10/22/2012 Results


Arbellena (a secretary at an engineering firm) plays Go Big or Go Home for the Mazda3 Sport. A three will start her off w/ the $1K IKEA gift tag.

1. 4: $1K (needs two for SB & a four to bust)- QUITS IMMEDIATELY
2. 3: $750

The second deal will feature one trader from each of the three rows.

Lydia's R (hot dog): CURTAIN #2- Washer/dryer ($3,098)
John's R: REJECTS SB FOR $1K (Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2)- Beehive hat
Senti's R (a bath girl from Lake Forest, CA originally from Indonesia): BB ($1,800)- Home theater ($4,352)


The Big Deal car today's a '13 Ford Mustang (Std., #101A) valued at $23,290.

A Blank Check could be had by Timothy (banana).

RED: 0 ($1)
YELLOW: 8 ($801)

He declines the trip in the SE to go all the way...which was a $5,700 stay in Vegas.

BLUE: 1- WINS $1,801

Fifth Grade teacher Toi (bee) plays Find the Face.

Tiffany Prizes: Michael Kors accessories w/ BlackBerry Playbook & $1K to spend at their app store ($2,142)

#1- TIFFANY ($500: #2)

Jonathan Prize (CURTAIN #3): Game room ($2,439)

#3- $1K ($750: #4)

WAYNE CAR (CURTAIN #2): Volkswagen Jetta

#4: WAYNE- PERFECT DEAL! (#2: $500/#5: $2K)

Danielle & Jeremy ("Grease" fan) are today's bidders at the Auction Deal.

BB: Danielle ($350 left)- Bacon jewelry
GB: Danielle ($50 left)- MacBook Pro, iPad & BuoyTags ($2,710)
BB: Jeremy ($400 left)- BULL BBQ cart & smoker ($1,886)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): Jeremy- Six-night trip to the Renaissane Aruba Resort & Casino ($6,282)

Connor (caveman), a lifeguard who attends UCF, would sure enjoy some of the money in the ATM if he holds on to it.

SEEN AMOUNTS: $300, $400, $500 (he stopped here at first) & DOUBLE ($2,400)


BD #21: Does Senti pick DOOR #2 for that Mustang...YES!

#1- Strong Spa 8
#3- Touring motorscooter ($3,299)(revealed last; it's a good thing Toi didn't go for the BD, because I think I saw her wanting to pick this door)

Tiffany asks Diana for an orange dry erase marker worth $500, but she doesn't have it. Jonathan then plays Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ Kevin & Kevin beats him w/ rock over scissors for $100. Finally, Taloria (graduate) thinks Wayne will accept a word search book for something to read worth $200 ($100 if it's a magazine), but it's not to be.

TPiR: Just to let you know, Rob Wilson will be back in the near future. But new to the contestant department today in CR are Louis Jones, Jr. (from the top of the audience), Melanie Carlson, Brian Amore & Sherry Marker. The first IUFB of the week will be a couple of ARCHOS tablets (Rachel & Manuela)(truck cue variant) w/ cases.

Louis: $850/Melanie: $1K/Brian: $700/Sherry: $635

ARP: $800

Brian from Silverlakes, CA plays Super Pushover for...a six-night stay at the Sheraton Sanya Resort in China (Manuela at Door #4). The line of numbers:


He pushes just to $15,872...& wins!

Megan Pepper spices up CR a little bit as the second IUFB is seen in the clam, a selection of Hamilton Beach appliances (Rachel).

Louis: $600/Melanie: $775/MEGAN: $550/Sherry: $1,365

ARP: $590

Louis has overbid by $50 & $10 respectively so far, so third-generation "Price" player Megan (a nurse from Burbank) plays It's in the BAG. This Monday morning's groceries are a bottle of L'OREAL Paris Studio LINE Springing Curls mousse, the Claim Jumper Frozen Apple Cobbler, a bottle of RC Cola, 50 Verbatim DVD-Rs, a big box of Cheer detergent & a small can of Hunt's Tomato Sauce.

$.79: Sauce
$17.99: DVDs
$1.79: Cola
$7.69: Detergent
$5.99: Mousse

WINS $8K (the mousse was the dud)

Matthew McDonald becomes orange player #3 & the last IUFB of the half's a pair of Michael C. Fina white gold diamond earrings (Manuela).

