"Family Feud" 10/23

GAME #1: Saidalis (all women from Seattle) vs. Browns (whose three-day cash winnings total $1,755)

R1: According to 100 ladies, name something you do if your booty looked big. At the beginning of this twin bill:

#1: Work out/exercise (64)(Kyle)


Carla: Show it off- BA (2)
Elise (22-yr.-old Screenwriting major): Plastic surgery- X
Yevette: Girdle/spanx- #3 (3)
Michael: Tighter pants- XX
Kyle: Looser clothing/baggy duds- #2 (23)
Carla: Avoid mirrors/hide- BA (2)
Elise: Buy new clothes- XXX

Roz Steal (for 94): Wear black (clothing)- BA (2)(Other BA: Cry)(2)

R2: Name something a man might fantasize about trading his wife for. Opening response(s):

#1: Another woman/sex (46)(Carla)
#2: Car/truck/motorcycle (35)(Payvand)

Elise: Better job- X
Yevette: $$$- #3 (6)
Michael: Bigger house- XX
Kyle: Trip- XXX

Roz Steal #2 (for another 87): Boat/yacht- #4 (5)(181)(#5: Sports tickets)(2)

Double: According to 100 married guys, admit it- name something of your wife's you tried on when she wasn't around. Example(s):

#1: Shoes (16)(Elise; she said high heels)
#2: Lingerie/undies/bra (12)(Mahyo)

Yevette: Dress/gown- X
Michael: Stockings- XX
Kyle: Makeup- WIPEOUT

Roz Steal #3 (for an extra 56): Jewelry- ALSO NOT THERE

#3: Hat (11)
#4: Jacket (10)
#5: Nothing (8)

Triple: Name something about a person that would make you give up your seat on a bus. I wonder if any of this survey's answers have to do w/ Rosa Parks:

#2: Women/pregnant (24)(Elham; she said old woman)
#3: Disabled (24)(Yevette)

Saidalis (Mahyo's a prosthetic engineer):
Layla: Children- X
Roz: Scary people- XX
Payvand (an education/human rights activist supporting people w/ new ideas for Afghanistan; she also dances w/ Elham): If they were in pain- WIPEOUT #2

Kyle Steal for Sudden Death: Elderly- #1 (45)(200)(#4: Body odor)(5)

SD #7 (FM think music not heard on this episode): Name something into which people are admitted.
Layla: School- LOSS (A: Hospital)(71)


1. Name an occupation that you think has a large divorce rate.
2. Name something careless people forget to do to their cars.
3. Tell me the longest you've ever gone without bathing.
4. Name something babies do many times a day.
5. What's the first sport you ever learned to play?

1. Doctors- 14
2. Leave 'em unlocked- 33
3. A day- 8
4. Cry- 43
5. Basketball- 6
TOTAL- 104

1. Lawyers- 16
2. Turn signal
3. Two days- 28
4. Sleep- 6
TOTAL- 154 (three-day total of $2,525)

1. Actors
2. Check/change oil
5. Baseball/softball

G2: Weils (Libertyville, IL)(w/ two wins & $1K+ under their belt so far) vs. Irelands (Atlanta; this is a re-match of an unaired game because of an error)

R1: According to 100 married ladies, name something you do when you catch your husband checking out another woman. Beginning w/:

#2: Smack/pinch him (16)(Arvell)

#6: Scold/glare/frown (10)(Rick)

Paul (a Health charter high school teacher): Call girlfriend- X
Fay (former Math teacher): Leave him- XX
Sam (a network analyst for a racetrack petroleum station): Check out another guy- T3 (15)
Kevin: Look at the lady/agree- OTHER BA (10)
Arvell (an actor who formerly appeared on "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" as Fishbone): Cause a scene- XXX

Rick Steal (for 51): Do nothing/ignore- #1 (18)(T3: Laugh & tease him/"go for it")(15 each)

R2: Name someone who might say to you your time's up. I have a few ideas:

#1: Test instructor/teacher (44)(Hannah)


Tori: Referee- X
Gail: God- T3 (9)
Adam: Psychiatrist/doctor/shrink- T3 (9)
Rick: Minister- XX
Hannah: Coach- XXX

Arvell Steal (for 62 & the early lead): Parents- NO (Weils: 113)

#2: Game show host (12)
BAs: The grim reaper, police officer & boss (3 each)

Double: According to 100 married men- "If my wife wants to punish me, she'll make me watch..." what? First completion(s) to that:

Soaps (41)(Tori)


Gail: "Say Yes to the Dress"- X
Adam: Nada- XX
Rick: Cooking shows- WIPEOUT

Arvell Steal #2 (for 82): (Programs on) Lifetime- NOPE (Weils: 195)

#2: Chick flicks (16)
#3: Oprah/OWN shows (13)
#4: Operas/"theatah" (11)
#5: The kids (6; I thought that might be there)
#6: "American Idol" (2)

Triple: Name a place you might hear the sound of a zipper being unzipped. This is to possibly go to SD again:

#1: Bathrooms (58)(Sam)

Kevin: Bedrooms- #3 (10)
Avell: Nasty films- X
Paul: Doctor's office- XX
Fay: Dressing rooms- #2 (20)
Sam: Beaches- XXX

Rick Steal to Win: Locker rooms- INCORRECT (Irelands: 264)(#4: Campgrounds/tents)(5)

SD #8: Name something people say they have to catch up on.

Adam: Friends- OOPS (A: Sleep)(52)

FM #2:

1. According to 100 women on the 1-10 scale, how good would your man look in a speedo?
2. Name a part of the body people wiggle if they want to.
3. Name a reason you might be up all night.
4. Name something dogs howl at.
5. Name a kind of sandwich you can easily recognize by its smell.

1. 5- 14
2. Nose- 24
3. Having sex- 6
4. The Moon- 31
5. Bologna- 3

1. 10- 9
2. Hips- 3
3. Insomnia- 13
4. People- 25
5. Liverwurst- 2
TOTAL- 130 ($650)


1. 1
3. Sickness/ailment
5. Tuna

Both episodes get a 7 out of 10.


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