Halloween '12 Results

LMaD: Wayne plays Run DMC, Jonathan's a "Star Trek" character, Tiffany's a hippie & Cat's a gorilla. Each of the first three featured items today have a costume inside a costume bag as a clue.

Glyness' R (#1- pajamas)(CURTAIN #2): $1,200- Bedroom ($3,797)
Marcia's R (a retail store worker dressed as a dragonfly)(#2- U.K. flag)(SB): GO ON ($1.5K)- Five-night holiday to London ($8K)
Alexander's R (Santa fork)(#3- pirate)(CURTAIN #1): $2K- Duct-tape sailboat

Jeremy (pepper) plays Bobbing for Apples for a Chevrolet Sonic Sedan (Std., Paint) worth $14,855 (CURTAIN #3). Remember, he needs to either bob that ZONK twice in a row right away or accumulate $1K to buy the automobile.

1. $300
3. $100 ($700)
4. $200 ($900)


Erica & Nathaniel (banana) play "My Husband Sounds Like a...".

1. CAT- CAT ($1K)
2. GHOST- GHOST ($1.5K)

TBR (SB): GO- Puerto Rico honeymoon ($6,022)


Markus (caveman) takes a gaze into the Crystal Ball Deal.

News Choice for BB: Good- MORE THAN ONE ITEM
DECISION: GO ($800)- Small kitchen w/ Halloween serving tray ($4,197)

DECISION: GO BECAUSE OF HIS WIFE (haunted cuckoo clock)

Holly (witch) plays Smash for Ca$h.

1. #3 (purple)- BUCK
2. #5 (orange)- IN THE PENALTY
3. #8 (orange)- BUCK
4. #7 (red)- $3 ($5; $2K)- STOP

#1 & #10 were football helmet-shaped pigs, #2 was the other orange one, #4 was the other red one, pig #6 was pink & #9 was the other purple.

Mark's Fast Deal Decision (a guy dressed as a toilet paper mummy because he was running out of time coming up w/ a costume while in the bathroom): SB (Jonathan)- Ford Fiesta S (CURTAIN #3)(Number of candy pieces in a bucket at $10 apiece: 150)(nice leap into that car, man!)

Breanna's FD Decision (swimming teacher): Big Daddy's Chocolate Bar- $4.5K (BB: Motorcycle vacuum)


BD #28: On their one-yr. wedding anniversary, Erica selects DOOR #3 for her & Nathaniel...they've doubled up in the vacation department & are now headed to the Bay Gardens Resort in St. Lucia ($6,670) & the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens in Croatia ($18,096)!

#1- Pool table & LG 32" LED HDTV ($4,149)
#2 (which Nathaniel wanted to pick)- $6,613 (revealed second)

Reyna wants to make a homemade Halloween card for Tiffany on the spot, but that's NOT allowed when $500's on the line. Jonathan then gives three other traders a chance to win $200 each if they can write a long word that Wayne doesn't know the meaning of &/or can't rap about. Angelica (baby) succeeds, but Christopher fails miserably when trying MISSISSIPPI.

And remember, Money in the Bank debuts tomorrow.

TPiR: Their Halloween special this season has a carnival theme. The powers that be first call for Wendy Makin (The Big Wheel), Ronny Little (hillbilly construction worker), Krista Scoby & Michael Ladue. For this morning's intro only, "Come on Down" is replayed w/ "Step Right Up". The IUFB list starts w/ the Playcraft skee-ball table (Amber behind splitting sign as a bearded woman).

Wendy: $550/Ronny: $895/Krista: $950/Michael: $600

ARP: $849

This Michael from Ithaca, NY (but goes to college in L.A. as a TV/Radio student) plays Punch-a-Bunch (Rachel lifts up the GPT as a strongwoman; Manuela holding the bill as a snake charmer). After not having one punched at all last season (its first w/ the new money breakdown), a $10K slip's been found once so far this season.

Chef'sChoice waffle cone maker ($95): LOWER- $70
Cuisinart ice cream machine ($129): LOWER- $90
Nostalgia Electronics churros maker ($17): HIGHER- $25
N.E. snow cone maker ($75): LOWER- $50

#28: $10K- INSTANT BAILOUT (the board doesn't light up this time)
#13: $5K
#10: $100
#35: $250 (revealed third)

Kristi Amick (Katy Perry) comes on up to CR & the second IUFB will be a quartet of PartyCity costumes (George behind rising sign).