Louis: $1,100/Melanie: BUCK/MATTHEW: $850/Sherry: $1,445

ARP: $875

Matthew plays That's Too Much for the $18,145 KIA Soul+ (Rachel).

1. $15,620
2. $16,005
3. $17,141
4. $18,662- WIN!

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #1 (same results whether the half was totally perfect or winless):
Megan ($8,590): 30 + 20 = HALF-DOLLAR
Brian ($16,672): NICKEL + 90 = $.95 (he's an Army worker)
Matthew ($19,020): 70 + 35 = OVER BY A NICKEL

Trying to keep the orange podium winning streak going's Verna Brusca & a Danby silhouette select party center becomes the next one-bid prize to be bid on (Rachel behind rising sign).

Louis: $400/Melanie: $751/VERNA: $700/Sherry: $750

ARP: $1,400

Yellow-haired Melanie breaks it up & plays Most Expen$ive for a shuffleboard table (Manuela), a Nintendo Wii package featuring a 40" SAMSUNG 3-D HDTV (Rachel) & the Mizerak Donovan II pool table (George).

Shuffleboard table: $600
Video games: $2,644
Pool table: $1,600- LOSS

Well, I hope that quiets Drew down, because he said we had a perfect show going after the first half.

The next-to-last newbie is Enriqueta Rubio & on Door #5's a VocoPro machine (Manuela).

Louis: $801/ENRIQUETA: $800/Verna: $750/Sherry: $600

ARP: $939

Louis (a sports teacher & personal trainer) gets over the hump that time & has a chance at a Summerset Outdoor Living kitchen island (Rachel). It's $9,495...but he pulls at $6,849.

Dominique Gary's fittingly wearing a red shirt as she's the other red player of the day & Sherry has the last-bid advantage on the final PUFB, BOSCH power tools (Rachel behind splitting sign)(another truck cue variant).

DOMINIQUE: $910/Enriquetta: $800/Verna: $575/Sherry: $600

ARP: $1,052


To avoid spinning second in the other SCSD of the day, Dominique must win the Jeep Compass (Manuela)(Edd's truck/convertible cue) from these 5 Price Tags:


1. babycakes ($50): FALSE- $30
2. Ceramic jars ($20): TRUE- CORRECT
3. Cuisinart blender w/ four 16-ounce cups ($65): FALSE- $99
4. Cuisinart slow cooker ($60): FALSE

1. $24,689- NO
2. $23,490- NO
FINAL PICK: $25,835- NO (the losing horns sound for whatever reason)

SCSD #2:
Louis ($939): 55 + 75 = OOPS
Dominique ($1,201): $.95
Melanie ($1,400): 70 + 40 = OVER BY A DIME

SHOWCASE #1 (Door #2):
Left- Six-night trip to Murphy's River Lodge in Estes Park, CO (Rachel)
Right- Six-night skydiving trip to Auckland, NZ (Rachel)
Inside- Sanibel 18" sailboat (Manuela)("Grandeur Showcase" for last two prizes)



Door #1- Kawasaki Ninja 650 motorcycle (Rachel)
Door #3- Honda Fit AT (Manuela)

BRIAN BIDS $24,175 ON MOTORCYCLE/CAR SHOWCASE- LOSS (ARP: $23,624; he wanted to bid about $23K on his wife's advice, but he went on his own)


Dominique misses out on $68K+ in prizes, but she still finishes w/ $48,030.



First to the hot podium this week's Todd Plummer from NYC (& this episode was taped before Meredith's injury).

Pre-Randomized Menu: Historical Hits, Me Want Presents, Hotel Reservations, Roaring Twenties, Repeating Oneself, Theatre Studies, Double Meanings, Name Game, Baseball Announcers & Early Furniture
Final Category List: Double Meanings, Hotel Reservations, Theatre Studies, Baseball Announcers, Name Game, Early Furniture, Me Want Presents, Historical Hits, Roaring Twenties & Repeating Oneself

1. Last year, what company created controversy by releasing shirts for their action sports line that read "Dope" & "Get High"?

