11/13/2012 Results


R1: Ryan (Mark Twain) & Kimberly ('30s gangsta) for Adriana (spa lady): CURTAIN #2 ($1K)- MacBook Air & iMac ($3,198)
R2: Ladies for Ryan: $1K (CURTAIN #3)- Ski gear ($3,192)
R3: Adriana & Ryan for Kimberly: BB ($1K)- Home theater ($3,100)

TBR (SE): Ryan- Volcano kayaking trip

Danielle (an Apple Valley resident dressed as an apple) plays Find the Face.

Tiffany Prize (RB): Pair of BlackBerry smartphones w/ one-year plan ($1,900)(her current cellphone hardly works)

#1: $500

Jonathan Prize (GB): Four-night trip to The Inlet Inn on The Crystal Coast in NC ($4K)

#2: $750 ($1,250)($1K: #1)

CAR (CURTAIN #1): Scion iQ

#3 (she flips it over herself): WAYNE- WIN! (#1: $500/#2: $2K)


Nell & Dale (who've been together for 81 years & married for 45; they're both wearing propellers & came on their anniversary) are by far the couple of the day. They have their choice of a purse or a murse.

PICK: Leather satchel ($2,100)- Pair of Michael Greene & Co. diamond earrings ($3,259 total)
Messenger bag ($850; described by Wayne)- Monthly movie tickets for a yr. ($2,146 total)
CURTAIN #2- Living room ($4,183)
SE- Kangaroo kickboxing camp

Richard's Fast Deal Decision (Mexican): CURTAIN #1 ($800)(giant fork)- ZONK BBQ (& his partner Allie also holding a giant fork wanted him to take the cash)

Beverly (Martial Artist) becomes Queen for a Day.

Beverly's FD Decision: BB- Deluxe beauty package ($4,214- she declined $800 for this)
Sceptor- Four-night getaway to the Wyndham Orlando Resort w/ $100 food credit & tickets to Disney's Magic Kingdom ($6,112)

Jessica (land shark) takes her turn to Remember When for the '13 Chevrolet Spark LS.

Titles: "Meet the Parents", "Titanic", "Men in Black" "Armageddon" & "Babe"
PICKS: "Titanic" & "Men in Black"

The audience groans big time, so she walks w/ a real $3,699 grill (CURTAIN #2).

"Titanic" & "Men in Black"- '97 EACH
"Meet the Parents"- '00
"Armageddon"- '98
"Babe"- '95

Melissa's FD Decision (Rosie the Riveter): CURTAIN #1- Kitchen ($6,166)
Allison's FD Decision (towel): SB- Vegetable jewelry ($20 per green m&m in a big bowl = $1,480)

BD #37: DOOR #3's the final choice (for Danielle's winning middle card)...& Melissa (also because of having three sisters) just won EVERYTHING in this BD!

#1- $6,074
#2- Honda Ruckus ($2,570)
#3- Trip to Thailand w/ Ricardo luggage ($14,378)

Danielle gets a chance at the $500 wad if she can find an SD card (one you might find in a camera)...& does! Jonathan then gives Joshua (Viking) the opportunity to get a $100 bill if he can guess the time on his clock within a five-minute range. 10 to 2...is good enough.


Millionaire: Here's the conclusion of Fran's game.

8. Having been mistaken for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who responded to reporters' questions that his platform's "six inches and is covered in rhinestones"?

A: RuPaul
B: Lady Bunny
C: Lady Chablis
D: Hedda Lettuce

FA: RuPaul- $25K ($65,100)

9. Betty White has cast senior citizens as the pranksters in her own version of "Punk'd", a show appropriately titled what?

A: "Off Their Rockers"
B: "Out to Lunch"
C: "Loose Cannons"
D: "Asleep at the Wheel"

FA: "Off Their Rockers"- $1K ($66,100)

For $66,600: Using two symbols from The Periodic Table, Periodically Inspired is a clothing company w/ t-shirts featuring what message?

