"Wheel of Fortune" 11/21/12

$1K T-U: Song Title

_ ' _ / _

_ _ _ _ E _ E R

Frankie solves "I'M A BELIEVER". Here are tonight's in-studio dreamers:

Frankie Creel (Boiling Springs, SC)- A married telephone system operator training for a triathlon w/ two kids
Cat Deobler (Valley Village, CA; born in L.A.)- A teacher at Mulholland MS in Van Nuys who has a non-profit theater company called Creative Differences w/ two sons (both of whom are Army soldiers)
Carrie Tinsley (Mt. Juliet, TN)- An English teacher & yearbook adviser at Wilson Central HS in Lebanon married to Jeff; she also has two children

$2K T-U: Things

_ H O _ T I _ G

_ T A _ _

Cat sees SHOOTING STARS, cash & control.

Tonight's Gift Tag: Omaha Steaks

THQ Jackpot R: Food & Drink

Cat calls two R's for $1,800, two T's for another five grand & two H's for another G-spot & the 1/2 CAR next to $900, buys an I & four E's, calls out two N's for an extra $300 apiece & purchases two A's. After that start, she has the sears wedge w/ four $500 S's & calls twin M's while on that Jackpot...

_ R E E N / _ E A N S

_ I T H / S A _ T E E _

M _ S H R _ _ M S

...she CLEANS UP by smelling up a bowl of GREEN BEANS WITH SAUTEED MUSHROOMS for the $10,650 in her bank, the $10,200 Jackpot & the sears gift card, all totaling $25,850!


Current Scores:

Frankie: $1K/Cat: $27,850 in cash & spree 1/2 CAR/Carrie: $0

Mystery R: Rhyme Time

W/ some big shoes to fill, Carrie calls first three $500 V's for the food but then Bankrupts next to $650 to lose a total of $2.5K in cash & food. Second, Frankie gets in a $500 W (the first letter of the second word of three; all three words each have an apostrophe), a $600 C (the first letter of the first word) & three L's to add $2,400, but the same Bankrupt costs him $3,800. Cat then decides she doesn't want to risk losing her plate...

C _ _ L _ ' V _

W _ _ L _ ' V _

_ _ _ _ L _ ' V _

...another way to say this is "coulda, shoulda, woulda" (there's a segment on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" titled "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda") & she solves it as "COULD'VE, WOULD'VE, SHOULD'VE".
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Carrie & Frankie)

Current Scores:

Frankie: $1K/Cat: $28,850 in cash & shopping 1/2 CAR/Carrie: $0

Prize Puzzle R: Phrase

As control goes right back to Frankie to begin this puzzle, he takes a $300 T & L, two $450 S's but then a dummy vowel of O. Secondly, Cat calls for two R's for a $900 start & buys four E's from the nearby shop, followed by twin $500 N's for the other 1/2 CAR, a $500 V, the rest of the good vowels (an A & two I's) but then the Lose a Turn. Ouch. Carrie then takes her shot at the trip of the night...

N E V E R / I N / _ _

_ I L _ E S T / _ R E A _ S

...she'll admit "NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS did I think I was going to be given a chance to win anything after what Cat did a little while ago". And the $6K Hotwire.com holiday she just won is to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Maui.

SOLE DUD: O (Frankie)

Current Scores:

Frankie: $1K/Cat: $28,850 in cash & spree/Carrie: $6K HI trip

$3K T-U: The 70's

T _ _ / V _ _ L _ _ E

_ _ _ _ _ _

Cat knows the group best known for singing "Y.M.C.A." were THE VILLAGE PEOPLE to be $150 shy of $32K.

R4: Event

A $1K N pairing gets her started, then a $500 T, twin $600 H's, an E triple, a $450 S, his/her I's, an A, a $400 G & L for loss. While second in line, Carrie lights up dos B's for six bills & the $900 R...

B R E A _ I N G / T H E

_ I S H B _ N E

...& is BREAKING THE WISHBONE for her $1.5K in spending money & she starts the next puzzle.

SOLE DUD: $800 L (Cat)

Current Scores:

Frankie: $1K/Cat: $31,850 in cash & stuff/Carrie: $7.5K in cash & vacation

R5: Around the House

Carrie's foiled by a T call right out of the gate. Second, Frankie feasts on two S's for a C-note (w/ one at the end) but then gets buzzed as well for an L call, after which we hear the Speed-Up bell...

_ _ S _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S

...Final Spin consonants are worth $1,800 every time they show up. Once Cat requests an M at the start of the second word...

_ _ S H _ _ N

_ _ _ _ _ _ N _ S

...she makes the $5,400 solve of FASHION MAGAZINES!


Before big bell: $500 L (Frankie), $900 T (Carrie)
After that: C (Frankie)

Final Scores:

Frankie: $1K/Cat: $37,250 in cash & sears/Carrie: $7.5K in cash & HI

GT: $45,750

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $6,300 in cash & tag 

FRANKIE'S SPIN ID: AK1723547 (Angie K.)
CARRIE'S SPIN ID: RH6020698 (Ruth H.)

Maxwell House Regular BR #45: Cat spins the last letter of tomorrow's holiday, the G.

Subject: Thing

Two of something to start:

_ _ _ N

_ _ N _

She takes the CMDA path...

C _ _ N

_ A N _

...& wins in fast fashion! And I already hear the BR cash win cue, so we know a cash amount's in her envelope (& it re-starts after the amount's shown). But did she literally break Harry's COIN BANK?...

...YES SHE HAS- WE HAVE A NEW S30 GRAND CHAMP!!!!!! After the confetti & streamers snow down in the building & we tell you that $157.5K's in the Rebuilding Together bank, we are so, so happy to announce she & her at-home partner have won $137,250 IN CASH & SS!!!!!

HER MONSTER SPIN ID: ES00768 (Elaine S.)



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