"Millionaire" 11/16

We're just moments away from going back to Classic Millionaire, now w/ Scott.

For $56,600: Before it was colonized, 17th Century cartographers used the Latin term for "southern" to name what continent?

A: Africa
B: Australia
C: America
D: Asia

FA: Australia

CM #24:

$100K (Inside Politics): After yrs. of debate, in 1837, the U.S. House of Representatives officially banned members from doing what during sessions?

A: Smoking tobacco
B: Bringing pets
C: Drinking alcohol
D: Wearing hats

STOP (A: Wearing hats- he would've lost on smoking tobacco)

The last regular player this week will be librarian Kari Deike from Henderson, NV.

Listings: Figurative Games, Nude Thinker, Gotta Dance, Food Fight, Music and Literature, Same Name, What a Coincidence, Why the Long Face?, Objectionable Offspring & In Circulation

1. Which of the following idiomatic expressions describes the metaphoric meaning of a "shell game"?

A: Twist of fate
B: Stroke of luck
C: Act of faith
D: Sleight of hand

FA: Sleight of hand- $10K

2. Which Founding Father championed the "air bath" & sat naked in his chambers each morning while reading & writing?

A: Benjamin Franklin
B: John Jay
C: Alexander Hamilton
D: George Washington

Franklin- $3K ($13K)

3. In 1988, 119,986 people in Miami were told to "grab the shoulders of the person in front of you and dance" as they set the record for longest what?

A: Square dance
B: Limbo
C: Conga line
D: Flamenco

FA: Conga line- $100 ($13,100)

4. To prove his country's prosperity, in 1967, Fidel Castro boasted that Cuba would be able to produce more flavors of what than any other country?

A: Ice cream
B: Potato chips

C: Yogurt
D: Oatmeal

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Ice cream)- $1K

5. The pop singer Adele shares her name w/ a French girl who's the pupil of what novel's lead character?

A: The Scarlet Letter
B: Wuthering Heights
C: Jane Eyre
D: Pride & Prejudice


A: 11%
B: 20%
C: 46%
D: 23%

FA: Jane Eyre- $5K ($18,100)

6. Which of the following gets its name from the tool that was once used to make it?

A: Jumping jacks
B: Marbles

C: Jigsaw puzzle
D: Jack-in-the-box

FA: Jigsaw puzzle- $7K ($25,100)

7. This yr., a man named Walter White was wanted by police for making & selling methamphetamine, strangely paralleling what fictional TV show?

A: "Boardwalk Empire"
B: "True Blood"
C: "Breaking Bad"
D: "Sons of Anarchy"

FA: "Breaking Bad"- $500 ($25,600)

8. A picture of an elderly man went viral this yr. because the left side of his face was much more wrinkled than his right, a result of what longtime job?

A: Police officer
B: Truck driver
C: Landscaper
D: Mailman

FA: Truck driver- $2K ($27,600)

9. According to Argentinean legend, families abandoned their seventh song for fear he would turn into a lobizon, which is what creature?

A: Vampire
B: Demon
C: Werewolf
D: Warlock

FA: Werewolf- $25K ($52,600)

For $67,600: The two largest magazines in the U.S. based on circulation are both published by what organization?


FINAL JUMP OF WEEK USED (A: AARP- she would've said that)

Q of the Day: Originally referring to the Alaskan village Hoochinoo, "hooch" is slang for what?

A: Oil
B: Money
C: Alcohol
D: Prison

A: Alcohol

CM #25:

$100K (Weights & Measures): Which of these units of time is the shortest?

A: Picosecond
B: Microsecond
C: Femtosecond
D: Nanosecond

BAILOUT (A: Femtosecond; her FA would've been nanosecond)



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