Judge Ve Neill couldn't be in attendance tonight, but this finalist is as this season's champ...


"Survivor: Phillippines" 10/31

The merger occurs tonight; they're now as Dangrayne.

First Individual Immunity Challenge: Hang onto a bar & rope attached to a bucket filled w/ 25% of one's body weight.

Men Elimination Order:
1. Michael
2. Pete
3. Jonathan
4. Malcolm
5. Artis
WINNER- Carter

Women EO:
1. Lisa
2. RC
WINNER- Denise

TC #7: Jonathan used his Hidden Immunity Idol...GOOD MOVE- he would've been out w/ five votes. Instead...RC becomes the first jury member over Pete, 4-2.

10/31 Quick News & Notes

-The rest of this week's "Millionaire" tapings have been cancelled due to obvious reasons.
-Two Reg Grundy Productions staffers have passed away- Jim "James" Marcione & Mitt Dawson.
-Steve Harvey was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday.
-"Anderson Live!" will be cancelled after this season.
-A sunflower seed or a marble could win you some Quickie Deal money tomorrow.

Various sources contributed to this report.

"Dancing" changes need to be made

After Sabrina Bryan was severely let down by the home viewer votes last night for the second time in a six-year span on October 30, I honestly think changes need to be made to avoid making "Dancing with the Stars" a popularity contest. Here are a few of mine:

-Each week, have the highest scoring couple from the judges be given immunity for the week (until the finale, of course). If there's a tie, home viewer votes will decide who gets immunity.
-Each week until the semi-finals, have the two-lowest scoring couples amongst the judges be declared the bottom two for the week. Again, home viewer votes would break any ties, & as before, will factor into deciding who goes home.
-If a team gets all 1's from the judging panel during a regular routine, they should be disqualified from the competition.

Halloween '12 Results

LMaD: Wayne plays Run DMC, Jonathan's a "Star Trek" character, Tiffany's a hippie & Cat's a gorilla. Each of the first three featured items today have a costume inside a costume bag as a clue.

Glyness' R (#1- pajamas)(CURTAIN #2): $1,200- Bedroom ($3,797)
Marcia's R (a retail store worker dressed as a dragonfly)(#2- U.K. flag)(SB): GO ON ($1.5K)- Five-night holiday to London ($8K)
Alexander's R (Santa fork)(#3- pirate)(CURTAIN #1): $2K- Duct-tape sailboat

Jeremy (pepper) plays Bobbing for Apples for a Chevrolet Sonic Sedan (Std., Paint) worth $14,855 (CURTAIN #3). Remember, he needs to either bob that ZONK twice in a row right away or accumulate $1K to buy the automobile.

1. $300
3. $100 ($700)
4. $200 ($900)


Erica & Nathaniel (banana) play "My Husband Sounds Like a...".

1. CAT- CAT ($1K)
2. GHOST- GHOST ($1.5K)

TBR (SB): GO- Puerto Rico honeymoon ($6,022)


Markus (caveman) takes a gaze into the Crystal Ball Deal.

News Choice for BB: Good- MORE THAN ONE ITEM
DECISION: GO ($800)- Small kitchen w/ Halloween serving tray ($4,197)

DECISION: GO BECAUSE OF HIS WIFE (haunted cuckoo clock)

Holly (witch) plays Smash for Ca$h.

1. #3 (purple)- BUCK
2. #5 (orange)- IN THE PENALTY
3. #8 (orange)- BUCK
4. #7 (red)- $3 ($5; $2K)- STOP

#1 & #10 were football helmet-shaped pigs, #2 was the other orange one, #4 was the other red one, pig #6 was pink & #9 was the other purple.

Mark's Fast Deal Decision (a guy dressed as a toilet paper mummy because he was running out of time coming up w/ a costume while in the bathroom): SB (Jonathan)- Ford Fiesta S (CURTAIN #3)(Number of candy pieces in a bucket at $10 apiece: 150)(nice leap into that car, man!)

Breanna's FD Decision (swimming teacher): Big Daddy's Chocolate Bar- $4.5K (BB: Motorcycle vacuum)


BD #28: On their one-yr. wedding anniversary, Erica selects DOOR #3 for her & Nathaniel...they've doubled up in the vacation department & are now headed to the Bay Gardens Resort in St. Lucia ($6,670) & the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens in Croatia ($18,096)!

#1- Pool table & LG 32" LED HDTV ($4,149)
#2 (which Nathaniel wanted to pick)- $6,613 (revealed second)

Reyna wants to make a homemade Halloween card for Tiffany on the spot, but that's NOT allowed when $500's on the line. Jonathan then gives three other traders a chance to win $200 each if they can write a long word that Wayne doesn't know the meaning of &/or can't rap about. Angelica (baby) succeeds, but Christopher fails miserably when trying MISSISSIPPI.

And remember, Money in the Bank debuts tomorrow.

TPiR: Their Halloween special this season has a carnival theme. The powers that be first call for Wendy Makin (The Big Wheel), Ronny Little (hillbilly construction worker), Krista Scoby & Michael Ladue. For this morning's intro only, "Come on Down" is replayed w/ "Step Right Up". The IUFB list starts w/ the Playcraft skee-ball table (Amber behind splitting sign as a bearded woman).

Wendy: $550/Ronny: $895/Krista: $950/Michael: $600

ARP: $849

This Michael from Ithaca, NY (but goes to college in L.A. as a TV/Radio student) plays Punch-a-Bunch (Rachel lifts up the GPT as a strongwoman; Manuela holding the bill as a snake charmer). After not having one punched at all last season (its first w/ the new money breakdown), a $10K slip's been found once so far this season.

Chef'sChoice waffle cone maker ($95): LOWER- $70
Cuisinart ice cream machine ($129): LOWER- $90
Nostalgia Electronics churros maker ($17): HIGHER- $25
N.E. snow cone maker ($75): LOWER- $50

#28: $10K- INSTANT BAILOUT (the board doesn't light up this time)
#13: $5K
#10: $100
#35: $250 (revealed third)

Kristi Amick (Katy Perry) comes on up to CR & the second IUFB will be a quartet of PartyCity costumes (George behind rising sign).

