11/7/2012 Results


Panic Button is where we start today. Michael (a ZONK-a-Nator holding a red baseball bat) can win:

#1: Home office w/ reference books ($3,351)
#2: Kitchen w/ cookware ($4,923)
#3: Sandals Grand Riviera trip ($6,560)

1. #5- KITCHEN
2. #4- DUD
3. #6- JAMAICA

BONUS ($500 today, so this is for $15,334 in cash & merchandise): B- PERFECT DEAL!

Mary's Fast Deal Decision: SB ($1K)- Spray-on hair
Michael's FD Decision (surgeon): BB ($1K; his wife Amber's dressed as an Indian)- Kawasaki ATV ($8,099)
Nancy's FD Decision: NO TO SE ($2K)- '13 KIA Rio MT (CURTAIN #2)

The Volkswagen Golf 4-Door's available again this morning.

Jennifer's Close-Up FD Decision (old ZONK lightning bolts)(CURTAIN #1): YES ($500)- Beverly Hills tennis package ($1,913)

Philip & Jeanne Drawing Deal Picture (she's a piece of luggage): ENGINE (CURTAIN #3)
FINAL DECISION: GO ($700)- Motorscooter ($4,599)

PD #2

Christina's Dice Roll (Statue of Liberty): 2/1 (SHOP ROLLINGLY ALONG)(BB)
FINAL DECISION: GO ($900)- Shopping cart w/ donkey inside

Patricia's Dice Roll (a Girl Scout & bird caller from Chicago): 5/5 (SIT DOWN AND ENJOY THE VIEW FROM YOUR NICE COUCH)(CURTAIN #2)
FINAL DECISION: GO ($2K; originally $100 per word)- Living room ($4,360)

Time for Beat the Dealer.

$500 R:
Claudette (construction): F- SIX
Catina (white afro wig): A- FOUR
Rex (yellow suspenders): C- TWO

R2 Prize Package (SB): iPad & iPhone 4S w/ one-year plan & $1K iTunes card ($3,748)

Catina: B- WIN (NINE)
Claudette: H- EIGHT

CAR (CURTAIN #3): Nissan cube


Wayne: D- THREE

Woman Devin (steak) takes a turn at that ATM.

ACCEPTED AMOUNTS: $300, $600, $900 & $200 ($2K)- QUITS THIS DEAL FOR GOOD
LEFT BEHIND: NOTHING! (first time I've seen that in all my life watching this show)
CURTAIN #1- Strong Spa 7

BD #33: Michael & Amber take a stab at DOOR #3 because they're expecting a child (she's 26 weeks in)...#2 had a four-night trip to the Inn at the Market in Seattle worth $6,612...but they completely miss it & finish w/ a $1,312 BBQ package.

Thomas (in a suit w/ a rainbow wig) collects $500 for pulling out a one-cent postage stamp out of his pocket. 

TPiR: Those in attendance had some big shoes to fill, because the episode taped right before theirs was the 40th Anniversary Special. The First Four here are Patrice Weldon, Charles Rudolph IV from the front row, Bianca Varney & Matthew Piatrioit, Sr. First to be bid on's a DELL desktop (Amber in clam).

Matthew: $899/Bianca: $950/Charles: $525/Patrice: $600

ARP: $1,230

Bianca (a lab technician from Belfry, KY) has her work cut out for her when she sees she's playing Pocket change for the Chrysler 200 (Std., Prot)(Magnificient Manuela's Car Lot).


Second Digit:
3. 4 (BUCK)
4. 0 ($ 2 0 , _ _ _- #13)

Third Digit:
1. 6 ($1.25)
2. 4 ($1.5)
3. 3 ($ 2 0 , 3 _ _ - #17)

Fourth Digit:
1. 1 ($ 2 0 , 3 1 _ - #1)

Last Digit: 6 ($20,316- #12)

She did better than I thought on the car price, but now she needs enough luck.

#1: DUD
#12: NICKEL ($1.05)

Maureen Houlihan hears her name fifth & IUFB #2's the Brunswick V-Force (Manuela & Johanes).

Matthew: $1,201/MAUREEN: $1,200/Charles: $699/Patrice: $1,100

ARP: $999

Charles from NJ plays Switch? for the BMS Heritage 150 (Amber) marked at $1,988 & the SAMSUNG 55" 3-D HDTV (Manuela) marked at $3,149. The audience boos his decision to swap, but he changes his mind...& wins as a result!

