"Top Chef: Texas"- FINALS

Bonus Quickfire: This will determine who will be the four sous chefs for each finalist; 45 minutes are on the clock to make the dishes, after which the finalists will taste theirs.

Sous Chef Choices (if there are any errors that I've made, please let me know in the comments section):

Paul (Coast): Barbara, Ty-Lor, Chris Crary & Keith
Sarah (Black + Blue): Nyesha, Tyler, Heather & Grayson

THE FINAL CHALLENGE: Nine hours are given to make the four-course menus at the restaurants of their choice.

Budget (45 min.): $2.5K


1. Chawanmushi w/ edamame, pea shoots & spot prawns
2. Grilled sea bass w/ clam dashi, pickled radishes & mushrooms
3. Congee w/ scrambled eggs, uni, kale & smoked Albacore
4. Coconut ice cream w/ puffed rice, kumquats, mangosteen, Thai chili foam & jasmin gelee

SARAH (Monte Verde):
1. Squid inktagliatelle w/ spot prawns & coconut
2. Rye-crusted Steelhead Trout w/ fennel sauce, pickled beets & Gras pasta
3. Braised veal cheek w/ crispy veal sweetbreads
4. Hazelnut cake w/ kumquat & roasted white chocolate ganache (incidentally, Padma isn't a fan of white chocolate)

From the Rocky Mountaineer train station, the ninth "Top Chef" on this more well-known series is...



He may have won only two Quickfire Challenges, but he earned a combined $30K for winning them ($20K for the first, $10K for the second). Also, he won (or at least shared the win) an ALL-TIME RECORD NINE ELIMINATION/MAIN CHALLENGES (including tonight's; he also set the overall challenge wins record) & as a result accumulated yet another $30K, the Toyota prius v, a trip to Costa Rica & tickets to see "Snow White & The Huntsman"! And he's going to be featured in Food & Wine & said magazine's Aspen festival! When you total it all up, he's won well over $200K in cash & stuff, including $185K cash alone!!!

And as for Sarah, she's still $30K happier then she was before she got onto this program.

"Survivor: One World" 2/29

Reward Challenge #3: In each round, two castaways will be given a memory test of at least six items (starting w/ the fourth round, that number goes up to eight) behind a curtain that they must assemble themselves in the exact order. The first tribe to win five rounds wins fishing gear.

Leif & Tarzan are benched.

SWEEP- Salani

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #3: It's a blindfolded pairs obstacle course that ends w/ water towers for each tribe; they contain one of five bags of puzzle pieces. Only the callers can solve their tree puzzle for the Tribal Immunity Idol.

Sitting out this go-round are Colton & Jay.

Callers- Bill & Sabrina

TRIBAL COUNCIL #3: Matt loses w/ seven votes; the other two went to Bill & Colton.

Not quite Wordless Wednesday....The Voices ;-)

Lizzie is pretty special-Love my girl to death but my friends always make jokes about the "voices" talking to her because she is always up to something funny, so I saw this quote and thought it just fits her so well, LOL.

Leap Year Day 2012 Results

LMaD: She's a LFaT of the show as Wednesday's first trader- Britney from Tampa, FL (dressed as the twitter bluebird; she follows both this program's & Wayne's twitter feeds). There are cars behind each of the three curtains, but just in case she thinks she's gonna get ZONKED, she can have a $50 bankroll loaded w/ $100s. Her final answer's Curtain #1. Actually, there's only one new car on offer in this deal...

Bankroll- $1,850
#1- 2012 KIA Forte LX ($16,120)
#2 (Transportation)- Broken-down Buick
#3 (Wheels)- Carpool

...& she's got it, even though her new husband Kyle Clothesoff (dressed as a cop; they got married about two weeks after this episode was filmed) was of no help at all to her- PERFECT DEAL!

(Note: Just before the first break, I see somebody wearing a replica of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.)

Nicole's Fast Deal Decision (13 carrots/karats of jewelry in SB- Jonathan): $80 per carrot/karat ($1,020)- Topaz & diamond-accented ring ($3,996)

Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Vincent (dressed as an orange/black '70s Locker) vs. Kari (dressed as a grilled cheese sandwich)
WINNER- Vincent ($4.5K)
REJECTED (SILVER ENVELOPE)- Predator petting zoo trip

Christopher (dressed as a cowboy) & Tannisha (who's wearing a black cat masquerade mask) have the Foreign Words Deal. Here are these three Polish words:



Tannisha: Boczek
Christopher: Meble

Left behind: Wakacje (Big Box)- California Wine Country VACATION ($3,863)


Tannisha (SB- Jonathan): $1K- BACON jewelry
Christopher (CURTAIN #2): GO- Living room FURNITURE ($6,077)

Let's go on to the next deal.

Rachel's Round (she's dressed as an orange/purple kite):

Andrew (who's wearing a RUN DMC T-shirt): Golden Envelope- $800
Melissa (dressed as a spaghetti table): Red Box- Gucci accessories ($2,470)

Melissa's Round:

Andrew: SE- $700 ($1.5K)
Rachel: Green Box- Luxury spa day package ($2,595)

Andrew's Round:

Rachel: Bronze Envelope- $900 (Current total: $3,370)
Melissa: Blue Box- Exercise bike ($2,551)(CT: $5,021)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): NEITHER- Kitchen w/ cookware & groceries for a year ($5,854)

Gaylend (dressed as a basketball hoop) plays Gold Rush for the '12 Chevrolet Cruze (Curtain #3).

2. #1- GOLD ($500)(C----)
3. #7- GOLD ($1K)(CR---)
4. #4- GOLD ($2K)(CRU--)



Adrian's "Hollywood Squares" Deal (he's dressed as a joker): CURTAIN #1 has prizes worth $3K+
DECISION: AGREE- Game room ($3,023)
BB- Giant paddle ball set


THE BIG DEAL: Christopher has a chance at that '12 Subaru Forester. Door #3's what he wants...#2 had Apple products valued at $2,947, so he won't win it. After we confirm it was behind #1 again, he rides away to the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa, a four-night trip worth $6,560.

