"Family Feud" 11/16

G1: Barnhills (Atlanta) vs. Franchinas ($1,750 after three shows)

R1: Name something you put on ice cream that lovers might put on each other. I have two ideas:

Whipped cream (46)(Brenda)
#2: Chocolate/syrup (45)(Diann)

Chris: Cherries- X
Jonathan: Caramel (sauce)- #4 (2)
Angel (who's wearing red sunglasses): Strawberries/strawberry sauce- T3 (3)
Christina (an engineering manager at CISCO; her husband Jonathan works there, too): Sprinkles- XX
Brenda: Nuts- XXX

Diann Steal (for 96): Honey- NOPE (T3: My mouth)(3)

R2: According to 100 single guys, what would you talk about if you were on a date w/ a Playboy Playmate? Don't get me started w/ that:


#4: Sex w/ Hugh Hefner (5)(Nicole)

DUD- Talk about yourself (Chris)

Angelo: Her breasts- #3 (23)
Natalie: The magazine/her job- #1 (33)
Jackie: Partying- X
Diann: Her age- XX
Nicole: Playboy Mansion- #5 (4)
Angelo: My $$$- XXX

Brenda Steal (for an additional 65): Sex- RIGHT (25)(161)

Double: Name something you wipe off after you use it. The whole board's in play for this one:


#8: Toilet (seat)(4)(Jonathan)
DUD- Dishes (Angelo)

Angel: Tables- #4 (6)
Christina: Kitchen counter(top)- #2 (15)
Brenda: Telephone/cellphone- X
Chris: Mirrors- XX
Jonathan: Bathtub/shower- XXX

Diann Steal #2 (for 50): Butt/"my pooper"- #3 (7)

#1: Knife (18)
Other BAs: My mouth, lipstick/makeup & wax/polish (4 each)

Triple: Name something you buy in a tube. Should be the decider:

#1: Toothpaste (82)(Angel)

DUD- Lipstick/makeup (Natalie)

Christina: Deodorant/body spray- X
Brenda: Tomato paste- XX
Chris: Skin cream- WIPEOUT

Diann Steal to Keep Playing: Ointment- GAME OVER

#2: Lube/K-Y (5)
BAs: Hair gel & glue (3 each)


1. Name an occasion in which a lady would buy some sexy lingerie.
2. Name something people push that has wheels.
3. Name something people do while watching a really scary movie.
4. How many yrs. younger than you really are do you really think you look?
5. Name a reptile people keep as a pet.

1. Anniversary- 33
2. Stroller- 20
3. Hold hands- 3
4. 10- 22
5. Snake- 46
TOTAL- 124

1. Valentine's Day- 20
2. (Shopping) cart- 33
3. Scream- 34; WIN AT 211!
4. Five
5. Lizard

FORD EDGE G #8: McCrarys (Atlanta) vs. Newkirks ($41,585)

R1: 100 ladies were asked in their Valentine fantasies, what's their sweetie wearing? Starter(s):

#1: Nothing/birthday suit (47)(Liza)


McCrarys (who have 11 sisters):
Ericka (preschool teacher): Chocolate- X
Christina (a Dental Hygiene Caring student at Clinton State Univ.): Bow tie- XX
Lillian: Trunks w/ hearts on 'em- WIPEOUT

Dee Ann Steal: Police uniform- BA (4)

#2: Tuxedo/suit (15)
#3: Speedo (9)
T4: Tight jeans, pajama bottoms & robes (5 each)

Other BA: G-string (4)

R2: 100 more women were asked to complete the following- "You should never marry a man who doesn't love _____________.". First word that makes it:

#2: Children (18)(Ericka; she said "family")
#4: His mom (11)(Kristy)


Christina: God- X
Lillian: Himself- XX
James: To work- WIPEOUT #2

Dee Ann Steal #2 (for another 29): Animals/pets- #3 (15)(76)

#1: You/me (37)
#5: Cooking/food (4)
BAs: $$$ & the nasty (3 each)

Double: Name something that might be dangerous to ride on naked. Not sure if any of these will be in Playboy anytime soon:

#2: Motorcycle (22)(Christina)


Lillian: Lawn mower- X
James: Horse/bronco- #3 (14)

Liza: Airplane- XX
Ericka: Bike- #1 (32)
Christina: Roller coaster- #6 (3)
Lillian: Car- XXX

Dee Ann Steal #3 (for safety net): Skateboard- SORRY (McCrarys: 142)

#4: Bull (10)
#5: Porcupine (6)

TRIPLE FOR POSSIBLY THE RIDE: Name some information the office gossip wants to know. This should determine if we have new top winners in the Harvey era:

#1: Who's going w/ whom (77)(Darrel)

Rob: Who's being promoted/boss- #4 (2)
Dee Ann: Who's getting fired/laid off- #2 (9)
Kristy: How much their co-workers are making- WIN!!!!! (5)

FINAL FM THIS WEEK: They already have $70,180 in cash & car & possibly even a Big Money Tournament berth on top of all that. Let's see how much they'll add to it.

1. Besides the blade, name something you'd find on a Swiss Army knife.
2. Name a food that makes people thirsty.
3. Name an old-fashioned term for woman.
4. Name something you refuse to pay full price for.
5. On that 1-10 scale, how much of a leader are you?

1. Screwdriver- 14
2. Chips- 24
3. Broad- 22
4. Car- 26
5. 8- 35
TOTAL- 121

Dee Ann:
1. Scissors- 13
2. French Fries- 2
3. Lass- 5
4. Clothes- 33

They have 177 heading into Dee Ann's final answer of 7. If at least 23 people said that, this clan will not only be the first cash winners of at least $60K in regular play since Karn's final season (that's about seven yrs.), but they'll be the biggest regular-season winners in terms of overall winnings ever on this show. I don't know why their shows are airing in second-run instead of first-run, but, whatever. Dawson or Combs would've sure loved that. For the number of the current season GSK's on, SURVEY SAID...

...11. Shoot. They might've had it had they said the top answer of corkscrew on the first Q. Oh well, they leave us for now w/ $71,105!!!

(One more note: I think Karen directed all of their episodes.)


6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 10


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