In no relation to George, here's Mark Gray & the third GUFB turns out to be in that jewelry box- some Amy Zerner jewelry (ladies).

Matthew: $950/Maureen: $1K/MARK: $1,350/Patrice: $1,370

ARP: $1,505

Patrice plays Pl!nko.

SPs (Manuela):
FIVE Little MONKEYS board game ($17): 7- $27
Bacon press ($18): 1- $15
Emerson microwave ($95): 5- $65
EURO Cuisine electric yogurt maker ($70): 7- $60


1. $1K (Left)
2. $10K

Bianca ($1,230): NICKEL + 70 = T.Q.
Charles ($6,136): 65 + 15 = $.80
Patrice ($12,612): 20 + 60 = $.80

Charles: $.90
Patrice: WINS $1K MORE!

Any more moolah for that lady...NOT w/ $.55.

Marie Trabold exits the Peanut Gallery seventh & the fourth IUFB is an Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 package (Manuela behind rising sign).

Matthew: $1,105/Maureen: $1,250/Mark: $1,100/MARIE: $700

ARP: $985

Ohio State alum (I think) Marie now needs to decide whether she's Coming or Going to the Parc Waikiki (Amber; six nights).

Coming: $6,357
Going: $7,536
PICK: Going- WIN!

Martina Burts then goes green & the next one-bid things are DvF accessories (Amber in front of CR). It's been at least a while since we've had two straight one-bid rounds w/ four contestant names that start w/ the same letter.

Matthew: $420/Maureen: $1,300/Mark: $1,301/MARTINA: $675

ARP: $955

Martina plays Line 'em Up for the Honda Fit AT (Std., Pedals, Mats, Tray)(Amber). Board:

?- $689, KHS alite500 mountain bike (Johannes)
?- $46, shredder
?- $937, Grill Dome (Manuela)

1. $18,699 (originally $18,499)- IN THE PENALTY

FA: $16,439!

I wasn't feeling very hopeful after her first try.

The last green recipient's Anne Earls & Matthew has the second-bid disadvantage on this, a Saeco Syntia machine (Amber & Johannes at Door #5).

Matthew: $810/Maureen: $550/Mark: BUCK/ANNE: $565

ARP: $1,600- Matthew makes it after all!

This Vegas trash man (originally from Boston) plays Pick-a-Pair for a kitchen w/ weekly groceries for a year (Manuela) worth $7,144. These are the grocery items- Bayer Low Dose, Secret Invisible Solid OUTLAST 48-Hr. Odor Protection, a Gilette MACH3 Turbo razor w/ two cartridges, a box of 50 Husky True Tie Yard Bags, Emerald Deluxe Mixed Nuts & Liquid Plumr Double Impact.

1. Bags- $10.34
2. Razor kit- $8.99; KEEPS THIS
FINAL PICK: Bayer- $10.34 (the losing horns don't sound)

$8.99- Deodorant
$5.99- Nuts & L-P

SCSD #2 (& when's the last time we've had one w/ all three people's names starting w/ the same letter?):
Matthew ($1,600): 35 + 75 = OVER BY A DIME
Marie ($8,521): NICKEL + 85 = $.90
Martina ($19,066): 85 + 30 = OVER BY $.15

In front of Door #1- Workout clothing (Amber)
Door #1- Home gym (Johannes)
Door #4- Trip to The Buccaneer (Manuela)

MARIE BIDS $21K ON GYM/TRIP SHOWCASE (ARP: $21,981)(Diff.: $981)


In between Doors #2 & #3- Motorola smartphone w/ one-yr. plan (Manuela)
Door #3- Six-night trip to the Apex City of London (Manuela)

Door #2- '13 smart pure (Std., ACC, Radio)(Amber)

PATRICE BIDS 18 LARGE ON SMART SHOWCASE- LOSS (ARP: $25,903)(Diff.: $7,903)(she leaves w/ $13,612 cash & prizes)


That makes Marie's final winnings $30,502.

TODAY'S PG RESULTS- 4-2 (w/ one Technical Win)


Let's see how Joy Behar does on this:

CM #18:

$100K (Alcohol & Drugs): Developed by pharmaceutical company Merck in 1912, what illegal drug was initially created while working on a blood clotting medicine?

A: Ecstasy
B: Mescaline
C: Cocaine

BAILOUT (A: Ecstasy, which she would've locked in; she had that down to it & Mescaline)

Back to regular play w/ Colin Westbrook from NYC; he brought along his mom Linda.

