6/8/2012 Results- NEW GAME DEBUTS ON "TPiR"!

LMaD: Well, the third season's about to come to an end on this day. Stacey (construction worker), who was expecting a baby girl named Ferrara in two weeks at the time (as symbolized by the wrecking ball on her chest), will be the last aired player to face the previous Movin' On Up board for a chance at some dough &/or the $16K FIAT 500 (Curtain #3)(this is likewise the last episode where the audience lights dim during every deal, at least for the time being).

1. (#4): $200
2. (#1): $600 ($800)
3. (#4): $1.5K ($2,300)

Two #2 choices later (because that's her favorite number, as well as her husband's)...HER FAMILY'S $20,300 RICHER- PERFECT DEAL!

Katherine (monarch butterfly) has her choice of the SB, the BB or CURTAIN #1.

Her Round (SB): $700- Tin foil dental products
Kimberly's R (who's wearing the colors of our country)(#1): $1,100- Bedroom ($5,095)
Patricia's R (happy face woman from the '50s)(BB): YES ($1,300)- Trip to The Verandah ($6,279)

Roy's Fast Deal Decision (referee): $10 bankroll- $2,010
CURTAIN #1- "The Flintstones" car

Victoria (grapes) is the last Jonathan Big Head customer of S3. The target's behind CURTAIN #2:

1. Does it have four wheels?
2. Does it make noise?
3. Does it eat meat?
4. Can you sit on it?
5. Does it require a passport?

1. #5- NO
2. #1- NO
3. #3- NO

FINAL D: GO ($1K)- Honda SH-150i scooter ($4,499)

Livier & Donald (salsa & chips; they have a daughter named Cameron & they're holding a picture of her) play the Seven Envelopes Prize Deal for up to the Fit Sport (Curtain #3).

1. Keyring w/ at least two keys- YES (Donald)(#2)
2. Compact/mirror- YES (Livier)(#1)
3. Something w/ a picture of an animal- YES (Livier's drivers license has a picture of an animal on it)(#3)

ENVELOPE PICK: #4 (because Cameron's that many yrs. old; also, would the powers that be really put all the ZONKS in the first four envelopes?)

Do they want that $1,700 TOSHIBA 47" HDTV (BB) & the $1K from wherever that cash amount might be...NOPE.


#5: $500
#7: $1K

Now that we've seen another dose of S.F. magic, Malika (birthday woman) goes to Wayne's Hair Salon. The SB may have a trip because the clue for it is "long, far away".

PICK: CURTAIN #1- Popcorn living room
SB- Trip to N.Z. ($7,827)

Let's do three rounds of the final regulation deal.

Shawn's R: BB- Melinda Maria jewelry vanity set ($2,504)
Darla's R: CURTAIN #2 ($800)- Kitchen & groceries for a yr. ($7,399)
Joe's R: Cake box ($900)- Beefcake

THE BIG DEAL: Patricia's going to try to finish off the PERFECT BD WEEK; doing so's worth a $26,695 grand prize package. We've given away $54,132 in cash & merchandise up to now today. She picks on DOOR #3. #2 had...the Strong Spa 6. This is for all the marbles & the second-highest daily total ever...

...IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. Ouch. She leaves w/ a $2,278 BBQ package that includes a $500 Omaha Steaks gift card. #1 had a Bayliner 175 Bowrider w/ a water sports package & a $5K cash bonus.

Jonathan gives a guy in the green grapes eight seconds to pop all of his balloons...he's actually a little late, but Jonathan gives him the $100 anyway. Tiffany then gives Sarah (butterfly) a chance at the $500 w/ some purple lipstick, but she doesn't have it. Finally, Tracy (Ace of Spades) has a deck of cards redeemable for $200.


