"Obama Lives in Sherwood Forest":

NIKKI (w/ her cousin Michelle, whose boyfriend recently broke up w/ her):
Age: 33
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Vehicle: Red '04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT
Intel: Always greets guests face down, ass up.
Host: Josh

1. In terms of area, what's the largest country in the world?

Guess: U.S. (A: Russia)

2. Name four schools that make up the prestigious Ivy League.

Guesses: Yale, Harvard, Princeton & Stanford (Others: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth & University of Pennsylvania; they were also thinking Duke)

3. What former Vice-Presidential candidate wrote the memoir Going Rogue: An American Life?

Guess: ZONK OUT W/ TINA FEY (A: Sarah Palin)

Age: 49
Hometown: Indianapolis
Vehicle: Grey '05 Chrysler Town & Country
Intel: The guy behind the guy.
Host: Josh

1. What legendary hero stole from the rich & gave to the poor?

Guess: Barack Obama- ZONK (A: Robin Hood)

2. Which two performers were involved in a wardrobe malfunction at the '04 Super Bowl?

Guesses: Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake

3. When numbering years, what does B.C. stand for?

Guess: Before Christ- YES INDEED

4. What state's officially nicknamed The Sooner State?

Guess: Oklahoma- PAID!

Age: 53
Hometown: Phoenix
Vehicle: Green '96 Sebring Convertible (which he nicknames "Chick Magnet")
Intel: "Yeah, that's how I roll, assh#&e."
Host: Tom

His mom & dad (the latter's a preacher) arrived just before this game began.

1. "Nobody puts baby in a corner" is a quote in what '87 movie said by what actor?

Guesses: Ted Danson in "3 Men in a Baby"- NO (A: Patrick Swayze from "Dirty Dancing")

2. According to a Self survey from last year, what are three of the four makeup items women said they wear everyday?

Guesses: Blush, lipstick & eyeliner- ONLY LIPSTICK'S RIGHT (Other three: Mascara, foundation & bronzer; he also considered eyeshadow)

3. What educational purple dinosaur had friends Baby Bop, B.J. & Riff (& shared his name w/ a character from "The Flintstones")?

Guess: ZONK OUT W/ GODZILLA (A: Barney)


"Model Mayhem":

ALEXANDER (w/ father-in-law):
Age: 28
Hometown: Philadelphia
Vehicle: Grey '03 Cadillac DeVille
Intel: The first collared shirt on "Repo Games" (he brought along a Rottweiler & is a runway model).
Host: Tom

1. Texarkana straddles the state line between which two states?

Guesses: TX & NV (Other right state: AR)

2. In what decade was JFK elected U.S. President?

Guess: '60s

3. List two characters from The Village People other than a Biker & a Native American.

Guesses: Policeman & cowboy- YES (Others: G.I./sailor & construction worker)

4. The Minutemen were soldiers who fought in what war?

Guess: Revolutionary War- PAID!

PETE (w/ his older brother):
Age: 39
Hometown: Phoenix
Vehicle: Black '06 Dodge Charger SXT
Intel: Still trying to figure out what's crackalackin.
Host: Josh

1. On a standard keyboard, what are two of the three symbols that appear on the 1, 4 & 5 keys?

Guesses: ! & $ (Other: %)

2. Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta & Dennis Hopper have all voiced what video game franchise initialed "GTA"?

Guess: "Great Take Avenger" (A: "Grand Theft Auto")

3. Founded in Quebec in 1786, what's North America's oldest brewery?

Guess: Labatt's- WRONG (A: Molson, which they first said)

4. What President died three months after serving his only term in office?

Guess: (Grover) Cleveland- REPO! (A: James K. Polk)

Age 28
Hometown: Phoenix
Vehicle: Red '99 Range Rover 4.0 SE
Intel: Voted "most likely to lose his will to live".
Host: Josh

Just before the start of his game, he got a chance to act because he gave up that dream when he was just three.

1. Who famously told a jury "If it does not fit, you must acquit"?

Guess: Johnny Cochran

2. Juggalos & Juggalets are obsessed fans of what rap group known as ICP?

Guess: Insane Clown Posse

3. Last yr. at 46, what light heavyweight became the oldest boxer to win a world championship since George Foreman in '94?

Guess: Tony Douglas (A: Bernard Hopkins)

4. Spell "embarrassing".

Successful?- PAID!



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