Menu: It's a Joke, Going Dutch, Doctor's Visit, Award-Winning Books, That's Classic, Reality Rivals, Special Honors, Believe Me, Happy Anniversary & Ebert's Pick

1. What's the answer to a children's riddle that asks "What state needs a handkerchief"?

A: Ari-ZONE-a
B: Okla-HOME-a
C: Mass-ACHOO-setts
D: Pennsyl-VANE-ia

Mass-ACHOSS-setts- $1K

2. Before the English gave it its current world-famous name, what street was once known by Dutch setllers as Heere Straat, or "Gentlemen's Street"?

A: Bourbon St.
B: Pennsylvania Avenue
C: Broadway
D: Hollywood Boulevard

FA: Broadway- TRIPLE

3. W/ clinics throughout Australia, "Dr Snip" aptly offers what common medical procedure?

A: Ultrasound
B: Root canal
C: Vasectomy
D: Hip replacement

FA: Vasectomy- $5K ($8K)

4. What's the title of the 2012 NAACP Image Award-winning book whose subtitle's "I Always Loved Running"?

A: Muhammad Ali
B: Arthur Ashe
C: Willie Mays
D: Jesse Owens

FA: Jesse Owens- $25K ($33K)

5. The works of a famed classical composer's son were played on a 2011 public radio show comically titled "A Real Son of a..." what?

A: Mozart
B: Vivaldi
C: Bach
D: Chopin

FA: Bach- $500 ($33.5K)

6. In a humorous dig at ABC for its alleged "Big Brother" copycat, CBS announced what "new" show earlier this yr.?

A: "Sixty Seconds to Win It"
B: "Dancing on the Stars"
C: "The Y Factor"
D: "Heaven's Kitchen"

FIRST JUMP USED (A: "Dancing on the Stars")- $7K

7. Marlene Dietrich, Lady GaGa & LL Cool J are amongst the 2012 inductees into what very specific hall of fame?

A: Headware Hall of Fame
B: Kitchen Apron Hall of Fame
C: Tuxedo Hall of Fame
D: Trousers Hall of Fame

FA: Headware- $100 ($33,600)

Q of the Day:
The title of the '91 song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana refers to an actual brand of what?

A: Deodorant
B: Bath soap
C: Perfume
D: Hairspray

A: Deodorant (it also spawned a variety of short-lived body washes recently)

8. In a famous editorial responding to a young Virginia O'Hanlon, Francis Church wrote "Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in..." what?

A: Fairies
B: Unicorns
C: Angels
D: Ghosts


A: 14%
B: 11%
C: 72%
D: 3%

FA: Angels- GAME OVER (A: Fairies)

Family Feud:

GAME #1: Gibbses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,660) vs. Molnars (Battle of Chicago)

R1: Men stare at women's boobs, but name something men might have that women might stare at. Basics:

#1: Tight, firm man-can/butt (51)(Cookie)
#6: Chest/sexy pecs (4)(Denise)

Celeste: "Package/an adorable dong"- #3 (11)
Ron: Legs- X
Theresa: Car- XX
Debra: "Guns"/biceps- BA (4)
Cookie: Smiles/hot face- #2 (16)
Celeste: Feet- XXX

Denise Steal (for 86): Clothes- MISS (Other BAs: Abs/six-pack & "fat wallet/paycheck")(4 each)

R2: Name something your neighbors might do in their backyard that would cause everyone else in the neighborhood to complain. Leading off:

#1: Parties/loud music (31)(Nicole)
#3: (Sunbathing/swimming) nude (18)(Celeste)

Molnars (Denise's a stay-at-home mom of two):
Lisa (photography studio boss): Throw out their trash- X
Tina: Raise animals- #4 (6)
Joanna: Hang-dry their clothes- XX
Denise: Not mow their lawn- XXX

Cookie Steal (for 55 extra): (Light) fireworks- #6 (3)(141)

#2: Burn trash/leaves (21)
#5: Hoard junk/car parts (5)(they were thinking about that as well)

Double: Name a food senior citizens might throw at each other in food fights. Thrown up there first:

#2: Jell-O/pudding (21)(Ron)

Theresa: Porridge/oatmeal- #3 (12)
Debra: Rice- X
Cookie: Mashed potatoes- #1 (31)
Celeste: Spaghetti/pasta- XX
Ron: Meatballs- XXX

Denise Steal #2 (for 128): Prunes/fruit- #4 (5)(#5: Cake)(4)

Triple: Name something a divorced lady gets rid of because it reminds her of her ex. At this face-off:

#1: Photos (57)(Tina)
#2: Ring/jewelry (22)(Theresa)

Joanna: House they lived in together- X
Denise: Last name- XX
Nicole: Her friends- WIPEOUT

Cookie Steal to Remain Champs: Love letters- OUT

Clothes/panties (7)
#4: Bed (4)


1. Name something you remove when you lose the first hand of strip poker.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how normal's Tom Cruise?
3. Name a phrase a cop might say on the job that they might also say in bed.
4. Name a part of a tree.
5. Name a way that people kill bugs.