Wendy: $350/Ronny: $500/Krista: $501/KRISTI: $450

ARP: $972

Krista plays Shopping Spree w/ a $7K goal for a DELL desktop (Rachel), a BMS The Legend 150 (Rachel), some Prada accessories (Amber) & the Summit propane gas grill (Amber).

1. Scooter- $1,648
2. Accessories- $3,795 ($5,443)
FINAL PURCHASE: Grill- $2,049 (Computer: $880)

Ron Jarman (Snoop Dogg spoof) leaves his spooky seat sixth & the third GUFB's an Inspire FT1 home gym (Manuela & Rachel).

Wendy: $2.5K/Ronny: $2,550/RON: $1,900/Kristi: $800

ARP: $2,895

Ronny (a retired pole dancer from Garden Grove, CA) plays Super Pick-a-Number (Manuela) for a Honda Civic Sedan AT (Std., Remote)(Amber). Board:

$ 1 9 , _ 1 8


He takes a shot at it w/ the seven...missed it completely.

Ronny ($2,895): 65 + 45 = OVER BY A DIME
Krista ($9,344): THREE QUARTERS
Michael ($11,084): TWO $.35's

Shane Fone (Hans) exits from the right side of the Peanut Gallery & cue some more carnival music for the fourth one-bid package, a 13-piece The Art of Shaving kit.

Wendy: $626/SHANE: $525/Ron: $600/Kristi: $625

ARP: $596

Shane won't play Cliff-Hangers, but he is playing Pl!nko!

SPs (Manuela):
Soft-felt goldfish treat bag ($45): 5- $15
Motive four-piece candle set ($21): 2- $24
Eight-count Wilson cookie pan ($30): 0- $10
1K-watt fog machine ($40): 4- $70

THE CHIPS (Rachel):
1. DUD (Left)
2. $500 (Left)
3. $1K (Right)
4. $1K (Left)- $2.5K

Paige Shmuley (peace lady) needs to report to CR so that she can join the action on the bidding of the next IUFB, a SONY camcorder (George's podium; he's dressed as a contortionist).

Wendy: $901/PAIGE: $799/Ron: $900/Kristi: $650

Kristi from Clarksville, TN just got a $500 bonus & plays Double Prices for a six-night trip to the Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter in New Orleans (Amber).

Prices: $9,503 & $7,817
PICK: $7,817

Wendy's in VERY SPOOKY trouble as Harriet Ely (who's wearing an afro) gets called out last; the final IUFB's a pair of Lucien Paccard watches on that giant snake that Manuela happens to be wearing.

Wendy: $850/Paige: $550/Ron: $1,101/HARRIET: $1,100

Wendy (who just turned 20 & has been a LFaT since she was four) defies the odds, wins the $900 watches & plays the Rat Race for a party tyme karaoke package (Amber), a 50" 3-D wi-fi-ready HDTV (Amber) &/or a Scion xB (Rachel pushes the split wall).

Rat Lane Assignments:
#1: Pink
#2: Yellow
#3: Blue
#4: Orange
#5: Green

SPs (Manuela):
Bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins: $3: BULLSEYE- CAPTURES GREEN RAT
Oster toaster oven: $45: $50- CAPTURES PINK RAT
Hamilton Beach stand mixer: $125: $250

Karaoke: Green- WIN
TV: Pink- WIN
SCION: Orange

SCSD #2:
Shane: 60 + QUARTER = $.85
Wendy: 65 + HALF-DOLLAR = OVER BY $.15
Kristi: 70 + 20 = $.90 (currently w/ $8,967 in cash & prizes)

Door #1- Popcorn cart, cotton candy machine & arcade basketball game (Amber)
Door #2- Jeep Wrangler (Rachel)



Left of Door #3- Five-night trip to Rio (Manuela)
Door #3- FIAT 500 Pop AT (Amber; George's in the trunk)



Krista's treats total $43,168.


Meredith's dressed as a cat while our player Jason Hoffman from Virginia Beach's dressed as her! Also on the set for this afternoon only, there's a graveyard w/ some of those unlucky players who wiped out in their games written on the tombstones.

Pre-Randomized Menu: Skinternet, Catchy Tune, Miss Hospitality, Imaginary Boundaries, OK Bayou?, Novel Ending, Other Works, Wealthy Woman, Animal Counties & Spooky Passing
Final Slate: Miss Hospitality, Catchy Tune, Novel Ending, OK Bayou?, Other Works, Imaginary Boundaries, Animal Counties, Wealthy Woman, Skinternet & Spooky Passing

1. According to a tell-all book by her daughter, Martha Stewart would turn off the lights & pretend she wasn't home during what holiday?

A: St. Patrick's Day
B: Halloween
C: Thanksgiving
D: Easter

FA: Halloween- $3K

2. A hit '80s song declares "Everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody but, everybody cut, everybody everybody cut..." what?

A: "Sledgehammer"
B: "Mickey"
C: "Footloose"
D: "Ghostbusters"

FA: "Footloose"- $25K ($28K)

3. While his most famous literary creation sleeps in a coffin, what author was cremated after he died & had his ashes put in an urn?

A: Washington Irving
B: Jules Verne
C: Bram Stoker
D: Arthur Conan Doyle

FA: Bram Stoker- $2K ($30K)

4. Which of these Louisiana-based reality shows is about a family of self-described "redneck" millionaires?

A: "Swamp People"
B: "Rat Bastards"
C: "Cajun Pawn Stars"
D: "Duck Dynasty"

FA: "Duck Dynasty"- $7K ($37K)

His wife Nicole (in the audience) is wearing a clown nose.

5. Filed in 1992, what pop star's a credited inventor on Patent No. 5,255,452 or "Method and Means for Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion"?

A: Michael Jackson
B: Prince
C: Mick Jagger
D: George Harrison


6. On a globe, what imaginary line marks the southern boundary of the North Frigid Zone?

A: The Tropic of Cancer
B: The Equator
C: The Arctic Circle
D: The Prime Meridian

FA: The Arctic Circle- $500 ($37.5K)

7. California's Mariposa County got its name from Spanish explorers who discovered huge numbers of what creatures there?

A: Bullfrogs
B: Turtles
C: Butterflies
D: Snakes

OTHER BATQ USED (A: Butterflies)- $15K

8. Called "the youngest self-made female billionaire in history by Forbes, Sara Blakely made a fortune after creating what company?

