"Millionaire" 11/15

Here's the rest of Emily's extravaganza.

5. In keeping w/ its name, which of the following's a menu item at a Las Vegas restaurant called Heart Attack Grill?

A: Rhinoplasty T-Bone
B: Botox BBQ Ribs
C: Triple Bypass Burger
D: LASIK Lamb Chop

FA: TBB- $10K ($27,100)

6. W/ lenses that have thickly-framed tops Browline eyeglasses were famously worn by what 20th Century figure?

A: Pablo Picasso
B: Winston Churchill
C: Malcolm X

D: Louis Armstrong

FA: Malcolm X- $3K ($30,100)

7. What Native American structure's often used as a slang term to refer to a hierarchy?

A: Tepee
B: Igloo
C: Totem pole
D: Wigwam

FA: Totem pole- $5K ($35,100)

8. Celebrated every July 6th, International Kissing Day began in the U.K., where kissing's often slangily referred to as what?

A: Snogging
B: Mouth Rugby
C: Lip-loching
D: James Bonding

FA: Snogging- $1K ($36,100)

9. Greece's Air Force Academy's named after what mythical figure, an odd choice considering the way his attempt to fly ended?

A: Theseus
B: Icarus
C: Antigone
D: Orion

FA: Icarus (also a part of the last Polygram logo)- $25K ($61,100)

BTW, her finacee Mike's in attendance.

For $61,600: What scientist suggested that Southern farmers grow peanuts to replenish the nitrogen removed from the soil by their own cotton plants?

A: Jonas Salk
B: Linus Pauling
C: George Washington Carver
D: James Watson


CM #23:

$100K (At the Newsstand): What magazine claims that among its many linguistic innovations, it popularized the phrase "sex appeal"?

A: Esquire
B: Mademoiselle

C: Variety
D: Cosmopolitan

FA: Cosmo- LOSES $36,600 (A: Variety)

Going for lots of his last name next's Scott Green from Chicago (who went to law school).

Menu: Higher Learning, Medical Conditions, Good Reads, Don't Mock Me, Picture Perfect, Punk Protest, Made By Hand, Go Team, Holy Spit Take & Presumed Existence

1. One of the leading musician in his genre, Bootsy Collins is the co-founder of an online bass guitar school w/ what straightforward name?

A: Country University
B: Funk University
C: Punk University
D: Pop University


A: 26%
B: 59%
C: 7%
D: 8%

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Funk Univ.)- $5K

2. People w/ the rare medical condition known as cherubism appear to have swollen or enlarged what?

A: Ears
B: Hips
C: Cheeks
D: Feet

FA: Cheeks- $1K

3. Noting their purchase of Exile and the Kingdom, a recent article ran w/ the headline "Malia and Sasha Obama Buy Young Adult Novels- and..." what?

A: Kafka
B: Sartre
C: Camus
D: Beckett

OUT OF LIFELINES ALREADY (A: Camus; he wouldn't have said that)- $7K

4. By definition, a "mocktail" is a cocktail that has no what?

A: Sugar
B: Alcohol
C: Color

D: Ice

FA: Alcohol- $500 ($1.5K)

Q of the Day: What was the nickname for the CIA's failed experiment in the '60s to use a domestic cat as a spy?

A: Acrobatic Kitty
B: Analytic Kitty
C: Atomic Kitty
D: Acoustic Kitty

A: Acoustic Kitty

5. Photographer Gordon Parks used the name of what classic painting for his 1942 photo of a standing woman holding a broom?

A: "Christina's World"
B: "Nighthawks"
C: "American Gothic"
D: "Whistler's Mother"

FA: "American Gothic"- $100 ($1,600)

6. On Aug. 17th of this year, Merriam-Webster lookups of what word spiked following the imprisonment of three members of a Russian female punk band?

A: Hooliganism
B: Ruffianism
C: Derelictism
D: Rascalism

FA: Hooliganism- $3K ($4,600)

7. A popular website for purchasing handmade items, what company calls itself "The world's most vibrant handmade marketplace"?

A: amazon
B: eBaY
C: Shopzilla
D: Etsy

FA: Etsy- $2K ($6,600)

8. Burnie's the official mascot of what NBA team?

A: Bulls
B: Lakers
C: Heat
D: Kings

FA: Heat- $10K ($16,600)

To Return Tomorrow: Though busy w/ a show that airs on weeknights, what funny man sets aside time on weekends to teach Sun. school?

A: Conan O'Brien
B: Stephen Colbert
C: Jimmy Fallon

D: Jay Leno

FA: Colbert- $15K ($31,600)



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