A: Lo L
B: O Mg
C: T Mi
D: Ro Fl


CM #21:

$100K (NYC): According to Radio City Music Hall, to become a Radio City Rockette, a dancer "must be able to perform the signature" what?

A: Waist-high kicks
B: Shoulder-high kicks
C: Chin-high kicks
D: Eye-high kicks

BAILOUT (A: Eye-high, the first one she eliminated; she had it down to shoulder-high and chin-high & wanted to guess shoulder-high)

The second player to make it to CM this week could be Travis Wolfinger from Perrysburg, OH.

Pre-Randomized Menu: Extreme Closeup, Worthy Trivia, Natural Movement, Battleground 101, Bulk Up, King of the Hill, Elementary Knowledge, French Problems, Nicknames & Urban Escapes
Randomized Categories: Elementary Knowledge, Bulk Up, French Problems, Nicknames, Natural Movement, Extreme Closeup, Battleground 101, Worthy Trivia, Urban Escapes & King of the Hill

1. More commonly known as a treatment for warts, the liquified form of what element's increasingly being used in the culinary world?

A: Carbon
B: Hydrogen
C: Nitrogen
D: Oxygen

FA: Nitrogen- $25K

2. A 2012 Muscle & Fitness magazine article advertises a way to "get huge" like what superhero without all the gamma radiation?

A: Iron Man
B: Captain America
C: The Hulk
D: Thor

FA: The Hulk- $5K ($30K)

3. One of the many factors that led to The French Revolution was the belief that the Queen had done which of the following?

A: Given birth to a commoner
B: Stolen diamonds
C: Denounced the church
D: Poisoned the king

(A: Stolen diamonds)- $3K

4. Decades before reality TV spawned a "Snooki", Eugene Young, or "Snooky", gained fame as a what?

A: Heavyweight boxer
B: U.S. Senator
C: WWI General
D: Jazz trumpeter


A: 31%
B: 7%
C: 9%
D: 53%

FA: Jazz trumpeter- $10K ($40K)

5. Lateral undulation, side-winding, concertina & rectilinear are the four basic types of movement of what animal?

A: Dog
B: Bird
C: Snake
D: Donkey

FA: Snake- $500 ($40.5K)

6. Showing satellite imagery of The Moon, the website Google Moon originally revealed what food when users zoomed in too far?

A: Swiss cheese
B: Fried egg
C: Rye toast
D: Apple pie

FA: Swiss cheese- $100 ($40,600)

7. Historically associated w/ gladiator battles, the term "arena" comes from a Latin word meaning what?

A: Wood
B: Steel
C: Sand
D: Ice

(A: Sand- he would've lost w/ steel)- $7K

8. According to Jeff Foxworthy, "If you've been married three times & you still have the same in-laws", you might be a what?

A: Hillbilly
B: Socialite
C: Redneck
D: Hippie

FA: Redneck- $2K ($42,600)

Q of the Day:
Before she hit it big, Madonna was canned from her job at what well-known establishment?

A: Pizza Hut
B: The Gap
C: Kmart
D: Dunkin' Donuts

9. Central Park initially prohibited what activity inside its tranquil boundaries?

A: Carriage rides
B: Baseball
C: Ice skating
D: Outdoor concerts

FA: Outdoor concerts- LOSES $41,600 (A: Baseball)

$1K Contestant #18: Joyce Yannen (a unit secretary at a NJ hospital in Brick)

What U.S. city's said to have been built on top of seven hills, including Twin Peaks, Telegraph Hill & Russian Hill?

