11/14/2012 Results

LMaD: Angela & Daniel may be Movin' On Up to some $$$ &/or the Ford Fiesta S.

1. #3: $200
2. #4: $500 ($700)
3. #2: $1.5K ($2,200)- BAILOUT
4. #1: GO HOME

Amongst the next three traders for Majority Rules are Noreen (who won the Big Deal of the Day about 28 years ago that includes a video camera, luggage, a trip to Madrid & $4,400).

Rejected in R1: SB (Take Out)- Take-out sushi
Rejected in R2: BB (Take Off)- ZONKY Airlines
Rejected in R3: CURTAIN #2 (TBR)- Trip to the Reef ($6,306)
CURTAIN #1 (Take Time): ALL- Donkey cuckoo clock (they each get a $100 bill)


Vernon's $100 Bill Number Choice: 6
FINAL DECISION: CURTAIN #3- Home theater ($4,799)(the serial number started w/ 15183, but there were no sixes)

Paula (boxer) could score a $$$ KO at the Blank Check Deal.

Yellow- FIVE
Green- ZERO
Blue- ZERO
Red- FIVE ($5,005)(SB: Fred Segal Salon makeover w/ $1K store credit)($3K)

Ronald has a choice of two SEs that Jonathan's holding- one has a card that reads a fact about CURTAIN #1, while the other's a bit of fiction.

DECISION: #1 ($1,200)- Game room ($3,346)(FICTION)

Taylor's GE Choice (a college student dressed as an alligator): #1- SAME AS PREVIOUS STATEMENT
DECISION: #2 ($1K)- Strong Spa 6 (FACT)


Nicole (construction worker) plays 0 to 80 for the '13 KIA Forte LX.

1. 10
2. 20 (30); TURNS DOWN $400

Jasmine's FD Decision: CURTAIN #3- Designer accessories for every season ($3,174)
Jennifer's FD Decision: Lander & Hawa suitcase ($240)- Vegas.com trip ($5,240)(SB: Beef jerky clubhouse created by Angela Hammond)

PD #2

BD #38: Unfortunately, that last deal was the best one of the day, because Taylor bombs w/ DOOR #2- she leaves w/ a refrigerator & $500 worth of groceries, a total final deal value of $2,799.

#1- '13 Jeep Wrangler w/ snowboarding equipment
#3- Kawasaki motorcycle ($6,299)

We don't know if a bottlecap was found for $500 or not.


Millionaire: Let's see how well Annandale, VA teacher Sal Olivo does while Meredith's working w/ that bad toe.

Pre-Randomized Subjects:
Language Lore, Designated Spaces, This Is a Bust, TV Cameos, My Generation, Stage Sequels, Mi__ing L_tt_rs, State Capitals, Turning 50 & Gimme Shelter
Final Menu: My Generation, Designated Spaces, TV Cameos, Mi__ing L_tt_rs, Gimme Shelter, Stage Sequels, State Capitals, Language Lore, Turning 50 & This is a Bust

1. Sixties protest leader Jack Weinberg's credited w/ the slogan "Don't trust anyone" of what type?

A: Over 30
B: W/ a job
C: W/ kids
D: In a government

FA: Over 30- $3K

2. Despite being filled w/ a combustible "lifting gas", the luxuriously-appointed Hinbenburg featured a loung designated for what activity?

A: Chamber music
B: Smoking
C: Billiards
D: Backgammon

FA: Smoking- $1K ($4K)

3. Idolized by one of the sitcom's characters, physicist Stephen Hawking made a guest appearance on what TV comedy this year?

A: "How I Met Your Mother"
B: "Two and a Half Men"
C: "The Big Bang Theory"
D: "30 Rock"

FA: "The Big Bang Theory"- $25K ($29K)

4. Making way for the next President, Bill Clinton's staffers were accused of jokingly removing which letter from the Old Executive Office Building's keyboards?

A: B
B: E
C: W
D: Z

FA: W- $2K ($31K)

5. Sought for questioning by Sweden, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was granted political asylum this yr. by what country?

