11/12/2012 Results


Acting as The Woman Who Can't Say No is Lynn (Hawaiian).

Amanda's R (gnome): CURTAIN #2 ($900)- Dining room ($4,989)
Jaron's R (a guy who makes submarine sandwiches): $900
SB (Lynn)- MacBook Pro w/ $1K iTunes card & iPod Nano ($2,948)

TBR (CURTAIN #3): NO- White Chevrolet Sonic Sedan

Dice Duel:

Control R:
Gabrielle (Indian): 5
Jill (deer): 6

J: 5/5- $1,200
G: 6/2- $600
J: 2/3- $800 ($2K)
G: 5/4- $800 ($1,400)
J: 4/2- $700 ($2,700)
G: 3/4- $400 ($1,800)

J: 3/5- ITP
J: 5/6- $1.5K ($4,200)
G: 2/4- OUT

TBR (CURTAIN #1): NO- ZONK three-door HB w/ pink bow on it


Ann-Marie's Fast Deal Decision (no-ZONK torch): CURTAIN #3- Crafting room w/ $900 designyourwall.com credit ($4,387)
SB- Four-night trip to JW Marriott Desert Springs Palm Desert ($2,915)

Jessica's Foreign Language FD Decision (spaceship)(Portuguese): BB ($800)- Electrolux washer/dryer w/ seventh GENERATION detergent ($3,720)


Michael & Rebecca play 3 of a Kind for that same Mazda2 won at the end of last week.

PICKS: #4, #2 & #5



That costs 'em a $3,299 SSR motorscooter (CURTAIN #1) & $400.

#4- 4 OF CLUBS

Lionel plays a movie edition of Before or After. The target year's 2005.

"Bring It On": BEFORE- '00 ($500)
"Cars": AFTER- '06 ($1K)
"Spy Kids": BEFORE- '01 ($1.5K)
"Mean Girls": AFTER- '04

TBR (SE): NO- Five-night trip to Hilton Barbados ($5,568)

Rosalyn's FD Decision (baby): CURTAIN #2- Game room ($3,956)
Diane's FD Decision (dragon): Teardrop bracelet plus four times its value in cash- $238 ($1,190 total)
BB- Shopping go-kart

PR #2

BD #36: Amanda's here after being in the audience the past three times. She picks DOOR #3 for her sister because she was unable to come to the studio w/ her like previously.

SMALL: Pair of HDTVs ($2,758)- LOSS
MEDIUM: Outdoor living room ($7K)- #1
BD: Honda Fit & Trip to Grace Bay- #2

Jonathan also can't award the $500 for a #4 birthday candle.



This should be another good week for them. First on this episode taped before Meredith's injury is Carlem Dawson from Harlem (who likes playing this game inside barbershops). 

Categories Before Randomization: Food TV, Narrow Lovers, Nabisco Salute, Presidential Questions, Counting the Days, Health Tips, Morning and Evening TV, Uncomfortable Call, Not-So-Fine Art & Fountain of Youth
Menu After Randomization: Morning and Evening TV, Food TV, Uncomfortable Call, Presidential Questions, Fountain of Youth, Health Tips, Not-So-Fine Art, Counting the Days, Narrow Lovers & Nabisco Salute

1. Which of these late-night TV hosts has won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host?

A: Jimmy Fallon
B: Jon Stewart
C: Jimmy Kimmel
D: Conan O'Brien


A: 19%
B: 28%
C: 49%
D: 4%

FA: Kimmel- $1K

2. Last year, DIRECTV & what fast food chain introduced an unusual channel that showed a perpetually rotating Whopper sandwich?

A: Arby's
B: McDonald's
C: Wendy's

D: Burger King


3. According to commercials for Viagra, users should consult a doctor if their erections last how long?

A: Longer than one hour
B: Longer than two hrs.
C: Longer than three hrs.
D: Longer than four hrs.

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Longer than four hrs.)- $5K

4. Perhaps inspired by his dad's movies, during a White House visit Will Smith's son Jaden asked President Obama about the existence of what?