A: Phoenix
B: San Francisco
C: San Antonio
D: Denver


Family Feud:

G1: Martins (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,420) vs. Franchinas (Pittsburgh; they're all holding their own version of the Steelers' "Terrible Towels")

R1: According to 100 married women, name something your husband just loves to do in the nude. For starters:


#5: Watch TV (4)(Bryan)

DUD- Eat (Diann)

Ashlee: Make love- #3 (12- "go to pound town")
Terry: Sleep- #1 (53)
Shelly: Swim- #6 (3)
Rollie: Model- X
Bryan: Take a shower- #2 (18)
Ashlee: Work in the garage- XX
Terry: Walk around the house- XXX

Diann Steal (for 90): Dance- T4 (4)(#7: Go in hot tub)(2)

R2: Name someone you should never text drunk. Full board, please:

#2: Boss (20)(Ashlee)
#4: Ex (10)(Nicole)


Terry: Police officer- #5 (9)
Shelly: In-laws- X
Rollie: Kids- #8 (3)
Bryan: Mom/dad- #3 (19)
Ashlee: Co-workers- XX
Terry: Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse- #1 (24)
Shelly: Pastor/clergy- #7 (4)
Rollie: Attorney- XXX

Diann Steal #2 (for 89 extra): Teacher- NO (#6: Your/mate's friend)(5)

Double: Name a mother we've all heard off. Here's a minimum of one:

#1: Teresa (74)(Terry)

Shelly: Mary- T4 (3)
Rollie: Hen- X
Bryan: Goose- #2 (9)
Ashlee: Kris Jenner- XX
Terry: Hubbard- T4 (3)
Shelly: ...'s Day- XXX

Diann Steal #3 (to retain lead w/ another 178): Nature- #3 (5)(268- Earth would've also counted)(#6: Carol Brady)(2)

Triple: When a husband takes pictures in the delivery room, name something he gets a close-up of. This crucial round leads off w/:

#1: Baby (73)(Natalie)

Jackie: Wife('s face)- #2 (19- also known as "hoo-hoo")
Diann (who just bought a nine-mm gun to go shoot w/): Doctor- #3 (4)
Nicole (who travels to different nursing homes): Family w/ the baby- X
Angelo: The doctor cutting the umblical cord- XX
Natalie: The delivery time- XXX

Bryan Steal for the Win: The actual delivery- ELIMINATED (#4: Hot nurse)(2)


1. Name something in the kitchen that might give you several times a day.
2. Tell us how long a crush usually lasts.
3. Tell me the worst thing to spill on a carpet.
4. Name an occupation that people love to make jokes about.
5. Name a brand of beer that people drink a lot of.

1. Refrigerator- 15
2. Month- 14
3. Wine- 20
4. Car salesman- DUD
5. Budweiser- 39

1. Toaster- 2
2. A week- 2
3. Milk- LOSS
4. Dentist- 3
5. Coors LIGHT- 16
TOTAL- 111 ($555)

1. Sink/faucet
2. Three months
3. (Grape) juice
4. Lawyer

G2: Bridgeses (Seattle) vs. Newkirks ($20K)

R1: Name something a lady has a hard time getting rid of. Here's how this match-up begins:

#2: Husband/her man (23)(Grady)

DUD- Clutter/junk (Dee Ann)

Davelle (a sales professional married to Cynthia w/ five kids; remember, Steve used to work for a Ford plant): Shoes/clothes- #3 (11)
Tommy (King County transit operator): Jewelry- X
Jalon (an entrepreneur who has a clothing line called Hoodboy): Makeup- XX 
Lorie (only female of this team): Children- BA (3)
Grady: Weight/cellulite- #1 (45)
Davelle: Purses- XXX

Dee Ann Steal (for 82): Wrinkles- #4 (4)(Other BA: Yeast infection)(3)

R2: What might someone be talking about if you hear them say "the joint". I have a feeling pizza's up there:

#1: Jail/prison (46)(Kristy)

June: Marijuana- #3 (10)
Darrel: Bar/club- #2 (28)
Rob: Body part- #4 (5)
Dee Ann: Jukebox- X
Kristy: Restaurant/diner- SWEEP! (4)(175)

Double: Give me a word that rhymes w/ "spank". Simple:

#2: Tank (12)(Darrel)
#4: Bank (9)(Jalon)


DUDS- Frank (Tommy) & crank (June)

Rob: Thank- X
Dee Ann: Stank- XX
Kristy: Blank- WIPEOUT

Grady Steal (for 42): Plank- ALSO A DUD (Newkirks: 216)

