"The American Bible Challenge" 10/11


1. "@____________: Jesus just asked me to give up a life of taxing people & to follow him instead. Twist my arm! #NeverLikedMath"- Judas, Philip, Matthew or Nathaniel?

Stephen (Food Fighters): Matthew

2. "@____________: Crazy dream last night. Fat and skinny cows. No more bbq before bed"- Jacob, Potiphar, The Baker or Pharaoh?
Ed: Pharaoh (20)

3. "@____________: Partying after Bro Mo parted the Red Sea. Just sang a song about it. It's epic and you can dance to it"- Eve, Priscilla, Miriam or Hannah?
Stephen: Miriam (30)


1. Who's famous for arguing w/ a donkey- Baal, Balaam, Boaz or Bubba?
Matt (Boys Next Door): Balaam (25)

2. Who tore down & rebuilt barns in Luke 12:18- Hezekiah, Ahab, a fool in a parable or King Dale, Jr.?
Sam: A fool in a parable (50)

3. Who pretended his wife as his sister twice in Genesis- Abraham, Isaac, Lot or Lazarus the Cable Guy?
Ed: Abraham (55)

4. Who killed an enemy commander w/ a tent peg- Jael, Joash, Jeroboam or Jim-Bob the Baptist?
Matt: Jael (75)

R3: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR WARS (Holy City or Space Place- the latter option referred to "Star Wars", of course)

1. Mustafar
Samantha & Lesley: SP (50)

2. Paddan Aram
Ed & Michael: HC (105)

3. Decapolis
Matt & Drew: HC (125)


1. What was the name of the king who threw them in the fire- Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus?
Samantha & Lesley: Nebuchadnezzar (100)

2. The king saw a fourth man in the fire. What did he say the man looked like- a king, shadow or son of the gods?
Ed & Michael: A son of the gods (155)

3. What part of their bodies does the Bible specifically say wasn't burned- their hair, eyes or toes?
Matt & Drew: Hair (175)

The Chosen Three #8:

Sam: Which three of these Old Testament books have the most chapters- Job, Proverbs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel or 2 Chronicles?
PICKS: Isaiah, Jeremiah & Ezekiel- IN (475)

Mae: In Exodus 20:17, which three of these are you specifically told NOT to covet in The Ten Commandments- your neighbor's donkey, goat, house, husband, land or servant?
PICKS: Donkey, house & land (A: Servant)(300)

Stephen: Which three of these are examples of the "armor of God" mentioned in Ephesians 6- breastplate of faith, helmet of salvation, shoes of victory, belt of truth, Sword of the Spirit or shield of peace?
PICKS: Helmet of salvation, belt of truth & Sword of the Spirit- IN (455)


1. What Roman ruler washed his hands of Jesus' crucifixion?
Matt: Pontius Pilate

2. What bad guy told riddles about lions & honey?
Sam: PASS (A: Samson)

3. In Mark 5, what name did the demon-possessed man call himself?
Drew: Legion

4. What King consulted a medium at Endor?
Matt: Ahab (A: Saul)

5. What bad guy planned to kill Mordecai in the Book of Esther?
Sam: Haman

6. What religious group disagreed w/ Jesus that there was no resurrection?
Drew: The Sadducees

7. Whose heart was hardened by God nearly 10 times?
Matt: Pharaoh

8. According to 1 Kings, which king did more evil in the eyes of the Lord than any other's...?
Sam: Ahab

9. Who hid stolen possessions from the Conquest of Jericho?
Drew: PASS (A: Achan)

10. What did King Saul throw at David three times?
Matt: Spear

11. According to 1 Samuel 17, Goliath's spear shaft was like a what?
Sam: PASS (A: A weaver's rod)

12. Name the silversmith who caused a riot against Paul & his workers.
A: Demetrius

The Food Fighters got...all of the first eight queries right w/ :19 left!

SUDDEN DEATH FOR WILD CARD BERTH IN FINALS NEXT WEEK: Psalm 119's the longest chapter in the Bible & it's the embodiment of what this show's all about. God's word, & it contains a verse for what's appropriate right now- "Your word is a lamp to my feet & a light for my path". How many verses are in Psalm 119?

Lanett: 2,200
Sam: 176


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