"Family Feud" 10/25

GAME #1: Addisons (whose one-day cash winnings total $985) vs. McLesters (Atlanta)

R1: According to 100 guys, name a part of your body a blindfolded person might touch & think belongs to a woman. First out of the box:


#5: Face/nose/lips (7)(Nick)

DUD- Private parts (Samson from the Air Force)

Vince: (My tiny) hands- #7 (2)
Anthony: Chest/(man) boobs- #1 (40)
Ken: (My long) legs- #6 (6)
Carol: Posterior/bubble butt- #2 (17)
Nick: (Full-bodied) hair- #4 (9)
Vince: Knees- X
Anthony: Stomach- XX
Ken: Ears- XXX

Samson Steal (for 81): Arms/elbows- #3 (14)

R2: Name a phrase that takes courage to say for the first time. Opener(s):

#1: "I love you" (71)(Regina)


Hal: "I'm sorry"- BA (5)
Harold (a married licensed massage therapist for a decade whose wife was in the audience): "I hate you"- X
Nicolas: "#&#! you"- XX
Samson: "Let's get married"- #6 (2; known better as "Will you marry me?")
Regina: "You have a small penis"- ZONK FOR XXX

Nick Steal (for 78): "You're right"- #4 (3; also known as "I was wrong")

#4: "I quit" (4)
Other BA: "I do" (2)

Double: Name something you toss. I have a funny feeling the "throwing up" term is up there, but we'll know in moments:

#2: (Foot)ball (22)(Hal)
#3: Garbage (11)(Anthony)



Harold: Frisbee- #4 (10)
Nicolas: Salad/lettuce- #1 (26)
Samson: $$$- X
Regina: Hat- XX

Hal: Horseshoes- #5 (9)
Harold: Drawers/undies (& Steve walks to the other podium right after)- XXX

Nick Steal #2 (for another 156 & the lead): My cookies- YOU BET AT #6 (5)(234)(#7: Rings)(4)

Triple: Name a lie a wife tells her husband about her brand new dress. Important face-off:

#1: Cheap/on sale (85)(Ken)

DUD- She doesn't like it (Harold)

Carol: She's had it for a while- #2 (6)
Nick: She got it from a friend- #3 (3)
Vince: She returns it after wearing it- X
Anthony: She's only wore it once- XX
Ken: She tells a guy it's of the wrong size- XXX

Samson Steal for the Crown: She doesn't like its color- LOSS (#4: Used her own money)(2)

FM: I have a good feeling about this.

1. Name a part of his body a man wouldn't mind being told is pretty.
2. Name something you practice in front of a mirror.
3. Name something you might see at a campsite.
4. What time do restaurants stop serving breakfast?
5. Name something guys love to do while watching the Super Bowl.

1. Butt- 13
2. Flexing- 2
3. Fire- 43
4. 11- 45
5. Eat pizza (all food)- 36
TOTAL- 139

1. Feet- 2
2. Dancing- 6
3. Tent- 34
4. 10- 12
5. Cheer- 16
TOTAL- 209 (two-day total of $20,985)


1. Eyes
2. Smiling
5. Drink beer

(Note: As of a few weeks ago, for FM instant replays, we hear a single ding at the start.)

G2: DePalmas ($20K after first appearance) vs. Sudduths (Chicago)

R1: Name something that an 80-yr.-old man who marries a 20-yr.-old woman might need. Here's the beginning:

#1: All of Viagra (69)(Tom, who's using a big stick)


Carolyn (a stay-at-home mom of two): $$$ (like Hefner)- BA (2)
Cecilia: Lot of energy- X
Dana: A rather large "member"- XX
Marshan (a Cook County sheriff & father of two): Nice car- XXX

Mike Steal (for 71): Pre-nup/will- T3 (4)

#2: Pacemaker (5)
T3: Oxygen (4)
Other BA: Doctor (2)

R2: Name something of yours that's old & smells funny. Said first:

Socks/shoes/clothes (67)(Carolyn)


Cecilia: Carpet/rug- BA (2)
Dana: Old car- X
Marshan: Gym bag- XX
Tom: Old friends- XXX

Mike Steal #2 (for another 69): Dog- T2 (6)(140)

T2: Blanket/pillow (6)
T4: Feet/toes & stuffed animals/dolls (3 each)

BA: Spouses/mates (2)

Double: Name something w/ "nut" in it. Example(s):

#1: Peanut (butter)(36)(Cecilia)


Dana: Nutmeg- X
Marshan: Coconut- #3 (7)

Tom: "Nutcracker"- XX
Carolyn: Walnut (bread)- #2 (8)
Cecilia: Nutsy- XXX

Mike Steal #3 (for 102 extra): Chestnut- BA (6)(242)(Other BA: Nuthouse)(6)

Triple: Name a reason a barber might say he had a bad day on the job. For the win:


#2: Gave bad haircut (34)(Dana)

#4: Cut someone (5)(Ed)

Marshan: Fell asleep while cutting another's hair- X
Tom: Customer didn't like haircut- XX
Carolyn: Low number of customers/clients- #1 (46)
Cecilia: Lost client(s)- XXX

Mike Steal for Shutout: Screaming/crying kids- WRONG (Sudduths: 255)(#3: Bad tips)(7)

SD #8: Name a filthy animal.
Marshan: Pig- WIN (57)

FM #2:

1. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
2. Name something a dog sees that gets it all excited.
3. Name a phrase that starts w/ "Keep your...".
4. Name something that might overheat.
5. Name the worst thing to miss if you oversleep.

1. 12- 12
2. Food- 27 (other dogs tied w/ this)
3. Hands off- 5
4. Stove- 9
5. Your job- 44

1. 16- 9 (#1: 13)
2. Cat- 17
3. Mouth shut- 21
4. Car/engine- 35
5. School (at the last second)- LOSS
TOTAL- 179 ($895)


6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 7


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