That was by far the biggest & best of CBS' three seasons airing this GS. Among the notables:

-Cat Gray joined the main cast this season as the keyboardist.
-A few new games were introduced- Car Pong (which is said to be Wayne's favorite), Dice Duel, Go For a Spin, Strike a Match & The Great Escape. To date, nobody has won a car in any of the last three deals that I just listed.
-There were some more automobile wins this season in the deals that we all know about, especially in MOU (including today's)- four times, at least one trader went all the way! Also, Rock, Paper, Scissors was won three times. However, Pair a Dice & Spell Out the Car's Name Deal both got shut out & 3 of a Kind has still only been won once in its run (late in S2).
-Even w/ the top prize in Smash for Cash being doubled to $20K, no one has gone the distance (though we came close three times).
-When it was known as Finish Line, it didn't have a good second season whatsoever, but when its title was changed to Race to the Finish later in S3, luck really went their way- in two of its three wins this season, a lady named Nicole found five Hearts in a row to win a ride (the first time was right off the bat, while it took six cards the second time & Tiffany said that one of those occasions was her favorite moment since she joined the program midway in their first season)!
-There were more winners of at least the BD in S3 than S2 & $6.5M+ in cash & prizes were handed out this season (including the $32K+ BMW 128i at the start of Feb. '12 Sweeps; last year's red one was said to be Jonathan's favorite prize in all the time they've been on the air)!!!
-Where there were considerably less themed shows in S3 as compared to the previous season, they still had their first-ever family edition on Christmas Week & an all-collegian episode. And of course, they celebrated their 500th episode milestone w/ 10 Super Deal episodes! 
-Six contestants in S3 gave up a car to at least try to win a BD. At least the first four were successful, but Wesley (the third of the season up to that point) then failed in the SD.
-But Jorge didn't need to give up an automobile to at least make it to the SD on Apr. 2nd. After winning trips to London & France worth $23,515, places that he wanted to visit to cross off his bucket list, he also won the ultimate prize of $50K by choosing the Sapphire envelope (because blue's his favorite color). As of this point in time w/ $73,515, he's the show's all-time winner in the 60+ yrs. this program has been on the air!!!!!!

I would like to thank the entire crew for continuing to try to make "LMaD" better & better and I wish them much luck at the '12 Daytime Emmys on HLN. Until S4, "Keep on dealin'"!

TPiR: You know what's going on today! The First Four people are Deanna Fierro, Joshua Wilson, Janice Eseke & Andrew Cota; the first prize to be on is a SONY 24" 3-D touchscreen computer system (both Gwendolyn & Manuela).

Deanna: $2,100/Joshua: $1,350/Andrew: $2,200/Janice: $1,351

Deanna wins the $500 bonus just like that! She then plays Eazy Az 1-2-3 for the CRF 70F motorcycle (Gwen), the Panasonic 65" HDTV (Manuela) & three BE&D purses (Manuela).

(1): Purses- $726
(2): Motorcycle- $1,960
(3): TV- $3,299

The new Pricing Game's not up next, but Rory Slaughter is & the second IUFB's a pair of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses (ceiling platform).

RORY: $499/Joshua: $999/Andrew: $620/Janice: $699

ARP: $580

I can tell you now that it will NOT be played for a car, because Rory from Compton, CA is playing Cover Up for the Toyota Yaris LE (Std., CC, BProt, Security)(Manuela at Door #3). Board:

First digit: 1 or 2?
Second digit: 0, 3 or 7?

Third digit: 0, 1, 2 or 7?
Fourth digit: 1, 4, 5, 8 or 9?
Last digit: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 or 8?

Base Price: $34,860

1. $ (1)(3)(7)(8)(8)
2. $ (1)(7)(2)(5)(6)
3. $ (1)(7)(2)(9)(7)- LOSS (ARP: $17,213)

(Note: At least part of Drew's rules explanations on both of the first two PGs was edited out by Dimich.)

Before we can play this new PG, Gabrielle Richmond has to be called down sixth & they all are required to bid on the Flexsteel sofa (Manuela behind splitting sign)("Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees).

GABRIELLE: $720/Joshua: $450/Andrew: $550/Janice: $721

Now that Janice's got that $1,699 piece of furniture, she's playing Double Cross behind that Race Game Curtain for...these two prizes behind Door #3 (saxy multi-prize cue)- the Rainforest 78 steam shower (Manuela) & a Jackson Grill (Gwen). There are four possible ARP pairs for those prizes that share the number that's in the center of the giant X, which in this case is 5. Here are the numbers:

S.S. (northwest/southwest): 7865327  
BBQ Island (southwest/northeast): 6895120

So here are Janice's choices:

#1 (Top): $7,865 (S.S.) & $5,120 (BBQ Island)
#2: $8,653 (S.S.) & $9,512 (BBQ Island)
#3: $6,532 (S.S.) & $8,951 (BBQ Island)
#4 (Bottom): $5,327 (S.S.) & $6,895 (BBQ Island)

To lock in a guess, the center number's box has to be touched to move the two lines until your guesses intersect.