In the Quickie Deal department, Tina recalls that "meble" meant furniture for $200 & Amanda (dressed as a Mexican) brought an egg at Tiffany's request for $500 (I wonder if Britney had one too)!



GAME #1: Flowerses vs. DiSpenas

R1: Name something an angry girlfriend might do to get back at her cheating boyfriend. Beginning with:

#2: Blow up/damage car (34)(Hope)
TIME OVER- Vanessa


Monica (a casino worker): Date his friend/revenge cheat- #1 (41)
Tammy: Bleach his clothes- X
Letitia (a recovery specialist for a bank during the day & a comedienne at night): Break up w/ him- #3 (6)
Angela (who looks like Angela Bassett): Spread rumors about him- XX
Hope: Slap/punch him in the face- #4 (3)
Monica: Change phone number- XXX

Vanessa Steal (for 84): Kill him- NOPE (Bottom Answers: Rip up his clothes & slice his "salami")(2 each)

R2: Name something bad that makes people feel good. For instance:

#1: Boozing it up (36)(Tammy)
DUDS: Money (Monica) & death of an ex (Denise)


Letitia: Smoking cigarettes- X
Angela: Eating sweets/junk food- #2 (23)
Hope (a minister & sister): Smoking weed/drugs- #3 (14)
Monica: Gossiping- XX
Tammy: XXX

Vanessa Steal #2 (for 73): Gambling- BA (4)(Other BA: Boinking)(4)

Double: Name something that has a horn in it. I wonder what the top answer this time is?:

#1: Car (41)(Tammy)


Letitia: Child's bike- #6 (4)
Angela: Band- X
Hope: Bull- #5 (5)
Monica: Electric shopping cart- XX
Tammy: Train- XXX

Vanessa Steal #3 (for another 100 & the lead): Boat- NO GOOD, TOO (Flowerses: 184)

#2: Unicorn (20)
#3: Ram/sheep (7)
#4: Rhinoceros (6)

Triple: Name something that can be smooth or bumpy. Face-off time:

#1: Road/street (53)(Letitia)


Angela: Line- X
Denise: Skin/face- T2 (15)
Monica: Mashed potatoes- XX
Tammy: Ice cream- XXX

Vanessa Steal to Stay Alive: Plane flight- LOSS (Flowerses: 388)

T2: Peanut butter (15)
#4: Sandpaper (2)

Leftovers: Danielle, Jessica & Nicole

FAST MONEY: The Flowerses are from St. Louis.

1. Name a body part that gets tired after you've been doing a lot of driving.
2. At what age did you get your first job?
3. Name something you use to wash a car.
4. Name something that's colored black & white.
5. Name something you'd find in a chef's salad.

1. Legs- 15
2. 16- 26
3. Sponge- 23
4. Zebra- 34
5. Lettuce- 36
TOTAL- 134

1. Foot- 3
2. 18- 12
3. Water- 19
4. Clothing- DUD
5. Meat- 28
TOTAL- 196 ($980)


1. Eyes
3. Soap

GAME #2: Karapetians vs. Singers (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,960)

R1: If a man's zipper broke at work, name something he might use to keep his fly closed. Starter (s):

#3: Paperclip (13)(Ryan)
DUD: Shoelace (Joe)


Scott: Staples- #2 (29)
Patricia: Tape- T3 (13)
Onjoli: Safety pin- #1 (40)
Ami: Glue- BA (2)
Ryan: Belt- X
Scott: Untucking your shirt- XX
Patricia: Band-aids- XXX

Joe Steal (for 97): Rubber band- NO (Other BA: His secretary's hand)(2)

R2: Name something you would do to prepare for a game of strip poker. To get this survey started:

#5: Buy a deck of cards (3)(Sylvia)
#7: Buy/drink alcohol (3)(Scott)


Nick: Bring the girls- BA (3)
Ani (a fashion designer who's giving back some proceeds to charity): Poker chips- X
Taline: XX
Joe (club owner): Wear a lot of (extra) clothes- #1 (64)
Sylvia (a homemaker w/ three boys): Learn how to strip- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 73): Get your sexy (clean) underwear- #3 (5)(170)

#2: Shower/bathe (8)
OTHER BA: Prepare to cheat (3)

(Note: Just after the second break, the family name screens weren't working for the rest of this episode.)

Double: The last time someone told you to hold on tight, what were you doing? Base guess (es) in this round of play:

#1: Carnival rides/roller coasters (30)(Nick)


Ani: Making love- BA (7)
Taline: Driving fast/riding in a car- #2 (11)
Joe: Riding on the back of a motorcycle- OTHER BA (7)
Sylvia: Shopping- X
Nick: Horseback riding- XX
Ani: Piggyback riding- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 110): Riding an airplane- NOT IT, EITHER (#3: Riding a bike)(9)

Triple: Other than clothes, name something you keep in your closet. For example:

#1: Shoes/shoe rack (72)(Onjoli)


Ami: Suitcases- X
Ryan: Pistol/gun- XX
Scott: Belt- XXX

Joe Steal for the Win: Hangers- T2 FOR THE WIN (5)(326)

T2: Boxes (5)
#4: Purses (4; the last two answers were revealed the old way)

FM #2: Nick's three sons are in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name something you own that might have a ring of dirt around it.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how law-abiding are you?
3. Tell me something that gets pinched.
4. Name something a large family runs out of quickly.
5. Name something annoying that people w/ colds are always doing.

1. Car- 2
2. 7- 10
3. Hand- 9
4. Money- 21
5. Coughing- 41

1. Ring- 2
2. 9- 30
3. Nerve- 6
4. Milk- 37 (food would've also counted)
5. Sneezing- 21
TOTAL- 179 ($895)


1. Bathtub
2. 8
3. Butt


T-U #1: Things

_ _ _ _ V E

V O L C _ _ _ _ S

Kristen sees these ACTIVE VOLCANOES. Looking to build their own one bursting w/ cash & prizes here this evening are:

Kristen Knowles (Chattanooga, TN)- A respiratory therapist & football fan who does some crafts around the house
Heather Stephenson (Torrance, CA)- Rehab therapist
Michael Smith (North Las Vegas)- An assistant bank manager who's recently married to Renee & has two bunnies named Peanut & Fluffy (the latter's pronounced w/ the regular U sound), as well as two dogs

$2K T-U: Title

_ A _ K / _ N _

T _ _ / _ E A _ _ T _ _ K

Kristen solves "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" to triple her money.

