8/27 Quick News & Notes

-"The Price is Right" reportedly has taped their 41st Season Premiere today in the morning.
-"Family Feud" begins airing weeknights at 6 PM EST on WRLH beginning September 10.
-You can play as NFL legends like Jerry Rice on "Madden NFL 13", which comes out at midnight tonight.
-The fifth season of "Top Shot" (which could be the last one) will be an All-Stars season. 
-Gunnar & Tim from "project RUNWAY" were heard in a "Kimmel Cartoon" based on "SpongeBob Squarepants" last week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".
-The next "Let's Make a Deal" taping day is tomorrow. The $500 Quickie Deal items being looked for are a tire air nozzle cap & a #4 birthday candle.

Various sources contributed to this report.


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