Wendy: $350/Ronny: $500/Krista: $501/KRISTI: $450

ARP: $972

Krista plays Shopping Spree w/ a $7K goal for a DELL desktop (Rachel), a BMS The Legend 150 (Rachel), some Prada accessories (Amber) & the Summit propane gas grill (Amber).

1. Scooter- $1,648
2. Accessories- $3,795 ($5,443)
FINAL PURCHASE: Grill- $2,049 (Computer: $880)

Ron Jarman (Snoop Dogg spoof) leaves his spooky seat sixth & the third GUFB's an Inspire FT1 home gym (Manuela & Rachel).

Wendy: $2.5K/Ronny: $2,550/RON: $1,900/Kristi: $800

ARP: $2,895

Ronny (a retired pole dancer from Garden Grove, CA) plays Super Pick-a-Number (Manuela) for a Honda Civic Sedan AT (Std., Remote)(Amber). Board:

$ 1 9 , _ 1 8


He takes a shot at it w/ the seven...missed it completely.

Ronny ($2,895): 65 + 45 = OVER BY A DIME
Krista ($9,344): THREE QUARTERS
Michael ($11,084): TWO $.35's

Shane Fone (Hans) exits from the right side of the Peanut Gallery & cue some more carnival music for the fourth one-bid package, a 13-piece The Art of Shaving kit.

Wendy: $626/SHANE: $525/Ron: $600/Kristi: $625

ARP: $596

Shane won't play Cliff-Hangers, but he is playing Pl!nko!

SPs (Manuela):
Soft-felt goldfish treat bag ($45): 5- $15
Motive four-piece candle set ($21): 2- $24
Eight-count Wilson cookie pan ($30): 0- $10
1K-watt fog machine ($40): 4- $70

THE CHIPS (Rachel):
1. DUD (Left)
2. $500 (Left)
3. $1K (Right)
4. $1K (Left)- $2.5K

Paige Shmuley (peace lady) needs to report to CR so that she can join the action on the bidding of the next IUFB, a SONY camcorder (George's podium; he's dressed as a contortionist).

Wendy: $901/PAIGE: $799/Ron: $900/Kristi: $650

Kristi from Clarksville, TN just got a $500 bonus & plays Double Prices for a six-night trip to the Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter in New Orleans (Amber).

Prices: $9,503 & $7,817
PICK: $7,817

Wendy's in VERY SPOOKY trouble as Harriet Ely (who's wearing an afro) gets called out last; the final IUFB's a pair of Lucien Paccard watches on that giant snake that Manuela happens to be wearing.

Wendy: $850/Paige: $550/Ron: $1,101/HARRIET: $1,100

Wendy (who just turned 20 & has been a LFaT since she was four) defies the odds, wins the $900 watches & plays the Rat Race for a party tyme karaoke package (Amber), a 50" 3-D wi-fi-ready HDTV (Amber) &/or a Scion xB (Rachel pushes the split wall).

Rat Lane Assignments:
#1: Pink
#2: Yellow
#3: Blue
#4: Orange
#5: Green

SPs (Manuela):
Bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins: $3: BULLSEYE- CAPTURES GREEN RAT
Oster toaster oven: $45: $50- CAPTURES PINK RAT
Hamilton Beach stand mixer: $125: $250

Karaoke: Green- WIN
TV: Pink- WIN
SCION: Orange

SCSD #2:
Shane: 60 + QUARTER = $.85
Wendy: 65 + HALF-DOLLAR = OVER BY $.15
Kristi: 70 + 20 = $.90 (currently w/ $8,967 in cash & prizes)

Door #1- Popcorn cart, cotton candy machine & arcade basketball game (Amber)
Door #2- Jeep Wrangler (Rachel)



Left of Door #3- Five-night trip to Rio (Manuela)
Door #3- FIAT 500 Pop AT (Amber; George's in the trunk)



Krista's treats total $43,168.


Meredith's dressed as a cat while our player Jason Hoffman from Virginia Beach's dressed as her! Also on the set for this afternoon only, there's a graveyard w/ some of those unlucky players who wiped out in their games written on the tombstones.