A: Puma
B: Reebok
C: adidas

D: Nike

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Nike, which he would've guessed)- $500

2. Calling 1-866-GEYSERLAND will help you get hotel reservations at what popular national park?

A: Bryce Canyon
B: Joshua Tree

C: Yellowstone
D: Yosemite

FA: Yellowstone- $25K

3. After WWII, playwrights such as Samuel Beckett & Harold Pinter wrote hard-to-understand plays that became known as "theatre of the" what?

A: Weird
B: Abstract
C: Bizarre
D: Absurd

FA: Absurd- $10K ($35K)

4. Prior to his film career, which of these actors called MLB games as a radio sportscaster?

A: John Wayne
B: Cary Grant
C: Humphrey Bogart
D: Ronald Reagan


A: 7%
B: 19%

C: 11%
D: 63%

FA: Reagan- $7K ($42K)

5. Which of the following one-named recording artists goes by their middle name rather than their first name?

A: Bjork
B: Bono

C: Rihanna
D: Shakira


6. What piece of furniture was once used by servants of noblemen as a place to test prepared food for poison?

A: Ottoman

B: Davenport
C: Divan
D: Credenza

FA: Credenza- $2K ($44K)

7. "Push presents" are increasingly popular gifts given to women who've just done what?

A: Graduated college
B: Given birth

C: Changed jobs
D: Run a marathon

FA: Given birth- $1K ($45K)

8. Written about a historical figure, what's the title of Steve Martin's novelty song featuring the lyrics "Dancin' by the Nile, The ladies love his style"?

A: "Genghis Khan"
B: "King Tut"
C: "Abe Lincoln"
D: "Socrates"

FA: "King Tut"- $15K ($60K)

9. Perhaps owing to the popularity of "Boardwalk Empire", what flapper dress fashion feature was found in many Spring & Summer 2012 collections?

A: Dolman sleeves
B: Front zipper
C: Halter neck
D: Drop waist

FA: Drop waist- $5K ($65K)

For $68K: Though often used, which of these phrases is redundant as its English word has the same meaning as one of its initialized French words?

A: RSVP Regrets
B: Valid RSVP
C: RSVP Soon
D: Please RSVP


CM #10:

$100K (Inventions): Invented by Frank Epperson, what frozen treat got its moniker from his kids' affectionate nickname for it?

A: Chipwich

B: Slurpee
C: Nutty Buddy
D: Popsicle

FA: Nutty Buddy (A: Popsicle)

Q of the Day: When used in last names, the Scottish prefix "Mac" means what?

A: Lord of
B: Saint

C: Farmer
D: Son of

A: Son of

$1K Contestant #11: Alfonso Caliswoho (Brooklyn)(librarian & Writing tutor)

Before its lyrics were changed to a Horror theme, the Michael Jackson song "Thriller" was originally titled what?

A: "Starlight"
B: "Rainbow"

C: "Daybreak"
D: "Sunshine"

FA: "Starlight"- RIGHT!

Family Feud:

GAME #1 (taped on Ken's birthday): Knights (McDonough, GA) vs. Browns (whose one-day cash winnings total $855)

R1: According to 100 married men, name something you would never do again if your wife didn't force you to. For starters:

#4: Marry her (11)(Kyle)

DUD- Attend weddings (Mark)

Carla: Take her shopping- #1 (30)
Elise: Clean/chores- #2 (25)
Yevette: Lawn work- X
Michael: Go to bridal showers- XX
Kyle: Go to baby showers- XXX

Mark Steal (for 66): Have more children- #6 (4)

#3: Visit-in-laws/family (14)
#5: Go to doctor (9)

R2: Name something people sniff to see if it smells bad. I have a feeling about the top answer:

#1: Food/milk (73)(Beth)
#2: Laundry (7)(Carla)


Kathy (who runs a family business owned by husband Mark by writing the checks while he's chasing deer): Trash- X
Rolanda (a kindergarten teacher who formerly taught 2nd Grade): Perfume- BA (2)
Tim (who's married to Rolanda): Bathroom prior to walking in it- XX
Mark (an outdoor TV personality): Restaurant- XXX

