"Millionaire" 10/17

Meredith's been working w/ a broken toe so far all this week. Jackie continues her game in any case.

3. According to comedian Amy Poehler, what store's "Swedish for argument"?

A: Sur la table
D: H&M

FA: IKEA- $25K ($35,100)

4. According to the 20th Amendment to The Constitution, a President's term ends on January 20th at exactly what time?

A: Midnight
B: 6 AM
C: Noon
D: 5 PM


5. Because early Catholic monks were cowls, they're often said to have been the first to don what fashion staple?

A: Flannel shirts
B: Hoodies
C: Jeans
D: Sneakers

FA: Hoodies- $15K ($50,100)

6. Originating in a GE lab during WWII, what popular toy's production was temporarily halted due to a Korean War-era silicone shortage?

A: Slinky
B: Play-Doh
D: Silly Putty

FA: Silly Putty- $3K ($53,100)

7. Certain that she was destined in singing, who turned down the role of Sondra Huxtable, the eldest daughter on "The Cosby Show"?

A: Tracy Chapman
B: Whitney Houston

C: Janet Jackson
D: Natalie Cole

FA: Whitney- $1K ($54,100)

8. Cal Tech astronomer Mike Brown wrote a 2010 book cheekily titled "How I Killed..." what "...and Why It Had Coming"?

A: Jupiter
B: Pluto

C: Saturn
D: Neptune

FA: Pluto- $2K ($56,100)

9. The Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, employs a "safety engineer" whose job it is to make sure what fruit doesn't fall on the heads of guests?

A: Grapefruit
B: Coconuts
C: Pineapples
D: Peaches

FA: Coconuts- $500 ($56,600)

For $61,600: Analysts think NFL rookie Robert Griffin III signed an endorsement deal w/ what company because the Roman numeral in his name looks like stripes?

B: Converse

D: adidas

FA: adidas- RIGHT!

CM #9:

$100K (Heroes & Villains): Admitting his rides hadn't been "strictly legal", what notorious figure reportedly wrote Henry Ford a fan letter about his "dandy" V-8 cars?

A: Clyde Barrow
B: John Dillinger
C: Machine Gun Kelly
D: Al Capone


$250K (Classic TV): In '49, Johnny Carson hosted his first TV show which had what strange name?

A: "The Squirrel's Nest"
B: "Noodle Soup"
C: "Poppy's Basement"

D: "The Big Ham"

STOP (A: "The Squirrel's Nest"- although that was the first show she thought of, her FA would've instead been "The Big Ham")

Q of the Day: What food was popularized at the 1904 World's Fair by a vendor who used rolled-up waffles once he ran out of bowls?

A: Doughnut
B: Ice cream cone
C: Hot dog bun
D: Oyster crackers

A: Ice cream cone

Looking to stay & play through tomorrow's Marjorie Pour-Ghasemi from Hesperia, CA (originally from KY & she followed her kids from there). Her husband's here.

Topics: Back Me Up, Natural Nomenclature, Crowd Pleaser, Online Donor, April Fools, Honest Depictions, Under My Thumb, What's in a Name?, It All Works Out & Celebrity Children

1. Aretha Franklin's sisters Carolyn & Erma sing backup on her classic song "Respect", repeatedly belting out which of these phrases?

A: "Break it down"
B: "Sock it to me"
C: "Let it loose"

D: "Rock it baby"


A: 5%
B: 88%
C: 2%

D: 5%

FA: "Sock it to me"- $25K

2. Named by a six-yr.-old British boy who won a contest, Melting Bob's one of the world's largest what?

A: Volcanoes
B: Deserts
C: Icebergs
D: Caves

FA: Icebergs- $10K ($35K)

3. Said to have entertained Sigmund Freud w/ his flatulency, one of France's most popular performers in the 1800's was the subject of what musical?

A: "The Fartiste"
B: "The Gasologist"
C: "The Tootmeister"
D: "The Wind Machine"

FIRST JUMP ACTIVATED (A: "The Fartiste")- $500

To Return: In a move some are calling "social engineering" rather than "social networking", what website now allows users to divulge their organ donor status?

A: eBaY
B: Google
C: Yelp
D: facebook

FA: facebook- $2K ($37K)



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