PICK: $7,865/$5,120- LOSS (ARPs: $5,327/$6,895)

Video Bonus: DC's Debut

Rory ($580): 35 + 40 = THREE QUARTERS
Janice ($1,699): Two 40s = $.80
Deanna ($8,585): QUARTER + 55 = $.80

Janice: $.95
Deanna: $.60

Vera Douglas plugs in the other side of the Contestant's Row spectrum second & the fourth PUFB's a Handycam camcorder (George)(IUFB/truck cue).

Gabrielle: $900/Joshua: $1,199/Andrew: $1.5K/VERA: $1,350

ARP: $1,900

Andrew, a bartender/salesman originally from San Diego, plays Side By Side for a five-night holiday at the Sandals Royal Bahamaian Spa Resort (Gwen at Door #2). Blocks:


$7,348 is...a winner!

Getting out of their chair next's Jarod Berg & GUFB #5's seven pieces of Professional Ameriware (Gwen).

Gabrielle: $375/Joshua: $451/JAROD: $450/Vera: $850

ARP: $800

Joshua, the last of the FF from Rutgers University who's also a fireman, plays Cliff-Hangers for a kitchen w/ groceries for a yr. worth $6,694 (Gwen at Door #3).

Microwave popcorn popper: $19- $20 ($24 left)
Sunbeam hand mixer: $33- $30 ($21 left)
Four heart-shaped bowls: $23 (IN THE PENALTY)- $40

George last calls for Janie Hale as soon as the Clock on the Wall shows up & Manuela's now wearing a Tacori necklace & earrings to close out the week's one-bid prizes.

Gabrielle: $1,301/JANIE: $600/Jarod: $1,200/Vera: $1,300

ARP: $830

Janie's the last to play 10 Chances this season, where she'll definitely win a Zoku ice cream maker (Manuela), but she might add on to that a three-speed electric ladies' bicycle (Manuela) &/or the Hyundai Elantra Sedan (Gwen)(newer truck/convertible cue).

Possible I.C. Maker Numbers
: 0, 3 & 5

1. $35- WRONG
2. $50- $50

Possible Bike Numbers
: 0, 5, 7 & 8

3. $785- OOPS
4. $870- TOO MUCH
5. $580- $580


6. $19,870
7. $17,890
8. $18,970


SCSD #2:
Andrew ($9,248): 20 + 60 = $.80
Janie ($20,430): 45 + 55 = WINS $1K ALSO

Joshua: $.40
Janie: DIME (she therefore leaves w/ $21,430)

SIX-NIGHT TRIPCASE (Door #2)(Gwen): Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, London & the Lookout Cave Underground in Coober Peby, Australia



Door #1- 26 pairs of Bluelab Jeans (Gwen)
Door #3- Jeep Compass (Manuela)



Joshua: $25,948
Janice: $28,996

Janice has the same fate as the first Rat Race player & wins $30,695 in stuff.


Misty May-Treanor will appear sometime next week.


$1K T-U
: Movie Title

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S

Nate slam dunks "BRIDESMAIDS". Last three couples, at least for this week:

Nate & Kristen Pochomis (Chatham, NJ)(20 months)- He's an instructor for a major aviation training company, while she's a middle school teacher at the Kent Place School in Summit
Ariel & Steven Wax (NY)(eight months)- She's in sales for a men's underwear company, while he sells orthopedic devices to medical surgeons
Lilia & Mike Perez (Boston)(half a yr.)- He's a funeral director, while she's a supervisor at a health care institute

$2K T-U
: Rhyme Time

H _ _ / T O

_ _ O _

Lilia & Mike guess HOT TO TROT...yes indeed.

Last Featured Second Honeymoon: The Inn at Bowman's Hill in New Hope, PA courtesy of Bed and Breakfast.com ($7,125)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Husband & Wife

They Lose a Turn immediately. Second, the letters Kristen & Nate find are a $300 N in the obvious third word of five, two D's for a tripler (w/ one at the end), four A's, an E, a $1K S pair & four R's for two grand additional, then after they buy what's left in terms of vowels (an I & four O's), let's go to the puzzleboard...

