"Family Feud" 10/2

GAME #1: O'Neals (Louisville) vs. Klosters (whose one-day cash winnings total $890)

R1: Name something a policeman might do to a suspect that he shouldn't do to a woman on their first date. Up first:

Search/frisk her (44)(Shay)

DUD- Tase them (Heidi)


Monique (an in-home family therapist married for 1.5 years): Handcuff her- #2 (31)
Marcia (mom of identical twins Miracle & Angel; she's been married for a decade): Handle her roughly- X
Larry (10-yr. fireman): Put her in the back of a (police) car- #5 (4)
Brandon: Give her a ticket- XX
Shay: Pepper spray her- XXX

Steal (for 79): Interrogate her- NO

Arrest her (8)

#4: Use his nightstick (5)

R2: If your mate's loud in the bedroom, what might you do so the neighbors don't hear. Dreamt of first:

Blast music/radio (39)(Sam)

#3: Close/shut windows (13)(Monique)


Allison: Turn on the TV- #4 (8)
Katherine: Put a pillow over their head/gag mouth- #2 (24)
Corbett: Stuff some linen under the door hinge/seal cracks- #7 (2; counts as "soundproof house")
Heidi: Move to a different room like the basement- X
Sam: Close the door(s)- XX
Allison: Turn on the shower/bath- XXX

Steal (for another 86 & a bigger lead; she's been married for almost a decade herself): Be quiet- #5 (4)(165)(#6: Kiss 'em)(3)

Double: Name something that shakes. My gut's telling me something for the top answer:


#4: Person's body/dancer (10)(Marcia)
#5: Baby rattle (9)(Allison)


Larry: Leaves- X
Brandon: Automobile- XX
Shay: Buildings- WIPEOUT

Steal #2 (for 38): Earth(quake)/ground- #1 (18)

Washer/dryer (16)

#3: Jell-O/jelly (11)

Triple: Name a place in the house guys spend more time in than women. Here's the first look:

Bathroom (30)(Katherine)



Corbett: Garage- #2 (23)
Heidi: Attic- X
Sam: Living room watching TV- #3 (18)
Allison: Basement- XX
Katherine: Basement- SWEEP (9)(278)

SD #4: Name something a circus performer might put in their mouth.
Corbett: Mouthguard- LOSS (A: Fire/torch)(69)


1. Name a wild animal you might see wandering around your neighborhood.

2. On the 1-10 scale, how much fun was high school?
3. Name something you use only during the Summer.
4. Name the first thing a crook would steal from your house.
5. At a restaurant, name a side dish you can order w/ your eggs.


1. Possum- 4
2. 10- 17
3. Swimming pool- 14
4. Money- 16
5. Steak- 2


1. Coyote- 13
2. 9- 14
3. Bathing suit- 10
4. Jewelry- 15
5. Cheese
TOTAL- 105 ($525)


1. Deer
2. 8
3. Air conditioner/fan
4. TV
5. Hashbrowns

Ianitellos (whose two-day cash winnings total $20,850) vs. Davises (Dublin, GA)

R1: According to 100 single women, name something a friend might purposely NOT tell you about a guy she's setting you up w/. Beginning w/ the following:

Unemployed (24)(Mike)

#2: Beaten by ugly stick (23)(Chinita)


Melissa (she does her work in Macon, GA): Married- X
Jeff: Short- XX
Michele: He's got a reputation as a player- WIPEOUT

Steal (for 47): Felon/criminal- ALSO A DUD

Bald (14)

#4: Fat/scrawny (13)
#5: Cheap (11)
#6: Gay (7)

R2: Give me a slang term people use for marijuana. Don't ask me for ideas, because I don't use harmful drugs or get drunk:

Weed (51)(Melissa)


a 16-yr.-old boy.

Jeff: Pot- #2 (20)
Michele: Stash- X
John: Reefer- XX
Mike: Joint- T4 (4)
Melissa: Grass- T4 (4)
Jeff: Dimebag- XXX

Steal #2 (for 79 & the early advantage): Blunt- SORRY (Ianitellos: 126)

Mary Jane (7)

#6: Dope (3)
BAs: Herb & doobie/doobage (2 each)

Double: Name a place where you see people holding their noses. I think I know at least two of these:

Bathroom/restroom/porta-potty (27)(Maxine)

DUD- Shopping mall (Jeff)


Debra: Baby nursery- X
Hardwick (a maintenance man at an apartment complex): Locker room- XX
Chinita: Swimming pool- #5 (7)
Qualon (who's wearing a tie from the Steve Harvey Collection!): Behind someone's back- XXX

Steal (for another 68): Zoo- #4 (8)(194)

Farm/stables (22)

#3: Dump/landfill (13)
#6: Fish market (3)

Triple: Before a couple gets married, name something they should agree about. Example or two:

Have/raise kids (44)(Michele)

#2: Money/finances (36)(Debra)


John: Who's gonna work- X
Mike: Their faith- XX
Melissa: Where to live- #3 (9)
Jeff (married for 19 yrs.): What kind of car they're gonna drive- XXX

Steal to Go to SD: Pre-nup- SHUTOUT (#4: Being faithful/trust)(3)

FM #2:

1. Besides a bar, name a place where a person might find a date.

2. How many times has your heart been broken?
3. Name the month when many people buy new cars.
4. Name something that can bring back the memory of an old love.
5. Name something people don't want to be late for.


1. Church- 20
2. 3- 17
3. December- 7
4. Song- 31
5. Church- 15

(Notes: The repeat answer double-buzzer was late when Steve reminded Melissa of it, so he had to repeat his dialogue as he got closer to the sound booth.)


1. School- DUD
2. 4- 5
3. March- 9
4. Card- 17
5. Business meeting- 40
TOTAL- 161 (three-day total of $21,655)


1. Online/Internet
2. 2
3. Sept.


6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7


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