A: Vampires
B: Aliens
C: Fairies
D: Human clones

FA: Aliens- $7K ($11K)

5. A prime example of "negligible senescence", which one of these animals exhibits almost no measurable decline w/ age?

A: Salmon
B: Lobsters
C: Horses
D: Elephants

FINAL JUMP USED (A: Lobsters, which he was leaning towards)- $100

6. In a 1974 issue of Emergency Medicine, what doctor wrote "eject the offending bolus like the cork from a champagne bottle"?

A: Fernand Lamaze
B: Jonas Salk
C: Henry Heimlich

D: Benjamin Spock

FA: Heimlich- $25K ($36K)

7. The Museum of Bad Art near Boston describes its piece "Sunday on the Pot With George" as a stab at what painting style?

A: Pointillism
B: Fauvism

C: Cubism
D: Primitivism

WALKS W/ 18 GRAND (A: Pointillism)

Second's Fran Botelho-Hoeg from Kingston, MA (a retired principal).

Categories: Jackson Five Lyrics, Affectionate Pals, International Love, Explorer's Book, One to Grow On, Sweet Ride, Price of Beauty, Mistaken Identity, Joke's on You & Geek Gear

1. What's the opening lyric to The Jackson 5's "ABC"?

A: "Sha-na-na na-na-na"
B: "A buh-buh buh buh-buh"
C: "Fa la-la la la-la"
D: "Duh do-do do do-do"

FA: "A buh-buh buh buh-buh"- $3K

2. Added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary last yr., what slang term's often used to describe love & affection shared by two friends?

A: Buddielove
B: Dudeaffair
C: Bromance
D: Manflirting

FA: Bromance- $5K ($8K)

3. Anglophiles revere England & Francophiles adore France, but Hibernophiles love things affiliated w/ what country?

A: Hungary
B: Russia
C: Spain

D: Ireland

FA: Ireland- $10K ($18K)

4. The 2011 book Paradise Lust chronicles people who have misguidedly searched for the location of what?

A: Fountain of Youth
B: Garden of Eden
C: Atlantis
D: Christ's Tomb

FA: Garden of Eden- $100 ($18,100)

5. A 2008 public awareness campaign called "Play Asterisk-Free" was aimed at preventing teen athletes from doing what?

A: Using steroids
B: Smoking
C: Bullying students
D: Drinking and driving


A: 84%
B: 3%
C: 8%
D: 5%

FA: Using steroids- $7K ($25,100)

Q of the Day: What part of a golf course's also known as "the dance floor"?

A: Green
B: Fairway
C: Water hazard
D: Sand trap

A: Green

6. The Cadillac car company's named after a what?

A: French explorer
B: Italian river
C: Irish church
D: English neighborhood

FIRST JUMP ACTIVATED (A: French explorer, which she would've known)- $2K

Final Q Today: Due to the presence of malt & hops, what frothy alcoholic beverage's also believed to be an effective hair conditioner?

A: Beer
B: Bourbon
C: Red wine
D: Tequila

FA: Beer- $15K ($40,100)

Family Feud:

I would first like to clarify that all five members of the Molnar family last week didn't have Molnar as their last name- only Joanna did. The other members were Tina O'Donnell, Lisa Altmeyer, Denise Spallone & Nicole Dubak.

FIRST GAME THIS WEEK: Martins ($625) vs. Latimores (Atlanta)

R1: According to 100 married women, name something you do if you saw your husband wearing thong underwear. Starting with this/these response(s):

#1: Laugh (40)(Hadiya)

DUD- Ask him if he's crazy (Bryan)

Amber (a Health Management senior at Howard University): Ask for a divorce- #3 (12)
Craig (telecom operations manager): Take those undies back- X
Allison (a Nutritional Science pre-med senior at Howard who is Amber's twin): Make him take 'em off- XX
Kennan: Call a psychiatrist- XXX

Bryan Steal (for 52): Puke/throw up- ALSO NOT ON THE BOARD

#2: Take his picture (30)
#4: Get mad/hit him (11)
#5: Throw 'em away (2)

R2: Complete the following- "Before a flight, I like to make sure my pilot is...". Here's one completion:

#2: Sober (30)(Amber)