A: Zimbabwe
B: Ecuador
C: Thailand
D: New Zealand


A: 8%
B: 47%
C: 7%
D: 38%

FA: Ecuador- $100 ($31,100)

6. The 2012 play "Abigail/1702" examines what has happened 10 yrs. after the events that unfold in what classic play?

A: "Our Town"
B:  "A Raisin In the Sun"
C: "The Glass Menagerie"
D: "The Crucible"

FA: "The Crucible"- $15K ($46,100)

7. Coincidentally, the last four letters of what state's name are also the first four letters of that state's capital?

A: Delaware
B: Vermont
C: Wyoming
D: Minnesota

FA: VT- $5K ($51,100)

8. What term's earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary dates to 1888, adding "with sugar on top" in 1994?

A: "I beg of you"
B: "Be a sport"
C: "Pretty please"
D: "Hook me up"

FA: "Pretty please"- $7K ($58,100)

9. This yr. was the 50th Anniversary of all but which of the following firsts?

A: First American orbits Earth
B: First Kmart store opened
C: Spider-Man's first comic appearance
D: First Super Bowl

FIRST JUMP USED (A: First Super Bowl)- $500

For $68,100:
A California plastic surgeon gave what name to a new type of silicone-based breast implant because its contents maintain its shape when ruptured?

A: Pop-tart
B: Twix
C: Gummy bear
D: Twinkie

FA: Gummy bear- YES

CM #22:


$100K (By the Numbers): On Earth, singer Bruno Mars' said to weight 140 pounds, but how much would he weigh on Mars?

A: 53.2 lbs.
B: 100.5 lbs.
C: 240.3 lbs.
D: 478.6 lbs.

A: 53.2 lbs.

$250K (Books & Authors): True to form, the first piece of fiction Stephen King ever sold to a publisher was a 1965 story he originally titled I Was a Teenage what?

A: Grim Reaper
B: Witch Hunter
C: Grave Robber
D: Axe Murderer

A: Grave Robber (which he was leaning towards)

Q of the Day: What popular soft drink's log features its name printed in cursive?

A: Dr. Pepper
B: Sprite
C: Coca-Cola
D: Mountain DeW

A: Coca-Cola

Starting her game's Emily Leonard from Irvington, NY (who saw Meredith at dinner the night before).

Rundown: Mineral Water, Not for Kids, Jail Break, Frightening Food, 20th Century 20/20, Structural Order, Smooch, Famous Flights & Growing Pains

1. Based on whether it has a high or low concentration of dissolved minerals, water's described w/ what pair of adjectives?

A: Sharp & dull
B: Thin & thick
C: Rough & smooch
D: Hard & soft

FA: Hard & soft- $15K

2. According to its donation guidelines, the charity Toys for Tots "...prefers not to accept realistic looking" what?

A: Alphabet blocks
B: Action figures
C: Weapons
D: Dollhouses

FA: Dollhouses- $100 ($15,100)

3. While The Village People gave us the popular song "Y.M.C.A.", the dance that goes along w/ it was introduced to the country by the audience of what TV show?

A: "The Carol Burnett Show"
B: "Saturday Night Live"
C: "American Bandstand"
D: "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson"

FIRST JUMP USED (A: "American Bandstand")- $7K

Final Q Today: What historic jailhouse had only seven prisoners being held when its inhabitants were famously liberated in 1789?

A: Devils Island
B: Bastille
C: Alcatraz
D: Tower of London

FA: Bastille- $2K ($17,100)

Family Feud: 

G1: Williamses (Atlanta) vs. Franchinas ($555; Steve doesn't mention this is their second aired game)

R1: 100 married ladies were asked to name someone they might flirt w/ even when they're w/ their husband. Beginning like this:

#1: Waiter/bartender (23)(Diann- she reportedly does that for a living)


Nicole (denture maker): Doctor- #4 (11)
Angelo: (His) boss- T6 (9)
Natalie (a law student at Michigan State University): Policeman- T6 (9)
Jackie: Car salesman- X
Diann: Teacher- XX
Nicole: His sexy friend- #2 (18)
Angelo: Professional athlete- XXX

Latanza Steal (for 70): Delivery man- INCORRECT

#3: His brother (14)
#5: Brad Pitt/celebrity (11)
#8: Personal trainer (3)

R2: Name something in your house you hope your dog doesn't mate w/. Example or two:


#5: Another dog (2)(Nicole)

DUD- Stuffed animal (Solomon)


Williamses (Solomon's an IT company owner who also plays tennis):
Alanna: Human leg/people- #2 (30)
Itanza (widow w/ two children, one of whom's a daughter): Cat- #1 (31)
Thawoaner: Bedroom sheets- X
Latanza (she & Itanza are twins; this captain's the oldest by about eight min.): Pet hamster- XX
Solomon: Bed/furniture- #3 (20)
Alanna: Plants- XXX