Pre-Randomized Menu: Skinternet, Catchy Tune, Miss Hospitality, Imaginary Boundaries, OK Bayou?, Novel Ending, Other Works, Wealthy Woman, Animal Counties & Spooky Passing
Final Slate: Miss Hospitality, Catchy Tune, Novel Ending, OK Bayou?, Other Works, Imaginary Boundaries, Animal Counties, Wealthy Woman, Skinternet & Spooky Passing

1. According to a tell-all book by her daughter, Martha Stewart would turn off the lights & pretend she wasn't home during what holiday?

A: St. Patrick's Day
B: Halloween
C: Thanksgiving
D: Easter

FA: Halloween- $3K

2. A hit '80s song declares "Everybody cut, everybody cut, everybody but, everybody cut, everybody everybody cut..." what?

A: "Sledgehammer"
B: "Mickey"
C: "Footloose"
D: "Ghostbusters"

FA: "Footloose"- $25K ($28K)

3. While his most famous literary creation sleeps in a coffin, what author was cremated after he died & had his ashes put in an urn?

A: Washington Irving
B: Jules Verne
C: Bram Stoker
D: Arthur Conan Doyle

FA: Bram Stoker- $2K ($30K)

4. Which of these Louisiana-based reality shows is about a family of self-described "redneck" millionaires?

A: "Swamp People"
B: "Rat Bastards"
C: "Cajun Pawn Stars"
D: "Duck Dynasty"

FA: "Duck Dynasty"- $7K ($37K)

His wife Nicole (in the audience) is wearing a clown nose.

5. Filed in 1992, what pop star's a credited inventor on Patent No. 5,255,452 or "Method and Means for Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion"?

A: Michael Jackson
B: Prince
C: Mick Jagger
D: George Harrison


6. On a globe, what imaginary line marks the southern boundary of the North Frigid Zone?

A: The Tropic of Cancer
B: The Equator
C: The Arctic Circle
D: The Prime Meridian

FA: The Arctic Circle- $500 ($37.5K)

7. California's Mariposa County got its name from Spanish explorers who discovered huge numbers of what creatures there?

A: Bullfrogs
B: Turtles
C: Butterflies
D: Snakes

OTHER BATQ USED (A: Butterflies)- $15K

8. Called "the youngest self-made female billionaire in history by Forbes, Sara Blakely made a fortune after creating what company?

A: Neutrogena
B: American Apparel
C: Spanx
D: Baby Einstein

FA: Spanx- $10K ($47.5K)

9. According to facebook's standards on nude images, what body parts can be posted if they're on a man & not a woman?

A: Shoulders
B: Ears
C: Nipples
D: Knees

FA: Nipples- $5K ($52.5K)

For $53.5K: Which of these famous figures died on Halloween?

A: Alfred Hitchcock
B: Harry Houdini
C: Dr. Jack Kevorkian
D: Edgar Allan Poe


A: 11%
B: 63%
C: 2%
D: 24%

FA: Houdini- YEAH

CM #15:

$100K (In the Dictionary): Though it sounds like an event for bald men hoping to achieve their dreams, rogaining is actually a what?

A: Cooking method
B: Folk dance
C: Outdoor sport
D: Chess move

FA (after getting it down to folk dance & outdoor sport): Folk dance- WRONG ONE & LOSES $28.5K

Q of the Day: Once believed to be the time when witches appear, what time of day's known as the "witching hour"?

A: Dusk
B: Dawn
C: Noon
D: Midnight

A: Midnight

$1K Contestant #15: Allen Edwards (a 32-yr.-old MTA track worker in NYC)

A new race called "Run For Your Lives" has runners competing an obstacle course while dodging volunteers dressed as what?

A: Grizzly bears
B: Aliens
C: Sharks
D: Zombies

FA: Zombies- WIN

Family Feud:

GAME #1: Nelsons (Warren, RI) vs. Datchers ($995 after a heartbreaking first episode of theirs)

R1: According to 100 married ladies, what would you do if it was 3 AM & your husband was still not home? I have a couple ideas:

#1: Call/text him (48)(Margaret)


Phyllis: Look for him- BA (2)
Marie: Lock him out of the house- BA (2)
Korliss: Call his friends- T3 (12)
Kelvin: Go back to sleep- T3 (12)
Margaret: Check w/ hospital (or police) for accident- #2 (16)
Phyllis: Wait up for him- #5 (6)
Marie: Put his clothes out- X
Korliss: Call family members- XX
Kelvin: Watch TV- XXX