A: Neutrogena
B: American Apparel
C: Spanx
D: Baby Einstein

FA: Spanx- $10K ($47.5K)

9. According to facebook's standards on nude images, what body parts can be posted if they're on a man & not a woman?

A: Shoulders
B: Ears
C: Nipples
D: Knees

FA: Nipples- $5K ($52.5K)

For $53.5K: Which of these famous figures died on Halloween?

A: Alfred Hitchcock
B: Harry Houdini
C: Dr. Jack Kevorkian
D: Edgar Allan Poe


A: 11%
B: 63%
C: 2%
D: 24%

FA: Houdini- YEAH

CM #15:

$100K (In the Dictionary): Though it sounds like an event for bald men hoping to achieve their dreams, rogaining is actually a what?

A: Cooking method
B: Folk dance
C: Outdoor sport
D: Chess move

FA (after getting it down to folk dance & outdoor sport): Folk dance- WRONG ONE & LOSES $28.5K

Q of the Day: Once believed to be the time when witches appear, what time of day's known as the "witching hour"?

A: Dusk
B: Dawn
C: Noon
D: Midnight

A: Midnight

$1K Contestant #15: Allen Edwards (a 32-yr.-old MTA track worker in NYC)

A new race called "Run For Your Lives" has runners competing an obstacle course while dodging volunteers dressed as what?

A: Grizzly bears
B: Aliens
C: Sharks
D: Zombies

FA: Zombies- WIN

Family Feud:

GAME #1: Nelsons (Warren, RI) vs. Datchers ($995 after a heartbreaking first episode of theirs)

R1: According to 100 married ladies, what would you do if it was 3 AM & your husband was still not home? I have a couple ideas:

#1: Call/text him (48)(Margaret)


Phyllis: Look for him- BA (2)
Marie: Lock him out of the house- BA (2)
Korliss: Call his friends- T3 (12)
Kelvin: Go back to sleep- T3 (12)
Margaret: Check w/ hospital (or police) for accident- #2 (16)
Phyllis: Wait up for him- #5 (6)
Marie: Put his clothes out- X
Korliss: Call family members- XX
Kelvin: Watch TV- XXX

Pattie Steal (for 96; she's been the director of finance & computers for Meals on Wheels of RI): Call his favorite hangout- NO (Other BA: Worry)(2)

R2: Name something a person sitting next to you in a restaurant that might ruin your appetite. The appetizer(s) in terms of guesses for this round:

#1: Blow chunks (34)(Phyllis)

DUD- Talk too loud (Diane)

Marie: Run out- X
Korliss: Dig in/blow their nose- T2 (12)

Kelvin: Burp/belch- T2 (12)
Margaret: Pick teeth- XX

Phyllis: Cough on you- #7 (3)
Marie: Somebody else eating off your plate- XXX

Pattie Steal #2 (for 61): See somebody chewing w/ their mouth open- ALSO NOT THERE (Datchers: 157)

#4: Smoke (9)
#5: Fart (8)
#6: Sneeze (4)

Double: Name something a husband doesn't want to share w/ his wife. This could give the current champs their safety net when they triple the points:

#1: Secrets/affairs/past (21)(Susan; she said girlfriend)

#5: Food/dessert (8)(Marie)

Mike (a technical writer & former Navy subarmine radioman when he got out of HS): Driving- X
Kristin (works for Senator Whitehouse): Remote control/TV- #3 (10
Pattie: $$$- #2 (16)
Diane: Sheets- XX
Susan: What he does at work- XXX

Margaret Steal (for another 110 & safety net): Time- ALSO NOT IT (#4: Toothbrush)(9)

Triple: Name something you'd hate to lose at the mall. Should be for the game:

$$$/wallet (44)(Korliss)


Kelvin: Children- #2 (18)
Margaret: Car parking spot- X
Phyllis: (Car) keys- #4 (9)
Marie: Bags- XX
Korliss: Cellphone- WIN! (18)(424)


1. Name an occupation whose members probably hear a lot of unbelievable stories.
2. Name something you can rent.
3. Name an exercise HS gym teachers make you do.
4. Name the hour 16-yr.-olds should be home from a date.
5. Name something a baseball player might be holding during a game.

1. Police- 32
2. House- 23
3. Jumping jacks- 39
4. 10 PM- 19
5. Bat- 45
TOTAL- 158

1. Judges- 31
2. Automobile- 38; WIN AT 227!
3. Running
4. 9 PM (Top answer: 11 PM)
5. Ball

(Note: The ding didn't sound at the start of the FM instant replay.)

CAR G #7: Littletons (Lawrenceville, GA) vs. Sudduths (whose four-day cash winnings total $3,340; if they do win the Edge CUV today, Tom needs to be very careful walking over there)

R1: According to 100 guys, if you were a lady, what do you think would be the hardest part about pregnant? According to the following:

#1: Labor/giving birth (29)(Tom)

DUD- Backaches (Mandi)

Carolyn: Cravings- X
Cecilia: Morning sickness- #3 (24)
Dana: Dealing w/ the weight gain- #2 (26)
Marshan: Going to the gynecologist- #7 (2; all doctors count)
Tom: Attitudes/mood shifts- T6 (3)
Carolyn: Big belly- XX
Cecilia: Nose swelling- XXX

Mandi Steal (for 84): Constantly having to go tinkle- T6 (3)(#4: Sleeping)(12)

R2: Another 100 men were asked to name something of their neighbors' you'd like to borrow because it's better than yours. Starter(s):

#1: Car (27)(Carolyn)
#2: Lawnmower (23)(Morgan)

Cecilia: Wife/mate- BA (3)
Dana: House- X
Marshan: BBQ grill- BA (3)
Tom: Tool kit- #3 (18)
Carolyn: Job/occupation- XX
Cecilia: Golf clubs/equipment- XXX

Mandi Steal #2 (for 74 more): TV- MISS (#4: Tractor)(13)

Double: When doing a love scene, name a reason an actress might refuse to kiss his co-star. Going on the big board first:

#1: Bad breath (60)(Laura)
#2: He's ugly (6)(Cecilia)


