"Millionaire" 11/19

Debbie Daniel (an award-winning poet, musician & retired teacher from Columbia, SC) is here while Meredith still has that bad toe.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Freshmen Feast, Fruit Appeal, Florist's Tricks, New Businesses, Aero-wordsmith, Know Your Balls, New Titles, Puppies, Good and Evil & No Oath
Final Menu: Know Your Balls, No Oath, Fruit Appeal, Freshman Feast, Puppies, New Titles, Good and Evil, Florist's Tricks, New Businesses & Aero-wordsmith

1. Which of the following's a term used in basketball & not the name of a pitch in baseball?

A: Screwball
B: Breaking ball

C: Spitball
D: Air ball

FA: Air ball- $10K

2. In 1861, what governor of Texas was kicked out of office for refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America?

A: Davy Crockett
B: Sam Houston
C: Salmon P. Chase
D: Stephen A. Douglas

FA: Houston- $1K ($11K)

3. Because of its fuzzy, delicate skin, what easily-bruised fruit's only good for about two weeks after being picked?

A: Watermelon
B: Peach
C: Pear
D: Orange

FA: Pear- $100 ($11,100)

4. During orientation week, Dartmouth College freshmen are served green eggs & ham in honor of what Dartmouth alum?

A: Mark Twain

B: L. Frank Baum
C: Dr. Seuss
D: Edgar Allan Poe

FA: Dr. Seuss- $500 ($11,600)

5. Because of their large heads, which of these dog breeds is born by C-section over 80% of the time?

A: Collie
B: Dalmatian
C: Bulldog
D: Greyhound

FA: Bulldog- $3K ($14,600)

6. Though the film "The Last Emperor" took place in China, what's the only current country to have a reigning Emperor?

A: Austria

B: Japan
C: Germany
D: Thailand

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Japan)- $15K

7. Simply by extending the thumb outwards, the "devil horns" hand gesture becomes sign language for what wholesome phrase?

A: Thank you
B: Sweet dreams
C: Happy birthday

D: I love you


A: 33%
B: 5%
D: 62%

FA: I love you- $7K ($21,600)

8. Research shows that when added to the water in a vase of flowers, what drug helps them "stand up straight" for days beyond their natural life span?

A: Ambien
B: Viagra
C: Lipitor
D: Prozac

FA: Viagra- $2K ($23,600)

9. TieTry, an online company that allows customers to borrow up to five ties at a time by subscription, has a business model most similar to which of these firms?

A: Goggle
B: eBaY
C: Netflix
D: amazon

FA: Netflix- $25K ($48,600)

For $53,600: In his 2011 memoir, Steven Tyler describes his struggle w/ "LSD", his tongue-in-cheek abbreviation for what?

A: Late sleeper disease
B: Lewd strut disease
C: Lazy stiff disease
D: Lead singer disease

PASS (A: Lead singer disease)

CM #26: 

$100K (The Solar System): Craggy, mountainous areas on Mars are known by what extreme-sounding name?

A: Anarchy terrain
B: Bedlam terrain
C: Chaotic terrain
D: Mayhem terrain

FA: Anarchy (A: Chaotic)

Q of the Day: "Hey!", "Ouch!", "Yow!" & "Eeeeek!" are lyrics in a classic "Schoolhouse Rock" song w/ what title?

A: "Unpack Your Adjectives"
B: "Interjections!"
C: "Conjunction Junction"
D: "Busy Prepositions"

A: "Interjections!"

$1K Contestant #19: Yvonne Brown (Kingston, NY- she's here because of her mom)

This would've been a $250K Actors & Actresses query:

According to US Weekly, which of these actresses was named after her mom's dog, who was named after a famous painting by Andrew Wyeth?

A: Christina Applegate
B: Mila Kunis
C: Felicity Huffman
D: Emily Blunt

FA: Felicity- LOSS (A: Christina)



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