"Family Feud" 11/1

GAME #1: Roths (Columbus, GA) vs. Datchers ($20,995 after two wins)

R1: Name a body part women use to flirt w/. For beginners:

#2: Bosoms (31)(Bob)
#4: Legs (6)(Margaret)

Cindy (who can bench press her own weight as a 50-yr.-old): Eyes- #1 (44)
Sam (who just finished his first yr. in college & is a lifeguard; he also works out in the gym): Hair- BA (2)
Abby (a junior at Columbus HS): Hips- X
Laura (who graduated from Eastern Kentucky University as a soccer player & assists her husband in college ministry; she also has a twin sister in the audience): Lips/mouth- #5 (5)
Bob (who just retired from the Army after 26 yrs. of service): Feet- XX
Cindy: Booty- #3 (7)
Sam: Belly/stomach- XXX

Margaret Steal (for 95): Hands/fingers- RIGHT (2)

R2: What's causing the bad smell coming from your teen's room? Let's put at least one on the big board right now:

#1: Dirty laundry/tennis shoes (66)(Cindy)

Sam: Leftover food- #2 (25)
Abby: People living in there- #4 (2; known as "their poop chute")
Laura: Pets/animals- X
Bob: Dirty carpet- XX
Cindy: Cologne/fragrance- XXX

Margaret Steal #2 (for 93 more): They're doing drugs- RIGHT AGAIN (6)(188)

Double: Name an expression that begins w/ "cold". I think I know the top answer:

#2: Cold-hearted (16)(Sam)
DUD- Cold sweat (Marie)

Abby: Cold feet- #1 (23)
Laura: Cold chills- X
Bob: Cold as ice- #3 (10)
Cindy: "Cold Case"- XX
Sam: Cold as Hell- XXX

Margaret Steal #3 (for an extra 98): Cold shoulder- GOT IT AGAIN (6)(286; "Cold Pizza" was nowhere to be found)

Triple: Name something peanut butter sticks to. To complete the total blowout:

#1: Mouth/teeth (61)(Korliss)
DUD- Hair (Abby)

Kelvin: Bread/crackers- #2 (22)
Margaret: Clothes- X
Phyllis: Spoon/utensils- #3 (6)
Marie: Floor- XX
Korliss: Inside of P.B. jar- XXX

Bob Steal to Go to Sudden Death: Fruit- SHUTOUT (#4: Fingers)(3)


1. Name something you wouldn't lend to a friend, no matter how close you are.
2. At what age do people start complaining about their health?
3. Name a word that rhymes w/ "boot".
4. Name something in a hotel room that starts w/ T.
5. Name something that whistles.

1. $$$- 23
2. 40- 29
3. Loot- 24
4. Towels- 35
5. Teapot- 29
TOTAL- 140

1. Car- 7 (#1: Toothbrush)
2. 30- 12
3. Shoot- 26
4. TV- 26; WIN AT 211!
5. Train

They're the biggest cash winners this season to date w/ $40,995!

G2: Littletons ($20K) vs. Sowelses (Dallas)

R1: Name something Superman might take off his cape to do. I have a funny feeling about one of the possible answers:

#2: Take a super dump (19)(Mandi; that was it)

DUD- Swimming (Adrian)

Morgan: Take a shower/bath- #1 (36)
Laura: Exercise- X
Ashley: Go to bed/sleep- #4 (8)
Katie: Cook- XX
Mandi: Go to a charity function in public while not being dressed as Superman- BA (5; "dress as Clark Kent")
Morgan: Wash his cape- XXX

Adrian Steal (for 68): "Get it"/have sex- #3 (14; especially w/ Lois Lane)(Other BA: Put around a lady)(5)

R2: 100 men were asked to name something they'd hate to be wearing when they're locked out of their hotel rooms. Leading off w/:

#3: Nothing (17)(Morgan)

TIME OVER- Tamesha

Laura: Underwear/thong- #1 (37)
Ashley: Towel- #2 (26)
Katie: Bathrobe- #5 (4)
Mandi: Clothes they swapped from a girlfriend- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP! (6)(90; Steve stands at their podium for a while just before the break)

Double: Name a reason why a man might insist his dinner date pay half. At least one reason there already:

#1: He's poor/broke (24)(Gail)


DUD- She ordered something very expensive (Laura) 

Kendi (a preschool teacher w/ a nickname of "The Potty Whisperer" because of training 30+ to go to the bathroom who's giving birth to Emersyn): She's liberated/independent- #4 (15)
Norma (a financial services representative for a credit union): It's their first date- X
Adrian: He doesn't like her- #3 (17)
Tamesha: Because that's what he was taught the way he was brought up- XX
Gail: She's unattractive- XXX

Mandi Steal (for another 112 & to keep lead): She makes more $$$- #5 (3)(202)

Other Top Answer: He's cheap/stingy (24)
Other BAs: She asked him out & they're just friends (3 each)

Triple: On what occasion did you have your first glass of champagne? First shown:

#1: Wedding (54)(Ashley)

Katie: New Year's (Eve)- #2 (26)
Mandi: 21st birthday- #3 (4)
Morgan: College graduation- X
Laura: XX
Ashley: Anniversary- XXX

Adrian Steal for Win: First job after school/college- LOSS (#4: Christmas)(3)

FM #2:

1. According to 100 guys, how many inches is the perfect woman's waist?
2. Name something at a hospital.
3. Name a phrase that starts w/ "jump".
4. Name something that's very expensive to maintain.
5. Name the part of a nudist a mosquito might consider prime real.

1. 32"- 5
2. Doctor- 20
3. Jump rope- 21
4. Car- 34
5. Arm- 11

1. 34"- DUD (#1: 24")
2. Beds- 22
3. Jump pass- LOSS
4. Hair- 2
5. Bottom- 40
TOTAL- 155 (two-day total of $20,775)


6 PM: 10
6:30 PM: 7 


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