Craig: Well-rested/alert- #3 (23)
Allison: Well-trained/mature- BA (2)
Kennan (Hadiya's husband): Happy- X
Hadiya (which means "gift" in some language, apparently): Smart- XX
Amber: ...able to know where he's going- XXX

Bryan Steal #2 (for 55 & a three-point lead): Healthy- ALSO INCORRECT (Latimores: 107)

#1: There/present (32)
#4: Alive (5)
#5: Ready for takeoff (4)
Other BA: A man (2)

Double (after they come out of the first break having Steve dance w/ Hadiya): Give me a word that starts w/ "ham". First to be seen:

#1: Burger (57)(Terry)

Shelly: String- #5 (4)
Rollie: -ster- #3 (9)
Bryan: -mer- #2 (18)
Ashlee: Drum- X
Terry: ...and cheese- XX
Shelly: Hog- XXX

Hadiya Steal (for another 176 & safety net): Bone- NO (#4: -let)(6)

Triple: According to another 100 ladies, name something a man should never talk about on a first date. For likely the game:

#1: His exes (60)(Rollie)

DUDS- Age (Shelly) & marriage (Allison)

Bryan: How many women he's been w/- #2 (23)
Ashlee: Kids- #4 (5)
Terry: How much $$$ he has- X
Shelly: Sports- XX
Rollie: His junk- XXX

Hadiya Steal for the Win: Who's paying for their date- LOSS (#3: His mom)(8)


1. Name the car company that makes the most trustworthy cars.
2. Name the age when you can say you've lived a full life.
3. Tell me something people sell door-to-door.
4. Name a kind of ball that's not filled w/ air.
5. Name a part of their bodies that people say's too big.

1. Ford- 27
2. 50- 7
3. Vacuum cleaners- 17
4. Baseball- 28
5. Tummy- 16

1. Chevy- 10
2. 35- DUD
3. Bibles- 6
4. Tennis- 6
5. Butt- 42
TOTAL- 159 (two-day total of $1,420)

2. 80
3. Newspapers/magazines
4. Golf

G2: Myerses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,495) vs. Newkirks (Kansas City, KS)

R1: Name a place a nudist might keep his cellphone. This is a long one:


#8: Room/drawer of a house (4)(Alnisa)

DUD- Under the bed (Dee Ann)

Malcolm: In his automobile- BA (4)
Lauren: In their bag(s)- #2 (10- fanny pack, to be specific)
Brandon: In their hand(s)- #1 (29)
Rashad: On the table- X
Alnisa: Ironing board- XX
Malcolm: In their shoes/socks- BA (4)
Lauren: Cellphone holder/case- XXX

Dee Ann Steal (for 51): His removed clothing- WRONG (T3: His armpits, around his neck & his butt crack)(7 each)

R2: Name something women wear to remind men that the honeymoon's over. Let's get it going:


#4: Granny panties (5)(Malcolm)
#6: Wool socks (5)(Kristy)

Lauren: Sweats- #2 (8)
Brandon: Hair rollers- #3 (7)
Rashad: Big wool/flannel pajamas- #1 (59)

Alnisa: Scarf on their head- X
Malcolm: Face mask/cream- SWEEP! (5)(140)

Double: Name something a group of female workers might do when a sexy guy walks past 'em. Base guess(es):

#1: Look/stare at him (36)(June)
#2: Talk/whisper (18)(Lauren)

Darrel: Smile- #5 (3)
Rob: Whistle- #4 (7)
Dee Ann: Bump into him accidentally- X
Kristy: Flip their hair- XX
June: Meet him- XXX

Alnisa Steal (for another 128 & safety net): Wave- NOPE (#3: Laugh)(12)

Triple: Name something a woman doesn't want to see in a man's mustache. Final face-off:

#1: Food/milk (75)(Brandon)

Rashad: Spit/saliva- X
Alnisa: Dirt- XX
Malcolm: Another lady's lipstick/makeup- #3 (4)
Lauren: Shaving cream- XXX

Dee Ann Steal for Win: Snot/boogers- WIN (14)(#4: Gray hair)(2)

FM #2:

1. How old were you when your parents started treating you like an adult?
2. Name something you buy a set of for the kitchen.
3. Name something embarrassing that students get caught doing in class.
4. Name something dogs do when they're lonely.
5. Name something insects don't like to see you holding.