Ashley (a special effects makeup artist who also teaches at a makeup & modeling school in Atlanta): She's married/in a relationship- BA (3)
Katie (a manager at a retail giant; Steve impersonates a typical retail store PA person on her microphone): He's sweaty/stinks- T3 (5)
Mandi: He or she is sick- BA (3)
Morgan: He has no chemistry- X
Laura: He has lots of facial hair- XX

Ashley: It's against her religion- XXX

Tom Steal (for 154 extra & the lead): He's been a jerk & acted inappropriately w/ her- LAST BA (3)(228)(T3: Cold sore)(5; they also said that)

FOR LIKELY THE RIDE: Name a place a hubby goes w/ his wife where he'd prefer to wait in the car. Big face-off here:

#1: Mall/store (64)(Ashley)

Katie: Doctor's office/gynecologist- #3 (10)
Mandi: Parent/teacher conferences- X
Morgan: Movie theater- XX
Laura: Hair/beauty salon- #2 (15)

Ashley: Parents' house- SECOND CAR LOSS OF THE WEEK (3)(360)

FM #2:

1. Name a kind of worker who might see people sunbathing nude in their own backyard.
2. Besides people, name something you can't live without.
3. How old's too old for a kid to be breastfeeding?
4. Name a device used for cutting.
5. Name a vehicle you yield to when the siren's on.

1. Roofer- 14
2. Cellphone- 2
3. Five- 7
4. Scissors- 33
5. Police car- 10

1. Landscaper- 22
2. Air- 7
3. Three- 23
4. Knife- 45
5. Ambulance- 52
TOTAL- 218

1. Utility lineman
2. Food
3. Two


Intro Flashback Moment (10/27/03): Vanna's kids Niko & Giovanna coming out in costume at the end of the episode

$1K T-U: What Are You Doing?

H _ W _ _ _ G / A T

T _ _ / _ _ O N

After Jonathan's HOWLING AT THE MOON at the right time, we meet him & his competition:

Jonathan Carroll (Moorehead, KY)- A pharmaceutical sales representative married to Christina w/ two kids who wants to run a triathlon in every state (he's down seven so far)
Joyce Bell (L.A.; originally from Cleveland)- A USC athletics compliance director who likes to try out new restaurants (especially those that serve Italian &/or cheese dishes)
Kyle Berner (Raleigh, NC)- A pharmaceutical research project manager married to Samantha w/ a 2.5 yr.-old-son who's also a part of the board of directors for a non-profit big cat sanctuary

tweetstakes Puzzle #3 (Fictional Characters):

_ N C L _ / B _ N / A N _

A _ N T / _ A Y

$2K T-U: Show Biz

S _ _ G E

_ _ _ G _ T

Kyle doesn't have STAGE FRIGHT at this point.

Featured Trip: Hotel Monteleone w/ Haunted History Tour ($5,040)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: PartyCity
1/2 CAR of the Week: smart car

IHOP Jackpot Round: Event

Kyle FPs two E's, calls three T's for $1,800 (w/ one at the end), buys an A & calls a couple of $500 S's while on the Jackpot plus four $300 N's & a $450 G. But he then bobbles the A. Jonathan secondly calls the twin C's while on the WC...

_ _ N N _ N G / A

C _ S T _ _ E

C _ N T E S T

...he isn't WINNING A COSTUME CONTEST, but rather a second $1K; he also leads off the next puzzle.

SOLE DQ: Kyle (A repeat)

Current Scores:

Joyce: $0/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $2K WC

Mystery Round: Before & After

Jonathan's off to a $2,800 start via four T's, then he adds three $900 H's, four E's, an A at the end, a $900 S, an O & five I's to finish the vowels off. After that, headed down his trail are a $1K MW F next to the MDW (but the 10 G's were there), a $500 R for the party supply package, a $500 G for the 1/2 CAR next to $900 & a $1K N while on the other MW. Now, we go to that puzzleboard...

T H E / _ I _ _ E _

_ I T _ H / O F / T H E

_ E S T

_ I R G I N I A

...& solves THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST VIRGINIA for another $9,400 in cash & prizes.


Current Scores:

Joyce: $0/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $11,400 in cash & tag 1/2 CAR WC

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #33 (Fall '99)(Phrase)(Scott called MCPA):

S _ A _ E / _ T

_ P


Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase (also a pretty big puzzle)

Joyce leads the way w/ three $550 T's but then loses the $1,650 to the Bankrupt next to $650. Second, Kyle collects tres H's for 27 bills, five E's (the sounds effects people sounded the dinging a little too often as the E in the next-to-last spot of the next-to-last word is revealed), trip R's for an extra $2,700 & double S's for seven additional bills, then he's bought a pair of A's and found a $700 W, a $500 F to finish that next-to-last word (FRESHWATER). After buying the other vowels (three O's & two I's), he loses his turn w/ M for muff. Jonathan then calls off the $1K N couplet...

T H E R E ' S

N O T H I N _ / _ I _ E

A / F R E S H W A T E R

_ O O _

...he rightly says "THERE"S NOTHING LIKE A FRESHWATER POOL" to keep the extra dough & a Hotwire.com trip to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten worth $5,417.

SOLE DUD: $550 N (Kyle)

Current Scores:

Joyce: CANDY/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $17,817 in cash & stuff WC

$3K T-U: The 80's (one-wordy):

_ _ _ T _ E J _ _ C E

Kyle yells "BEETLEJUICE" to go to $5K.

Speed-Up: Thing

$1,300 per consonant following Mr. Sajak's (who celebrated his birthday last weekend) Final Spin. After Jonathan's B call...

S T _ D _ _ _

S _ _ R _ B _ _ R D

...he doesn't need to look at their STADIUM SCOREBOARD to know he's sealed the match w/ 3,900 more bucks (that was also in Kyle's bank); Joyce had $2,600.

DUDS: H (Kyle), L (Jonathan), N (Joyce)

Final Scores:

Joyce: $1K CONSOLATION CANDY/Kyle: $5K/Jonathan: $21,717 in cash & merchandise WC
GT: $27,717


Maxwell House Regular BR #31: As Andy said at the start of this week, this week's in-studio car's a Chevy Camaro coupe. Nobody w/ him, so Jonathan spins the C.

