"Millionaire" 11/20

Rob Vitolo from Brooklyn was known as "The Fos" back in college (for five-o'-clock shadow; he's been shaving since he was 12). Meredith didn't break her toe at that time.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Click and Mortar, Hits of the '70s, Car Clothes, Food Origins, NYC to DC, Evolving Records, The Show's Starting, Orient Yourself, Wedding Gowns & Many Hats
Topics After Randomization: Hits of the '70s, Food Origins, Car Clothes, NYC to DC, Wedding Gowns, The Show's Starting, Evolving Records, Many Hats, Click and Mortar & Orient Yourself

1. According to the lyrics of Billy Joel's '78 hit "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)", "...workin' too hard can give you a..." what?

A: "...heat stroke oke oke oke oke"
B: "...common cold old old old old"
C: "...heart attack ack ack ack ack"
D: "...head trauma ma ma ma ma"

FA: "...heart attack ack ack ack ack"- $2K

2. Though its origin's debated, legend has it what food item's name originated w/ Civil War soldiers who used fried treats to calm Confederate dogs?

A: Corn dogs
B: Hush puppies
C: Tater tots
D: Chicken tenders

FA: Hush puppies- $500 ($2.5K)

3. What female clothing item's also the name of a car accessory?

A: Bra
B: Thong
C: Leg warmers
D: Pantyhose


A: 74%
B: 11%
C: 10%

D: 5%

FA: Bra- $5K ($7.5K)

4. Though he doesn't represent NY, what U.S. Senator's personal website has a bio that includes a chapter titled "Live from New York"?

A: Marco Rubio
B: Harry Reid
C: Al Franken
D: Orrin Hatch

FA: Franken- $7K ($14.5K)

5. According to common wedding folklore, what historical figure started the tradition of brides wearing white?

A: Cleopatra
B: Queen Victoria
C: Catherine the Great
D: Lady Godiva

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Queen Victoria, which he would've gone w/)- $15K

6. For yrs., what cable TV network has depicted a brief visual of TV static as an intro to its shows?

A: nickelodeon


FA: HBO- $100 ($14,600)

His mom Louise's in the audience.

7. Before going "vinyl" in the '50s, flat disc records were most commonly made w/ what brittle material?

A: Glass
B: Formica
C: Tar
D: Shellac

OTHER JUMP USED (A: Shellac, which he knew)- $25K

8. If winning all four major entertainment awards is a show business "grand slam", whose bases are loaded w/ only one award missing?

A: Scarlett Johansson
B: Gwyneth Paltrow
C: Jennifer Hudson
D: Kate Winslet

FA: Winslet- $10K ($24,600)

9. Maitre'D is a brand of software commonly used by people employed at a what?

A: Restaurant
B: Library
C: Bank

D: Barbershop

FA: Restaurant- $1K ($25,600)

For a Virtual Free Shot at $100K: Stretching more than 3K miles from east to west, China remarkably has only one what?

A: River
B: Time zone
C: Language
D: Railway

FA: Time zone- YES ($28,600)

CM #27:

$100K (Internet): W/ entries like "Aragon" & "Dobkin", an online game asks people to guess if something's a cheese or a what?

A: IKEA product
B: Rock band

C: Font
D: Video game character

FA: Font (originally Rock band)- YES!

Q of the Day: According to legend, a NJ native made history in 1820 by eating a basketful of what food to prove it wasn't poisonous?

A: Eggplant
B: Tomato
C: Strawberry
D: Garlic

A: Tomato

$250K (Books & Authors): Before becoming a successful writer, what author ran a SAAB auto dealership out of Cape Cod?

A: Norman Mailer
B: Tom Wolfe
C: John Updike
D: Kurt Vonnegut

BAILOUT TO GET OUT OF DEBT (A: Vonnegut; he knew the answer to every Q he faced today)



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