#1: Yank (13)
#3: Hank (10)
#5: Rank (9)
#6: Prank (8)

Triple: If his pockets are full, name something a really fat guy might carry in his bellybutton. One/two of them is/are:

#3: Change/money (29)(Jalon)

Lorie: Food/snacks- T1 (30)
Grady: Lint/fuzz- OTHER TOP ANSWER (30)
Davelle: Dirt- X
Tommy: Wallet- XX
Jalon: Bible/book- XXX

Dee Ann Steal for the Shutout: (Car/house) keys- WIN! (5)

FM #2:

1. Name the first body part that you soap up in the shower.
2. Give me a specific occupation that starts w/ P.
3. How many drinks can a lady handle before she gets drunk?
4. Name something people wear that's made out of plastic.
5. Name something guys hate about dating.

Dee Ann:
1. Arms/armpits- 26
2. Physician- 4
3. Three- 22
4. Raincoat- 21
5. Paying- 37
TOTAL- 110

1. Chest- 19
2. Painter- 5
3. Four- 21
4. Hat- 4
5. Start conversation- 2
TOTAL- 161 ($20,805 after two games)

2. Police officer
4. Sunglasses/eyeglasses


$1K T-U: Phrase

_ L L / H A _ _ S

_ N / _ _ _ _

Greg & Glenn say "ALL HANDS ON DECK" at the right time. The duos of the night:

Greg & Glenn Coleman (twin brothers originally from TX)- Air Force Master Sergeants and Greg's served for for 15 yrs. (stationed at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland) married to Erica w/ a pet named Coco; Glenn's also a Tech Sergeant at The Pentagon engaged to Maria (Greg's been in service two months longer than Glenn)
Anna & Jonny Shinabarger (El Cajon, CA- newlyweds)- She works for a military credit union in San Diego, while he's a Marine Corps Sergeant at Camp Pendleton originally from MI (& has visited almost 10 countries)
Makeeka & Darren Harris (Fayetteville, NC- married for three yrs. w/ three children)- She's an ROTC Cadet at Methodist University, while he's an Army Staff Sergeant & Senior Mechanic stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC (they got married in Iraq)

$2K T-U: On the Map

_ _ N A _ _ L I S

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ D

Greg & Glenn get the tripler on ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND.

Featured Prize: Pair of Caravan.com Alaskan Tours ($11K)
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Beef Bucks

Allegra-D Jackpot R: Before & After

The guys land the WC immediately w/ four T's for two grand and buy two O's & four E's, then they call on three $500 H's & trip $900 F's...

H _ _ _ / T O / T H E

_ H _ E F

_ E T T _ / O F F _ _ E _

...& don't sing "HAIL TO THE CHIEF" PETTY OFFICER, but they do earn an additional $5,700 & now have $8,700.


Mystery R: Proper Name

Anna & Jonny light two $700 R's but then Bankrupt on the MDW's left side. Second, Makeeka & Darren call S for sorry. Third, Greg & Glenn take two T's for seven pictures of Mr. Franklin, two E's & three A's, then a $500 B but they then spin the old-school Bankrupt next to $650 to lose the entire $700 right back plus their WC. Anna & Jonny next call for a C good for $800 & a $500 K, purchase an O & U & try to make the $2K solve here...

_ U A R T E R B A C K

_ E _ T O _ / _ A _ _ _ _ _

...they do so because of former Colts & now Broncos QUARTERBACK PEYTON MANNING.

DUDS: $550 S (Makeeka & Darren)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Anna & Jonny & Greg & Glenn)

Current Scores:

Harrises: $0/Colemans: $8,700/Shinabargers: $2K

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #41 ('97 & 12/16/09)(Phrase)(the lady from '97 called KCDA, while Chuck Paris called HCFO):

_ _ R _ E

A _ E A D

FORGE AHEAD wasn't solved either time; $25K was definitely lost on the latter occasion (but Chuck left w/ $25,150).