Category: Things (Megaword alert):

First on the board:

_ _ _ R E _ _ _ T _ _ N S

DMPOG are said by that man...

_ _ _ R E _ _ _ T _ O N S

...but those end the game. They were ABBREVIATIONS & he loses that Camaro, so $21,717 are his final winnings.

$5K SPIN ID #33: WT2236017



Hillary Meyer (Middletown, NY)- Stay-at-home mom & bloggers
Barry Peterson (El Paso)- Financial risk analyst
CHAMP: Keith Whitener (whose five-day cash winnings total $100,397)

As They Open the Category Coffins:
The AMERICAN HERITAGE dictionary: PAGE 1004

When Keith's told to Name That Speechmaker on its $600 clue, here comes a DD w/ $3,400; Barry has 18 Benjamins & Hillary has four. To give Keith another C-note:

"...& you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog, &...regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep him."

"Who is Richard Nixon?"...$4,400 as they take a break right there. After the board's wiped out, Keith has doubled up Barry $8K-$4K, followed by Hillary w/ $1,200 & the third-place advantage.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Baseball Timelime)

Double J! Slate:
WORDS IN HALLOWEEN (each correct word uses letters in "Halloween")

Barry catches a DD under the second Outside square w/ $6,800, as compared to Keith's $11,600 & Hillary's $5,600. Barry makes this a $2K clue:

Believe it or not, the smooth, soft-shelled species of this reptile can often outrun a man on level ground.

"What is a turtle?"...indeed it is for a new bank of $8,800 & to come within $2,800 of first. W/ all three middle answers left in both World Exploration & Thinking, he also picks off the final one attached to the $1,600 piece of World Exploration w/ $9,200; Hillary has $8,400 & both challengers are hanging in there since Keith's at the $18K mark. Barry's bet this time will be a thou.

On Apr. 9, 1682, this Frenchman reached the mouth of the Mississippi & named the area Louisiana.

Nothing from his mouth; it was La Salle.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,600

Scores After DJ!:
Keith: $16,800
Barry: $9K
Hillary: $7,600- ALL BUT OUT

Keith: $16,400
Barry: $8,800
Hillary: $7,600

FINAL J! SUBJECT: The Constitutional Convention.

New York's delegates were John Lansing, Robert Yates & this Founding Father, the only one of the three who signed.

Response: "Who is (Alexander) Hamilton?" (originally James Monroe)
Wager: $7,100
Final score: $14,700

Barry needs to be right, too...but "Who was (Bill) Clinton?" comes up on his screen, so he leaves w/ $1K at $2.5K & KEITH'S THE SECOND SUPERCHAMP OF THE SEASON!!! It was never in doubt, as Keith was right; he adds $18,001 for a six-night total of $118,398!


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 7
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"

10/30/2012 Results

LMaD: Ashley better not be chicken as her turkey costume might indicate, because she's on a Race to the Finish (using the older card table) for:

#1: $2K (ATM)
#2: Five-night trip to the hotel urbano AT BRICHELL in Miami, FL ($6,170)(TRIP)
#3: Toyota Corolla LE (TOYOTA; I spot her the first T for free)

1. 2 OF HEARTS (TO----)
2. 10 OF DIAMONDS (A--)
3. 9 OF HEARTS (TOY---)
4. 5 OF SPADES (T---)
6. 9 OF CLUBS (X--)
10. 10 OF CLUBS (XX-)

Keith & Heather (an Irish boyfriend/girlfriend couple) are today's featured team.

Rejected by Keith in R1: SE- Massages twice a month for a year ($2,160)
SB (diamonds)- 18-karat Mon Cheri white gold pear-shaped pendant ($5,459)- BAILOUT
BB (his & hers)- Pair of motorscooters ($8,998)
Jonathan's Beige Wallet- BOUNCED CHECK

The Big Deal this morning's a $27,590 Dodge Charger.

Not related to each other are Scott (donkey) & Yolanda ('70s DJ) as they negotiate in the Nine Checks Deal.

Check Choices:
Scott: #6: TRADES FOR CURTAIN #1- Bedroom ($5,484)

Yolanda: #7: REJECTS CURTAIN #2- Home theater ($5,484)

1. $300
2. $900
3. $1,200
4. $600
5. $450
6. $100
7. $500
8. $650
9. $3,100

Joseph (Uncle Sam hat) plays a new deal called World Traveler for a chance to at least go on a three-night getaway to the Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa Valley worth $2,450 (CURTAIN #3). The objective is to select the correct air mileage from LAX to another airport.

SFO (338 or 874?): 338- WIN

He can trade in that first getaway for a chance to win the $4K Panama Tour (all trips shown behind CURTAIN #3), which he does.

PTY (900, 1,308 or 3,010?): 3,010- WIN

The big trip's to...for four nights, the Grand Pineapple Beach Resort in Negril worth $5,696, but he stops.

ANU (1,000, 2,010, 3,671 or 5,110): 3,671- WIN

Time for a crucial Money Envelopes Deal.

$500 R (CURTAIN #1): Alyssa (cowgirl)- Bathtub bunk beds
$1K R (BB): Kyle (who's wearing a belt across his head)- Home office ($3,073)
$2K R (Paul)(CURTAIN #2): NO ('13 KIA Rio LX MT)

Meredith meets Jonathan Big Head (Tiffany w/ SB):

1. Is it more than one item?
2. Does it require a passport to use?
3. Does it have more than three wheels?
4. Does it have more than one color?
5. Does it weigh more than 20 pounds?

Q Choices:
1. #2- NO
2. #3- NO
3. #1- YES

FINAL DECISION: $1K (Dog food gummy sushi)


BD #27: For that Charger, Scott needs to select DOOR #1...but he's not even close w/ #3; he leaves w/ a $9,299 Sea-Doo GTI 130. #2 had a BBQ patio set worth $2,747.

Sophia (Rubik's Cube) pulls out for Tiffany a coffee creamer packet for $500! 

TPiRecap (the offered Veloster's a '13 one)


Halloween Week was taped while Meredith was still dealing w/ a broken toe, I believe. I do know that the second regular player of the week's Josh Gatewood from Knoxville, TN (a self-proclaimed vagabond who claims to have lived in seven different states & wants to open his own Southern fried chicken restaurant).

