11/5/2012 Results

LMaD: The Ca$hbox comes first.

R1 (BB): Alexandria (Hollywood Walk of Fame star)- 3-D HDTV ($2,900)
R2 (CURTAIN #2): NO ONE- Four-night vacation at SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas ($4,650)
R3 (CURTAIN #1): NO ONE- "The Flintstones" living room
CA$HBOX: Adrian (a nine-year member of the Army dressed as a whoopee cushion) & Patrice (magician)- $5,400 ($2,700 each)

David (Julius Caesar) has a chance at the Nissan cube &/or some fast cash in Car Pong.

Prompt: Gold-medal winning swimmers at this yr.'s Olympics
Choices: Allison Schmitt, Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte & Michael Phelps
PICKS: Phelps, Lochte & Douglas


Someone may drive away in the Toyota prius c III at the Big Deal of the Day. 

Vilhami (pirate) & Anna (banana) may say Don't Blame Me to each other.

Vilhami's R for Anna: CURTAIN #2- Dining room ($5,800)
Anna's R for Vilhami: $800 instead of CURTAIN #1- Polaris Trailboss ATV
TBR (SE): Vilhami- Autographed Zonkey donkey picture

Rachel's Fast Deal Decision (a mom who's dressed as a breast cancer supporter for her girlfriend): CURTAIN #1- Kitchen ($6,226)
Jack in the Box- $300 Best Buy gift tag

Somer (carrot) needs to go 0 to 80 if she wants that egg blue FIAT (CURTAIN #3).

1. 10
2. 10 (20)- TURNS DOWN $500
3. 20 (40)- TURNS DOWN $900

Leah (turkey) tells Wayne that he & Jonathan need to do a Classic Rock sing-off to Jonel (bee).

FINAL DECISION: SB- Six nights at The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio ($8,590)
CURTAIN #2- Giant baby buggy

PD #2

Janelle Brown's FD Decision (a cowgirl holding a plush Trigger stuffed horse): BB- Spa party ($2.5K)
STACK OF CA$H- $250 $1's

PD #3

BD #31: DOOR #2 means a five-night $6,200 trip to Paris for...Rachel. #3 had a $2,273 Ocean Kayak Torque package & said prius was revealed second.

Quite a few Quickie Deals to do today:

Nicole (paper doll)(Tiffany): Paper doll ($200)- NO
Cheryl (stop light)(Jonathan): Envelope ($100)- YES (but if it had a stamp, the payout would've been doubled)
William (oven)(Tiffany): Oven mitt ($100)- NO (he wanted to give her a cupcake instead)

We never know if the $500 Chess Rook was found, though.

TPiR: Reporting to CR first are Joellene Freeman, Robert Kostner, Tiffany Meguire & Fred Sims. The first GUFB is some Liz James designs handmade jewelry (ceiling).

Joellene: $750/Robert: $800/Tiffany: $950/Fred: $550

ARP: $1,205

Tiffany, a Navy member from Gainesville, FL, plays the Money Game for a Chevrolet Cruze (Fairly loaded)(Manuela). Attention, numbers:


She's won herself a $19,709 Chevy & $95 in three picks!

Carly Johnson's wearing a colorful headband & the second IUFB will be a Canon camcorder held by Rachel (truck cue variant).

Joellene: $875/Robert: $650/CARLY: $795/Fred: $850

ARP: $1.5K

Joellene plays Eazy Az 1-2-3 ("Fortune Hunter") for a MacBook Pro (Manuela), a silver LG washer/dryer (Rachel) & a Pro-Form exercise cycle (Rachel).

(1): Exercise bike- $700
(2): W/D- $1,475
(3): MacBook- $2,799

I & the audience were wrong!

Hoping not to goof in a bad way is player #6 Alyssa Kallestad & the train (Rachel) has the last PUFB of the half, men's snowboarding gear (Manuela).