Diann Steal (for another 83 & to keep lead): Pillows- #4 (13)(153)(Other BA: TV/"Lassie" rerun)(2)

Double: Even though they don't really like it, name something people stick w/. One or two of them will be shown now:

#1: Job/work (24)(Alanna)

Itanza: Mate/spouse- #2 (16)
Thawoaner: X

Latanza: Their home- XX
Solomon: Their diet- #4 (10)
Alanna: Their pets- XXX

Diann Steal #2 (for 100 more): Family- NOT THERE AS WELL

#3: Exercise (12)
#5: Phone company (4)
#6: Insurance carrier (3)

Triple: Name something in a hospital a patient hopes is extra-clean. Will we get a game-winning clean sweep or not?:

#1: Bed(ding)(39)(Natalie)

Jackie: Nurse's hands- X
Diann: Bathroom/bedpan- #2 (30)
Nicole: Needles/instruments- #3 (15)
Angelo: Room- XX
Natalie: Clothes- XXX

Latanza Steal to Win: Air (#4: Operating room)(5- well, that error didn't hurt anything)


1. On the 1-10 scale, 100 men were asked how shallow are most women?
2. Name something busy birds are doing all day.
3. Name a place you go where you quickly want to get in & get out.
4. Name something in your automobile that you adjust.
5. Name something that's known for sucking blood.

1. 10- 2
2. Pooping- 3
3. The pool- DUD
4. Seat- 29
5. Vampires- 45

1. 3- 2
2. Building a nest- 5
3. Car wash- DUD
4. Air conditioning- 8
5. Mosquitos- 23
TOTAL- 117 (two-day total of $1,140)

1. 5
2. Flying
3. Mall/store
4. Mirrors

G2: Browns (Atlanta) vs. Newkirks (two-day haul of $20,805)

R1: Name a reason someone might take their clothes off as quickly as possible. Face-off guess(es):

#2: Have sex/"hurry, gotta boink" (29)(Dee Ann)

#6: To shower/bathe (5)(Dawn)

Kristy: Because they're on fire- OTHER TOP ANSWER (29)
June: They're just steamin' hot/hot flash- #5 (6)
Darrel (retired physician after 49 yrs.): They're cold/wet- T3 (11)
Rob: Bees/bugs/ants in 'em- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP! (11)(91)

R2: Name something even big, strong men are scared of. I wonder if any Halloween-related things are up there:

#2: Bugs/spiders (16)(Naomi; she's a house mom also part of a local band & has formerly performed w/ the late Gerald Levert and Ashford & Simpson)

DUD- Crying (Kristy)

Ron (a senior pastor at local faith Christian church who's about to finish his Ministry degree at East Point Univ. in December & go to law school a month after that): Mice/rats- BA (3)
Celina: Wild bears- #4 (9)
Nathan: Snakes- #1 (21)
Dawn (a Vice-President of marketing at Coca-Cola credit union): Women/wives- #3 (15)
Naomi: Alligators- X
Ron: The dark- XX
Celina: Losing their home- XXX

Dee Ann Steal (for another 64): Heights- NOPE (Other BAs: Mice/rats & commitment)(3 each)

Double: Name a reason a man might be late for his own wedding. At the lock-ins:

#1: Cold feet/nervous (20)(June)

#5: Tuxedo (problem)(6)(Ron)


Darrel: He's hungover- #2 (19)
Rob: Car trouble- #3 (17)
Dee Ann: He got lost on the way to church- X
Kristy: Looking for/forgot ring- BA (5)
June: Figure out everything for his honeymoon- XX
Darrel: He's ill- OTHER BA (5)
Rob: Another lady- XXX

Dawn Steal (to take lead w/ 144 more): Caught/stuck in traffic- YES (15)(208)

Triple: Name something you wish would happen to a co-worker who annoys you. I have a feeling about half this survey:

#1: Gets fired/resigns (67)(Celina)

Nathan: Get written up/arrested- X
Dawn: Get embarrassed in front of the office- XX
Naomi: Get sick- WIPEOUT

Dee Ann Steal to Force Sudden Death: Die/drown- #2 (10)(292)(BAs: Loses voice & trips/falls down)(5 each)

SD #12: Name something guys to look at.
Nathan: Sports magazines- LOSS (A: Voluptuous women)(73)

FM #2:

1. Name a publication you're ashamed to say you enjoy reading.
2. How many hrs. a week do you spend shopping?
3. Name something that might ruin a person's garden.
4. Name the city you think has the most tourist attractions.
5. Name something you see children crowded into.