Wednesday's Featured Resort: Holvaloa Inn w/ Bed and Breakfast.com airfare ($6,590)

IHOP Jackpot Round: Phrase

She starts by calling two $500 N's, buying two A's, calling a $400 R & two D's for the Wild Card, then she buys an I but then gets into Lose a Turn trouble. Second, Heather wastes a spin because of the Million Dollar Wedge's right Bankrupt. Third, Michael calls out two T's for five grand & a $2.5K H, purchases three E's & calls the $900 S set before we get...

S _ _ _ / A N D

S T E A D _ /

_ I N S / T H E / R A _ E

...& he gets the Aesop moral "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" for $8,150.

SOLE LaT: Kristen

Current Scores:

Michael: $8,150/Kristen: $3K (WC)/Heather: $0

Mystery Round: Before & After

Heather picks up a $600 T at the end of the first of three words, then four S's turn those six bills into 30, after which she buys an E (the second letter of the middle word) but then the sole baddie vowel (A). Second, Michael calls for an R, but that's also a dud. Third, Kristen calls a couple N's for a thousand dollars & a $400 D, then she buys twin O's & puts in two C's for 1,200 more bucks & a $500 P for the green 1/2 KIA. The board as we see it currently...

S P _ _ T


C O _ S _ N S

...she's correct w/ "SPLIT SECOND" COUSINS for another $2,850.

DUDS: A (Heather), $800 R (Michael)

Current Scores:

Michael: $8,150/Kristen: $5,850 (1/2 KIA)(WC)/Heather: NIL

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

Our current leader Michael begins w/ $1,050 worth of three S's, two E's & an A, but he then gets let down by the I. Second, Kristen captures two R's at $300 each, quad T's for another $3,600 & the two O's down at the bottom prior to Bankrupting next to where the WC formerly was to fork over both pieces of cardboard & $3,950. Third for Heather are two $600 B's but then the same Bankrupt, her second tonight. That gives Michael a chance to pad his lead...

T _ B A S

T R _ _ _ E T S / &

T R O _ B O _ E S

...& he hits those TUBAS, TRUMPETS & TROMBONES to add $300 & this $5K mystery trip to The Big Easy courtesy of New Orleans.com.

SOLE DUD: I (Michael)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: AC14455 (Angela C.)

Current Scores:

Michael: $13,450 in cash & NO/Kristen: $5,850/Heather: NADA

$3K T-U: Landmark

R _ S _ / _ _ W L

_ T _ _ _ _ _

Located in Pasadena, Michael solves the ROSE BOWL STADIUM to move to $16,450.

R4: Movie Quote

His next letters are four S's at the bottom for 18 Benjamins, an O, two E's, a $700 T couplet, an $800 H, five U's & the A to finish off the vowels, then coming his way is the LaT. Once Kristen calls the $10K P pairing, she calls up the $400 L but then goes Bankrupt the same way she did before to flush down $10,400; both women have two Bankrupts to their credit. Afterwards, Heather calls the $500 N but gets the same fate, so that's her third & likely final one of this match, which also means Michael...

_ O U _ _ / U P / T H E

U S U A L / S U S P E C T S

...is able to "ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS" ("Casablanca") for $2,300 more.

SOLE LaT: Michael
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Current Scores:

Michael: $18,750 in cash & trip/Kristen: $5,850/Heather: NOTHING

Last Chance Round: Event

$1,600 will be paid for each time a consonant is put into this puzzle. Late in this round, after a W's said...

W _ L L - D _ S _ R _ _ D

P R _ M _ T _ _ N

...Kristen blanks out w/ $11,200 on the line. After Mike calls the three free O's...

W _ L L - D _ S _ R _ _ D

P R O M O T _ O N

...he only gets the first two syllables of the solution, so he's still not definitely the champ just yet (& $1,600's in his bank). Kristen then gets a hold of that E quartet...

W E L L - D E S E R _ E D

P R O M O T _ O N

...& gets a WELL-DESERVED PROMOTION (not necessarily, though) by $11,200! Heather missed out on $6,400.

DUDS: A (Heather), C (Mike), F (Heather) & H (Mike)
SOLE DQ: Mike (TO on solve attempt)

Final Scores:

Michael: $18,750 in cash & NO/Kristen: $17,050/Heather: $1K GOOSEEGG
GT: $36,800

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $5,150

(Note: I think they've discontinued the WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week promotion as of this week.)

Big Money Round #111: Michael has spun up the I in WIN.

Subject: Thing


_ _ _ E T _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R _ T E

DCKI only gives him...

_ _ _ E T _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R I T E

...& don't expect him to be the overly-big HOMETOWN FAVORITE anytime soon, because he loses the $40K. He leaves w/ $18,750 in cash & vacation.

J!: After a month off, Patrick Morrison returns (whose one-day cash winnings total $29,601) to put up his title against:

Michael McCall (Pompano Beach, FL)- Political consultant
Sarah Edwards (Oakland, CA)- Attorney & home brewer

First Half-Dozen Categories Tonight:

COLLEGE TOWNS (each correct response's the town where the main campus' located)

Here Comes the Wedding Movie & the Daily Double behind its $600 clue for Patrick while he's at the $3K mark; Sarah has $800 & Michael's a couple hundred in the hole. Patrick wagers $1,200:

Spencer Tracy played the title role in this 1950 film w/ Liz Taylor as his affianced daughter Kay.

"What is 'Father of the Bride'?"...that's right for $4,200. He adds $1K to that before the halfway point of the round's reached; Sarah's at the $1K mark & Michael's now $1,400 in the blue.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Going Dutch)

Scores After J! Round:

Patrick: $8,200
Sarah: $1,600
Michael: $5,200

Double J! Slate:

ROBBING PETER (each correct question here has all but one of the letters in "Peter")

At the end of Robbing Peter, Patrick has stolen a Video DD & is in Lock Game Territory w/ $15,400 to Michael's $4,800 & Sarah's $1,200. For the face value of this clue:

Seen here is some of the rock art that gives a New Mexico national monument this name.