ALYSSA: $650/Robert: $561/Carly: $500/Fred: BUCK

ARP: $780

Alyssa from South Orange County, CA (a full-time Speech Pathology student) plays Bullseye for a six-night trip to the top notch resort & Spa in VT (Manuela at Door #4) w/ a $7,838 price. These are the first groceries this week- a 21-ounce can of Bruce's Baked Sweet Potatoes, a six-oz. bag of Pepperidge Farm Milanos, 55 yards of Johnson + Johnson REACH Mint-Waxed Floss, a one-pint bottle of Nestle Coffee-mate Amaretto & a big bag of Tostitos.

1. Tostitos: $3.99 X 3 = $11.97

Joellene ($6,474): $.65
Alyssa ($8,618): $.80
Tiffany ($21,009): $.80

Alyssa: $.95
Tiffany: $.15

The next winner wannabe's name is Kimberly Howley from the front row & Rachel's relaxing in a Coleman beach gear extravaganza (GPT).

KIMBERLY: $525/Robert: $375/Carly: $250 (STAGE GARF)/Fred: $526

Almost by default, Fred (a community support worker from Kansas City) wins the $708 gear & plays Super Squeeze Play for the Kawasaki STX-150 jet ski (Manuela). Board:


He totally botches it by removing the gooseegg; the nine needed to say bye-bye instead of our-now Perfect Show hopes.

Let's just get over it & have Joseph Colon hop on down; the next IUFB's those EVOLUTION power tools (Rachel behind splitting sign)(another truck cue variation).

Kimberly: $995/Robert: $996/Carly: BUCK/JOSEPH: $1,250

Good news...for Robert- he's getting the last-bid advantage in the final one-bid. Bad news...even though Carly (a party event planner from Salt Lake City) just banked those $600 saws, Pathfinder's calling her name & a Corolla (Std., Mats)(Rachel)("Pay the Rent") will be at stake. Board:


SPs (Manuela):
Presto PowerPop: $17 or $28?
Shredder: $34 or $46?
Rollasole flat shoes: $20 or $40?

First Turn:
1. 7
2. 9
3. 4
4. 0

Second Turn: PowerPop's $28

Third Turn: Shoes are $20- WIN! ($17,945)(Shredder: $46)

Angela Zinkl replaces her at the orange podium & the last one-bid prize's an Art Deco dining booth (Rachel behind rising sign).

Kimberly: $1,250/Robert: $700/ANGELA: $850/Joseph: $975

ARP: $1,795

Kimberly will be spinning The Big Wheel second regardless of how this turns out- a playing of Danger Price ($700) for a refrigerator (Manuela), seven accessories (Manuela), the SAMSUNG 51" HDTV (Rachel) & a Dimplex Power Chef grill (Rachel).

1. Fridge- $2,999
2. TV- $1,399
FINAL PICK: Accessories- $2,036

SCSD #2:
Fred ($708): $.90
Kimberly ($8,929): 75 + QUARTER = WINS $1K
Carly ($18,565): QUARTER + 90 = OVER BY $.15

Kimberly's Bonus Spin stops on...$.55.

Right of Door #1- Six pairs of Capri pants (Manuela)
Door #1- Six-night vacation to Capri (Manuela)
Door #3- FIAT 500c (Std., AT, Windscreen)(Rachel)

KIMBERLY BIDS $29.5K ON ITALIAN SHOWCASE (ARP: $35,252)(Diff.: $5,752)


ALYSSA'S TRIPCASE (Door #2)(Rachel): The Luxor Las Vegas, Omni Cancun (five nights) & Paris (six nights at the Hotel Splendid Etoile)

ALYSSA BIDS $17.5K ON TRIPCASE- WIN (ARP: $21,261)(Diff.: $3,761)


Including her four trips, 18-yr.-old Alyssa wins $29,879 in prizes. Carly leaves w/ almost $10K in cash & stuff.

TODAY'S PG RESULTS- 5-1 (if only SSP wasn't totally blown)


Remember, Joy Behar plays on Election Day, but the civilian playing today (while Meredith still had to do w/ her broken toe) is daughter Alise Ninivaggi from NYC (who's living in a small apartment w/ two cats; her mom Helen's in attendance).

