J! Round Categories:
IN 1867...

Kate's going first; Colby's at the middle podium.

First Which Part of Speech:

Fabio won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Fabio.

Michael: "What is a noun?"- CORRECT ($200)

First Witty Line:

When asked how many husbands she's had, this Gabor sister said "You mean apart from my own?".

Colby: "Who is Zsa Zsa Gabor?"- CORRECT ($200)

$400 Part of Speech:

A German's germs are not germane to a conversation abut Jermaine Jackson: Germane (w/ a G).

Kate: "What is an adjective?"- YES ($400)


The golf tourney was a success despite the trampling incident: despite.

Kate: "What is a preposition?"- RIGHT ($1K)


Which of these Lederhosen brings out my eyes?: which.

Kate: "What is a pronoun?"- RIGHT ($1,800)


Neither rain nor snow or sleet shall keep me from my appointed rounds, but locusts? I'm out: nor.

Kate: "What is a conjuction?"- RIGHT ($2,800)

$400 Witty Line:

In one of their shorts, a judge cries for order, to which Curly says "I'll take a ham sandwich".

Michael: "Who are The Three Stooges?"- RIGHT ($600)


This fraternal funnyman quipped "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read".

Michael: "Who is Groucho Marx?"- RIGHT ($1,200)


This comic deadpanned "I stayed up one night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house & 4 people died".

Colby: "Who is (Steven) Wright?"- YUP ($1K)


Noel Coward punned in a telegram "Coughing myself" into a this, the Italian name for Florence.

Kate: "What is Firenze?"- CORRECT ($3,800)

First Solve for x Problem:

25x = the number of U.S. Senate members.

Michael: "What is four?"- SCORE ($1,400)


99 - x = the number of keys on a standard piano.

Colby: "What is 11?"- RIGHT ($1,400)


105/x = Blackjack!

Colby: "What is five?"- YOU BET ($2K)


20 - x = days in a fortnight.

Kate: "What is six?"- RIGHT ($4,600)

Last Such Math Problem:

30 + x = Douglas Adams' ultimate answer to...well, everything.

Michael: "What is 13?"- INCORRECT ($400)
Colby: "What is 12?"- THAT'S IT ($3K)

$800 In 1867:

August von Hofmann discovered this fluid; 25 years later, it could've been used to embalm him.

Michael: "What is formaldehyde?"- RIGHT ($1,200)

$200 You'll Be Tested on This:

The Snellen Chart tests these body parts; the top line's 20/400.

Michael: "What are the eyes?"- THEY HAVE IT ($1,400)


The Stanford-Binet V tests this in students.

Colby: "What's intelligence?"- RIGHT ($3,400)

$600 In 1867:

The fame of this scout was spread by a Harper's article that went "wild" over his "exquisite manly proportions".

Michael: "Who is Teddy Roosevelt?"- NO ($800)

FIRST TS: Wild Bill Hickock


In 1867, he published the play Peer Gynt & obviously spent some time on his facial hair.

Colby: "Who is (Henrik) Ibsen?"- YES INDEED ($3,800)

$600 You'll Be Tested on This:

In a Monty Python film, the test for identifying one of these is whether she weighs as much as a duck.

Kate: "What is a witch?"- RIGHT ($5,200)


Lichens provide the coloring for this, also a term for a crucial, revealing test.

Michael: "What is a litmus test?"- DOUBLE ($1,600)


Testing of blood serum helps diagnose this tick-borne ailment named for a range of peaks.

Kate: "What is lung disease?"- NO ($4,200)
Michael: "What is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?"- RIGHT ($2,600)

$200 TV CV:

"Friends" (Rachel), "Dirt" (Tina Harrod)

Michael: "Who is (Jennifer) Aniston?"- RIGHT ($2,800)


"Monk", "The X-Files" (Dr. Chester Ray Banton)

Colby: "Who is (Tony) Shaloub?"- YUP ($4,200)

$1K In 1867:

DAILY DOUBLE! For face value & the outright lead:

She wed a doomed physician suffering from alcoholism, perhaps contributing to her violent hatred of booze.

"Who is Carrie Nation?"...he got her!

Closing the 1867 Clues Out:

This dual monarchy w/ a population of about 50M was formed; it lasted until 1918.

Kate: "What is Austria-Hungary?"- CORRECT ($4,400)

$800 TV CV:

"Arrested Development" (Michael Bluth), "Valerie's Family" (David Hogan)

Colby: "Who is (Jason) Bateman?"- RIGHT ($6K)


"Family Guy" (Meg), "That '70s Show" (Jackie)

Colby: "Who is (Mila) Kunis?"- YEAH ($6,600)


"Homicide" (Detective Frank Pembleton), "Last Resort" (Captain Marcus Chaplin)

Michael: "Who is (Andre) Braugher?"- YES ($3,800)

Double J! Board:

First Whittier Line:

In a nature poem, Whittier rhymed "The winding water's sounding rush, the long note of" this bird.

Colby: "What's a thrush?"- RIGHT ($7K)

$400 Geology:

For the metal nickel, the mineral pentlandite is a major one of these sources.

Michael: "What is an oar?"- YES ($4,200)

$400 "Pro"s & "Con"s:

This working model of a new product's usually built to full-scale.