Kyle Steal (for 82 & the lead): Breath- BA (2)

#3: Armpits (6)
#4: Candles (3)

Other BA: Baby's diapers (2)

Double: Name something in the woods a hiker would hate to step in or on. I'm sure the challengers want to play this one:


#3: Snake (nest)(6)(Kathy)

DUD- Skunk (Elise)

Rolanda: Animal poop- #1 (73; listed as "butt brownies")
Tim: Traps- X
Mark: Loose rocks- XX
Beth: Ant beds- XXX

Kyle Steal #2 (for another 158 & to keep lead): Poison ivy- T2 (6)(240)

#4: Dead animals/people (5)
#5: Mud (4)

Triple: Name a place people say they do their best thinking. Should decide this "Feud":

#1: Bathroom/on throne (70)(Yevette)

Michael: Library- #3 (5)
Kyle: Work- X
Carla: In a car- #4 (4)
Elise: In bed- WIN! (11)(510)


1. Name a vicious animal you'd be shocked to see in a petting zoo.
2. How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
3. Name a fruit you have to cut open to eat.
4. Name something men try to cover up.
5. Name a place where you expect people to be nice to you.

1. Bear- 5
2. Five- 18
3. Orange- 18
4. Lies- 5
5. Church- 36

1. Lion- 26
2. Two- 18
3. Mango- DUD
4. Hair loss- 36
5. Restaurant- 18
TOTAL- 180 (two-day total of $1,755)

2. Three
3. Watermelon

G2: McClains (Pittsburgh) vs. Davises (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,680)

R1: According to 100 married guys, name something you wouldn't want your spouse to change without telling you. Base response(s) for this game & this survey:

#1: Hair style/color (22)(Terry)


#5: Her name (11)(Samantha)


Lisa (a casino regulation attorney): Curtains- X
Na-Tasha (recent Drexel University graduate): Her/their address- T6 (6)
Rodney (a disabled Marine Corps veteran who currently owns an international moving company): The locks- XX
Jack (an ex-professional athlete who's now an athletic trainer/mentor): Bank account/password- #3 (14)
Terry: Her personality- XXX

Samantha Steal (for 53): Her job- T6 (6

#2: Furniture (19)
#4: TV channel/remote (12)
#8: Husbands/lovers (4)

R2: Name a game that teenagers don't want their parents to catch 'em playing. This could get fun in moments:

#1: Spin the bottle (47)(Lisa)


Na-Tasha: "Call of Duty"/video games- X
Rodney: Hide & Seek- XX

Jack: (Strip) Poker- #3 (11)
Terry: Post Office- XXX

Samantha Steal #2 (for another 58 & to slightly more than double their early lead): Truth or Dare- #2 (12)(111)

#4: Doctor (5)
BAs: Beer Pong & 7 Minutes in Heaven (4 each)

Double: Name something you don't like people giving to you. Face-off guess(es):

#1: Attitudes/grief (30)(Rodney)



DUDS- $$$ (Na-Tasha) & punches (Paul)

Jack: Cold/herpes- #2 (25)
Terry: Bills- #5 (4)
Lisa: Fake jewelry- X

Na-Tasha: Bad looks- XX
Rodney: (Bad) advice- T3 (9)
Jack: Wrong directions- XXX

Kyle Steal #3 (to again retain lead w/ an additional 136): Bad news- NO

T3: Clothes/socks (9)
BAs: Fruitcake & snakes/animals (3 each)

Triple: Name something a man has that he likes to polish. Should know at least two, I think:

#1: Cars/trucks (45)(Mark)

Linda: Shoes/boots- #2 (33)
Samantha: Trophies/awards- X
William: Man parts- XX
Paul: His rings/jewelry- XXX

Terry Steal for the Match: Golf clubs- LOSS

#3: Guns (5)
#4: Image/reputation (4)

FM #2:

1. According to 100 married men, when your wife says she'll be ready in a minute, how long is that?
2. Name someone who saves lives for a living.
3. Name an Olympic event that has a judge.
4. Name something you eat that comes on a stick.
5. Name something people ride where they might need a barf bag.

