"Millionaire" 10/23

The second regular player this week's Liza Minnelli lookalike Deborah Bishop from Long Beach, MS.

Pre-Randomized Rundown: One-time Infections, Letter Lawsuits, Matchmaker, Family Relations, Fashion Fun, History's Mysteries, We're Walking, Science Fail, Early Jobs & Q Tips
Categories: Matchmaker, Family Relations, Science Fail, Early Jobs, One-time Infections, Letter Lawsuits, Fashion Fun, Q Tips, We're Walking & History's Mysteries

1. A new trend in matchmaking, "pheromone parties" are get-togethers in which singles seek to find a compatible mate based on a person's what?

A: Smell
B: Taste

C: Feel
D: Voice

FA: Smell- $25K

2. Which of your relatives would be correctly referred to as your "meemaw"?

A: Brother
B: Grandfather
C: Grandmother
D: Father

FA: Grandmother- $7K ($32K)

3. Radioactive thorium was believed to be beneficial that it was used to make what household item during WWII?

A: Cough drops
B: Toothpaste
C: Orange juice

D: Shampoo

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Toothpaste)- $100

4. Before winning a 1988 Pulitzer Prize for her own material, what novelist edited Muhammad Ali's '75 biography?

A: Alice Walker
B: Terry McMillan
C: Maya Angelou
D: Toni Morrison


A: 19%
B: 4%
C: 49%
D: 28%


5. In medical lore, what disease got its name from the observation that it was a "weaker" version of smallpox?

A: Wimppox
B: Chickenpox
C: Loserpox
D: Pansypox

FA: Chickenpox (which I had as a baby)- $2K ($34K)

6. In 2010, the International House of Prayer was sued over its abbreviated name by a restaurant chain best known for serving what?

A: Pizza
B: Poultry

C: Pie
D: Pancakes

FA: Pancakes- $3K ($37K)

7. First gaining popularity in the '50s amongst British Rock 'N Roll fans, winklepickers are a long, pointed style of what fashion item?

A: Boots
B: Pants
C: Hat
D: Scarf

FA: Boots- $10K ($47K)

8. How many member countries of the United Nations have "q" tips, or names that begin or end w/ the letter Q?

A: One
B: Two
C: Three

D: Four

WALKS W/ $23.5K (A: Two)

Q of the Day: On "The Simpsons", what's the title of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon w/ "Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino"?

A: "Reservoir Cats"
B: "Germs of Endearment"
C: "Skinless in Seattle"
D: "Spay Anything"

A: "Reservoir Cats"

$1K Contestant #12: Lisa Broxton (a software sales representative from Atlanta)

A '12 viral video promoting walking as exercise reunited cast members of what TV series famous for its "walking and talking" scenes?

A: "Melrose Place"
B: "The West Wing"
C: "Seinfeld"

D: "Cheers"

FA: "Seinfeld"- LOSS (A: "The West Wing")



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