"Let's Make a Deal" 11/1

Before we get to that new game, we've gotta play a classic named Beat the Dealer first.

$500 R:
Kristiana (Hollywood big banana): D (dad)- SEVEN
Nicholas (bacon; his grandma's jealous): C (chemist)- FIVE
Dina (cookie): A (for her nieces & nephews who went back to Toronto)- THREE

R2 Prize: Home gym ($4,304)(CURTAIN #2)

Nicholas: G- FOUR (Jonathan uses his tongs to pull off that card & the next one)
Kristiana: F (female)- FLUNK (ONE)


Wayne: H- EIGHT
Nicholas: B- ZONK (TWO)(KIA: I)

Wayne pulls out a $5K Real/Fake Envelope.

Connie's R (CURTAIN #3): $1,200- Game room ($5,148)
Jennifer's R (she kept the envelope at first): BB- Donkey in a bathtub car
Kenan's R (SB): SE- $100
SB- Trip to Sugar Bay ($8,496)


Tami (pirate) & Johnathan (who's holding a wanted poster of the host) are each entitled to have Beverly Hills Brownie Company brownies for a year worth $720.

Rejected in R1 (Tami): Brownies- $500
Rejected in R2 (Johnathan): SB (luxury)(Tiffany)- Pair of watches ($4,190)

Final R Decisions:
Tami: CURTAIN #1- Surfing donkey
Johnathan: BB- Honda TRX 400S ATV ($6,494)

Tamao gets NEITHER of these in the Inkblot Deal as she walks w/ $3K to help pay for tuition:

CURTAIN #2- Bahamas Cruise ($7,100)
CURTAIN #3- '13 Hyundai Accent GLS

Now, it's Money in the Bank time! Apparently, the revised rules are permanent from the get-go. Russell & Erin (Mexicans) first take a look at these statements:

1. U.S. federal minimum wage per hour last yr.
2. Cover price of single issue of People
3. Amount paid at a 2008 auction for The Wicked Witch's hat from "The Wizard of Oz"
4. Yearly salary of the U.S. President last yr (not including expense allowances)
Choices: $3.99, $7.25, $208,250 & $400K

U.S. federal minimum wage per hr. last yr.: $7.25- MATCH
Cover price of People: $3.99- MATCH
Amount paid at '08 auction for The Wicked Witch's hat: $400K- NO MATCH
Yearly salary of President: $208,250- NO MATCH

There are two ZONKS, one 1/2, one X2 & one X5 in those banks...but they walk w/ their grand.

#4- ZONK (X5: #3)

Collette (grapes) can play the One-Roll Dice Deal without the "Instant Reaction" clue format.

CURTAIN #1- Kitchen ($6,654)(Roll: 2/4 = $600)


BD #29: But she doesn't keep that for long. All three doors are a part of today's BD package...but she only wins the $3,235 patio furniture in DOOR #1 from it.

#2- Nissan Versa Sedan
#3- Trip to South Carolina ($7,080)

What Sandra (leopard) can do is pull out a $500 ping-pong ball! Jonathan then gives a trio of ladies 10 seconds to pop all of their balloons for $100 a head, but they run out of time.



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