Prize Puzzle R: Fun & Games

Makeeka & Darren dud out instantly w/ T. Second, Greg & Glenn pick up the pair of credit cards via two $500 N's, three A's, two I's, a $700 G couplet & four O's, after which is the same Bankrupt they got before to be whammied out of $1,950 in cash & cards. Third, Anna & Jonny collect $1,600 from two M's & the $500 S to begin the solution; once they get rid of the other vowels (two E's & a U), they light four times the L's for 14 big ones...

S _ I M M I N G

A L O N G / A

_ O L O _ _ U L

_ O _ A L / _ E E _

...but they won't be SWIMMING ALONG A HONOLULU VOCAL REEF, because Anna's wrong; they likely just lost at least $15,600. Makeeka & Darren follow by calling the three R's at $900 each...

S _ I M M I N G

A L O N G / A

_ O L O R _ U L

_ O R A L / R E E _

...& they're on the board; additionally, they'll be SWIMMING ALONG A COLORFUL CORAL REEF in the middle of their Hotwire.com vacations to The Buccaneer worth $10,400. That could've been a $26K round for The Shinabargers.

SOLE DUD: $300 T (Makeeka & Darren)
SOLE DQ: Anna (blown solve)

Current Scores:

Harrises: $11,300 in cash & trips/Colemans: $8,700/Shinabargers: $2K

$3K T-U: Thing

_ _ E C _ _ _ _ Y / _ F

_ _ E / H _ U S _

Just under the time's up signal, Greg gives an incorrect response of SECRETARY OF THE HOUSE.

S _ E C _ A _ _ Y / O F

_ H E / H O U S _

The Shinbargers get the SPECIALTY OF THE HOUSE to sweeten their total to five large.

Speed-Up: What Are You Doing?

$1,550 per consonant; any team can win. Greg feels confident after calling the two H's to put us in Sudden Victory...

S _ T T _ _ _ / _ _

T H _ / H _ T / S _ _ T

...but he misses three times in a row w/ SITTING ON THE HOT SEAT, SETTING ON THE HOT SEAT & SETTING UP THE HOT SEAT. Jonny then calls off the only O in this puzzle...

S _ T T _ _ _ / _ _

T H _ / H O T / S _ _ T

...but he too goofs by repeating Greg's last two missolves. The Harrises then claim two N's...

S _ T T _ N _ / _ N

T H _ / H O T / S _ _ T

...Darren repeats SITTING ON THE HOT SEAT, but Makeeka wins the title for 'em by SITTING IN THE HOT SEAT for $6,200 more! 1/2 the value was in the middle team's bank & The Shinbargers left $7,750 on the table.

DQs: 2 (Greg & Jonny's missolve periods)

Final Scores:

Harrises: $17.5K in cash & trips/Greg & Glenn: $8,750/Shinbargers: $5K
GT: $31,250

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $4,050 in cash & tag

Maxwell House Typical BR #39: Makeeka spins the E in GAME.

Prompt: Thing

The base aid:

_ _ S _ T _ _ E

_ _ _ E

BHPO gives them a fair shot...

P O S _ T _ _ E

_ _ B E

...in about four seconds, she gives the couple a $35K POSITIVE VIBE dose for a total in cash & St. Croix of $52.5K! Also, Rebuilding Together's at $147.5K.

$5K SPIN ID #42: JH5719601

(Final note: The BR win music sounded a little messed up at the beginning.)

Jeopardy!: The last three teachers this tournament:

Kate Wilson (Montgomery)- A Top 10 AP English teacher at AL's #1 public school, Loveless Academic Magnet Program HS
Drew Joanides (Miami, FL)- Miami Sunset Senior HS (he's one of four teachers in this tourney who teaches at their alma maters)
Whitney Collins (NYC)- A teacher at The Browning School all-boys school where every student learns Chess in kindergarten

Let's Go to the Board:

Kate's the early leader over Whitney, $3,600-$2,200; Drew's $1K in the hole. As we get much later into this J! R, the scoring gets much tighter & Drew sees the DD behind the $800 9-Letter Word w/ $2,600; he's $400 behind Whitney for second place & $800 behind Kate for first. He opts to try for the tie after getting this clue:

A standard of measurement, especially one three feet long.