Pattie Steal (for 96; she's been the director of finance & computers for Meals on Wheels of RI): Call his favorite hangout- NO (Other BA: Worry)(2)

R2: Name something a person sitting next to you in a restaurant that might ruin your appetite. The appetizer(s) in terms of guesses for this round:

#1: Blow chunks (34)(Phyllis)

DUD- Talk too loud (Diane)

Marie: Run out- X
Korliss: Dig in/blow their nose- T2 (12)

Kelvin: Burp/belch- T2 (12)
Margaret: Pick teeth- XX

Phyllis: Cough on you- #7 (3)
Marie: Somebody else eating off your plate- XXX

Pattie Steal #2 (for 61): See somebody chewing w/ their mouth open- ALSO NOT THERE (Datchers: 157)

#4: Smoke (9)
#5: Fart (8)
#6: Sneeze (4)

Double: Name something a husband doesn't want to share w/ his wife. This could give the current champs their safety net when they triple the points:

#1: Secrets/affairs/past (21)(Susan; she said girlfriend)

#5: Food/dessert (8)(Marie)

Mike (a technical writer & former Navy subarmine radioman when he got out of HS): Driving- X
Kristin (works for Senator Whitehouse): Remote control/TV- #3 (10
Pattie: $$$- #2 (16)
Diane: Sheets- XX
Susan: What he does at work- XXX

Margaret Steal (for another 110 & safety net): Time- ALSO NOT IT (#4: Toothbrush)(9)

Triple: Name something you'd hate to lose at the mall. Should be for the game:

$$$/wallet (44)(Korliss)


Kelvin: Children- #2 (18)
Margaret: Car parking spot- X
Phyllis: (Car) keys- #4 (9)
Marie: Bags- XX
Korliss: Cellphone- WIN! (18)(424)


1. Name an occupation whose members probably hear a lot of unbelievable stories.
2. Name something you can rent.
3. Name an exercise HS gym teachers make you do.
4. Name the hour 16-yr.-olds should be home from a date.
5. Name something a baseball player might be holding during a game.

1. Police- 32
2. House- 23
3. Jumping jacks- 39
4. 10 PM- 19
5. Bat- 45
TOTAL- 158

1. Judges- 31
2. Automobile- 38; WIN AT 227!
3. Running
4. 9 PM (Top answer: 11 PM)
5. Ball

(Note: The ding didn't sound at the start of the FM instant replay.)

CAR G #7: Littletons (Lawrenceville, GA) vs. Sudduths (whose four-day cash winnings total $3,340; if they do win the Edge CUV today, Tom needs to be very careful walking over there)

R1: According to 100 guys, if you were a lady, what do you think would be the hardest part about pregnant? According to the following:

#1: Labor/giving birth (29)(Tom)

DUD- Backaches (Mandi)

Carolyn: Cravings- X
Cecilia: Morning sickness- #3 (24)
Dana: Dealing w/ the weight gain- #2 (26)
Marshan: Going to the gynecologist- #7 (2; all doctors count)
Tom: Attitudes/mood shifts- T6 (3)
Carolyn: Big belly- XX
Cecilia: Nose swelling- XXX

Mandi Steal (for 84): Constantly having to go tinkle- T6 (3)(#4: Sleeping)(12)

R2: Another 100 men were asked to name something of their neighbors' you'd like to borrow because it's better than yours. Starter(s):

#1: Car (27)(Carolyn)
#2: Lawnmower (23)(Morgan)

Cecilia: Wife/mate- BA (3)
Dana: House- X
Marshan: BBQ grill- BA (3)
Tom: Tool kit- #3 (18)
Carolyn: Job/occupation- XX
Cecilia: Golf clubs/equipment- XXX

Mandi Steal #2 (for 74 more): TV- MISS (#4: Tractor)(13)

Double: When doing a love scene, name a reason an actress might refuse to kiss his co-star. Going on the big board first:

#1: Bad breath (60)(Laura)
#2: He's ugly (6)(Cecilia)


Ashley (a special effects makeup artist who also teaches at a makeup & modeling school in Atlanta): She's married/in a relationship- BA (3)
Katie (a manager at a retail giant; Steve impersonates a typical retail store PA person on her microphone): He's sweaty/stinks- T3 (5)
Mandi: He or she is sick- BA (3)
Morgan: He has no chemistry- X
Laura: He has lots of facial hair- XX