Pre-Randomized Categories: Athletic Wear, Brand New Brand, Maniacs, Secret's Out, Name That Coral, Civil Disobedience, Serious Side Effects, Female Characters, Name Game & Trophy Name
Shuffled Menu: Name That Coral, Brand New Brand, Maniacs, Name Game, Secret's Out, Civil Disobedience, Trophy Name, Serious Side Effects, Athletic Wear & Female Characters

1. A type of coral that's round & features many grooves on its surface's understandably known as what?

A: Pancreas coral
B: Brain coral
C: Liver coral
D: Stomach coral

FA: Brain- $15K

2. Emphasizing its key ingredient, Cheerios was introduced in 1941 under what name?

A: Cheerionions
B: Cheeriokra
C: Cheerioats
D: Cheeriolives

FA: Cheerioats- $25K ($40K)

3. The psychological condition known as kleptomania gets its name from the Greek word for what?

A: Germs
B: Thief
C: Fire
D: Crowds

FA: Thief- $10K ($50K)

4. In an effort to standardize spellings, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names stripped what major city of its last letter from 1891-1911?

A: Baltimore
B: Pittsburgh
C: Portland
D: Jacksonville

Pittsburgh- $3K ($53K)

5. The fitting passwords "hireme" & "recession" were reportedly amongst the almost-6.5M passwords revealed to the public, when what website was hacked this yr.?

A: facebook
B: LinkedIn
C: Pinterest
D: Netflix

FA: LinkedIn- $2K ($55K)

6. Joking "they kicked me out without giving me any free samples", Joan Rivers protested what store this yr. for not carrying her latest book?

C: Sears
D: Walmart

FA: COSTCO- $1K ($56K)

7. Earlier this yr., pop singer Adele won six Grammys, the same name of letters as she has in her last name, which is what?

A: Corgan
B: Adkins
C: Martin
D: Elliot

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Adkins, which she would've said)- $100

8. A generic brand of what anti-baldness drug has a male user claiming it caused him to grow breasts & become attracted to men?

A: Prilosec
B: Propecia
C: Viagra
D: Lipitor

FA: Propecia- $5K ($61K)

9. Which of the following's the name of an annual marathon in Ireland in which all entrants must wear black & white clothing?

A: Ribbitathon
B: Oinkathon
C: Mooathon
D: Cockadoodledooathon

FA: Mooathon- $7K ($68K)

For $68.5K: Which of these classic children's book characters is actually female?

A: The Cat in the Hat
B: The Little Engine That Could
C: Winnie-the-Pooh
D: Paddington Bear


A: 13%
B: 40%
C: 21%
D: 26%

OUT OF LIFELINES (A: The Little Engine That Could)

CM #17:

$100K (War & Peace): On his WWI draft card, what did Harry Houdini put down as his middle name?

A: Blindfold
B: Chains
C: Handcuff
D: Escapist

After we saw three $100K Q losers last week, she wisely walks. She would've came up w/ the right answer of Handcuff, but since I knew she's not coming back tomorrow, it doesn't really matter.

Q of the Day: Roughly how long does it take for light from The Sun to reach Earth?

A: Under one second
B: 40 sec.
C: 8 minutes
D: 12 hours

A: 8 min.

$1K Contestant #16: Charlene Hunter (a TV master coder & commercial coder for an online company from Brooklyn)(her mom & sister work at the Metropolitan Opera House)

This would've been a $250K Art query:

A gift from Steven Spielberg to the Clinton White House, a Norman Rockwell painting that still hangs in the Oval Office depicts what?

A: Children reciting the pledge
B: Betsy Ross sewing the flag
C: A family's Thanksgiving supper
D: Men repairing Lady Liberty

FA: Betsy Ross sewing the floss- NO (A: Men repairing Lady Liberty)

Family Feud:

FIRST GAME THIS WEEK: Gibbses (Chicago) vs. Baldygas (Shelton, CT)(whose one-day cash winnings total less than a C-note)

R1: Name something you wish you can turn on just by snapping your fingers. Going on the big board first:

#1: Lights/lamps (35)(Kristen)