Dee Ann (Kristy's sister):
1. 16- 27
2. Silverware- 30
3. Spitballs- 2
4. Bark/whine- 45
5. Spray can- 52
TOTAL- 156

1. 18- 20
2. Towels- DUD
3. Talking- 2
4. Sleep- 27; WIN AT 205!
5. Flyswatter

2. Dishes/China
3. Cheating

(Final notes: Karen directed this episode & there was no FM instant replay.)


$1K T-U: Movie Title

_ / _ _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ N

Dan & Cat nail "A FEW GOOD MEN". Introducing these six people:

Dan & Cat Vagnozzi (Ft. Knox, KY; married for three yrs.)- Cat comes from Sydney; Dan's an infantry captain & they're expecting their first child

Joan & Doug Daeffler (Waterloo, NY; married for three decades)- Joan's a secretary, Doug's a NY Air National Guard Lieutenant; they attended the same HS & have two sons
Tamecia Perry & Danurah "D.J." Jones (originally from GA; brother/sister)- Tamecia's stationed at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest in San Diego as a logistics specialist (she has two boys), while D.J.'s a Marine Corps Sergeant at MCAS Miramar & uncle (w/ one son)

$2K T-U: Person

_ A R L Y

_ I S E _

Tamecia & D.J. have a brain fart, while Dan & Cat steal EARLY RISER to triple their money.

Featured Prize Pair (sponsored by "Arthur Christmas", which just came out on DVD & Blu-Ray): SONY home theaters ($6,182)
Tonight's Gift Tag: Shark

Allegra-D Jackpot Round: Same Letter (three jets serve as the maingame category wipe for this round)

Dan & Cat dud out on the MDW right away by calling for a T. Second, Joan & Doug call a $550 S at the end but then a dud of R. Third, Tamecia & D.J. call a $650 N & three G's for another $2,100, buy three I's but then call D for dud. Dan & Cat next call the SL of three B's for $1.5K, buy a U, find a $900 L & purchase the final vowel of E, but Dan then says a dud of K. Following an $800 C called out by Joan & Doug...



B I C E _ S

...they flex their BIG BULGING BICEPS to keep control & get on the board.

DUDS: $700 D (Tamecia & D.J.), $800 K (Dan & Cat), $500 R (Joan & Doug), T (Dan & Cat)

Current Scores:

Daefflers: $2K/Tamecia & D.J.: $0/Vagnozzis: $3K

Mystery R: Before & After (the American banners are used this round)

Joan & Doug take a $550 T, a $500 S but then get denied by buying E. Second, Tamecia & D.J. FP three A's but then lose a turn on the MW next to it by saying L. Third, Dan & Cat come up w/ a $900 F set, the rest of the valid vowels (an I & quad O's) but then the right-side Bankrupt of the MDW to lose four bills. On Joan & Doug's next turn, they call up double D's for eight Benjamins but then go Bankrupt next to $650 to give back 16. The next consonants called are two C's by Tamecia & D.J. while on that same MW & instead of a sure $2K, D.J. turns over...a Bankrupt. That opens the door again for Dan & Cat & they land on the $3.5K space- after they say the back-to-back M's...

F A S T - F O O D

C _ A I _

O F / C O M M A _ D

...they keep their seven big ones by solving FAST-FOOD CHAIN OF COMMAND.

DUDS: E (Joan & Doug), L (Tamecia & D.J.)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (all three duos)

Current Scores:

Daefflers: $2K/Tamecia & D.J.: $0/Vagnozzis: $10K

Prize Puzzle R: Phrase

Tamecia & D.J. say S for stop while on the WC. The Vagnozzis secondly spot four R's for 24 $100 bills but then purchase a worthless vowel of O. Third, The Daefflers fit in two $500 T's & four E's before running into LaT trouble. Tamecia & D.J. get their turn back, but waste their next spin on the other regular Bankrupt. Moving back over to The Vagnozzis, they get the $600 H, tres A's but then the LaT. The Daefflers then LaT out again (they were going to call L, which would've been a miss anyway), after which Tamecia & D.J. say a $450 M, a $500 C to fill out the last word (CAMERA), a $1K N double, an I, a $300 G & the U. The board now...