_ A R _ _

_ R O O _ S / A N D

_ R I S _ A

_ E A R _ O O D

...& they solve GARTH BROOKS AND TRISHA YEARWOOD to add $2,900 to their T-U cash & keep their turn.

SOLE LaT: Lilia & Mike

Current Scores:

L & M: $2K/N & K: $3,900/A & S: $0

Mystery Round
: Same Letter

They begin by having a wasted spin because of the Bankrupt next to top dollar. Second, Ariel & Steven call a $450 S, Free PLAY quadruple E's, call up four $900 R's & buy an A, then they call for an L, but it stands for lose in that case. Third, The Perezs make the call of a non-negative N for the vacation but then spin up LaT for their second time. Returning to Nate & Kristen, who get triple the T's for $1,050, the SL of four P's good for another 18 bills & a couple of I's, then...

P I _ T _ R E -

P E R _ E _ T

P A R T N E R S _ I P

...their PICTURE-PERFECT PARTNERSHIP just got better by $2,600.

SOLE DUD: $500 L (Ariel & Steven)
SOLE LaT: Lilia & Mike
SOLE BANKRUPT: Nate & Kristen

Current Scores:

L & M: $2K/N & K: $6.5K/A & S: ZIP

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

In the hopes they'll get out of the basement, The Waxes kick off this puzzle w/ a $350 T, two H's for an additional $1,200, four E's & dos A's, but they then Bankrupt on the left side of the Million Dollar Wedge to toss aside $1,050. Second, The Perezs have a $300 S, an O at the start of the last word, the green 1/2 KIA via two $500 R's & the trip I's to finish the vowel section off, after which are $2,400 worth of three N's...

A / R E _ R E S H I N _

_ I _ / I N / T H E

O _ E A N

...& their right response of A REFRESHING DIP IN THE OCEAN to put them in front w/ 3,200 extra bucks & a Hotwire.com trip to the Smugglers Cove worth $6,900.

SOLE BANKRUPT: Ariel & Steven

FINAL SPIN ID OF THE WEEK: SC7914434 (Sissie C.)

Current Scores:

L & M: $12,100 in cash & St. Lucia/N & K: $6.5K/A & S: NUTHIN'

$3K T-U
: Person (another one-liner)

F _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ W

The Pochomises get closer to first because of a FATHER-IN-LAW; they now have $9.5K.

R4: Phrase

They lead off w/ an instant dud of S. The Waxes secondly call a $300 N at the end of each of the last two words (there are five in total on this board) but then dud out by buying the O. Third for Mike & Lilia are a $450 T & an A quartet, then it's time for the Speed-Up...

A  / _ A T _ _ / _ A _ _

_ N / _ _ A _ _ N

...after Pat's Bankrupt near $5K gets edited out, consonants left over are worth $1.5K per appearance. They next call the double M's, but have no guess, so The Pochomises call the twin M's...

A / M A T _ H / M A _ _

_ N / H _ A _ _ N

...& it's A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN- they're the victors by $400 w/ yet another three big ones!

DUDS (both before Final Spin): O (Ariel & Steven), $300 S (Nate & Kristen)

Final Scores:

L & M: $12,100 in cash & S.L./N & K: $12.5K/A & S: $2K GOOSEEGG
GT: $26,600


Maxwell House Regular BR #181: Can we get our 70th endgame win of the season as soon as this night? We'll find out after Kristen (they too didn't bring anyone along) gets the Bonus Wheel to freeze on the E in AMERICA'S.

Category: Thing

The usual six give us:

_ _ L _ _

E _ _ _ S E

The BGHO combo gives them...nothing more than a VALID EXCUSE to let the $40K slip away just like that (their best guesses were SOLAR ECLIPSE & LUNAR ECLIPSE; they should've called CDMA). That sends them home w/ $27.5K less than that.

Pat's Credit in This Week's Full Credit Roll: Best Man
(Also tonight: By being the only right responder in FJ!, Burbank writer Aaron Cappocchi hit the $28,800 Norma Brown Jackpot, while Sarah Fowlkes left w/ $10,800.)

Episode ratings:
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"


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