Ashley: It's against her religion- XXX

Tom Steal (for 154 extra & the lead): He's been a jerk & acted inappropriately w/ her- LAST BA (3)(228)(T3: Cold sore)(5; they also said that)

FOR LIKELY THE RIDE: Name a place a hubby goes w/ his wife where he'd prefer to wait in the car. Big face-off here:

#1: Mall/store (64)(Ashley)

Katie: Doctor's office/gynecologist- #3 (10)
Mandi: Parent/teacher conferences- X
Morgan: Movie theater- XX
Laura: Hair/beauty salon- #2 (15)

Ashley: Parents' house- SECOND CAR LOSS OF THE WEEK (3)(360)

FM #2:

1. Name a kind of worker who might see people sunbathing nude in their own backyard.
2. Besides people, name something you can't live without.
3. How old's too old for a kid to be breastfeeding?
4. Name a device used for cutting.
5. Name a vehicle you yield to when the siren's on.

1. Roofer- 14
2. Cellphone- 2
3. Five- 7
4. Scissors- 33
5. Police car- 10

1. Landscaper- 22
2. Air- 7
3. Three- 23
4. Knife- 45
5. Ambulance- 52
TOTAL- 218

1. Utility lineman
2. Food
3. Two


Intro Flashback Moment (10/27/03): Vanna's kids Niko & Giovanna coming out in costume at the end of the episode

$1K T-U: What Are You Doing?

H _ W _ _ _ G / A T

T _ _ / _ _ O N

After Jonathan's HOWLING AT THE MOON at the right time, we meet him & his competition:

Jonathan Carroll (Moorehead, KY)- A pharmaceutical sales representative married to Christina w/ two kids who wants to run a triathlon in every state (he's down seven so far)
Joyce Bell (L.A.; originally from Cleveland)- A USC athletics compliance director who likes to try out new restaurants (especially those that serve Italian &/or cheese dishes)
Kyle Berner (Raleigh, NC)- A pharmaceutical research project manager married to Samantha w/ a 2.5 yr.-old-son who's also a part of the board of directors for a non-profit big cat sanctuary

tweetstakes Puzzle #3 (Fictional Characters):

_ N C L _ / B _ N / A N _

A _ N T / _ A Y

$2K T-U: Show Biz

S _ _ G E

_ _ _ G _ T

Kyle doesn't have STAGE FRIGHT at this point.

Featured Trip: Hotel Monteleone w/ Haunted History Tour ($5,040)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: PartyCity
1/2 CAR of the Week: smart car

IHOP Jackpot Round: Event

Kyle FPs two E's, calls three T's for $1,800 (w/ one at the end), buys an A & calls a couple of $500 S's while on the Jackpot plus four $300 N's & a $450 G. But he then bobbles the A. Jonathan secondly calls the twin C's while on the WC...

_ _ N N _ N G / A

C _ S T _ _ E

C _ N T E S T

...he isn't WINNING A COSTUME CONTEST, but rather a second $1K; he also leads off the next puzzle.

SOLE DQ: Kyle (A repeat)

Current Scores:

Joyce: $0/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $2K WC

Mystery Round: Before & After

Jonathan's off to a $2,800 start via four T's, then he adds three $900 H's, four E's, an A at the end, a $900 S, an O & five I's to finish the vowels off. After that, headed down his trail are a $1K MW F next to the MDW (but the 10 G's were there), a $500 R for the party supply package, a $500 G for the 1/2 CAR next to $900 & a $1K N while on the other MW. Now, we go to that puzzleboard...

T H E / _ I _ _ E _

_ I T _ H / O F / T H E

_ E S T

_ I R G I N I A

...& solves THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST VIRGINIA for another $9,400 in cash & prizes.


Current Scores:

Joyce: $0/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $11,400 in cash & tag 1/2 CAR WC

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #33 (Fall '99)(Phrase)(Scott called MCPA):

S _ A _ E / _ T

_ P


Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase (also a pretty big puzzle)

Joyce leads the way w/ three $550 T's but then loses the $1,650 to the Bankrupt next to $650. Second, Kyle collects tres H's for 27 bills, five E's (the sounds effects people sounded the dinging a little too often as the E in the next-to-last spot of the next-to-last word is revealed), trip R's for an extra $2,700 & double S's for seven additional bills, then he's bought a pair of A's and found a $700 W, a $500 F to finish that next-to-last word (FRESHWATER). After buying the other vowels (three O's & two I's), he loses his turn w/ M for muff. Jonathan then calls off the $1K N couplet...

