6/7/2012 Results

LMaD: For the last time this season, we're playing Beat the Dealer!

Brandy (banana): H- SEVEN
Linda (convict): D- FOUR
Brenda (grapes): B- SIX

Round 2 Prize (CURTAIN #2): Hollywood Bowl VIP experience ($3,222)

Brandy: A- NINE
Brenda: F- EIGHT

CAR (CURTAIN #1): KIA Forte LX ($16,690)

Wayne: I- THREE
Brandy: G- ZONK (ONE)


(Note: No sound effects were used at all in this playing.)

Barbara & Donald (bumblebees) both have Tiffany's Burberry murse & purse.

Donald's R: CURTAIN #2- Rockwell power tools ($1,960)
Murse- $500 Brookstone gift card ($1,050)

Barbara's R: Purse- Lara's Jewelry diamond necklace ($1,845)
SB- Used gum animal modeling kit

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #3): NO- Trip to New Orleans ($7,894)

Deborah's Fast Deal Decision (whoopee cushion): SE (has 2's on its check inside)- $222
BB- Kitchen ($4,198)

Alexander Reitman's FD Decision (doctor): Cash jar- Watch.
GE- Sewer trip

Jonathan tells Michael (potted plant) to report to the Interrogation Room Deal.

CURTAIN #3 (which presumably had at least a TV because the clue was a remote control)- Home theater ($2,899)

Housewife Sandra (doctor) plays the Grocery iPad Deal. In this morning's playing, the objective is to decide whether each of the following was included in the official Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe.

C&H Pure Cane Sugar (RB): YES- Camcorder ($1K)
Horizon Organic Milk (GB): NO- Fred Segal Salon makeover ($2K)
Clabber Girl Baking Powder (BB): YES- Elliptical trainer ($3,299)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): YES (because she really needs some wheels)- Ford Fiesta SE Sedan ($15,295)


Tony (ice cream man) has his opportunity at the $5KStatements Deal. The prompt's to pick the facts that occurred after 2000.

A: Nicole Kidman won a Golden Globe for "Moulin Rouge!"
B: The Euro was first introduced
C: Singer Prince changed his name to a symbol
D: Michael Phelps won eight gold medals at the Beijing (Summer) Olympics
E: Bratz dolls debuted

PICKS: D, E & A (he wanted to change E, but it was too late)

D: 0 ($50)

He passes on the $3K Tiffany & Co. watch (SB).

E: 0 ($500)
A: WIN! ($5K)

Mara's FD Decision: $600
SB- Mac n Cheese Book Pro


THE BIG DEAL: Believe it or not, today's traders pass the chance all the way down to Brenda for just her five Benjamins, a new record-low for this incarnation of "Deal"! W/ nowhere to go but up, she picks on DOOR #3...our END-OF-SEASON PERFECT BD WEEK BID STAYS ALIVE (& Wayne even opens the door)- she & her husband are going to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora w/ $10K, a total of $25,090 in cash & honeymoon!

#1- ZUMA scooter
#2- Living room ($7,996)

Wayne asks a lady dressed as a bug catcher if she has a chess bishop for her own $500 to keep, but she doesn't.

TPiR: We envision Melissa Gatdula, Scott Brooks, Pamela Cole & David Watkins reporting to Contestant's Row first so that they can bid on a party tyme karaoke package (Gwendolyn in the clam)("Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock).

Pamela: $925/Scott: $1K/David: $575/Melissa: BUCK

ARP: $622

David, a student/server from Bakersfield, CA, plays for up to $25K on Punch-a-Bunch (Manuela).

SPs (Gwen)("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida):
Double-stitch sewing machine ($17): HIGHER- $24
Heart-shaped sandwich press ($25): LOWER- $10
Pizza oven ($33): HIGHER- $45
Mini fridge ($30): HIGHER- $59

#17: $100
#32: $250
#29: $2.5K- BAILOUT
#4: $500

Fifth happens to be Kathleen Synkoski & the second PUFB's four designer trenchcoats (both behind splitting sign)("International Love" by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown).

Pamela: $1K/Scott: $1,001/KATHLEEN: $1,950/Melissa: $2K

ARP: $2,430

Melissa, who just graduated from school, plays Pushover for a vacation to the Hotel 71 Chicago (Gwen at Door #2)("We Found Love" by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris). Line:


$3,278's way too little for The Windy City- it was $7,869.

The sixth potential winner's Peter Barnes & a Bradley Smoker's in the third one-bid round (Manuela behind rising sign)(SP piano cue).