1. Shirt- 22
2. 5- 16
3. "Hold up"- DUD
4. Branch- 33
5. Smack 'em- 19

1. Socks- 25
2. 1- 20
3. "Stop"- 19
4. Bark- 9
5. Bug spray- 39
TOTAL- 202

1. Shoes
3. "Hands up/behind your back"
4. Trunk
5. Squash/step on 'em

(Notes: The $20K graphic faded at the end instead of exploding. Also, we didn't hear the final ding in the instant replay.)

G2: Wrights (Louisville) vs. Vergaras ($20K)

R1: Name an activity men try to do way past the age they should be doing it. To get this "Feud" underway:

#1: Play sports/football (37)(Kate)
#2: Date women/"get tail" (24)(Natasha)

Antonio: Buy/drive a fancy (sports) car- #4 (6)
Stephanie: Working a young person's job- X
John: Stay out late drinking/dance- #5 (5)
Stephen: Skydiving- XX
Kate: Wear young people's clothes- XXX

Natasha Steal (for 72): Working out- #3 (6)(#6: Skateboarding)(3)

R2: Name something people hold in the hand(s) & squeeze. Let's just get it going:

#1: (Stress) ball (48)(Antonio)

Stephanie: Themselves- X
John: Someone else's hand(s)- T4 (6)
Stephen: Baby- XX
Kate: Butt cheek- XXX

Natasha Steal #2 (for 54 more): Lemons/fruit- #2 (11)(126)

#3: Ketchup/mustard (9)
T4: Sponge (6)
#6: Toothpaste (4)

Double: Name something a cop would do if he pulled over someone naked. Watch out, everybody:

#2: Write a ticket (16)(Stephanie)
DUD- Ask them where they're going (Erika)

John: Laugh/smile- #3 (14)
Stephen: Handcuff/arrest 'em- #1 (31)
Kate: Throw a blanket/clothes over 'em- #4 (13)
Antonio: Call an ambulance- X
Stephanie: Ask 'em where their clothes are- XX
John: Call for backup- #7 (3)
Stephen: Interrogate/interview 'em- T5 (4)
Kate: Let 'em go- XXX

Natasha Steal #3 (to go to 288): Draw their weapon- NO (Vergaras: 162)(T5: Ask for ID)(4)

Triple: Name someone you don't mind disrobing in front of. Interesting:

#1: Spouse/lover (60)(John)

Stephen: Doctor/nurse- #2 (12)
Kate: Kids/children- #3 (9)
Antonio: Siblings- X
Stephanie: Family- XX
John: Teammates- XXX

Natasha Steal for Win: Best friends- ELIMINATED (#4: Pets)(8)

Leftover Challengers: Lawrence, Marcus & Elisha

FM #2:

1. On that 1-10 scale, how hard is it for married couples to remain faithful?
2. Name something you don't mind giving to others.
3. Name an occupation where it's important to be exact.
4. Name a part of a bicycle.
5. Name a kind of patch.

1. 8- 15
2. Time- 14
3. Doctor- 23
4. Wheels- 35
5. Smoking patch- 36
TOTAL- 123

1. 9- 5
2. $$$- 22
3. Dentistry- DUD
4. Seat- 2
5. Eye- 21
TOTAL- 173 (two-day total of $20,865)

1. 5
3. Accountant

WoF: So far on this four-night America's Game Week hampered by pre-emptions, Jeremy Peck's won $66K in cash & Bahamas (Mon.- he cleared the entire BR puzzleboard that episode, becoming the first to do so in over two yrs.) & Kate Simpson's won $59,364 in cash & Hawaii (Tues./Election Day- first $50K BR win this season; we've set to see the $40K & the $1M), which means the Rebuilding Together bank's reached $140K. We're on the dips & columns set tonight & the cars available are a smart car & a VW CC.