Pre-Randomized Topics: Vehicular Vernacular, Predictive Text, Finnish Game, Duds & Suds, Rock Doc, Bare Skin Banishment, Breakfast Dishes, Buy-bye Chainmail, Literary Slang & TV Hostesses

Menu: Duds and Suds, Finnish Game, Rock Doc, Vehicular Vernacular, Bare Skin Banishment, Literary Slang, Buy-bye Chainmail, Predictive Text, Breakfast Dishes & TV Hostesses

1. Beer-drinking fashion novices might perk up their ears at the mention of what clothes designer, whose surname's a homophone of a popular beer?

A: Ralph Lauren
B: Marc Jacobs
C: Michael Kors
D: Calvin Klein

FA: Kors- $100

2. Finland's version of what board game includes characters whose names translate to English as Miss Red-Gold & Pastor Green Algae?

A: Cranium
B: Pictionary
C: Clue

FA: Clue- $3K ($3,100)

3. The 2012 documentary "Mission to Lars" follows a family as they go on a journey to meet the drummer of what rock band?

A: Poison
B: Metallica
C: U2
D: Foo Fighters

FA: Metallica- $2K ($5,100)

4. "Funeral coach" is a term commonly used to refer to what type of vehicle?

A: Limousine
B: Gondola
C: Hearse
D: Tractor

FA: Hearse- $5K ($10,100)

5. Unaware it had a dress code, Summer tourists often purchase paper pants from street vendors before entering what Italian attraction?

A: St. Peter's Basilica
B: Leaning Tower of Pisa
C: Roman Forum
D: Uffizi Gallery

FA: St. Peter's Basilica- $500 ($10,600)

6. Referring to a fish w/ a flat head rather than the hairstyle, what author used the insult "mullet-headed" in his 1884 classic?

A: Mark Twain
B: Oscar Wilde
C: Charles Dickens
D: Jules Verne


A: 50%
B: 9%
C: 16% (that was Josh's gut instinct)
D: 25%

CRYSTAL BALL ACTIVATED (after Meredith reminds him about it)- $25K

FA: Twain- YES INDEED ($35,600)

7. Many times stronger than Kevlar, what material are engineers hoping to synthesize in order to make bulletproof body armor?

A: Deer antlers
B: Spider silk
C: Porcupine quills
D: Alligator skin

FA: Spider silk- $1K ($36,600)

8. Writing in Fahrenheit 451 of "little seashells" that are "thimble radios", some posit that Ray Bradbury what modern invention?

A: Touchscreen
B: Earbud headphones
C: Virtual reality
D: Video game consoles

Earbud headphones- $7K ($43,600)


9. The popular breakfast dish Potatoes O'Brien is traditionally made from potatoes, onions & what other ingredient?

A: Carrots
B: Squash
C: Bell peppers
D: Broccoli

A: Bell peppers- $10K

10. The scary but sexy character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, started out introducing Horror films on a L.A. TV show called what?

A: "Frightful Flicks"
B: "Movie Macabre"
C: "Reel Scary"
D: "Creature Features"

A: "Movie Macabre"- $15K

CM #14:

(At the Movies): What did sound effects legend Ben Burtt record to use for the rolling boulder scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?

A: His dogs running down the stairs
B: His kids playing in garbage cans
C: His car driving on gravel
D: His shoes in the clothes driver

(after using a dip can to determine if he'll go for it or not instead of his mom's lucky penny, which he doesn't have): His shoes in the clothes dryer- LOSS (A: His car driving on gravel)

Q of the Day: What sport's believed to have been first played by British Army officers using corks & cigar-box lids?

A: Badminton
B: Volleyball
C: Table tennis
D: Handball

Table tennis

$1K Contestant #14:
Louise Minner (Green Lake, PA)(she just retired as a pediatric receptionist & is married for 47 years)

Remember, for these segments this week only, Halloween-themed queries will be asked instead of the next Q in a departing player's stack.

The city of Monroeville, PA began an annual "zombie walk" in honor of what '70s classic that was filmed in its local mall?

A: "Halloween"
B: "Dawn of the Dead"
C: "Carrie"
D: "The Stepford Wives"

FA: "Dawn of the Dead"- WIN

Family Feud:

CAR GAME #6: Addisons ($22,215 heading into this one) vs. Datchers (Vincent, AL; they've wanted to play for about two decades)

R1: What would a man hate to wake up & find in his Las Vegas hotel room after a wild night of partying. Let's get this party started:

#1: Stripper/nude dude (70)(Nick)


Vince: Police officer- X
Anthony: Wedding ring- XX
Ken: Animals/pets- T2 (7; tigers, to be specific)
Carol: Empty wallet- #5 (3)
Nick: Drugs- XXX

Margaret Steal (for 80): Blood- NO GOOD

T2: Bills/bar tabs (7)
#4: Condoms (6)

R2: If a prisoner could have one visitor, tell me who he might ask to see. First behind those "bars":

#1: His wife/girlfriend/mate (51)(Phyllis; an Education worker at Central Alabama Community College who offers students a second chance to those students who didn't complete HS)

DUD- God (Vince)

Marie (a state investigator for dog abuse/neglecting): Pastor/clergy- #4 (9)
Korliss (daughter; her closer sister Netta's in the audience): Homeboy- X
Kelvin (a community health/development issues worker; their mom put five members of their whole clan in college): Lawyer- #3 (10)
Margaret (mom): Parents- #2 (13; just mom)
Phyllis: Accomplice- XX
Marie: Children- #7 (3)
Korliss: Local drug dealer- XXX

Steal (to retain lead w/ 86 extra): Parole officer- NOPE

T5: Salma Hayek/celebrity & governor (4 each)
#8: Locksmith (2)

Double: Name an animal w/ a longer tongue than yours. After the third face-off:

#1: Giraffe (30)(Anthony)


Ken: Anteater- #2 (13)
Carol: Lizard- T3 (12)
Nick: Dog- #5 (10)
Vince: Camel- X
Anthony: Alligator- XX
Ken: Elephant- XXX

Margaret Steal #2 (for another 130 & to keep advantage): Frog- #6 (6)(216)

#3: Snake (12)
#7: Cow/bull (5)

FOR POSSIBLY THE UTE: Name a profession where you have to wear gloves. This could win the Addisons their Ford Edge:

#1: Doctor/physician (61)(Ken)

Carol: Construction worker- X
Nick: Cook- XX
Vince: Janitor/custodian- WIPEOUT

Margaret Steal to Win Championship: Baseball player/athletes- NO (Addisons: 263)

#2: Nurse (15)
#3: Dishwasher (7)
#4: Mortician (5)

CAR SD #2: Name something a divorced couple literally can't cut in half.
Carol: $$$- PAINFUL LOSS (A: Kids)(70)

(Note: They seriously cut down on the reminders about the possibility of a car win on this episode, so I should've known the second aired car loss of the season was going to happen from a mile away.)