Dee Ann:
1. Playboy- 25
2. 10- DUD
3. Ants/bugs- 21
4. NYC- 33
5. Bus- 45
TOTAL- 124

1. Sports Illustrated- DUD
2. Four- 8 (Top answer: One)
3. Deer- 7
4. L.A.- 10
5. School- 7
TOTAL- 156 (three-day winnings of $21,585)


$1K T-U: Place

_ _ _ / F _ R C E

_ A _ E

Demetrist & Shereka draw a blank, whereas Geneva & Tim solve AIR FORCE BASE. We go down the line in meeting these teams this evening:

Geneva & Tim Daniels (both originally from NJ; married in San Diego)- She's a Mass Communications specialist in the Third Class at Naval Special Warfare, while he's a sales/service representative
Estela Sagredo & Sara Eslava (Sara's from San Diego; Estela's from Chula Vista)(sisters)- Estela's a Marine Corps Sergeant & administrator for the I Marine Expeditionary Force; Sara's been married for nearly seven yrs. w/ one-yr.-old twins
Shereka & Demetrist Booker (Ft. Bragg, NC; married w/ one son, Demetrist, Jr.)- Demetrist's a 2nd Lieutenant in 108th Air Defense Artillery (& he gets a little choked up at the end of his interview), while she's a mortgage title bank worker who also has a jewelry/accessory business

$2K T-U: Person

_ A N D S _ M E

_ E _ I L

Shereka starts to say the answer, but it's Estela who rings in first & solves HANDSOME DEVIL.

Featured Trips: Southern Vacation Rentals in Ft. Walton Beach, FL w/ airfare from Northwest FL Regional Airport ($6,200)

Allegra-D Jackpot R: Before & After

The all-girl team call three T's to start off w/ $1.5K & pick up a $500 Shark online shopping spree for each of them to enjoy & two S's to throw $1,400 into the mix, then they buy three E's but then call a dud in T while on the WC. Second, Shereka & Demetrist call two N's for a C-note, buy quad I's & get the $900 L at the end of the second word of three...

_ R I _ _ _ I E R

_ E N E R _ L

_ _ _ I S S I _ N

...& Demetrist nails BRIGADIER GENERAL ADMISSION to get everyone on the board already.

SOLE DUD: $500 T (Sara & Estela)

Current Scores:

Geneva & Tim: $1K/Sara & Estela: $2K/Demetrist & Shereka: $2K

Mystery R: Show Biz (fairly big puzzle)

That team also gets to start this round, first w/ an N good for four Benjamins (and next-to-last letter of the puzzle), four E's (one of which is the last letter) but then they're stopped by the Bankrupt next to $650 to wipe out their $150 remainder. Geneva & Tim secondly discover a $1.5K S set, a $14K R quartet, an I & a $3,600 T quadruple before...

_ _ T _ R -

_ I R E _ T _ R

S _ _ _ E S T E R

S T _ _ _ _ N E

...he solves ACTOR-DIRECTOR SYLVESTER STALLONE for $18,850 & they keep their turn to boot!

SOLE BANKRUPT: Demetrist & Shereka

Current Scores:

Danielses: $19,850/Other Teams: $2K each

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #42 (Christmas Week '92)(Phrase)(Donna & Michelle Miller used CDMA):

_ _


D _ _ N

A: UP AND DOWN (they won $37,130 in cash & prizes that episode)

(Note: As of last Fri., the last line in Vanna's voiceover for these has been changed from "Did you solve it?" to "Watch tomorrow night for another classic puzzle".)

Prize Puzzle R: Phrase

The Danielses first bring up two $3.5K N's, three A's & a $900 D (the fourth word's AND), but they then Bankrupt on the MDW's left part to forfeit $7,650. Second, Sara & Estela put in a $2,800 T quartet, a pair of I's & an O, but they run into the other natural Bankrupt to lose 23 bills. Third, Shereka takes a shot at solving this...

