"Millionaire" 11/8

The last two aired episodes were taped before Meredith's injury. This one was taped after the host got injured, but feeling fit & ready to go is Maria Barnett from NYC (whose friends call her "Mariapedia").

Pre-Randomized Topics: Cheese & Wine, Breakfast Conversation, Talking Tees, Political Enemies, Baby Carrying, Role of a Lifetime, Famous Namesakes, Basement Level, Belly Laughs & Small Planets
Shuffled Tree: Belly Laughs, Baby Carrying, Talking Tees, Basement Level, Role of a Lifetime, Famous Namesakes, Breakfast Conversation, Political Enemies, Small Planets & Cheese & Wine

1. Who did Ellen DeGeneres once rib by saying "He runs around without any pants on, basically begging for people to poke his belly"?

A: Jolly Green Giant
B: Energizer Bunny
C: Pillsbury Doughboy
D: Mr. Clean

Pillsbury Doughboy- $15K

2. Because of the way the baby's positioned, breastfeeding newborns are often carried in a hold named after what piece of sports equipment?

A: Volleyball
B: Football
C: Baseball
D: Basketball

FA: Football- $10K ($25K)

3. "Cut class, not frogs!" is a line that appears on t-shirts sold by what organization?


FA: PETA- $500 ($25.5K)

4. Beneath what world landmark lies a hypogeum, or "underground", where dozens of animal pens were once kept?

A: Leaning Tower of Pisa
B: Eiffel Tower
C: Roman Colosseum
D: Parthenon

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Colosseum; she had that down to it & the Parthenon)- $3K

5. What pop star admits that her earlier career as an Army Cadet helped her prepare for her role in the '12 film "Battleship"?

A: Nicki Minaj
B: Katy Perry
C: Lady GaGa
D: Rihanna


A: 14%
B: 21%
C: 6%

D: 59%

FA: Rihanna- $1K ($26.5K)

6. A garment popular w/ dancers takes its name from what famed French trapeze artist who popularized it?

A: Yves Poncho
B: Jules Leotard
C: Francois Romper
D: Gerard Thong

FA: Leotard- $25K ($51.5K)

7. According to the Dictionary of American Regional English, clapjack, flapover, flipjack & flopover are all regionalisms for what?

A: Bagel
B: Muffin
C: Donut
D: Pancake

FA: Pancake- $100 ($51,600)

8. What U.S. President's staff famously kept an "Enemies List" of his political opponents?

A: John F. Kennedy
B: Ronald Reagan
C: Richard Nixon

D: Jimmy Carter


9. Not counting The Sun, which is a star, how many of the eight planets in our solar system have names shorter than "Earth"?

A: One
B: Two
C: Three
D: Four

FA: One- $7K ($58,600)(Mars)

For $63,600: If someone asks you if "you'd like some cheese with that whine", they may be tired of your constant what?

A: Bragging
B: Singing
C: Complaining
D: Whistling

FA: Complaining

CM #19: 


$100K (Play the Percentages): According to the National Weather Services, more than 80 percent of people who've been struck by lightning are what?

A: Elderly
B: Male
C: Overweight
D: Blondes

A: Male (she would've gone w/ that)

Q of the Day: Invented in the late 1800s, the penny-farthing was an early type of what?

A: Lawnmower
B: Bicycle
C: Washing machine
D: Slide projector

A: Bicycle

$1K Contestant #17: Diana Bone (Brooklyn for eight yrs; a 4th Grade teacher originally from AZ)

This next $250K Q would've also fallen under the realm of Art:

In addition to picturing three dogs, Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" is a park scene that also features what animal?

A: Camel
B: Penguin
C: Ostrich
D: Monkey

FA: Monkey- WIN!



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