T H E R E ' S

N O T H I N _ / _ I _ E

A / F R E S H W A T E R

_ O O _

...he rightly says "THERE"S NOTHING LIKE A FRESHWATER POOL" to keep the extra dough & a Hotwire.com trip to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten worth $5,417.

SOLE DUD: $550 N (Kyle)

Current Scores:

Joyce: CANDY/Kyle: $2K/Jonathan: $17,817 in cash & stuff WC

$3K T-U: The 80's (one-wordy):

_ _ _ T _ E J _ _ C E

Kyle yells "BEETLEJUICE" to go to $5K.

Speed-Up: Thing

$1,300 per consonant following Mr. Sajak's (who celebrated his birthday last weekend) Final Spin. After Jonathan's B call...

S T _ D _ _ _

S _ _ R _ B _ _ R D

...he doesn't need to look at their STADIUM SCOREBOARD to know he's sealed the match w/ 3,900 more bucks (that was also in Kyle's bank); Joyce had $2,600.

DUDS: H (Kyle), L (Jonathan), N (Joyce)

Final Scores:

Joyce: $1K CONSOLATION CANDY/Kyle: $5K/Jonathan: $21,717 in cash & merchandise WC
GT: $27,717


Maxwell House Regular BR #31: As Andy said at the start of this week, this week's in-studio car's a Chevy Camaro coupe. Nobody w/ him, so Jonathan spins the C.

Category: Things (Megaword alert):

First on the board:

_ _ _ R E _ _ _ T _ _ N S

DMPOG are said by that man...

_ _ _ R E _ _ _ T _ O N S

...but those end the game. They were ABBREVIATIONS & he loses that Camaro, so $21,717 are his final winnings.

$5K SPIN ID #33: WT2236017



Hillary Meyer (Middletown, NY)- Stay-at-home mom & bloggers
Barry Peterson (El Paso)- Financial risk analyst
CHAMP: Keith Whitener (whose five-day cash winnings total $100,397)

As They Open the Category Coffins:
The AMERICAN HERITAGE dictionary: PAGE 1004

When Keith's told to Name That Speechmaker on its $600 clue, here comes a DD w/ $3,400; Barry has 18 Benjamins & Hillary has four. To give Keith another C-note:

"...& you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog, &...regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep him."

"Who is Richard Nixon?"...$4,400 as they take a break right there. After the board's wiped out, Keith has doubled up Barry $8K-$4K, followed by Hillary w/ $1,200 & the third-place advantage.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Baseball Timelime)

Double J! Slate:
WORDS IN HALLOWEEN (each correct word uses letters in "Halloween")

Barry catches a DD under the second Outside square w/ $6,800, as compared to Keith's $11,600 & Hillary's $5,600. Barry makes this a $2K clue:

Believe it or not, the smooth, soft-shelled species of this reptile can often outrun a man on level ground.

"What is a turtle?"...indeed it is for a new bank of $8,800 & to come within $2,800 of first. W/ all three middle answers left in both World Exploration & Thinking, he also picks off the final one attached to the $1,600 piece of World Exploration w/ $9,200; Hillary has $8,400 & both challengers are hanging in there since Keith's at the $18K mark. Barry's bet this time will be a thou.

On Apr. 9, 1682, this Frenchman reached the mouth of the Mississippi & named the area Louisiana.

Nothing from his mouth; it was La Salle.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $7,600

Scores After DJ!:
Keith: $16,800
Barry: $9K
Hillary: $7,600- ALL BUT OUT

Keith: $16,400
Barry: $8,800
Hillary: $7,600

FINAL J! SUBJECT: The Constitutional Convention.

New York's delegates were John Lansing, Robert Yates & this Founding Father, the only one of the three who signed.

Response: "Who is (Alexander) Hamilton?" (originally James Monroe)
Wager: $7,100
Final score: $14,700

Barry needs to be right, too...but "Who was (Bill) Clinton?" comes up on his screen, so he leaves w/ $1K at $2.5K & KEITH'S THE SECOND SUPERCHAMP OF THE SEASON!!! It was never in doubt, as Keith was right; he adds $18,001 for a six-night total of $118,398!


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 7
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"


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