"Millionaire"- HAPPY THANKSGIVING '12!

The first Thanksgiving player's David Gould from Frederick, MD (who used to work for a question search engine; two of his trivia teammates, Bill & Chad, have already played); Meredith's working w/ that bad toe.

Pre-Randomized Topics: Old Friends, Go Figure, Hue Know It, Real Deal, Party of Thirteen, History's Mysteries, Hiding the Goods, Name That George, Poetry at Play & First Touch
Final Tree: Party of Thirteen, History's Mysteries, Real Deal, Old Friends, First Touch, Go Figure, Hue Know It, Poetry at Play, Hiding the Goods & Name That George

1. Though many still debate its origin, some believe the "13 at a table" superstition derives from what famous historical gathering?

A: First Thanksgiving
B: Yalta Conference
C: The Last Supper
D: First Continental Congress

FA: The Last Supper- $100

2. Located just south of Groom Lake, what "secret" location became a bit more visible when Google Maps offered satellite images of the grounds?

A: Roswell, NM
B: Area 51
C: Bermuda Triangle

D: Abu Ghraib prison

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Area 51)- $15K

3. Biting gold coins & checking for tooth imprints was an old way to verify their authenticity, due to the metal's high degree of what?

A: Opacity
B: Conductivity
C: Malleability
D: Salinity

FA: Malleability- $7K ($7,100)

4. Even though you may use email today, you can still get paired up w/ a friend & exchange letters as a what?

A: Marker mate
B: Pen pal

C: Letter lad
D: Quill companion

FA: Pen pal- $5K ($12,100)

5. Before ATMs & iPhones, England's E.A. Johnson developed touchscreen technology in the 1960s to be used by whom?

A: Telephone operators
B: Air traffic controllers
C: Meteorologists
D: Taxi dispatchers


A: 20%
B: 33%
C: 42%

D: 5%

OUT OF LIFELINES (A: Air traffic controllers)- $3K

6. Because she was tall & skinny growing up, supermodel Gisele Bundchen has said that schoolkids used to call her what?

A: Betty Boop
B: Smurfette

C: Olive Oyl
D: Peppermint Patty

FA: Olive Oyl- $10K ($22,100)

7. Made by the cosmetics company OPI, A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find is what shade of nail polish?

A: Pink
B: Purple
C: Orange
D: Green

FA: Orange- $500 ($22,600)

8. Which of the following's true when Casey comes to bat in the classic baseball poem "Casey at the Bat"?

A: The bases are loaded
B: A man's on first
C: Men are on second & third
D: The bases are empty

FA: Men are on second & third- LEGS (he thought Casey hit a grand slam, when in fact he struck out)(A: Men are on second & third)

Now comes Steve Carpenter from Chicago (who needs some new contact lenses).

Menu: Coined Phrases, Keepin' It Kosher, Stone's Throw, Tats All, Folks, School Paper, Beatles Language, Audience Participation, Very Vocal, Mom's Touch & One False

1. The notorious bank robber Bill Miner reputedly coined what phrase?

A: "Fire in the hole!"
B: "Hands up!"
C: "Hello, sailor!"
D: "Shiver me timbers!"

FA: "Hands up!"- $5K

2. Realizing its customers observe the Sabbath, Kosher Vending Industries puts what number instead of "24/7" on its vending machines?

A: 23/7
B: 24/8
C: 24/6
D: 25/7

FA: 24/6- $1K ($6K)

3. One of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions is the Blarney Stone, also known as the "Stone of" what?

A: Eloquence
B: Influence
C: Omnipotence

D: Confidence


4. What clothing brand offers a lifetime deal of 20% off its merchandise to people who get a tattoo of one of its logos?

A: Ecko Unlimited
B: Hollister
C: Rocawear
D: Guess

JUMPS THIS Q, TOO (A: Ecko Unltd.)- $25K

5. A reference to a common HS organization, what's the name of The Onion's non-satirical entertainment section?

A: The Pep Team
B: The A.V. Club
C: Student Government

D: Debate Club

FA: The A.V. Club- $10K ($16K)

6. If The Beatles' song "Norwegian Wood" was written about Norway's most common tree species, it would be called "Norway" what?

A: Spruce
B: Yew
C: Pine
D: Juniper


A: 74%
B: 3%
C: 18%
D: 5%

FA: Spruce- $7K ($23K)

Q of the Day: Which of these brass instruments can play the lowest notes?

A: Tuba
B: French horn
C: Trombone

D: Trumpet

A: Tuba

7. At screenings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", audience members often toss what in the air when Brad says "Great Scott!"?

A: Toothbrushes
B: Aluminum foil
C: Toilet paper
D: Paper clips

FA: T.P.- $15K ($38K)

FQ Today: On the website for his show, what TV host's bio says "He began his career as a professional musician, faking his way into the Baltimore Opera"?

A: Phil Keoghan
B: Gordon Ramsay
C: Chris Harrison

D: Mike Rowe

$19K BAILOUT (A: Mike Rowe)



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