"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" 10/17

THE ARENA #4: Eric & Camila vs. Devyn & JD
GAME: "Water Torture"- there are two water tanks, one for each guy to hold their breath underwater (& being tied to their ankles on a rope) while their female partner tries to clear a matching pairs board at the same time as climbing it.
WINNERS- Devyn & JD (Eric quit & Camila lost it)

Challenge #5 ("Chairman of the Board"): One teammate per team will sit in a chair hanging off the edge of a structure 30 feet above the water & answer questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Trishelle had to sit out this challenge due to dehydration.

1. Where did "The Ruins" take place?
Sarah: Phuket, Thailand

2. Who was the host of the first season of "The Gauntlet"?
Marie: TJ- NO (A: Johnny Mosley)

3. What city in Iceland did the last season "Battle of the Exes" travel to after they left The Dominican Republic?
Dustin: NOTHING (A: Reykjavik)

4. In what country was the first "Fresh Meat" filmed?
McKenzie: Europe (A: Australia)

5. "The Island" was filmed where?
Frank: An island off Panama

6. Who won "Fresh Meat II"?
Jasmine: Landon & Carly

7. The Taj Mahal's located in what country?
Sarah: India

8. What's the largest ocean?
Laura: Pacific

9. What city's known as The Big Apple?
Alton: NYC

10. In Washington, D.C., what does D.C. stand for?
Ryan: District of Columbia

11. In which continent is the Sahara Desert located?
Frank: Africa

12. What's the capital of England?
Jasmine (her mom's a History teacher): Liverpool (A: London)

13. What film won this year's OSCAR for Best Picture?
Sarah: NOTHING (A: "The Artist")

14. Who sang the highly-controversial song "Friday"?
Laura: DITTO (A: Rebecca Black)

15. Who did Kim Kardashian marry before divorcing in 72 days?
Alton: Chris Duncan (A: Kris Humpheries)

16. Who did Prince William marry last year?
Ryan: NADA (A: Kate Middleton)

17. What's the longest-running show on MTV?
Frank: "The Real World"

18. Which on-screen duo won Best Kiss at the '11 MTV Movie Awards?
C.J.: Jacob & Bella from "Twilight" (A: Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson; Robert plays the character of Edward)

19. How many rings are in the symbol of The Olympic Games?
J.D.: Five

20. What's the mascot of the Alabama Crimson Tide?
Robb: That big elephant

21. What city are the Red Sox from?
Nany: Boston

22. In basketball, what city are the Suns from?
Preston: UT

23. In baseball, what state do the Twins play for?
Frank: MN

24. In football, what city are the Steelers from?
Jonna: Pittsburgh, PA

25. Who's on the dime?
J.D.: (Abraham) Lincoln (A: FDR)

25. Who's on the nickel?
Robb: George Washington (A: Thomas Jefferson)

26. Who's on the quarter?
Nany: Washington

27. Who's on the $10 bill?
Jemmye: FIRST TEAM OUT (A: Alexander Hamilton)

28. Who's on the $1 bill?
Frank: Lincoln (A: Washington)

29. Who's on the $5 bill?
Jonna: Jackson (A: Lincoln)

30. Who did Johnny & Camila beat to win "Battle of the Exes"?
Devyn: CT & Diem, BUT NO MORE (Other team: Ty & Emily)

31. Who won "The Challenge: Rivals"?
Trey: Johnny & Jasmine (Other right players: Paula, Evelyn, Tyler)

32. Who won "The Duel II"?
Nany: Rachel & Evan

33. "The Challenge" has been produced on how continents?
Ashley: 21 (A: 6)

34. Where did the first season of "The Real World" take place?
Derek: L.A. (A: NYC)

35. Spell "narcissistic".


R1: McKenzie & Preston over Sarah & Chet, 12-13
R2: McKenzie & Preston over Sarah & Chet, 9-16- WIN


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