"What is Painted Rock?"...that's in Michigan; we needed petroglyphs & he's dipped to $13,400. The other VDD of the round from the center clue under A Bookish Category...is in Michael's possession w/ $5,600; Sarah's got $3,200 & Patrick's still sitting pretty w/ 19 large. Michael bets three C-notes:

The cup seen here has this French name that can also refer to the coffee served in that type of cup.

"What is press?" is absolutely...wrong; that was an example of demitasse & the GAME'S OVER.


After DJ!:

Patrick: $19K (LG!)
Sarah: $4,800
Michael: $1K


Patrick: $20,400
Sarah: $4,800
Michael: $4K

FINAL J! TOPIC: The History of Christianity.

The Catholic & Eastern Churches separated in 1054, when the pope & patriarch did this to each other; it was undone in 1965.

All three are right w/ "What is excommunicated?"...

Michael: $500 = $1.5K
Sarah: $1K = $5,800
Patrick: $2.5K = $21.5K

...this Patrick's two-night total's $51,101.

Millionaire Wednesday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

Episode ratings:

7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"

"American Idol" 2/28- TOP MEN

The 13th guy on this episode was revealed at the end of the show.


1. Reed: "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera (a more soulful version w/ a drum & cymbal solo)(2011)
2. Adam: "Think" by Aretha Franklin (1968)
3. Deandre: "Reasons" by Earth, Wind & Fire (1974)
4. Colton (on piano): "Decode" by Paramore (2010)
5. Jeremy: "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles (2009)
6. Aaron: "Never Can Say Goodbye" by Jackson 5 (1971)
7. Chase: "Storm Warning" by Hunter Hayes (2011)
8. Creighton: "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper (1986)
9. Phillip: "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (1979)
10. Eben: "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele (2011)
11. Heejun: "Angels" by Robbie Williams (1997; later re-done by Jessica Simpson in '05)
12. Joshua: "You Pulled Me Through" by Jennifer Hudson (2009)
13. JERMAINE: "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross (2003)

"Top Shot IV" 2/28

Team Challenge #3 ("Double Tap"): The teams were using the shotguns called the Benelli M4 & Benelli Vinci (2009)(Italy). Up to six shots could be loaded into the M4 & four for the Vinci. Those using the M4 had to hit an eight-inch moving target to launch two clay targets that needed to be hit by the Vinci shooters. The team that hit the most clay pigeons in their four minutes won.

WINNERS- RT (17-9)

Nomination Range:

William- TERRY
Colin- TERRY (2)
Michelle- TERRY (3; clinched Elimination Challenge berth)
Dylan- COLIN
Greg- TERRY (4)
Terry- MICHELLE (2)

EC #3 ("Horse Race"): One more Benelli was used this week- the Nova (1999)(Italy). Thirty-five feet down range was a track for each shooter w/ a tumbling wheel that had three targets on it. The person who got their wheel to the end of their track won that gift card & stayed in the game.


"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses" 2/28

For an 18-day period, everyone went home & anyone who lost 5% of their current weight on the scale back on the ranch this week would get immunity.

Challenge of the Week: The first player that rowed 10K meters on their rowing machine won a buck per meter ($10K).

WINNER- Chism (40:58)
2. Mark (41:05)
3. Desire (42:33)
4. Emily (43:03)
5. Jeremy (43:20)
6. Megan (44:34)
7. Conda (45:09)
8. Kimmy (47:59)
9. Cassandra (48:38)
10. Buddy (51:13)
11. Chris (54:24)

WEIGH-IN #9 (individual weight-loss goals in parentheses):


Buddy (16): 294 lbs, 23 pounds lost, 7.26%

Jeremy (16): 289 lbs, 20 pounds lost, 6.47%

Kimmy (9): 169 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 5.59%

Mark (12): 215 lbs, 11 pounds lost, 4.87%

Desire (10): 186 lbs, seven pounds lost, 3.63%


BT (needs to lose at least 79 lbs.):

Conda (13): 231 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 5.71% (Left: 66)

Emily (11): 199 lbs, 17 pounds lost, 7.87% (Left: 49)

Megan (11): 205 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 5.53% (Left: 37)

Chris (10): 185 lbs, 11 pounds lost, 5.61% (Left: 26)

Cassandra (10): 175 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 6.91% (Left: 13)

If Chism should fail to lose enough to even win this W-I for his team, he's immediately gone w/ the $10K he just earned this week.

Chism (15): 282 lbs, 11 pounds lost, 3.75%- LOSS (TP: 5.68%)

Next "Dancing" cast revealed

Gavin DeGraw (singer) & Karina Smirnoff
Donald Driver (NFL player) & Peta Murgatroyd
Roshon Fegan (actor/musician) & Chelsie Hightower
Melissa Gilbert (entertainer) & Maksim Chermovskiy
Katherine Jenkins (classical crossover artist) & Mark Ballas
Gladys Knight (singer/actress) & Tristan McManus
William Levy (actor) & Cheryl Burke
Maria Menounos (author/actress/host) & Derek Hough
Martina Navratilova & Tony Dovolani
Sherri Shepherd (actress/comedienne/host) & Val Chermkovskiy
Jack Wagner (actor) & Anna Trebunskaya
Jaleel White (best known for playing Urkel on "Family Matters" & is the future host of SyFy's "Total Blackout") & Kym Johnson

Source: The Futon Critic

2/28/2012 Results

LMaD: The couple of the morning consists of Keith (a commercial real-estate underwriter) & Marcia (a hospital manager of a hospital's security department) from San Fernando Valley, CA (dressed as knights).

Marcia's Round: Mostly blue (w/ some orange) Prada purse ($1,060)(Tiffany)
Big Box- Four pairs of designer shoes ($1,066)
Purse bonuses- $1K Besamme Cosmetics gift card & a $5K check

Keith's Round: CURTAIN #1
Tumi murse bonus ($295)(Jonathan)- $1.5K card
CURTAIN #1 (not revealed until after the first break)- Yamaha ATV ($3,399)

THE BIG RISK (as a team)(CURTAIN #2): NO- Five-night second honeymoon to the Abaco Beach Resort ($6,300)


Going into the Dice Duel are Bradley (husband) & Aubrey (dressed as a ping-pong ball; John's dressed as a red paddle).