_ R I N G / T H E

U N _ E R _ A T E R


...they each need to BRING THE UNDERWATER CAMERA- we'll add to their $1,750 a couple of Hotwire.com trips to the mount cinnamon in Grenada totaling $10,400.

DUDS: O (Dan & Cat), $500 S (Tamecia & D.J.)
LaTs: 2 (both married couples, including two by Joan & Doug)

Current Scores:

Daefflers: $2K/Tamecia & D.J.: $12,150 in cash & trips/Vagnozzis: $10K

$3K T-U: Rhyme Time

W _ _ K I E -

_ _ _ K _ E

Tamecia gives a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE w/ WINKIE-DINKIE- LOL! The Daefflers then get out a WALKIE-TALKIE to make it to $5K.

Speed-Up: On the Map

$1,800 per consonant; still anyone's match to win. After an M goes up...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

M _ S S _ _ R _

...Dan's wrong by guessing KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, but that would've been for the $2K minimum anyway. But after quite a few lucky breaks, Dan next calls a C...

I N D _ _ _ N D _ N C _

M I S S O _ R I

...& he can proudly say INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI for game, set & match w/ the extra $7,200 that was also in Tamecia & D.J.'s bank! Joan & Doug left behind half the value.

DUDS: G (Cat & Dan), L (Joan & Doug), T (Joan & Doug)
DQs: 2 (Tamecia's G repeat, Dan's missolve)

Final Scores:

Daefflers: $5K/Tamecia & D.J.: $12,150 in cash & Caribbean/Vagnozzis: $17,200
GT: $34,350


Maxwell House Regular BR #38: Cat spins up the W & Dan hands the host the envelope from there.

Subject: Phrase

This is a long one:

_ _ T _ _ _ / T _ E

_ _ _ _ E T _ T _ _ N

MDCI will also put in...

_ _ T _ _ _ / T _ E

C _ M _ E T I T I _ N

...but they needed the O's. They were able to OUTFOX THE COMPETITION, but don't win the extra $30K.

$5K SPIN ID #41: VB2904356


Brendan Montie (South Lyon, MI)- Centennial MS
Marcia Edmundson (Chesterfield, VA)- Prince George HS
Tina Baybay-Bykov (Orlando)- William R. Boone HS

Opening Categories:

This $600 clue would be a good time to Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Marcia, because there's a DD under it; she has $1,800 to Brenton's $1,400 & Tina's $200. Marcia wagers $500.

It's the last word spoken by Richard III.

"What is adieu?"...no, it was "horse".


Scores After This R:
Tina: $2K
Marcia: $5,100
Brenton: $3,400

Here's a Days of the Week Themed-DJ! Board:

Marcia has DD #2 from the $1,600 Two's Day box w/ $10,700; she's followed by Tina at six large & Brenton w/ $5,800. Marcia goes for an extra $2K this time.

83, odd; 937, odd...I guess two really is the only even one of these.

"What is prime number?"...yes indeed for $12,700! In the center of the Weak End is where the final one tonight awaits & it's picked by Brenton at the $7K mark; Marcia's up to $15,100 & Tina sits on eight G's. He tries to make his score $10K after seeing this:

Slate called the last scene of this 2007 OSCAR winner based on Cormac McCarthy's novel "A tacked on chunk of meaning".

"What is 'No Country for Old Men'?"...is right!

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $8K

Totals Heading Into Final J!:
Tina: $6K
Marcia: $15,100
Brenton: $17,200

Tina: $6K
Marcia: $15,200
Brenton: $15,400

FJ! TOPIC: National Songs.

First publicly performed in 1745, this song sometimes has its pronouns changed.

Response: "What is 'America...'"
Final score: $1K- OUT

Response: "What is 'God Save the Queen'?" ("God Save the King" is also acceptable)
Final score: $20,100

Final score: $21,200- BOTH SHE & MARCIA IN

1. Marcia- $20,100
2. Michael- $18K
3. Diana- $10K
4. Terry- $6,799


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 8
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Millionaire"
6: Everything else


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