"What is a yardstick"...is it! He'll still start Double J!, as Kate has $4,400 & Whitney now has $400 more than her.


DJ! Lineup:

The next-to-last Name That Bible Book spot houses a DD & Kate's sitting on $7,600; she again has a $400 advantage over Whitney & Drew's third-place score's $5,400. Kate risks two thou & the lead.

It says "Salute Andronicus" & "Salute Asyncritus".

"What is First Corinthians?"...sorry, it was Paul's First Epistle to The Romans. Again, late in a round, Drew picks a DD, the $1,200 Native Americans answer on this occasion. He's in front w/ $13,400, followed by Kate w/ $11,600 & Whitney's $7,600. He puts $1,400 on the line.

On Feb. 11, 1805, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born to this Shoshone woman at Ft. Mandan, ND.

"Who is Sacajawea?"...was right for $14,800!

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $2,400

Post-DJ! Scores:
Whitney: $9,600
Drew: $16,400
Kate: $11,600

Whitney: $9,600
Drew: $16,200
Kate: $13,600

FINAL J! SUBJECT: Born & Died.

He was born in 1728 in Yorkshire, England & died in a skirmish Feb. 14, 1779 in Kealakekua Bay, HI.

Response: "Who was Captain J. Cook?"
Final score: $11,601

Response: SAME AS WHITNEY (although she crossed out "Capt.")
Final score: $19,200

Final score: $23,201- ALL THREE ADVANCE TO SEMIS!

HHS STARS: Fat Joe, Miss Info, DJ Khaled, Maino, Bam Margera, ?uestlove, Ghostface Killah, Donnell Rawlings & JB Smoove (CS)

X: Travis- Photographer
O: Desiree- Rosario Dawson lookalike

1. Travis (MI): According to a Playboy readers' survey, who's more likely to have sex w/ an ex- a man or woman?
Guess: Woman
2. Desiree (GK): Ice T's bodacious wife Coco recently went on "The Doctors" specifically to do this w/ her butt- what?
Guess: To prove it's real
3. Travis (?uestlove): If you're going under the knife, you'll need 20% more anaesthesia if you have what kind of hair?
Guess: Afro
4. Desiree (DR): What's 1/3 white, 2/3 black & celebrating its 100th birthday?
Guess: Tuxedo
A/D (for third row block): DISAGREE- OREOS (O)
5. Travis (Maino): It's recommended that a toothbrush always be kept at least six ft. away from what?
Guess: Toilet
6. Desiree (FJ): What do Pussyville, Jugtown & Intercourse all have in common?
Guess: PA towns
A/D (for first column block & to create two possible winning scenarios for her): AGREE- RIGHT (O)
7. Travis (JB): Your girlfriend loves Aer Lingus- what country was this airline founded by?
Guess: Jamaica (after a near shooting within the grid)
8. Desiree (DJ): Mickey, Goofy or Donald- which Disney character usually isn't wearing pants?
Guess: Donald

1. Travis (GK): After getting crazy drunk in a saloon, Old West cowboys drank tea made from rabbit droppings- why did they do that?
Guess: So their wives couldn't smell the booze or filthy women on their breath
2. Desiree (JB- G-SPOT): Which of the following rappers was a bat boy for the Oakland A's- Mace, MC Hammer or Naz?
Guess: MC Hammer
3. Travis (DJ): According to The Social Issue's research center, the most common mistake people make when flirting's what?
Guess: Too much eye contact
A/D: DISAGREE- GAME OVER ($700-$100)

(Note: Ms. Nix first appeared on "Student Bodies", a Canadian TV show.)

$2.5K Q #14: In '10, what Hip-Hop star attempted to run for the Presidency of Haiti?

Maino: Halle Berry
JB: Wyclef Jean
Bam: will.i.am

FA FOR $4,200: Wyclef


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: Everything else


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