"Wheel of Fortune" 10/23

Intro Flashback Moment (5/03 from Armed Forces Week in San Diego): Gentry slapping Pat's behind after solving the $2K Toss-Up

$1K T-U: Movie Title

D _ _ _ / P O E T S

_ O _ _ E _ _

Tony solves "DEAD POETS SOCIETY", so we'll start w/ the man in the middle:

Tony Serdenes (Sunrise, FL)- A 14-yr. Math teacher for seniors at North Broward High married to Nicole who's a part of the Key Club
Debbie Zanetti (Elizabeth, PA)- A 6th Grade Social Studies teacher at Pleasant Hills MS married to Ron for 34 yrs. w/ three children & a grandson named Parker (& she occasionally dresses up in costumes during her classes)
Tina Blankenship (Louisville, KY)- A 10th & 11th Grade World History & U.S. Government teacher at North Odom HS who's taken her students on overseas trips three times

$2K T-U: On the Map

_ I _ L I N G S

_ O N _ A N A

Tony triples due to BILLINGS, INDIANA.

Featured Tour: China from WorldStrides ($6.5K)
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Mrs. Prindible's Handmade Confections

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Phrase

He Free PLAYS an E instantly, calls a $500 T for the 1/2 CAR in between $350 & $900 & buys two A's, then he puts in zilch by calling for an R while on the gift tag. Secondly, Debbie calls an $800 S, purchases three I's, gets two C's to appear to add $1,800 (w/ one at the end of the first word of three) & buys two O's before she claims the N at the end for $350 more, the leftover U, the $2,400 F set, a $500 Jackpot D (but she can't solve it for the $9,850 that's in there) & a $1K couple of L's...

_ U _ L I C

D I S _ L A _ / O F


...she shows a PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION for the early lead by $3,100 & will start the second main puzzle.

SOLE DUD: $500 R (Tony)

Current Scores:

Tina: $0/Tony: $3K/Debbie: $6,100

Mystery Round: Before & After

She calls a $500 T for the same 1/2 CAR and buys an E & two A's to start, then she calls N for no while on the vacation. Second, Tina accumulates a $500 S for the other 1/2 CAR but then L for loss while on the Mystery Wedge w/ that MDW next to it. Third, Tony inserts a goodie of four R's for 36 bills...

R E _ _ R T

_ A R _

S _ A R _

...& he's a REPORT CARD SHARK to take the lead back by a slim margin w/ an additional $3,600.

DUDS: L (Tina), $500 N (Debbie)

Current Scores:

Tina: NIL/Tony: $6,600/Debbie: $6,100

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #27 ('98)(Place)(a woman called GPDA):

_ A R _ _ _ _ S E

A: FARMHOUSE (unsolved)

I see the first celebrity shout-out bumper this season (just before the next puzzle) & it comes from Drew Lachey.

Prize Puzzle Round: Places (big puzzle alert)

Tina immediately Bankrupts on the MDW's left side. Second for Tony are a $700 S at the end of the first word, four T's for $3,600 extra, four E's, six A's & a $2,700 H trio, then he lands on the same MDW Bankrupt to lose $6.5K. Debbie then takes a stab at this to regain first place...

_ E A _ H E S / T H A T

_ _ _ _ / T A _ E

_ _ _ _ / _ _ E A T H

A _ A _

...BEACHES THAT WILL TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY await her on a trip to The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas worth $6,534.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Tina & Tony)

Current Scores:

Tina: STILL ZIP/Tony: $6,600/Debbie: $12,634 in cash & HI

$3K T-U: Thing

_ U L L _ _ I N

B O A R _

Tony takes the T-U Sweep courtesy of a BULLETIN BOARD, which sends him to $9,600.

R4: Occupation

He gets going w/ two T's for a grand (one at the end of the first of two words), a $450 S but then gets stopped by a Lose a Turn spin. Second, Debbie calls up two N's for 14 $100 bills & buys two E's & four A's before it's Speed-Up Time...

_ E S T A _ _ A N T

_ A N A _ E _

...& the remaining three consonants pay $1,550 each. After Tina's M...

R E S T A _ R A N T

M A N A _ E R

...she solves RESTAURANT MANAGER to avoid getting the $1K house minimum; Debbie misses out on $5,550.


Final Scores:

Tina: $1,550/Tony: $9,600/Debbie: $12,634 in cash & trip
GT: $23,784


Maxwell House Regular BR #25: Debbie's envelope is the M from AMERICA'S.

Category: Thing

Half the letters to get her on the right path, we hope:

_ _ _ E R

S _ R _ E

CMDA costs her the Mustang due to a POWER SURGE; she leaves w/ $12,634 in cash & HI.

$5K SPIN ID #27: PD6761843 



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