Control Round:

Bradley: 2
Aubrey: 3

The Game:

1. Aubrey: 5/5- $1.5K
2. Bradley: 4/2- $600
3. Aubrey: 1/4- $800 ($2,300)
4. Bradley: 5/6- $2.5K ($3,100)
5. Aubrey: 1/1- $2.5K ($4,800)
7. Bradley: 4/5- $1,200 ($4,300)
9. Aubrey: 4/3- $400 ($5,200)
10. Bradley: 5/3- $700 ($5K)
11. Aubrey: 5/4- ELIMINATED

And NO $14,970 SmartCar (CURTAIN #3) for Bradley (or his bride Catherine), either.

Cynthia (dressed as Grandma Mangum's fireplace) & Marsha (dressed as a ladybug) are teaming up for the next deal.

R1: Red Box (something to wear)
Silver Envelope- $999

R2: RB
Green Box
(something that lasts for six months)- Facials ($5K)

R3: RB
BB (something for the outside)- BBQ/patio/lobster tail set ($4,274)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): BOTH (Fortune teller)(RB: Broken glass slippers)(both also lost out on $1,200)

Shyla (a 12-year teacher) plays 0 to 80 for the Nissan Sentra 2.0 (Curtain #3).

2. 20- TURNS DOWN $600
3. 30- BAILOUT AT $1K

We just saw two $5K checks get claimed & maybe a third will be given to Claudette if she can correctly identify the show out of these three that produced the most original episodes- "The Cosby Show", "Night Court" or "Murphy Brown", all of which are on SEs. The two losing SEs have bounced checks in them.

GUESS: "The Cosby Show"
REJECTED (CURTAIN #1): HDTV trio ($2,599)

"Night Court"- 193
"Murphy Brown"- 247
"The Cosby Show"- 201

THE BIG DEAL: That also means she just gave Shyla a free shot at today's. After studying the three doors, Shyla selects Door #1...EVERYTHING'S hers! Behind #3's a TuffStuff home gym ($2,579), #2 has an Electrolux washer/dryer w/ The Maids service ($7,456) & her door holds for her & mom...a seven-night $12K trip to the St. Raphael in Cyprus within The Mediterranean, for a total of $22,035 in prizes!

To close this episode, Katy (dressed as a chef) pulls out a suction dart worth $500!


FF: Today's "Feuding" starts off w/ the last taped episode of the season:

GAME #1: Vermettes (Nashua, NH) vs. Flammias (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,530)

R1: According to 100 guys, name a reason why you don't call a woman back after the first date. Base guess (es):

#3: She's ugly (13)(Rocco)
TIME OVER- Ann (she's a dentist like her father Emile)


Dino: She wouldn't shut up- T2 (13)
Corie: She didn't talk at all to me- X
Mandie: No personality/spark- #1 (41)
Sherie: Bad (garlic) breath- BOTTOM ANSWER (3)
Rocco: She wouldn't put out- XX
Dino: Met someone else- XXX

Ann Steal (for 70): Body odor- NO

#4: Bad date (8)
OTHER BAs: Gold digger & jacked teeth (3 each)

R2: Name something a husband starts doing differently that makes his wife suspects he's cheating. Examples away:

#1: Goes out/home late (39)(Dino)


Corie: Stiff in bed- X
Mandie: Dressing differently/nicely- #2 (12)
Sherie: Less conversation- XX
Rocco: Hides his cell phone/secret phone call- BA (5)
Dino: No more gifts- XXX

Ann Steal #2 (for 56): He's traveling more- NO (Flammias: 126)

#3: Grooming/shaving (11)
#4: Loving/helpful (6)
OTHER BAs: Cologne/new scent, wife gift/flowers & taking showers (5 each)

Double: As a last request, name something a stripper might wanna be buried wearing. First answer (s) this time:

#1: G-string/undies (48)(Emile; he's wearing a pink jacket)
#4: Teddy/lingerie (5)(Corie)


Don: Pole- X
Michael (orthodontist): Shoes- XX
Ann: Jewelry- XXX

Rocco Steal (for another 106): Handcuffs- ALSO NOT THERE

#2: Pasties/tassels (13)
#3: Dress/gown (9)
BAs: Bikini/swimsuit & dollar bills (5 each)

Triple: Name an occupation whose clients lie down most of the time. Important answer (s) incoming:

#1: Shrink/M.D. (74)(Mandie)


Sherie: Chiropractor- #3 (7)
Rocco: Dentist- X
Dino: Prostitute (incidentally, this was once said as a horrible guess to a "Face the Music" puzzle)- #4 (2; "hooker")
Corie: XX
Mandie: Masseuse- WIN! (14)(417)

Unaccounted challenger: Cheryl

FAST MONEY: I've got a good feeling about at least this playing.

1. Name a birthday many people are too depressed to celebrate.
2. Name a trick people teach dogs.
3. Name a drink that's usually served in a pitcher.
4. Name a game schoolgirls play at recess.
5. Name a type of paper that comes on a roll.

1. 50- 30
2. Beg- 6
3. Soda
4. Jump rope- 31
5. Toilet- 54
TOTAL- 121

1. 40- 34
2. Fetch- 19
3. Iced tea- 14
4. Tag- 4
5. Wall- LOSS
TOTAL- 192 ($960)

They'll be back in the near future w/ $2,490.


2. Sit
3. Lemonade
4. Hopscotch

(Note: By this time in the tapings, Steve doesn't say the "Clock will start after I've finished reading the first question" line anymore.)

GAME #2: Malloys (Warwick, NY; originally from NYC) vs. Singers (whose one-day cash winnings total $995)

(Note: This episode was also taped w/ the blue background logo on the gameboard.)

