"Millionaire" 11/1

Civilian #4 this week's Kathy Crochet from LaPlace, LA. 

Pre-Randomized Categories: Men's Fashion, Last Thoughts, Food Mixers, Mariners Beware, At the Movies, Naughty Nashville, Sales Incentives, Mountain Views, Human Touch & Film Etymologies
Final Rundown: Men's Fashion, At the Movies, Human Touch, Mariners Beware, Food Mixers, Film Etymologies, Last Thoughts, Naughty Nashville, Mountain Views & Sales Incentives

1. For men seeking fertility help, WebMD recommends making what change in one's fashion habits?

A: Sweaters to sweatshirts
B: Eyeglasses to sunglasses
C: Briefs to boxers
D: Neckties to bow ties

FA: Briefs to boxers- $25K

2. What '12 movie was rated PG-13 "for intense violent thematic material and disturbing images-- all involving teens"?

B: "The Avengers"
C: "The Hunger Games"

D: "The Dark Knight Games"

FA: "The Hunger Games- $100 ($25,100)

3. Touching a person's horizontal gluteal crease involves putting one's finger on a line of the body that lies where?

A: Palm of the hand
B: Lower lip
C: Upper thigh
D: Heel of the foot

FA: Upper thigh- $3K ($28,100)

4. Which of the following devices shares its name w/ a group of seductive but dangerous woman from Greek mythology?

A: Alarm
B: Whistle
C: Buzzer

D: Siren

FA: Siren- $7K ($35,100)

5. According to Rachael Ray, a choup is thicker than a soup, but it's not quite as thick as a what?

A: Chicken
B: Chorizo

C: Chowder
D: Cheese

FA: Chowder- $5K ($40,100)

Her mom Cheryl's seen in attendance after the first break.

6. We get the word "paparazzi" from Federico Fellini, who named the photographer character in "La Dolce Vita" Paparazzo because he reminded him of what?

A: Buzzing insect
B: Popping popcorn
C: Idling VESPA

D: Exploding fireworks

FIRST BAT AWAY THE Q USED (A: Buzzing insect)- $10K

7. Whose 2012 obituary included his quote "I can honestly say- and it's a big surprise to me- that I have never had a dream about being on the moon"?

A: Ray Bradbury
B: Dick Clark
C: Andy Rooney
D: Neil Armstrong


A: 1%
B: 8%
C: 6%
D: 85%

FA: Neil Armstrong- $15K ($55,100)

8. Country star Tim McGraw raised eyebrows regarding his highly suggestive '12 single titled what?

A: "Truck Yeah"
B: "Wife's a Beach"
C: "You Bet Your Lasso"
D: "Eat My Grits"


9. What U.S. peak was once known as Bulshaia Gora, Russian for "great mountain"?

A: Pikes Peak
B: Mt. Rainer
C: Mt. McKinley
D: Mauna Kea

WALKS W/ $27,550 (A: Mt. McKinley)

(Note: The "Be Part of Our Studio Audience" bumper has the last few seconds of the current $1M win cue being heard.)

Bill Weed from Berkeley, IL tries to advance to tomorrow's show; his wife Jamie & grandson Christian are in the audience (he & Bill are big fans of the show by watching & playing along when it starts airing daily at 4 PM in their area on WGN).

Topics: Births of a Nation, Fried Food, Double Trouble, Sexy Science, Disney's Dancers, Hello, Dolly, Reporting Reunion, It's Complicated, Famous Places & Alternate Titles

1. Taking advantage of its name, what OH town hosts an annual festival "open to all multiples-- identical, fraternal, young and old"?

A: Fairlawn
B: Orrville
C: Twinsburg
D: Springboro

FA: Twinsburg- $500

2. In its first documented nation, Washington Irving wrote in 1809 that what treat was basically "balls of sweetened dough fried in hog's fat"?

A: Pancakes
B: Doughnut
C: Knish
D: Scone


B: 91%
C: 5%
D: 4%

FA: Doughnut- $100 ($600)

3. Unveiled in NYC this yr., what sports star's wax figure features his "size-15 Jordan Brand Nike" shoes & a "meticulous recreation" of his tattoos?

A: Carmelo Anthony
B: Dwayne Wade
C: Steve Nash
D: Tim Duncan

FA: Carmelo- RIGHT ($25,600)

Q of the Day: In '67, who became the first celebrity to have a doll modeled after her in the Barbie doll line?

A: Elizabeth Taylor
B: Peggy Fleming
C: Twiggy
D: Jackie Kennedy

A: Twiggy

4. According to a bawdy bumper sticker, what scientists like to "Do it in the dirt"?

A: Astronomers
B: Geneticists
C: Archaeologists

D: Physicians

FA: Archaeologists- $7K ($32,600)

5. Belly dancers entertain visitors at which of these Epcot theme park areas?

A: Japan Pavilion
B: Mexico Pavilion
C: Morocco Pavilion
D: Italy Pavilion

FA: Morocco Pavilion- $10K ($42,600)

To Return Friday: Dolly Parton has said her husband first eyed her in '64 when she was walking out of Wishy Washy, a Nashville what?

A: Pharmacy
B: Florist
C: Laundromat
D: Pizzeria

FA: Laundromat- $15K ($57,600)



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