Pamela: $875/Scott: $1,100/Kathleen: BUCK/PETER: $1,350

ARP: $628

This could be Kathleen's lucky day, because it's time for the annual playing of Now...or Then, where she can win the Dodge Journey (Gwen at Door #3)(vamp of a newer Edd Kalehoff car cue). The groceries (piano version of a Showcase cue) are Liquid-Plumr Penetrex marked at $4.69, Progresso Bread Crumbs marked at $1.49, Flintstones Vitamins marked at $6.72, Eggland's Best eggs marked at $2.19, Twix marked at $.89 & Baker's Shredded Coconut marked at $1.79. Then is Jan. '02. IMO, I just don't see a car Pricing Game being won today; I hope I'm wrong.

Eggs: NOW
Twix: THEN
Vitamins: NOW

She must say NOW from here on out to win the ute...NO, she loses on the L-P before the possible winning coconut.

Kathleen ($628): 60 + 75 = OVER
Melissa ($2,430): HALF-DOLLAR + DIME = $.60
David ($3,260): WINS W/ $.80

Maria Mitchell comes down seventh & the fourth IUFB on the train's (Gwen) a Rockboard scooter package (Manuela)("Young Homie" by Chris Rene).
Pamela: $1,875/Scott: BUCK/MARIA: $1.5K/Peter: $900

ARP: $720

Scott, who got married about six months ago, plays SHOPPING Spree ("Titanium" by David Guetta feat. Sia) for some Marc Jacobs accessories (Manuela), a foozball table (Manuela), a SONY VAIO (Gwen) & the Bosch refrigerator (Gwen). The goal's $6.5K.

1. Fridge- $1,999 ($4,501 left)
2. Accessories- $3,160 ($1,341 left)
FINAL PICK: Table- $1,509 (Laptop: $850)

Big blue third goes to Robert Nobles & here's another GUFB, a Cabinets To Go! double vanity (Gwen behind GPT)(another piano IUFB cue).

Pamela: BUCK/ROBERT: $875/Maria: $750/Peter: $885

ARP: $1,001

Peter, who said he'll cook the staff a BBQ after this episode was finished taping, plays Flip-Flop for an Ashley bedroom w/ the Panasonic 32" HDTV (Manuela at Door #3)("Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato). Dummy price:


He Flops for the win!

Last out of the Peanut Gallery today's Celina Blackwell & Pamela's in BIG trouble heading into the final PUFB, the trip to Big Bear Lake (Manuela at Door #5)("Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift).

Pamela: $2,650/Robert: $1,295/Maria: BUCK/CELINA: $1,675

ARP: $1,685


Celina plays Line 'em Up for the '12 Nissan Versa S HB AT (Std., Plus/Guards, Prot/Armor)(Manuela at Door #2)("Pay the Rent" by Michael Karp). Board:

?- $567, Lamar Men's Trooper snowboarding package (Manuela)
?- $46, shredder
?- $625, 4 Cuisinart coffeemakers (Gwen)

1. $17,428
2. $16,428 (ARP: $17,458)

SCSD #2:
Celina ($1,685): $.95
Peter ($7,998): QUARTER + H-D = THREE QUARTERS
Scott ($8,238): 35 + 80 = OVER BY $.15

Door #1- Trips to The Saguro in Palm Springs & the Carton House in Ireland (Manuela)("Saxy Showcase" for first trip only)
Door #2- Volkswagen Beetle 2.5 (Fairly loaded)(MDS theme by Karp)

DAVID BIDS $27K ON G.R. SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (only about covers the Bug)

CELINA'S FITNESS SHOWCASE ("Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen for first two prizes only)
Right of Door #2- Four pairs of Nike sneakers w/ two FuelBand monitors (Manuela)
Door #3- Inspire Fitness Smith Cage home gym & NordicTrack treadmill (Manuela)
Door #4- One-week holiday to the Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica (Gwen)('94 Trip Cue by Edd for that only)


David: $38,297
Celina: $20,344

Dave finishes w/ $41,557 in cash & goodies, but had he really gotten lucky on the Punchboard, it could've been a little over the Hal March Jackpot amount ($64K).



$1K T-U
: Event

T H _ O _ _ _ _ / _ H E

_ _ _ Q _ _ _

Cara can't wait to say THROWING THE BOUQUET. Let's meet that entire team & their opponents now:

Cara & Howard Tyson (Glenside, PA)(1.5 years)- She's an elementary band & orchestra teacher at Willow Dale Elementary, while he's the Vice-President of Engineering at a small software company in Philadelphia
Jessie & Mike Zwicker (Massapequa, NY)- He's a 5th Grade teacher at I.S. 125 in Queens, while she's a high school Math teacher at Valley Stream Central HS; they first met on a blind date
Kristen & Jonathan Eyler (Shepherdstown, WV)(15 months)- She's a stay-at-home mom, while he's a railroad construction worker for a local railroading company installing signal systems

$2K T-U
: Phrase

_ O _ K / _ _ F O _ E

_ O U / L _ _ P

Jessie & Mike are right saying "LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP".