1. 30 min.- 31
2. EMT- 21
3. Gymnastics- 27
4. Cotton candy- 5
5. Roller coaster (all amusement park rides)- 43
TOTAL- 127

1. 15 min.- 19
2. Firefighter- 33
3. Swimming- 11
4. Meat- 7
5. Airplane- 42
TOTAL- 239 (three-day total of $21,680)

3. Figure skating
4. Hot/corn dogs


Intro Flashback Moment (6/02): On the $1K Toss-Up in the category of Person, school teacher Linda missolved the puzzle as AN UGLY CHILD instead of AN ONLY CHILD w/ just the first three letters in the second word yet to be revealed (& it was a Triple Stumper)

The Teachers' Week graphics are on chalkboard backgrounds.

$1K T-U: Phrase

R _ I _ _ / _ _ _ R

_ _ N _

Jessi says "RAISE YOUR HAND". Our first three educators on this stage this week:

Jessi Pierson (Ona, WV)- First Grade teacher at Salt Rock Elementary engaged to Ben (who's an avid fisherman); she's the former '09 Miss WV
Peter Gabriele (Mantua, NJ)- 11th Grade American History teacher at Frankfurt High in Philadelphia married to Danielle w/ a two-yr.-old son named Luke
Earlene Pearson (Jensen Beach, FL)- A Special Education teacher & Drama director at Martin County High in Stuart, FL married to Tip w/ two children (Travis & Kendra), two stepdaughters (Vera & Nicole) & five grandchildren; she's also been a wild animal trainer for about 30 yrs.

$2K T-U: Titles

T _ E / I L _ _ D / _ N D

T H _ / _ D _ _ _ _ _


Featured Prize: WorldStrides NETC tour of Peru ($7,800)
Mon./Wed./Fri. $1K Cash Git Tag: Pilot
1/2 CAR of the Week: smart car

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Event (school bus)

Earlene calls three T's for her first $1,050 of this round & two H's to add $1,400. Following her buys of three E's & I's are a $300 N & G, two A's & three $900 F's...

F _ _ _ / F I G H T / I N

T H E / _ A F E T E _ I A

...they can have a FOOD FIGHT IN THE CAFETERIA to celebrate her $5K win on this puzzle.

LEFT BEHIND IN JACKPOT: $7,550 (incorrectly displayed as $7,200 at round's end)

Current Scores:

Jessi: $1K/Peter: $0/Earlene: $7K

Mystery Round: Same Letter

Jessi calls a dud of T on the spot. Second, Peter calls two R's (w/ one at the end of the second word of three), purchases two E's & three A's & rattles off an S while on the Mystery Wedge next to the MDW. He obviously gives up the C-note...& loses $600. Third, Earlene Free PLAYS a C for five bills but then Bankrupts next to $3.5K. Then, Jessi discovers the SL of three F's good for $2,700 but then hits the other regular Bankrupt. On Peter's second turn, he FPs three I's to put the rest of the vowels out of play for this puzzle & calls a $650 N & the double L's to make that $2,450...

F R I E N _ L _

F A _ I L I A R


...& lots of FRIENDLY FAMILIAR FACES will be happy to know he makes the solve to keep that amount & control.

SOLE DUD: $400 T (Jessi)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole trio)

Current Scores:

Jessi: $1K/Peter: $2,450/Earlene: $7K

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #26 (Fall '01)(Event)(Harriet called GIPC & was confident after her extra letters were shown):

_ L _ - _ I S _ I N G


Prize Puzzle Round: Place

He begins this board w/ a $500 N for the 1/2 CAR in between $450 & $300 but then secondly spins Lose a Turn. Second, Earlene reels in a $900 T (first letter of this three-word solution) but gets stopped w/ an E buy. Third, Jessi picks up a $500 R for the $1K tag, two L's for another spendable $900 (one of which is at the end of the first word), three A's & I's & a pair of O's to dismiss the rest of the vowel department...

T R O _ I _ A L

I _ L A N _

O A _ I _

...& adds an extra $1,650, plus a vacation to the TROPICAL ISLAND OASIS of St. Lucia at the St. James's Club valued at $7,140.

