"Millionaire" 11/21

Allison McKay from New Hope, PA reportedly once was voted to have the best legs in Vegas (& even won $1K in a $1K Q Game that hasn't aired as of yet this season); Meredith didn't have that injury either time. This was her Q back then:

Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra made waves in her homeland this yr. when she was touted as the first Indian woman to do what?

A: Date George Clooney
B: Climb Mt. Everest

C: Win a Tony
D: Pose in Playboy

A: Pose in Playboy

Pre-Randomized Tree: Horse Sense, Fashion Sense, Letter Drop, Corporate Tunes, For Comparison's Sake, Irish Feast, Web Savvy, Full Count, You're the Inspiration & Crown Jewels
Final Categories: Web Savvy, For Comparison's Sake, Letter Drop, Horse Sense, You're the Inspiration, Corporate Tunes, Irish Feast, Crown Jewels, Fashion Sense & Full Count

1.Though it's not the official URL, AtlantisCableNews.com will take you to the homepage of what current TV series?

A: "The Office"
B: "Episodes"
C: "30 ROCK"
D: "The Newsroom"

FA: "The Newsroom"- $25K

2. The borough of Manhattan would contain roughly 29 people if it had the same population density as what state?


(A: AL; her answer was RI)- $2K

3. The name of a well-known competitors of the U.S. Postal Service's created by removing what letter from USPS?

A: U
B: First S
C: P
D: Second S

FA: First S- $10K ($35K)

4. According to a common saying, "Painting stripes on a horse doesn't make it a..." what?

A: Moose
B: Elephant
C: Zebra

D: Camel

FA: Zebra- $7K ($42K)

5. Considered one of the biggest flops in Broadway history, the 1976 musical "Home Sweet Homer" was based on the final chapters of what classic text?

A: Candide
B: The Odyssey
C: The Canterbury Tales
D: Beowulf

FA: The Odyssey- $5K ($47K)

6. Which of the following retail chains has its own record label that features artists like Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd?

A: Barnes & Noble
B: Nordstrom
C: The Home Depot
D: Cracker Barrel


A: 26%
B: 19%
C: 4%
D: 51%

FA: Cracker Barrel- $500 ($47.5K)

7. Though an authentic St. Patrick's Day feast features ham, Irish immigrants began a tradition by substituting what meat because it was cheaper?

A: Veal
B: Corned beef
C: Turkey
D: Short ribs

FA: Corned beef- $15K ($62.5K)

8. Given a different name to avoid confusion, a ruby's simply a red variety of what type of gemstone?

A: Diamond
B: Topaz
C: Sapphire

D: Emerald

LAST JUMP ASKED FOR (A: Sapphire; emerald was her guess)- $100

9. Memorably accompanied by a cigarette holder in the film poster, the black dress seen in what movie's often called the greatest screen outfit of all time?

A: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
B: "Gone with the Wind"
C: "Grease"
D: "The Seven Year Itch"

FA: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"- $3K ($65.5K)

For $66.5K: Designed to specifically target cavity-counting bacteria, what newly-created molecule aims to help keep all adult teeth intact?

A: Keep 27
B: Keep 29
C: Keep 30

D: Keep 32

FA: Keep 32- RIGHT!

Q of the Day: First observed in the 1920s, the "hemline theory" states that shorter skirts correlate w/ a rise in what?

A: Gas prices
B: Birthrates
C: Unemployment

D: Stock prices

A: Stock prices

CM #28:


$100K (Word Origins): Because its name basically means "large expanse of water", what body of water translates to Lake "Lake"?

A: Lake Erie
B: Lake Chad
C: Lake Titicaca
D: Lake Vostok

A: Chad (she was learning towards Erie)

She leaves the show for good w/ a GT of $67.5K!



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