1. Name something expensive that you now wish you never bought.
2. Name something that gives you the chills.
3. On the 1-10 scale, how honest are most politicians?
4. Name something a woman dreams of doing once in their lifetime.
5. Stock _________.

1. Automobile- 24
2. Weather- 10
3. 5- 15
5. Market- 41

1. Wedding ring- 21
2. Scary movies- 22
3. 1- 34
4. Getting married- 32
5. Options- DUD!!!

G2: Frittses (Nashville) vs. Sudduths (whose three-day cash winnings total $2,355)

R1: Name an activity that makes you hungry afterward. For example:

Exercising/sports (36)(Jason; he's an associate pastor)



Chad (who manages their family's company called Electric City Signs): Sleeping- X
Michele (who's married to Jason for nine yrs. w/ two kids): Watching TV/movies- T5 (4)
Christina (a First Grade teacher who's married to Chad for five yrs.): At the hanky panky- #2 (22)
Stacy: Going to work- #3 (9)
Jason: Traveling- XX
Chad: Cooking- T3 (9; lite meals/Chinese, to be exact)
Michele: Cleaning- XXX

Tom Steal (for 80): Smoking weed- #8 (3)(T5: Drinking & shopping)(4 each)

R2: Name something you hope doesn't happen while you're riding a Ferris Wheel. As this ride starts:

#1: Breaks down/stops (at the top)(55)(Carolyn)

Cecilia: Rains/storms- #4 (9)
Dana: Drop something- #6 (2; shoes, specifically)
Marshan: Get sick- #2 (17)
Tom: Go too fast- X
Carolyn: Fall (out)- #3 (11)
Cecilia: Purse/wallet opens- XX
Dana: Ride's too short- XXX

Jason Steal (for 94 & the early cushion): Bathroom- CORRECT (3)

Double: Name a place a boss might move your desk if he really, really hated you. First into view this round:

#1: Basement (32)(Michele)


Christina: Out the door/sidewalk- BA (4)
Stacy: Right next to his- X
Jason: In/near bathroom- #3 (19)
Chad: On the roof- XX
Michele: In a break room- XXX

Tom Steal #2 (for 110 more & to regain lead): Closet/storage room- #2 (23)(190)

In the corner (8)
Other BA: Hallways (4)

Triple: Name something a mouse might be dragging along the floor. Here goes nothing:

#1: Cheese/food (74)(Christina)

Stacy: Poison- X
Jason: Mousetrap- #2 (12)
Chad: Its babies/mice- #4 (4)
Michele: Cat- XX
Christina: Dirt/dust- XXX

Tom Steal to Retain Title: Its tail- WIN! (10)(460)

FM #2:

1. How many hours could you be stuck on an airport runway before you freaked out?
2. Name an occupation in which you can be fired for using curse words.
3. Name something people buy to prepare for hurricanes (what a time for that to be asked).
4. Name a part of your body that starts w/ F.
5. Name a way people prepare potatoes.

1. Three- 13
2. Teacher- 35
3. Water- 22
4. Foot- 34
5. Baked- 25
TOTAL- 129

1. Two- 28
2. Doctor- DUD
3. Canned goods- 15
4. Forehead- 3
5. Fried- 22
TOTAL- 197 FOR MORE PEPTO-BISMOL FOR YOU "FEUD" FANS (four-day total of $3,340)


3. Wood
4. Fingers
5. Mashed

Figure It Out: Episode 622's very special, because not only is Metta World Peace on the panel (because the NBA season tips off tonight), he's the subject of tonight's sweepstakes hidden talent! Does he ride a camel, groom a tiger, leap like an antelope or imitate a panther?

PANEL: MWP, Lulu Antariksa, Noah Munck & Rachel Crow

Featured Trip: NCL cruise (includes the chance to meet nickelodeon characters)

#1: P.J. Whittaker
BB: _____________ ________ _______ ON _______ ______

R1 C: Chicken w/ stars soup (squirting boxes; some members of the audience got drenched by it, too)
Recap: Not a champion or architect & what's in the soup?
Prize: the singing machine classic pedestal machine

BAG SSA: Holding a ball (MWP got greened up in :30, as did the other panelists except for Rachel; in any event, Jada Johnson got the prize)

R2 C: Sports balls (memorabilia)
PROGRESS: _____________ SPORTS (WoH- I thought I overheard it just before the sliming, but it wasn't recorded until there were :02 left in this round & it was Lulu's turn) STARS (Noah almost immediately) ON ________ ______
Recap: No noodles & Rachel, do you feel left out?
Prize: Foozball table

CF3 C: Radio boombox (Julia)
PROGRESS: INTERVIEWS (Lulu almost right away) SPORTS STARS ON RADIO (off clue) SHOW (Lulu)- LOSS W/ :02 TO SPARE (P.J. does the pre-commercial toss instead of Jeff before the first break)

Metta's talent has to do w/ wild animals.

#2: Mimi Alonso
BB: _________ __________ IN ______ TO ____ ______

R1 C:
Fruit punch (squirting boxes strike again)
PROGRESS: __________ PUNCHES (off clue) IN ______ TO WIN (Lulu in about :05) ______
Recap: Won a competition, not an invention & it's a sport
Prize: p.s.