A / _ I T T _ _

_ _ _ T / A N D

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ A T I O N

...but she falls for the A LITTLE REST AND RELAXATION trap. The Danielses regain their turn but then lose it just as quick to the same most recently spun Bankrupt. Next, Sara & Estela call for the twin L's at $350 a pop, buy the four E's, retrieve a $2,400 R trio & a $700 S...

A / L I T T L E

R E S T / A N D

R E _ _ _ E R A T I O N

...they've got themselves another $3,550 & A LITTLE REST AND RECUPERATION, because their pair of Hotwire.com getaways are to the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel worth $10,210.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Geneva & Tim, Sara & Estela)
SOLE DQ: Shereka (missolve)

Current Scores:

Danielses: $19,850/Sara & Estela: $15,760 in cash & HI/Bookers: $2K

$3K T-U: Thing

A _ L - _ _ C _ _ S

_ A S S

Demetrist has the ALL-ACCESS PASS to turn their two $1K bills into five.

Speed-Up: On the Map

The Final Spin's $1,550. Estela has a chance to win it for the middle team after calling running P's...

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ S S _ S S _ P P _

...but BRANSON, MISSISSIPPI won't work because that's a letter too many for this board; they have $9,300 in their bank at this point. The next consonant called's M...

_ _ _ _ _ _

M _ S S _ S S _ P P _

...& Shereka says BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI out of nowhere for a $450 bonus.

DUDS: N (Danielses), R (Danielses), T (Bookers)
DQs: 2 (Demetrist's N bobble, Estela's missolve)

Final Scores:

Danielses: $19,850/Sara & Estela: $15,760 in cash & travel/Bookers: $7K
GT: $42,610


Maxwell House Andrew's Birthday BR (& 40th $100K one this season overall): Geneva takes a hold of the S envelope from AMERICA'S.

Category: Event

I have a feeling about this solution:

_ _ _ R _ S

_ _ N _ _ E T

CMDA's called on this bonus puzzle tonight as well...

A _ A R D S

_ A N _ _ E T

...they don't need to go to an AWARDS BANQUET, because after Tim picks up Geneva, they learn they've won...

...the $30K, so they leave w/ $150 shy of $50K & there's $150K in the Rebuilding Together bank!

$5K SPIN ID #43: LK0008707

(Final note: Their ceramic Dalmatian has reportedly been on the set for most of this season, including under the show's representation of The Liberty Bell!)

Jeopardy!: The first three semifinalists to go:

John Hines
Whitney Collins
Michael Farabaugh

R1 Board:
"TW", EH?

Just before break time, John hits the DD w/ the $800 The Maya clue & being at $2,800; he's $200 ahead of Michael & $1,600 over Whitney. John makes a $1,200 bet.

Mayan ruins have revealed workplaces for crafting w/ this shiny rock formed by the rapid cooling of lava.

"What is Obsidian?"...$4K. At round's end, the panel's all separated by $200- Michael's barely in first place at $5,600, John's got $5,400 & Whitney has the third-place advantage while sitting on $5,200.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $200 (The Maya)
TOTAL LT: $1,800

Double J! Reveals:

Michael may have more Fun W/ Science after choosing the D^2 under its $1,600 screen; he's tied w/ Whitney at the top w/ $9,200 each and they each hold a $3K lead. For $5K & a bigger outright lead, the answer is:

If you've got a 1982 penny, it could be either mainly copper or mainly this material next to copper on The Periodic Table.

"What is Zinc?"...Zn is right to put him in front outright to the tune of $14,200! Whitney has her grip on the last one this semifinal game to wrap up F. Scott Fitzgerald w/ $11,600; Michael's at the $15K level & John's still in it for now w/ $9,800. She bets face value.

Scott got this title from "Ode to a Nightingale", where it precedes "and haply the queen-moon is on her throne".

"What is 'A Moveable Feast'?" is absolutely...incorrect. It was "Tender is the Night".

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $6K

Pre-FJ! Scores:
Michael: $18,200
Whitney: $10,400
John: $13,400


Michael: $14,800
Whitney: $12,400
John: $13K

FINAL J! TOPIC: U.S. Presidents.

The only two Presidents NEVER to present a State of the Union address are William Henry Harrison & this man.

Response: TIME OVER (it looked like she was going for Taft)
Final score: BUCK

Response: "Who is Zachary Taylor"


Response: "Who is George Washington?" (Correct: Who was James Garfield?)
Advances to finals w/: $9,599


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7
8: "Millionaire"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"


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