Thursday's Featured Second Honeymoon: Brendan Vacation to Ireland from Hotwire.com ($6,380)

EB Jackpot Round: Quotation

The middle couple's first letters are two T's for an instant grand & the green 1/2 KIA, six E's & S for sorry. Second, Kristen & Jonathan call another dud of N. Third, Cara & Howard call up a couple of H's for six $100 bills, buy three A's, spot the triple R's to add $2,700 to their account for the round & the beginning $500 W for the other 1/2 KIA before they buy a dud vowel of I. As a result, Jessie & Mike find the $300 G but then go Bankrupt next to the Wild Card to give up their plate & $1,050. Kristen & Jonathan call for two $600 D's to leave only one consonant & vowel left in this puzzle...

W E / A R E


H E R E / T _ D A _

...& they recall the famous line "WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY" for the other $800, make this game a virtual three-way tie & begin the second main round.

DUDS: I (Cara & Howard), $450 N (Kristen & Jonathan), $450 S (Jessie & Mike)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Jessie & Mike

Mystery Round
: Same Name

They get going by calling a $3.5K T, purchasing three times the E's and getting the $300 R & the three A's, then come an N quartet for the trip & Lose a Turn. Cara & Howard secondly have lit a Free PLAY I (but the ding doesn't sound) & O to finish off the vowels, the $600 D, back-to-back L's at the end of the solution for the WC, the $900 M at the start but then get stopped by a B call. Afterwards, Jessie & Mike call the $1,200 C trio & a G while on the Mystery Wedge next to that Million Dollar one & give back the sure $1K, risking their $1,200...& the $10K's on the back side! Right after that...

M A T I N G / A N D

C O N _ E R E N C E


...one MATING AND CONFERENCE CALL later, they've taken a considerable lead w/ an $11,200 win.

SOLE DUD: $400 B (Jessie & Mike)
SOLE LaT: Kristen & Jonathan

Current Scores:

C & H: $1K WC/J & M: $13,200/K & J: $2K

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

The Tysons instantly select the SL of four S's (there are three words in the puzzle & it ends w/ one) for $3,200, then two E's & an A after that, they hit the same Bankrupt from the past round to lose their WC & $2,700. Going down Jessie & Mike's path second are double $900 N's & an LaT landing. Third, The Eylers capture a $2,400 N set, an I & a $600 L pair, but they run into that same Bankrupt for the second time in the game to lose out on $2,700. As we get to the restart, The Tysons grab twin L's at $550 each but then get let down by an O buy. Following Jessie & Mike's double U purchase to round out the vowels & a $400 C...



S C U L P _ U _ E S

...expect for them to see some SPLENDID SAND SCULPTURES, due to the fact they've earned $1,950 more & a stay at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe worth $6,360.

SOLE DUD: O (Cara & Howard)
SOLE LaT: Jessie & Mike
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Cara & Howard and Kristen & Jonathan)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: KM3927057 (Karla M.)

Current Scores:

C & H: $1K/J & M: $21,510 in cash & D.R./K & J: $2K

$3K T-U
: Title

P R _ _ _ / A _ D

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E

The Tysons come up w/ Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to quadruple to four C-notes.

Last Chance Round: What Are You Doing?

Consonants are all worth...$6K! Howard tries to call a G in the thinking period after Vanna's lit up two N's to start. Two S's later...

R _ S _ N G / T _ / T H _

_ _ _ _ S _ _ N

...The Eylers are RISING TO THE OCCASION for $24K & the victory! Left behind:

C & H: $18K
J & M: $12K

Final Scores:

C & H: $4K/J & M: $21,510 in cash & trip/K & J: $26K
GT: $51,510

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3,750

Maxwell House Regular BR #185: Kristen spins the first A in AMERICA'S; this is the second episode in a row the champs didn't bring anybody along.

Topic: Person

1/4 the letters to lead off:

_ _ _ _ _ S

_ _ T _ _ R

CDPO give them a couple servings of their vowel...

_ _ _ O _ S

_ _ T _ O R

...they at least get the second word (said by Kristen)...& I don't know who their favorite FAMOUS AUTHOR is in the world, but I can say that they can write in their diary about Jonathan's fairly miraculous $45K solve! That means they're $71K wealthier & $37.5K is now what's in the Rebuilding Together bank!

(Also tonight: Brooklyn attorney Sarah Fowlkes had to settle for $9,800 as a result of another Final J! Triple Stumper. Ernest Nino-Murcia leaves w/ $12,599 after finishing w/ just a dollar.)

Episode ratings:
8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!"


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