R1: According to 100 men, name something you pull out. Right away, here's:

#1: Wallet/cash (31)(Ryan)


Scott: Credit card- X
Patricia: Chair- XX
Onjoli (customer services rep/mom): Of the driveway- XXX

Jeannie Steal: Car keys- ALSO WRONG

The rest of these answers are revealed the traditional way (remember, that's not the case anymore starting this season):

#2: Your "knockwurst" (23)
#3: Gun (12)
#4: Nose hair (s)(7)
#5: Shirt (5)
#6: Cork (4)

R2: Name something a prisoner might do that would annoy his cellmate. Beginning w/:

#1: Sing/hum (26)(Scott)


Patricia: Snore- #2 (25)
Onjoli: Whistle- T3 (11)
Ami: Talk all the time- T3 (11)
Ryan: Bite- X
Scott: Use the restroom while they're in there- XX
Patricia: Cutting the cheese all the time- #5 (10)
Onjoli: Move around a lot- XXX

Jeannie Steal #2 (for 83 & the lead): Cry- NO (Singers: 114)(#6: "Hit on him")(4)

Double: Name something Noah's wife probably griped about when she was on his arc. Jump-in response (s):

#2: Animal (upkeep)(25)(Harry)
DUD: Cooking (Patricia)


Jessica (a Chinese buffet waitress that did a workout related to this show in a gym daily & lost 40 pounds!): Rain- X
Annemarie (nursing home volunteer): Tight quarters- XX
Jeannie: Working too much- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 50): She was seasick- BA (3)(164)

#1: Smell (47)
#3: No time alone w/ her (7)
#4: Noise (5)
OTHER BA: Getting out (3)

Triple: Name something you might see people pushing down the street. I've got at least one good idea:

#1: Stroller (61)(Onjoli)


Ami: Grocery cart- #2 (27)
Ryan: (Broken down)- #3 (8)
Scott: Trash/garbage can- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE SHUTOUT! (2)(458)

Unaccounted challenger: Danny

FM #2:

1. Name a holiday/occasion when people make fools of themselves.
2. Tell me the youngest age when people should start to get married.
3. Tell me a word that rhymes w/ "dork".
4. Name a musical instrument you blow into.
5. Name something a mom would send her kids into the bathroom to do.

1. Christmas- 2
2. 25- 19
3. Pork- 26
4. Trumpet- 40
5. Pee- 18
TOTAL- 105

1. April Fool's Day- 10
2. 21- 11
3. Snork
4. Flute- 20
5. Clean- 47
TOTAL- 193 ($965)

They have a two-game total of $1,960.


1. New Year's Eve
2. 20
3. Fork

WoF: The next time the Winnebago will be offered should be on Wheel Across America Week, set to air on Apr. 16-20.

$1K T-U: Food & Drink

_ R E S H

C O C O N U T / M I L K

Denise barely drinks some FRESH COCONUT MILK. Let's see who's feasting tonight here on the "Wheel":

Denise Hipskind (Alexander, AR; originally from Michigan)- A realtor married to builder Shawn for nearly six yrs. w/ three kids (aged from one to three)
Paula Brown (Germantown, TN)- A teacher who frequently volunteers at her daughter's school (Dogwood Elementary) & stay-at-home mom/homemaker
Gus Lopez (L.A.)- A regional sales manager for a local car company who has a nine-year-old son named Gus III; both are red belts in Tae Kwon Do

$2K T-U: Person

_ E A _ O N E D

_ E T _ R _ N

Paula's a SEASONED VETERAN, at least for the moment.

Tuesday's Featured Resort: Maui Kai on Kaanapali Beach w/ Piholo Beach Zipline tickets from Hotwire.com ($5,994)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: Maui Jim

IHOP Jackpot Round: Quotation

Paula doesn't give a good first spin of the wheel whatsoever, as it stops on the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Second, Gus calls two S's for $400 each & a $550 T, buys two E's, makes the call of four N's for 2,200 more bucks & buys three A's, then he calls a dud in M while on the Jackpot. Third, Denise calls five L's to get the WC, two G's for $1K & the green 1/2 KIA, then after four I's, two $550 D's & an O, she duds out w/ R. Paula then calls the $500 P & the $1,800 pair of P's...

L E A P / T A L L

B _ I L D I N G S

I N / A / S I N G L E

B O _ N D

...& exactly recites the Superman intro line "LEAP TALL BUILDINGS IN A SINGLE BOUND" to keep the additional $2,300.

DUDS: $500 M (Gus), $600 R (Denise)

Current Scores:

Gus: $0/Denise: $1K (WC)/Paula: $4,300

Mystery Round: Before & After

Gus guesses four S's that are in the puzzle for $1,200 to start his stake for the round off, then he buys three E's & gets the same 1/2 KIA w/ a $1K T couple, after which comes a stopper letter of M. Second, Denise says an R while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge...& picks up the $10K! After that are a $900 P, two O's but then a dud of A. Over to Paula, who picks the $300 L & $400 B prior to her Losing a Turn. Gus follows suit by calling the $300 D but fails to claim the other 1/2 KIA w/ the C. That gives Denise a chance to solve for $10,400...

S T _ _ T

D O _ B L E


...& she does it w/ a STUNT DOUBLE ESPRESSO to also keep control!

DUDS: A (Denise), $500 C (Gus), $450 M (Gus)
SOLE LaT: Paula

Current Scores:

Gus: $0/Denise: $11,400 (WC)/Paula: $4,300

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

She next puts up a $400 N, a $300 R & buys three E's before trying to solve this already...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E / &

_ _ N _ _ - _ R E E

...& she nails "FOOTLOOSE" & "FANCY-FREE" for the remaining $450 & a trip to NOT The Big Apple, but the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa Valley worth $9,250.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: HP2801620 (Hillary P.)

Current Scores:

Guy: NIL/Denise: $21,100 in cash & Napa (WC)/Paula: $4,300

$3K T-U: TV Title

_ A Y S / _ F

_ _ _ / _ _ _ E S

Denise's up to $24,100 after getting "DAYS OF OUR LIVES".

R4: Occupation

Two $400 T's get her going, then she spins the other regular Bankrupt to lose her WC & eight bills. Second for Paula are a $1K R pairing, an $1,800 H quartet, two E's in the fourth & final word & the same number of C's for eight more Benjamins...

