600
Kevin: $7,600

FJ! TOPIC: Constellations & Myths.

In Greek myth, he became the prey when he was killed by Scorpius; now they're both in the sky.

Kevin's definitely wrong w/ "What is Cancer" & is down to $4,099. Marla had "Who is Apollo?"...also no good & she's plummeted to $2,599. That means Jacob retains the title, even though he agreed w/ Kev's response & finishes w/ $6,199; the right one was the same name of a famous production company, Orion. His three-day haul heading into the break: $35,998.


Matt & Brittany
Anthony & Allyson (she's expecting)
Michael & Erica

1. If your husband was about to have the last meal of his life, who did he say he would want to cook it- his mom, you or the chef at his favorite restaurant?
2. "The cow says 'moo', the duck says 'quack' & my wife during sex says '_____________'."
3. I love surprises, so I asked your husband to tell me about the last time you blew him away w/ an erotic surprise; what do you think he said?

1. Restaurant- HER
2. "Mmm"- "AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"
3. First Anniversary- FIRST ANNIVERSARY IN APRIL '11 (5)

1. Restaurant- RESTAURANT (5)
2. "Wow!"- "OH GOD"
3. Woke me up last month- BLACK BRA & THONG

2. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!"- "OH, SHOOT"
3. Sexy scavenger hunt- SCAVENGER HUNT ON HIS BIRTHDAY (5)


1. Tina Fey once joked on "30 Rock" you can't be gay for just one person, but if your husband had to be, what famous man would he choose to be gay for just once?
2. If I asked your neighbors what they hate about living next door to you, what would they say?
3. In what area has your husband improved since he first started dating- household chores, family obligations or bedroom responsibilities?
30-POINT BQ: "My husband's _____________ is so beautiful, it belongs in an art museum, while his ______________ should probably be in a pawn shop."

1. Jake Gyllenhaal- JAKE GYLLENHAAL (15)
2. The noise from their dogs (especially when they have to go to the bathroom)- THE DOGS (25)
3. Bedroom- FAMILY
BONUS: Nether regions & hairy chest- SMILE & FEET

1. Brandon from "90210"- SYLVESTER STALLONE
2. The nose from late night gatherings- LOUD MUSIC
3. Chores- FAMILY
BONUS: Arms & teeth- EYES & BELLY

1. Michael Vick (because Mike's an Eagles fan)- MICHAEL VICK (15)
2. The noise from their kids- NOISE FROM DAY CARE (25)
3. Family- FAMILY (35)
BONUS: Arms & feet- EYES & FEET (50)

Consolation Prize: sodastream

TSB: The half-dozen karaoke singers chosen are ordered to sing some of "It Happens" by Sugarland. And Danielle Lauderdale's the name of the new member of The Honeybees.

Pick Four:
1. "19-Something" by Mark Wills ('02)
Previous words: "And oh, man..."
Brent: "...did I look cheesy"

2. "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith ('11)
PW: "And you are..."
Lisa: "...the fruit to my loom"

3. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" by Katy ('10)
PW: "But this Friday night..."
Lanny: "...I was going to a bar"
Joanna"...do it all again"

4. "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean ('11)
PW: "An' ice cold beer..."
Kortnie: "...chillin' in the console"
Scott: "...sittin' in the console"


Brent Bueshel (St. Cloud, WI; Melissa's husband is from that state): Promotional model 
Lisa Johnson (Waynesburg, KY): 7th & 8th Grade Drama teacher
Joanna Buscemi: A post-doctoral fellow w/ a PhD in Clinical Psychology; she also sings karaoke & has made her New Year's Eve dream of appearing on a GS come true
Scott Mathey (Effingham, IL): Got here via his very first plane flight

Random Shuffle:
Brent: "Banjo" by Rascal Flatts ('12)
PW: "Those satellites ain't found it yet"
Guess: "Got hidden in a piece of lone little heaven" (A: "Got our own little piece of heaven hidden")
Lisa: "We're an American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad ('73)
PW: "Booze and ladies, keep me right"
Guess: "As long as we ___ make it to the show tonight" (A: "As long as we can make it to the show tonight")
Joanna: "You" by Chris Young ('11)
PW: "But now I show up late & rush back home"
Guess: "My priorities are different, I can't leave you alone" (5)
Scott: "Seven Year Ache" by Roseanne Cash ('81)
PW: "You look so careless when you shoot that bull"
Guess: "Don't know your heart attacks are pockets..." (A: "Don't you know heartaches are heroes when their pockets are full")

Singing W/ the Enemy:

Brent & Lisa: "Young" by Kenny Chesney ('02)

Correct Lyrics:
B: TWO (10)
L: THREE (15)

Joanna & Scott: "Homeboy" by Eric Church ('11)

J: ONE (10)
S: THREE (15)

Karaoke Challenge:
BRENT: "Sideways" by Dierks Bentley ('09)- SWEEP (40)
JOANNA: "Follow You Down" by The Gin Blossoms ('96)- 13 (36)
LISA: "As She's Walking Away" by The Zac Brown Band feat. Alan Jackson ('10)- 14 (43)
SCOTT: "Alright" by Darius Rucker ('08)- 14 (43)

Chorus Showdown:
R1 (four lines):

Lisa: "Felt Good On My Lips" by Tim McGraw ('10)- NO
Scott: "Ticks" by Brad Paisley ('08)- NO (on the second line, he apparently said the F word instead of "kiss" & it wasn't bleeped!!!)

Lisa: "Coward of the County" by Kenny Rogers ('79)(five)- WIN
Scott: "Eastbound & Down" by Jerry Reed ('77)(four)

1. "I Don't Want This Night To End" by Luke Bryan ('11)- 4
2. "I Got You" by Thompson Square ('11)- X
3. "Mr. Know It All" by Clarkson ('11)- 3
4. "I've Come to Expect It From You" by George Strait ('90)- 2
5. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred ('92)- 1
6. "Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood ('09)- WIN!

Millionaire Friday:

Conclusion of Lori Decker's Game
Game 2
$1K Question Game

Episode ratings:

8: "The Singing Bee" & "The Price is Right"
7: "Millionaire" & "The Newlywed Game"
6: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"


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