Kellie (she & Kristen are Zumba instructors & footage of their yet-to-be-seen first appearance where they dance on stage's shown): TV- #2 (22)
Kim: Radio- X
Ken #1: Spouse/lover (I believe his is Kristen based on Fuchs' shot of her after he gave this answer)- #3 (16)
Ken #2: Car- #4 (9)
Kristen: Air conditioner- XX
Kellie: Mind- XXX

Cookie Steal (female)(for 82): Coffee pot- INCORRECT (BAs: Myself/limp noodles & computer)(3 each)

R2: Name a reason a person might be wearing a mask. This would've been nice to have been seen asked early last week:

#1: Halloween/party (36)(Celeste)

Ron (a SWAT Team Sergeant who has the nickname of "Rambo"): Stick-up man- #2 (30)
Theresa: Surgery/doctor- #4 (6)
Debra (oldest member of this family): Playing Cowboys & Indians- X
Cookie: In a play- XX
Celeste (a divorce planner who got divorced herself): Playing sports- XXX

Kristen Steal (for another 72): SCUBA diving- NO

#3: Sick/allergies (8)
#5: They're butt-ugly (5)

Double: Name a three letter word you use all the time that ends in an X. This should be good:

#1: Sex (44)(Ron)

Theresa: Fix- BA (6)
Debra (who's been given a nickname of "King Kong"): Tax- BA (6)
Cookie: Fax- #3 (9)
Celeste: Wax- X

Ron: FOX- XX
Theresa: Tex- XXX

Kristen Steal #2 (for another 130 & to retain lead): Six- SORRY (Gibbses: 202)

#2: Box (14)
Other BA: Max (6)

Triple: Tell me something you hope won't happen when you're driving. At the first stop this round:

Car accident (81)(Theresa)

Debra: Run out of gas- X
Cookie: Fall asleep- T2 (6)
Celeste: Get a flat tire- XX

Ron: Get stopped by the police- XXX

Kristen Steal to Retain: Go to the bathroom- LOSS

T2: Heart attack/kill (6)
#4: Hit pedestrian (2)


1. Name an occupation whose members try to make you feel good.
2. Name something you might accidentally fold up in your sofa bed.
3. On the 1-10 scale, how replaceable are you at work?
4. Name something people buy that can change price daily.
5. Name a type of dip people eat w/ chips.

1. Doctors- 20
2. Phone- DUD
3. 10- 26
4. Plane tickets- 2
5. French Onion- 40

1. Physical therapist- 18
2. TV remote- 7
3. 6- 7
4. Milk (all food & drink)- 27
5. Jalapeno- DUD
TOTAL- 147 ($735)


1. Nurses
2. Pillows & clothing (tied)
4. Gas

G2: Barretts (Chicago) vs. Reischels ($825 & one win)

R1: According to 100 single women, name a place a man might want to take you on your first date that would make you say "no way". On their minds first in terms of revealed responses:

#3: Strip joint (19)(Jenni)
#4: Bar (11)(T.L.)

Jessie (an elementary Art teacher who's only attended one Packers game w/ Mike because she cheered for the other team, which she said was the Bears): To his parents' house- #2 (23)
Sherry: To his apartment/place- #7 (4)

Mike: Sporting event- #1 (24)
Bob: Drive-in movie- X
Jenni: Swimming/beaches- XX
Jessie: Hunting/fishing- XXX

Pastor T.L. Steal (for 81): Motel/hotel- #5 (8)(#6: Swingers' club)(6)

R2: Name something guys start chewing on when they're stressed out. Don't get tired as soon as you see:

#2: Gum/candy (31)(Autumn)

DUD AT THE BUZZER- Shirt (Jessie)

Kisha: Fingernails- T1 (31)
Heather (a small medical billing service owner who also teaches Pilates & Booty Barre): Lips/mouth/tongue- #4 (9)
T.L. III (account sales manager): Pen/pencil- #3 (17)
T.L. Sr.: Tobacco/cigar- #5 (5)
Autumn: Piece of paper- X
Kisha: Food- XX
Heather: Hands- XXX

Jenni Steal (for 93 & early lead): Toothpicks- #6 (3)(#7: Their tie)(2)