H _ _ H / _ C H _ _ _

A R T / T E A C H E R

...& she does indeed solve HIGH SCHOOL ART TEACHER to add $3,350 to her current winnings & start the next round.


Current Scores:

Gus: NADA/Denise: $24,100 in cash & NV/Paula: $7,650

Last Chance Round: Show Biz

The next-best Speed-Up consonant amount of $1,900's set. After two F's from Paula...

B _ _ / _ F F _ C _

B L _ C _ B _ S T _ R

...she's $7,600 happier w/ a BOX OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER.

DUDS: D (Gus), N (Paula), P (Denise)

Final Scores:

Gus: $1K GOOSEEGG/Denise: $24,100 in cash & CA/Paula: $15,250
GT: $40,350


Big Money Round #110: Denise spins the second A of AMERICA'S.

Subject: People

Nearly half the puzzle's given to this good champ at the beginning:

_ _ _ S / _ _

_ L L / _ _ E S

DPMA gives her at least the A's at the bottom...

_ _ D S / _ _

A L L / A _ E S

...& a D up top- KIDS OF ALL AGES see her win $30K for a final cash/vacation total of $54,100!

J!: Tonight's base board as this Tourney February concludes for the program:


$200 The Short Form answer:

When a Brit tells you to hold on "arf a mo", "mo" is short for this word.

Justin: "What is a moment?"- CORRECT ($200)


It's what "pro" & "am" are short for in the at&t Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Brooks: "What are professional & amateur?"- NAILED IT ($400)


Rather than meaning the chip company, "Intel" is probably short for this in news stories about Langley (which is the current production company name for "COPS").

Brooks: "What is intelligence?"- RIGHT ($1K)


You've nailed it if you know this short form's most often paired w/ "mani".

Justin: "What is petty?"- YES INDEED ($1K)

Last clue there:

If you throw "cat" around, you may hear from the Peoria company that trademarked it.

Justin: "What is Caterpillar?"- DOUBLE ($2K)

$200 City Folk:

She was the oldest of the novel-writin' Bronte sisters.

Justin: "What is Charlotte?"- RIGHT ($2,200)


He plays Will Turner in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Patrick: "Who is Orlando Bloom?"- RIGHT ($400)

First from Drum & Drummer:

Aka a side drum, this small, double-haded drum has a reverberating effect; "catch" my drift, man?

Justin: "What is a bongo drum?"- INCORRECT ($2K)
Patrick: "What is a snare drum?"- CORRECT ($600)


Purdue's marching band boasts the world's largest drum of this type; it's more than 10 feet high when mounted.

Brooks: "What is a bass drum?"- YES ($1,400)


This pair of cymbals is mounted on a rod so the upper cymbal can be lifted & dropped on the lower by means of a pedal.

Patrick: "What is a hi-hat?"- DOUBLE ($1,200)


Ears to these six-to-12 inch cymbals that share their name w/ a Darryl Hannah film; listen.

Patrick: "What is 'Splash'?"- RIGHT ($2K)


Bongos, conga drums & floor are types of this double-named drum.

Patrick: "What are tom-toms?"- RIGHT ($3K)

First TV Show Characters:

Alan & Jake Harper, Berta

Justin: "What is 'Two and a Half Men'?"- CORRECT ($2,200)


Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Sheldon Cooper

Justin: "What is 'The Big Bang Theory'?"- RIGHT ($2,600)

$600 (last clue before the break):

Captain McNeil, Detective Crocker, Detective Stavros

Justin: "What is 'Chips'?- NO ($2K)
Brooks: "What is 'Kojak'?"- CORRECT ($2K)

$600 City Folk clue:

She served between William Barr & John Ashcroft.

Patrick: "Who is Janet Reno?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


Mr. Clift who starred in "A Place in the Sun".

Justin: "Who is Montgomery?"- RIGHT ($2,800)


DAILY DOUBLE! To double up to $5,600 so far this night, here's his clue:

Last name of the first Democratic President elected after The Civic War.

"Who is (Lyndon B.) Johnson?"...WASN'T it; he was Grover Cleveland.

$800 TV Show Characters:

Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Ted Mosby

Justin: "What is 'How I Met Your Mother'?"- RIGHT ($800)


Nancy & Shane Botwin, Doug Wilson

Justin: "What is 'Weeds'?"- RIGHT ($1,800)

First on The Dewey Decimal System:

This branch of Philosophy's found under 160; Mr. Spock would approve.

Justin: "What is Physics?"- NO ($1,600)
Patrick: "What is Logic?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


The 800s are Literature, w/ 810 being Lit in English from this nation.

Patrick: "What is England?"- WRONG ($3,400)


$200 Baby, I Think We're Gonna Make It:

He referred to Edith, his wife of 55 yrs., as his Luthien, a beautiful princess from Middle-Earth.

Patrick: "Who was (J.R.) Tolkien?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


She wed her beloved Albert in 1840 & never remarried after his 1860 death, though she outlived him by nearly 40 yrs.

Justin: "Who is Queen Victoria?"- CORRECT ($2K)

In the middle:

He stayed married to Dolley from 1794 to his death in 1836.

Patrick: "Who is Madison?"- RIGHT ($4,200)


Rachel Isum wed this baseball player in 1946 & after his '72 death created his foundation.

Justin: "Who is Lou Gehrig?"- NO ($1,200)
Patrick: "Who is (Roberto) Clemente?"- ALSO NOT RIGHT ($3,400)

TS #2: Jackie Robinson

For a grand:

She partnered w/ George in 1922 & they married in '26; after her '64 death, George never remarried.

Brooks: "Who is Gracie Allen?"- YES ($3K)

Middle clue on The Dewey Decimal System:

020 is for this "science" of which the numbers themselves are an important part.

Justin: "What is Numerology?"- WRONG AGAIN ($600)

TS #3: Library Science


The 220s cover the entire Bible, w/ 227 covering just The New Testament letters known by this name.

Patrick: "What are Apostles?"- RIGHT ($4,200)

Final clue this round:

The 370s cover books on education, including Louanne Johnson's "My Posse Didn't Do..." this.

TS #4: "Homework"

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $1K (The Dewey Decimal System)

Lineup for Double J!:

"D" IS FOR...