Colby: "What is a prototype?"- CORRECT ($7,400)

First Celebrity Sibling Surname:

Producer/director Garry & comic actress/director Penny

Colby: "What is Marshall?"- CORRECT ($7,800)


Actors Dennis & Randy

Kate: "What is Quaid?"- CORRECT ($5,200)

$400 Around the Mediterranean:

Many Mediterranean cruises embark from this second-largest Spanish city & major port.

Michael: "What is Barcelona?"- RIGHT ($4,600)

$800 "Pro"s & "Con"s:

From the Latin for "to know", it's a person w/ expert knowledge or training.

TS #2: Conisseur

Middle clue:

In Marxist theory, members of this class of workers have no capital or property & must sell their labor to survive.

Kate: "What is the Proletariat?"- CORRECT ($6,400)


Smuggled goods.

Colby: "What is contraband?"- INDEED ($9,400)


A poetic image w/ an outlandish comparison.

TS #3: Conceit

$1,200 Celebrity Sibling Surname:

Tennis champs John & Patrick

Michael: "What is McEnroe?"- OF COURSE ($5,800)

$800 Geology:

This commonest coarse-grained plutonic rock's desirable for countertops.

Michael: "What is granite?"- RIGHT ($6,600)


DD! For three thou additional & a $200 cushion:

Naturally, plenty of coal was formed in this geologic period, 360M-300M B.C.

"What is the Carboniferous Period?"...$9,600 & the lead!


In geology, it's a type of erosion; in business, it's reducing staff without layoffs.

TS #4: Attrition

$2K (Sarah):

NY State uses one trillion cubic feet of natural gas a yr.; there may be 500 trillion cubic ft. within this underground shale formation named for a village near Syracuse.

TS #5: Marcellus Shale

$800 Around the Mediterranean:

The deepest part of the Mediterranean, over 16K ft., is just south of this country, in the Ionian Basin.

Kate: "What is Italy?"- ISN'T RIGHT ($5,600)
Michael: "What is Greece?"- IS IT ($10,400)

Center box:

You'll need a passport to gamble in the 149-yr.-old "Casino de" this location; locals aren't allowed.

Colby: "What is Monaco?"- NO ($8,200)

TS #6: Monte Carlo


Rising above the Mediterranean Coast are these mountains that form the backbone of Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia.

Michael: "What are the Atlas Mountains?"- YES ($12K)


OTHER DD! To put Michael at the $15K mark:

Balzac described it as "a French island basking in the Italian sun".

"What is Corsica?"...also the name of a defunct Chevy model, right!

Start of Herb & Spice History:

Today, we pick this leaf of the laurel tree out of our food, but legend says oracles chewed it to promote visions.

Kate: "What is the bay leaf?"- YEAH INDEED ($6K)


19th Century English pubs had containers of this spice from a root so that patrons could shake it into their ale.

Colby: "What is ginger?"- WOOF WOOF ($9K)

$1,600 Celebrity Sibling Surname:

Julianne & Derek of "dancing with the stars" fame

TS #7: Hough


Celebrity offspring Kelly & Jack

Colby: "What is Osbourne?"- YEAH ($11K)

$800 Whittier Line:

When this Biblical king spares an ant hill, the queen of Sheba realizes she knows "the secret of thy worth and wisdom".

Colby: "Who's Solomon?"- RIGHT ($11,800)


In Snow-Bound, Whttier was "content to let" this "roar in baffled rage at pane and door".

Kate: "What is the wind?"- RIGHT ($7,200)

$1,200 Herb & Spice History:

To show remorse after murdering his wife, Nero may have burned a yr.'s supply of this spice that comes in quills.

Kate: "What is pepper?"- WRONG ($6K)

TS #8: Cinnamon


It was suggested in 1602 that this pod spice, then used in a drink w/ cacao beans, could be used alone as a flavoring.

Kate: "What is vanilla?"- GOT SOME MONEY BACK ($7,600)

Final clue there:

Jesus mentioned "mint and anise and" this spice used in chili powder & curry powder.

Kate: "What is coriander?"- NOPE ($5,600)
Michael: "What is turmeric?"- DITTO ($13K)

TS #9: Cumin

$1,600 Whittier Line:

Completes the line Whittier gave Barbara Frietchie: "Shoot, if you must this old grey head, but spare your country's..."

Kate: "What is 'flag instead'?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($4K)

TS #10: "...flag"


"Thou hast nerved the Afric's hand", wrote Whittier in a poem to this abolitionist who published The Liberator.

Kate: "Who is (William Lloyd) Garrison?"- GOT HIM ($6K)

TOTAL DJ! LT: $14,400

Post-DJ! Banks:
Kate: $6K
Colby: $11,800
Michael: $13K

Kate: $6K
Colby: $11,800

Michael: $10,200

NIGHT 1 FINAL J! SUBJECT: European Authors.

amazon said this author who died in 2004 was the first to sell a million kindle e-books.

Response: NO ONE
Final Day 1 Score: $3K

Final Day 1 Score: $10,600

Response: "WHO is J.K. Rowling?" (Correct: Who was Steig Larsson?)
Final Day 1 Score: $10K


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