Double: Name something you do w/ naked pictures of your ex for revenge. Base response(s):

#1: Show friends/on Web (76)(Sherry)

Mike: Save 'em- X
Bob: Show 'em to her husband/new mate- #4 (3)
Jenni: Use 'em as blackmail- XX
Jessie: Show 'em to her coworkers- XXX

T.L. Sr. Steal (for another 158 & to re-gain lead): Show 'em to pastor- MISS (Reischels: 251)

#2: Burn/destroy (9)
#3: Send to ex's parents (4)
BAs: Sell 'em & use as dartboard (2 each)

Triple: As people get older, name something they should do to keep their minds sharp. Now would be the time to come up w/ smart answers that make the board:

Read (43)(Mike)
#3: Work out/be active (4)(Heather)

Bob: Do crossword puzzles/games- #2 (41)
Jenni: Talk w/ family- X
Jessie: Take a class- XX
Sherry: Good, healthy diet- XXX

T.L. Sr. Steal for Game: Take vitamins/Ginkgo- WIN (3)(345)

FM #2:

1. According to 100 single ladies, what kind of car would you like to see your date pull up in?
2. What percentage of the day do you spend in the bathroom?
3. Name a sport w/ rowdy spectators.
4. Name something that feels great to walk on in bare feet.
5. Name someplace in your automobile the police check when they're searching it.

1. BMW- 26
2. 25%- DUD
3. Football- 15
4. Sand- 38
5. Under the seat- 15

T.L. Sr.:
1. Rolls-Royce- 2
2. An hr.
3. Hockey- 25
4. Grass- 24
5. Dashboard- DUD
TOTAL- 145 ($725)

2. 5%
5. Glove compartment


Bobbi Hiltibidal (Topeka, KS)- Retired paralegal
Shari Dwoskin (originally from Montreal)- Law student
NEW CHAMP: Paul Nelson ($14K)

First Six Categories This Week:
CLOSE TO YOU (three places are listed on each clue)
RHYME SCHEME (each correct word rhymes w/ "scheme")

Sarah will read the Video Daily Double from Costa Rica that Bobbi just found on the second clue of this game, the $400 Around the Forest one. For $1K:

This topmost layer of vines, treetops & other plants preserves the other forest's nature & also provides a food supply for monkeys & smaller creatures, some of which never come down their whole lives.

"What is a canopy?"...$1,200. But she's dropped back to $200 at halftime, while Shari has the early advantage over Paul $2K-$1,400. Time runs out on the $200 Close to You answer.


Scores After First Round of Play:
Paul: $3,800
Shari: $7K
Bobbi: $1,200

Double J! Lineup:
WHAT'S CHASING YOU?! (two movie titles given on each of these answers)

Shari starts to zoom into Lock Game Territory at $11,800, but Paul w/ $4,600 can seriously catch up to her as the $1,200 "A"djective is a DD; Bobbi has $2,800. He gambles for a grand four times over:

This 10-letter word means "greedy" & "goes back to one of the seven deadly sins.

"Avaricious? What is avaricious?"...is correct for $8,600! Not too long afterwards, he gets the other VDD in the center of NY Senators w/ $9,800 & $2K separates him & Shari from first place; Bobbi's barely up to $3,200. To tie the game:

A NY Senator from 1791-1797, he later presided over the Senate as Vice-President.

"Who is (Aaron) Burr?"...that was him to tie the score at $11,800 a head!

TOTAL DJ! LT: $8,200

Scores Following DJ!:
Paul: $18,600
Shari: $11K

Paul: $15K
Shari: $11K

Bobbi: $6,600

FINAL J! TOPIC #36: Broadway Musicals.

Based on a 1926 play & real-life events, it's now the longest-running American musical in Broadway history.

Response: "What is 'Chicago'?"
Final score: $11,200

Shari...loses $3.5K & any title hopes on "Rent", so even though Paul's also wrong w/ "Les Miserables", he still keeps his crown w/ $15,200 & has a two-day total of $29,200.

Mon. "Wheel" Recap
Video Bonus: A "Wheel" Rarity (SD)

8: "Millionaire, "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Family Feud"


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