First Poetic Last Line:

T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" ends by telling us the world "...ends not with a bang but..." w/ this.

Patrick: "What is a whimper?"- YOU BET ($4,600)

Opening "D" clue:

This game that calls the pieces remaining after the draw "the boneyard".

Patrick: "What is Dominoes?"- RIGHT ($5K)


This "explosive" combo, a shot of Schnapps in a glass of beer.

TS #5: Depth Charge


This five-letter term for a duck (is also the name of a hit musical artist).

Justin: "What is Drake?"- TRIPLE ($1,800)


The Diavel model & also this maker that says the muscular bike's "Hard to be seen, easy to be noticed".

Patrick: "Who is Ducati?"- RIGHT ($6,600)


This Latin title of Oscar Wilde's really long letter from prison to Lord Alfred Douglas.

TS #6: "De Profundis"

$400 Canada's Walk of Fame answer:

Since 1998, the Walk of Fame has honored 137 Canadians w/ stars along King & Simcoe Streets in this Ontario city.

Brooks: "What is Ottawa?"- NO ($2,600)
Justin: "What is Toronto?"- YES ($2,200)


A certain quiz-show host & this British Columbia-born "Baywatch" babe both got stars in '06.

Justin: "Who is Pam(ela) Anderson?"- OF COURSE ($3K)


The Walk includes this Letterman music man, a native of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Justin: "Who is Paul Shaffer?"- RIGHT ($4,200)


This Quebec-based circus troupe got a star in 2002.

Justin: "What is Cirque de Soleil?"- RIGHT ($5,800)

For the Sweep:

In 2000, The Walk honored Joni Mitchell & this other Canadian music icon who had a "Heart of Gold".

Brooks: "Who is Neil Young?"- GOT HIM ($4,600)

$800 Poetic Last Line:

DD #1! To add two thou:

"Poems are made by fools like me...", Joyce Kilmer justly wrote, "...but only God can..." do this.

"What is make a tree?"...$6,600!

$1,200 one:

He asked (w/ "experience") "What immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry?".

Justin: "Who is (William) Blake?"- CORRECT ($7K)


"Rage, rage against the dying of the light..." is one of his pieces of parting advice.

Justin: "Who was Dylan Thomas?"- RIGHT ($8,600)

Final one:

Byron lamented "The day returns too soon/yet we'll go no more a-roving by..." this.

Brooks: "What is The Moon?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($4,600)

TS #7: The light of The Moon

First Before & After:

Early 18th Century Russian Czar for whom Linus waits on Halloween night.

Justin: "Who is Peter the Great Pumpkin?"- RIGHT ($9K)


Pair of Disney chipmunks, one of whom's a popular NASCAR driver.

Justin: "Who is Chip & Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?"- I SHOULD THINK SO ($9,800)


Retired longtime CNN talk show host who's the world's largest venomous snake.

Justin: "Who is Larry King Cobra?"- OF COURSE ($11K)


The "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" battle site's the setting for a 1980s ensemble cop drama.

Brooks: "What is Bunker 'Hill Street Blues'?"- CORRECT ($6,200)

$400 Work of Art:

He was living in Brittany when he painted "The Yellow Christ", so it features Breton women, not Tahitian ones.

Justin: "Who was (Paul) Gauguin?"- RIGHT ($11,400)


At The Louvre, the ancient comb, a duck-shaped ox & a virgin & child are some of the works carved from this material (which is also the name of a famous soap & a former three-time WWE Women's Champion).

Patrick: "What is Ivory?"- RIGHT ($7,400)

$400 Body Works:

Most digits in the human body contain three phalanges, but these have only two.

Patrick: "What are thumbs?"- YEP ($7,800)


You've gone meta- you've got metacarpals & these other bones, too.

Brooks: "What are metatarsals?"- YEAH ($7K)


Because it contains this fluid, the knee can be classified as this type of joint.

TS #8: Synovial


Feel the pulse of life, your life, in these arteries that supply blood to the head.

Patrick: "What are carotid arteries?"- RIGHT ($9,400)


About eight feet long, this part of the small intestine connects the duodenum to the ileum.

TS #9: Jejunum

Last Before & After:

A seven-time women's singles Wimbledon champ takes to the skies as a German rigid airship.

TS #10: Steffi Graf Zeppelin

Middle Work of Art:

LAST DD OF THIS TOURNEY PERIOD! He goes for another grand.

Like a Rodin work, a carving by Brancusi of two lovers embracing's called this.

NO idea from him; it was "The Kiss".

$1,600 clue from Jimmy Maguire:

In "The School of Athens", Rafael depicted many of the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, including Pythagoras, Socrates & these two philosophers- teacher & student.

Brooks: "What are Plato & Aristotle?"- NAILED 'EM ($8,600)

Last clue before the Final:

In this artist's "Woman with a Velvet Ribbon", the ribbon's wrapped around her elongated neck.

TS #11: Amedeo Modigliani

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $2K (Poetic Last Lines)

Heading into Final J! Tonight:

Brooks: $8,600
Justin: $11,400
Patrick: $8,400


Brooks: $7,400
Justin: $14,200
Patrick: $9,400


Brooks: $16,400
Justin: $22,600
Patrick: $22K

FJ! CATEGORY: The 1960s.

On nominating this man in 1967, LBJ said "It is the right thing to do, the right time to do it, the right man & the right place".

Let's remind you of last night's scores:

Brooks: $5,800
Justin: $4,799
Patrick: $5,589

Patrick Quinn's last question was "Who is T. Marshall?"...he just got it in under the wire & it's a good thing- Thurgood's right! That earns him another $8,311, for $16,711 this evening & a final total of $22,300. Brooks Humphreys...falls short w/ Abe Fortas, dropping $2K to $6,600 here, $12,400 overall. Justin Hofstetter needed to have gotten this clue right & have wagered at least $8,102...

...but Robert Kennedy costs him 10 big ones, so he leaves w/ the $25K after finishing this finale w/ $6,199 & PATRICK WINS THE $100K!

Millionaire Tuesday:

Conclusion of Mike Rowe's Game for Charity

George Elias' Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Family Feud", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "The Price is Right"


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