"Wheel of Fortune" 11/19- START OF SECRET SANTA SWEEPSTAKES #2

$1K T-U: Phrase

E V _ _ _ B O _ Y

_ I _ S

Mike says EVERYBODY WINS at a time like this. Here are the season's first Secret Santas:

Mike Leach (L.A.; originally from El Dorado Hills, CA)- A UCLA graduate student majoring in Film Producing & Screenwriting who was also part of an undergraduate Loyola Marymount dodgeball team that went undefeated in all three seasons he played for them
Jackie Abner (Miami, FL)- A Port of Miami worker w/ three children who enjoys shopping & reading
Jennifer Herman (Scranton, PA)- A HS Special Education teacher at West Scranton HS whose cousin's the QB for the Penn State football team

$2K T-U: What Are You Doing?

S _ T _ _ N G / _ H E

_ I N _ _ R / _ A B _ E


Featured Prize Wedge for this Two-Week Period: $5K sears shopping spree
Tonight's Gift Tag: Omaha Steaks
1/2 CAR: smart car

THQ Jackpot R: Same Name

She calls a $600 N in the middle of the second word of four and the double D's to make that $1,600 & buys three A's (filling out the second word of AND), but she then calls a dud in T while on that MDW. Secondly, Mike calls a $550 R but then buys a dud vowel of E. Third, Jackie FPs the same vowel & plucks a $450 S, an I, five L's for another $4.5K, an $1,100 B couple & two O's...

B _ _ _ A L O / A N D



...& solves BUFFALO AND DOLLAR BILLS for $5,550.

DUDS: E (Mike), T (Jennifer)
SOLE DQ: Jackie (E repeat)

Current Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $1K/Jackie: $5,550

Mystery R: Food & Drink

Mike leads out w/ a $300 N, double D's to tack on seven big ones & all of the vowels in one sitting (four A's and two E's & O's), after which are two $900 T's & S's...

_ A S _ E D

_ O T A T O E S

A N D / _ _ A _ _

...& this serving of MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY's worth $10,150.


Current Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $11,150/Jackie: $5,550

Prize Puzzle R: Things

Previous leader begins her road back to first place w/ a speed bump of D. Second, Jennifer swipes four T's for 26 bills, two S's for a current total of $4,400, four E's, but the Bankrupt next to top dollar following the triple N's for a $3,600 addition costs her $6,850. Third, Mike puts up the $700 G at the end of the top word, an I, tres A's & twin R's for $1,100 extra...

R E _ _ _ E N A T I N G

S _ A / T R E A T _ E N T S

...& is $1,300 richer, plus he'll get some REJUVENATING SPA TREATMENTS on this $6,900 Hotwire.com trip to Smugglers Cove.

SOLE DUD: $400 D (Jackie)

Current Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $19,350 in cash & St. Lucia/Jackie: $5,550

$3K T-U: Place

H U N _ I N G

L _ D _ E

Mike sees a HUNTING LODGE to break the $22K level.

R4: People

After his first spin, he calls for S's & gets four of them worth $700 each, then coming down his alley are two E's & three A's...

A _ _ _ _ S / A _ _

A _ _ _ E S S E S

...we might have 10 puzzles used on this show tonight, because he solves ACTORS AND ACTRESSES for the remaining $2,300.

PR #2

Current Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $24,650 in cash & trip/Jackie: $5,550

R5: Event

Jackie will begin this puzzle & her base letters are a $350 R and an E, followed by her FP of an I but then a dud consonant call of S. Second, Jennifer hits the same Bankrupt from before. Third, Mike finds trip T's for 21 Benjamins & the same quantity of A's to finish the vowels off...

T A I _ _ A T E

_ A R T _

...& gets TAILGATE PARTY to sweeten his kitty by $1,850.

SOLE DUD: $800 S (Jackie)

Current Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $26.5K in cash & travel/Jackie: $5,550

Speed-Up: On the Map

The Final Spin's the $1,300 minimum. After an N comes out of that guy's mouth...

_ _ S T _ N

_ _ R _ _ R

...BOSTON HARBOR's solved by him too for 26 more $100 bills. Jennifer left on the table $3,900.

SOLE DUD: C (Jackie)

Final Scores:

Jennifer: $2K/Mike: $29,100 in cash & flying/Jackie: $5,550
GT: $36,650

JENNIFER'S SPIN ID: DH8133898 (David H.)
JACKIE'S SPIN ID: RH7208773 (Richard H.)

Maxwell House Typical BR #43: The in-studio car for the next two weeks will be an Audi A4 sedan. Mike spins to the triple-star.

Category: Thing

1/4 the letters:

_ _ N _

_ _ _ E

CDPA are pretty good calls...

_ _ N D

_ A C E

...with about a second to spare, this KIND FACE just won himself & his at-home partner...

...a '13 Audi A4 CVT FrontTrak Premium (Std., Paint, Lighting) worth $34,870, bringing the GT for each of 'em in cash & stuff to $68,970- that guy's the second-highest winner (& highest male) of the season so far! And the Rebuilding Together bank's at $155K.

MIKE'S SPIN ID: LW9481523 (Linda W.)



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