Intro Flashback Moment (Sep. '03): Marcie makes the host laugh by saying she wants to make a lot of money & retire when she's 30

$1K T-U: On the Map

_ _ _ _ A

O K L A H _ _ A

Robbie pronounces the first word of the city TULSA, OKLAHOMA a little funny, but it's acceptable. Let's meet these folks:

Robbie O'Quinn (Conway, SC; originally from Buford)- A Marine Science student & rugby club president at Coastal Carolina University
Debra Spears-Gray (L.A.)- Real-estate agent
Grace Caskey (Spring Lake, NC)- Married to Robert for four yrs. (they met in Japan & got married in The Philippines)

$2K T-U: Fun & Games

_ _ L _ _ W / T H E

_ _ _ _ E _

Also the title of one of the deals of the current version of "LMaD", Robbie knows FOLLOW THE LEADER.

Featured Trip: Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa (Vanna's in some of the footage)($6,700)
Gift Tag: Route 66 gas card

UnitedHealthcare Jackpot Round: Movie Title

He loses a turn on the MDW's right-side Bankrupt. Secondly, Debra Bankrupts next to $650. Third, Grace calls two R's for $1K & the 1/2 CAR next to $300, buys two E's, gets two $350 H's & three $2.5K N's & purchases three A's & two I's. After that, she Bankrupts out the same way Debra did to lose her plate & $8,950. Robbie then spins the other regular Bankrupt, after which Debra calls a dud in W while on that MDW. Grace then FPs two U's to clean out the vowels & finds three $300 S's, three $800 H's, quatro D's for 1,200 more bucks, a $500 K & a $500 Y for the other 1/2 CAR. The board now...

_ U T C H

C A S S I D Y / A N D

T H E / S U N D A N C E


...she solves "BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID" for a $2,900 early lead.

SOLE DUD: W (Debra)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Robbie)

Current Scores:

Grace: $5,900 1/2 CAR/Robbie: $3K/Debra: $0

Mystery Round: Before & After (big puzzle alert)(I think Vanna's plugging the $10K all this week)

Debra plucks a $400 S at the end of the first line but then gets caught by the same normal Bankrupt. Second, Grace takes three T's for nine bills (w/ one at the beginning), an E, an $1,800 R pair, three O's but then the U fails her this time. Third, Robbie lights two $450 W's, the rest of the vowels (an I & four A's), $1,800 worth of double G's, twin $700 D's & quad N's while on the MW next to LaT. After taking the added four grand, we have...

T W O / W R O N G S

D O N ' T / _ A _ E / A

R I G _ T

_ A N D / _ A N

...he says "TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT HAND MAN" for a $6,900 payoff...but it could've been $12,900.

SOLE DUD: U (Grace)

Current Scores:

Grace: $5,900 1/2 CAR/Robbie: $9,900/Debra: BAD LUCK

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #38 (Late '99)(Phrase)(a guy called GHCO):

O N / T H E

_ L _ N _

A: ON THE BLINK (not solved)

Prize Puzzle Round: Things

Grace gets started courtesy of three N's for 27 $100 bills (w/ one at the beginning), the same amount of A's, twin T's for an additional $1,800 & a $1,400 S couple, then the remainder of the vowel department (U, E, two I's & O), tres R's to throw in $1,650 & dos L's for an added nine Benjamins. She then tries to get first place back...


_ O T / _ I N E R A L

S _ R I N _ S

...& does for another $7,200 & a getaway to see some NATURAL HOT MINERAL SPRINGS at The Springs Resort & Spa worth $6,800.


Current Scores:

Grace: $19,900 in cash & Costa Rica/Robbie: $9,900/Debra: NUNCA

$3K T-U: Place

C _ N _ T R U _ _ I O N


Grace gets CONSTRUCTION SITE to be $100 short of $23K.

Speed-Up: People

$1,800 per consonant in this round. Debra calls an M & tries to avoid getting goosed...

S _ M _

_ R _ S T _ _ R S

...she slowly pronounces the first word, but does make the $7,200 solve of SUMO WRESTLERS. Grace had 1/2 that.

DUDS: C (Grace), H (Robbie)

Final Scores:

Grace: $22,900 in cash & C.R./Robbie: $9,900/Debra: $7,200
GT: $40K

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $9,350

Maxwell House Regular BR #35: Grace's gotta get a hold of the E envelope from GAME.

Topic: Thing

Here's her RSTLNE help:

_ R _ _ _

E _ _ _ R T

She might very well have known this one already because she's called FPGO...