SOLE DUD: E (Earlene)
SOLE LaT: Peter

Current Scores:

Jessi: $9,790 in cash & trip/Peter: $2,450/Earlene: $7K

$3K T-U: Fictional Character

_ H _ / S I _ V E R

S _ R F E _

Peter IDs THE SILVER SURFER to close the gap on the ladies w/ $5,450.

R4: What Are You Doing?

What he does first is have lit up a $1K N pair (& a null cycle may have been edited out) & an I, but buying an O takes his turn away. Second for Earlene are an $800 couple of G's & we hear the final bell...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / G _ _ _ _

...consonants left are worth $1,600 each; still anybody's game. Peter calls the double S's at the end of the board...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N

_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ / G _ _ S S

...he's TAKING AN ESTIMATED GUESS, but he won't earn another $3,700 for that response. Earlene next calls the U's...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N

_ _ U _ _ T _ _ / G U _ S S

...she's also TAKING AN EDUCATED GUESS at the buzzer, but that's not right, either, so we won't be making her current $800 a grand at that time. The double D's next go to Jessi...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N

_ D U _ _ T _ D / G U _ S S

...as does the match since she's MAKING AN EDUCATED GUESS for $4,800 more.

Before big bell: O (Peter)
During Speed-Up: L (Earlene)
DQs: 2 (missolves by Peter & Earlene)

Final Scores:

Jessi: $14,590 in cash & travel/Peter: $5,450/Earlene: $7K
GT: $27,040


Maxwell House Regular BR #24: On the left side of the dips & columns set this week, a Mustang Convertible awaits lucky players. Jessi spins the I in AMERICA'S.

Topic: Thing

1/3 the letters to lead off:

S _ _ R _

_ _ _ _ E

She quickly calls CDHA &...

S H A R _

_ _ A _ E

...she's wrong by saying SHARP SHAPE. If she had at least the M up there, too, we probably would've seen a SHARP IMAGE of her winning $45K. She goes back to school w/ $14,590 in cash & Antigua.

$5K SPIN ID #26: JR8330215

We see a Changing Lives segment on $57,236 winner Gentry Zuzinega from 4/7/10 to close this episode out.

Figure It Out: This is Episode 620.

PANEL: Matt Bennett, Mikey Reid, Noah Munck & Max Schneider (what's his hidden talent- doing a musical split, singing w/ his mouth full, balancing a ukulele on his head or inventing a dance move?)

Featured Trip: Pueblo Bonito Cabo San Lucas

#1: Alex
BB: __________ ON ______ ___________ __________

R1 C: Flour tortillas (ceiling)

Recap: Not an artist or inventor & what shape is that bread?
Prize: Fold-a-Hoop

BAG SSA: Looking at the host (Noah & Max are slimed in three seconds to make Cameron Rahimi a happy boy)

R2 C: Rubber bands (cannons)
PROGRESS: ___________ ON FLAT (Mikey w/ :28 left) STRETCHED (off clue) __________

Prize: VocoPro

CF3 C: Spider web (Julia on telestrator)

Recap: Think of trampolines



Max uses a small guitar.

#2: Mallory Kievman
BB: ___________ _______ _______ _________ __________ __________

R1 C: Spraying apple cider & lollipops (boxes)
PROGRESS: INVENTED (Mikey in three seconds) APPLE (off clue) _______ _________ __________ LOLLIPOP (WoH- :23 left)

Recap: Not a champ & invented something
Prize: mobo

JACKET SSA: Making slime look good (the first panel slime this week happens in :08 to win Alex Gould said item)

R2 C: Stop signs (clue coaster)

Recap: Not a laptop, doesn't pick apples & what kind of apple juice was that?
Prize: Nintendo 3DS XL

CF3 C: Hiccups (boys)

Max does a musical split, so the keyword's SPLIT. In this week's sweepstakes, you can win a trip to the nickelodeon UNIVERSE at Mall of America w/ $500 spending money.

(Also tonight: Although Betsy Chisolm had a lock game situation in Final Jeopardy!, a rough game limited her first victory to $5,199. Glenn Fleishman just barely made it to FJ! after scoring $2K on a DD at the end of Double J! & left w/ $30,198.)


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 8
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Figure It Out" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Jeopardy!"


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