"Family Feud" 11/8

GAME #1: Watsons (Hillside, NJ, we presume) vs. Molnars ($20K)

R1: Name a way a lady might spy on her husband. The action starts like this:

#1: Check phone/texts (53)(Denise)

Nicole: Follow him/spy cam- #3 (9)
Lisa: E-mails/hack computer- #2 (22)
Tina: Hire private investigator- #5 (4)
Joanna (newly engaged): Ask his friends- X 

Denise: Check his credit card statements- XX
Nicole: Check his pockets/clothes- #4 (6)
Lisa: XXX

Markeem Steal (for 94): Smell his clothes- NO WAY (#6: Ask kids)(3)

R2: Name something grandma & grandpa take turns using. Help us all:

Bathroom/shower (38)(Nicole)

Lisa: Eyeglasses- #5 (7)
Tina: Dishes- X
Joanna: Walker- XX
Denise: Bank account/$$$- XXX

Markeem Steal #2 (for 45): Newspapers/books- ALSO A DUD (Molnars: 139)

#2: TV/remote (13)
#3: Teeth/cream/holder (9)
#4: Rocking chair (8)
#6: Car (6)
#7: Phone (5)

Double: Name a reason you wouldn't want to be a cow. I think I know what's on top this round:

Get eaten/killed (36)(Lisa)
#2: Get milked (22)(Juanita)


Tina: Their (fat) weight- BA (4)
Joanna: Don't want to be tipped- X
Denise: Flies in the butt- XX
Nicole (11-yr. 5th Grade teacher): Don't want to live on a farm- XXX

Markeem Steal #3 (for 124): Don't like eating grass all day- BA (4)

#3: I'd smell bad (5)
Other BAs: Too many stomachs & always outside (4 each)

Triple: Name something a single mom might have two of. Let's hear at least one answer:

#2: Jobs (9)(Tina)

DUD- Bank accounts (Alexis)

Joanna: Babysitters- X
Denise: Kids- #1 (70)
Nicole: Last names- XX
Lisa: Boyfriends/lovers- #3 (4)
Tina: Sisters- XXX

Markeem Steal for the Win: Car seats- LOSS (#4: Boobs)(3)

Leftover Challengers: Rayba & James


1. 100 women were asked to name an article of clothing that would be insulting to receive from a man.
2. Name a fruit used in cakes.
3. Besides eating, name something you do at the kitchen table.
4. Name the age when kids should get a Summer job.
5. Name a repair person whose bills are higher than you might expect.

1. Tie- DUD
2. Strawberries- 12
3. Talk- 17
4. 15- 27
5. Electric- 12

1. Underwear- 13
2. Bananas- 8
4. 18- 3
5. Mechanic- 13
TOTAL- 105 (two-day total of $20,525)


1. Girdle
2. Pineapple
3. Play cards/games
4. 16
5. Plumber

G2: Myerses (Atlanta) vs. Vergaras (whose two-day cash winnings total $20,865)

R1: 100 women were asked to name a reason why they wouldn't want to kiss their husbands. First face-off responses this game:

#1: Bad breath/smokes (62)(Kate)

Antonio: He's not a good kisser- X
Stephanie: She's not in the mood- XX
John: He worked in the yard & has some body odor- WIPEOUT

Alnisa Steal: Food in his mouth- ALSO NOT THERE

#2: Mad/he's cheating pig (13)
#3: Sick/has cold (10)
T4: He didn't shave & he's drink (4 each)
#6: Jacked/missing teeth (2)

R2: Tell us something that gets buried. At the lock-ins:

#1: Bodies/bones (69)(Malcolm)

Lauren (new international band lead vocalist; Steve sings a bit of "Tell Me Something Good"): Treasure- #2 (14)
Brandon: Toys- X

Rashad: Seeds- #4 (3)
Alnisa: Secrets/the truth- #3 (4)
Malcolm (24-yr.-old): Hatchet- BA (2)
Lauren: Trash- XX
Brandon: Time capsule- XXX

Kate Steal (to retain lead w/ added 92): Utilities- WRONG (Other BA: Sewer/septic tank)(2)

Double: Name a famous couple you'd wish they'd adopt you. At least one of 'em is:

Brangelina (43)(Stephanie)

DUD- Denzel Washington & his family (Lauren)

John: Barack & Michelle- #3 (9)
Stephen: JFK & Jackie Kennedy Onassis- X
Kate: Bill & Melinda Gates- #2 (10)
Antonio: Jay-Z & Beyonce- XX
Stephanie: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes- XXX

Alnisa Steal #2 (for 124 more & to stay in front): Oprah & Stedman- #5 (3)(216)(#4: Hillary & Bill)(6)

Triple: Name something that crashes. Easiest Q of the day, IMO:

#1: Car (36)(John)

Stephen: Plane- #2 (29)
Kate: Blood sugar- X
Antonio: Computer- #3 (20)
Stephanie: Waves- XX
John: Cruise ships- XXX

Alnisa Steal for Win: Stock market- WIN (4)(471)

FM #2:

1. Name a month you wish were five weeks instead of four.
2. How many face lifts do you think Joan Rivers has had?
3. Name something people chase after.
4. Name an animal that carries things on its back.
5. Name something you might see a policeman holding.

Malcolm (Rashad's cousin):
1. Dec.- 21
2. 15- 2
3. $$$- 24 (tied w/ success)
4. Camel- 28
5. Gun- 35
TOTAL- 110

Rashad (entrepreneur):
1. Jul- 13
2. Three- 9
3. Animals- 16
4. Gorillas- 9
5. Badge- DUD
TOTAL- 157 ($785)

2. Five
4. Horse



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