G R O _ P


...given her puzzle skills in the maingame, I'm pleasantly surprised she didn't need a GROUP EFFORT to become the second $45K endgame winner this week! She leaves w/ 67,900 dollars worth of American cash and holiday & we have $142.5K in the Rebuilding Together bank at this time!

$5K SPIN ID #38: MW3159586 

Figure It Out: This is Episode 615.

PANEL: Daniella Monet, Candace Parker, Samantha Boscarino & Max Schneider

Featured Trip: Beaches Ocho Rios

#1: Maggie Penning
BB: _______ __________ ______ IN _______ WITH _____

R1 C: Water (squirting boxes)
PROGRESS: ______ __________ _____ IN WATER (WoH- :11 left) W/ _____
Recap: She's a champion, doesn't cook & panel, you're all wet
Prize: p.s.

BAG SSA: Saying "wait"- NOBODY DOES IT (a boy named Tanner misses out)

R2 C: Cheese logs (clue coaster)
PROGRESS: _______ __________ LOGS (Daniella just as the round's about to end) IN WATER W/ ______
Recap: Uses her legs
Prize: VocoPro

CF3 C: Foot (Julia on telestrator)
PROGRESS: ______ _________ LOGS IN WATER W/ FEET (off clue)


TALENT: ROLLS FLOATING LOGS IN WATER W/ FEET (outside demonstration; she even has her own log-rolling school)

#2: Caine Monroy
BB: ____________ ________ _______ FROM ___________

R1 C: Construction hats (clue coaster)
PROGRESS: CONSTRUCTED (off clue) ________ _______ FROM __________
Recap: Not a sport, doesn't fish & made of paper
Prize: mobo

JACKET SSA: Being able to dunk (because she's a WNBA player, Candace gets slimed in :12 to give Amelia Van Zandt the prize; Max also gets the slime treatment because he admits he does so, too)

R2 C: Cups w/ arcade game machine coins inside (boxes)
PROGRESS: CONSTRUCTED ________ _______ FROM CARDBOARD (Daniella almost immediately)
Recap: Recycled something, not a fort & didn't dunk a ball
Prize: sketchers

CF3 C: Playing games on the ground (boys)
Recap: Look at those coins carefully



Jeopardy!: Teachers' Tournament time! First three competing:

Diana North (Rock Hill, SC)- Just celebrated her 25th yr. of teaching at Richmond Drive ES
Michael Farabaugh (Charlottesville, VA)- 14-yr. Chemistry teacher at Monticello HS
Colby Burnett (Chicago)- Teaches at a school started by the Dominicans of St. Joseph in 1929, Fenwick HS

This Tourney's Opening Categories:
RHYME FIGHTER (each word rhymes w/ "fighter")

Colby's off to a $600 beginning as he runs into the DD on the third U.S. Geography answer. To nearly triple his score:

The Sakonnet, Seekonk & Providence Rivers are saltwater arms of this bay.

"What is Narragansett Bay?"...$1,600. He's converted that into $3,800; Diana follows him w/ $1,400 & Michael has $800.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,600

Scores After This Round:
Colby: $8K
Michael: $3,200
Diana: $4,200

Double J! Layout:
THE 1980s, QUICK!

Michael uncovers a DD from the $1,600 Composers window w/ $4,800, exactly half of Colby's first-place readout; Diana's not too far behind, either, w/ $5,800. Michael wagers $4K on this:

This German composer married Franz Liszt's daughter Cosmia, 24 yrs. his junior.

"Who is (Richard) Wagner?"...is good to take him to $8,800 & he gets the SWEEP w/ that topic. Colby chooses the last one in the middle of The 1980s, Quick!, while having $10,400; he's $4K behind Michael for the lead. For an extra $2,200:

W/ U.S. help in '83, Sir Paul Scoon returned to power in this island nation.

"What is Grenada?"...that's the island to put Colby at $12,600!

TOTAL DJ! LT: $2,800

Scores Heading Into Final J!:
Colby: $19,800
Michael: $14K
Diana: $13,800

Colby: $18,400
Michael: $11,600
Diana: $13,800

Every competitor in this tourney will receive the newest version of Classroom J! for their school.


Referring to its two acts, an Irish critic described it as "a play in which nothing happens, twice".

Response: "What is 'Waitin' for Godot'?"
Wager: $3,800
Final score: $10K

Response: "What is 'Waiting for Godot'?"
Wager: $4K
Final score: $18K

Wager: $201
Wins w/: $20,001


"Family Feud":
6 PM: 8
6:30 PM: 7
8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Figure It Out", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"


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