Playing mad defense (MWP & Rachel are slime showered three seconds into the next round to make Leela Erickson a happy girl)

R2 C: Gummy rings (cannons)
PROGRESS: THROWS (Lulu in :13) PUNCHES IN RING (off clue) TO WIN _____
Recap: She's a fighter, wins competitions & think of Aaron Rodgers' "Discount Double Check" pose
Prize: Nintendo 3DS XL

R3 C: Belt buckle (Julia)
LOSS W/ :03 REMAINING (THROWS PUNCHES IN RING TO WIN BELT)(she's a world amateur boxing champ & there are a couple punching bags on the set)

MWP imitates a panther & PANTHER is the sweepstakes keyword of the night.


G1 STARS: Fat Joe, Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, Chiddy Bang, Biz Markie, Hannibal Buress, Vinny, Damien Lemon & Method Man (CS)

X: Cory- Reality TV junkie
O: Nicole- Has a nickname of "Lipsy Lohan"

1. Nicole (FJ): What rapper shares his name w/ the former dictator of Panama?
Guess: Noriega
A/D: AGREE (& Noriega himself comes out!)(O)
2. Cory (MM): The American Heart Association says men have an increased risk of a heart attack during sex if they're doing this at the same time- what?
Guess: Having an affair
3. Nicole (DL): What TV series follows a group of men competing to catch crabs?
Guess: "Deadliest Catch"

1. Cory (Vinny): Which Constitutional amendment gives us the right to bear arms?
Guess: 2nd
2. Nicole (DL): The title of Kanye West's debut single "Through the Wire" also referred to the unique way he recorded it, which was what?
Guess: His jaw was wired & recorded it w/ a wired jaw
3. Cory (HB): Rihanna's redecorating & wants to make sure her carpets match the drapes. If she makes both chartreuse, that's a shade of what?
Guess: Red
A/D (for the bottom row block): DISAGREE- GREENISH-YELLOW (X)
4. Nicole (MM): A lady's examining your "Girdle of Venus" above your "line of fate". What's going on?
Guess: Having your palm read
5. Cory (DJ): The head of the Chicago Crime Commission coined this term in the 1920s to condemn gangsters- what was it?
Guess: Public Enemy
A/D (to tie match w/ bottom-left to top-right diagonal): DISAGREE (O)
6. Nicole (BM- G-SPOT): Which of these is America's oldest fast-food chain- Wendy's, Burger King or White Castle?
Guess: White Castle
A/D (for the third column win & to quadruple her winnings): AGREE (O)

G3 (remember, if it's completed, it's worth $1K):
1. Cory (MM): In the yr. 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an honorary member of what group?
Guess: Harlem Globetrotters
2. Nicole (DJ): You're located in Philadelphia, you're about 2K lbs. & people come from all over to stare at your huge crack- what are you?
Guess: Liberty Bell
3. Cory (HB): Cinderella wants to give Prince Charming a happy ending- is there a castle in Disneyland or Disneyworld?
Guess: Disneyworld
A/D (for the block w/ bottom-left to top-right diagonal): AGREE- YES (X)
4. Nicole (FJ): You have a tiny pair of blue-footed boobies- what kind of creatures are boobies?
Guess: Birds
A/D: AGREE- RIGHT AGAIN & THAT'S ALL ($2,300-$100)

BR Row: Middle
$2.5K Q #11: What was the first complete rap song to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts?

CB: "Lean Back" by Terror Squad
MM: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem
BM: "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice

FA FOR A NEW RECORD OF $4,800: "Lose Yourself"- PAINFUL LOSS (A: "Ice Ice Baby")

G2 STARS: Fat Joe, Angie Martinez, DJ Khaled, Owen Smith, Ghostface Killah, Deray Davis, Jessica White, Lil Duval & Nick Cannon (CS)

X: Richy- A recent gradate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting who can do actor impressions
O: Mesha (Brooklyn; originally from Memphis)- Eldest of seven siblings

1. Mesha (NC): Which is shorter- an average adult male giraffe or a stack of three Katt Williamses?
Guess: Average adult male giraffe
2. Richy (DJ): If Method Man & his wife were using the Rhythm Method, what would they be using it for?
Guess: Playing piano
3. Mesha (DD): Your wife sends you to the store to pick up something that comes in the sizes Jumbo & Pee-Wee- what are you buying?
Guess: Eggs
A/D (for the block w/ that same diagonal): DISAGREE- WRONG
4. Richy (DD): What's the fastest two-footed creature in the world?
Guess: Ostrich
A/D (for $500): AGREE- WIN (X)

1. Mesha (LD): Is there such a thing as an F-cup in bra sizes?
Guess: NO
2. Richy (NC): Who's the female recording artist w/ the most #1 hits of all-time?
Guess: Mariah Carey
3. Mesha (FJ): At your favorite place for breakfast, you tell the waitress "Grand Slam, thank you ma'am". Where are you?
Guess: Denny's
A/D (to tie match w/ top-left to bottom-right diagonal): AGREE FOR EXACTA! (O)

1. Richy (AM): Extremely rich dude Donald Trump's known for his unusual hair. What does he say he uses to wash it?
Guess: Head & Shoulders shampoo
2. Mesha (NC): What rapper hosts his own beatboxing segment on the nickelodeon kids' show "Yo Gabba Gabba"?
Guess: Biz Markie
3. Richy (JW): According to recent studies, nothing turns a woman on like the smell of black what?
Guess: Cherries
A/D (for middle column block): AGREE- LICORICE
4. Mesha (JW): Katy Perry made news last February for putting a smiley face in what unusual place?
Guess: Her divorce papers
A/D: AGREE- WIN! (O)($1.5K)

G4 (also worth $1K):
1. Richy (FJ): What does Match.com say is the worst thing for a woman to do on a first date?
Guess: Talk about your ex
2. Mesha (AM): On an average CD, is Track 1 on a CD closer to the edge or closer to the hole?
Guess: Closer to the hole

G-SPOT: Deray

BR Row: Bottom
$2.5K Q #12: What is it called when a CD sells 10M copies?

DD: Titanium
JW: Platinum
LD: Diamond

FA FOR $4K: Diamond- WIN!

WoF Recap (only Andy again)

(Also tonight: While everyone got Final Jeopardy! right & Keith Whitener had a lock game, he only managed $12,399 tonight & now has $100,397 after five games.)


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 2
6:30 PM: 7
9: "Hip Hop Squares"
7: "Figure It Out" & "Jeopardy!"
6: Everything else


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