"Millionaire" 11/6

Joy Behar previously won $125K w/ Regis for the Northside Catholic Academy. This afternoon, she's playing for Planned Parenthood w/ a guarantee of $10K.

Pre-Randomized Topics: Hunger Signs, On the Telly, Relationship Slang, Song of the South, All in the Family, Famous Hands, Italian Names, Take It or Leave It, Symbols of Achievement & Smuggler
Randomized Menu: Hunger Signs, Song of the South, Italian Names, Famous Hands, Symbols of Achievement, On the Telly, Relationship Slang, Smuggler, Take It or Leave It & All in the Family

1. In American Sign Langugage, making a fist & pretending to lick it is the sign for what food?

A: Hamburger
B: Scrambled eggs
C: Pizza

D: Ice cream

FA: Ice cream- $2K

2. A campy song by the Rednex asks "Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from" who?

A: Beer Gut Moe
B: Corn High Beau
C: Cotton Eye Joe
D: Sweet Grits Flo

FA: Cotton Eye Joe- $25K ($27K)

3. Saying the man was "ridiculous", an Italian court ruled that a couple couldn't name their child Venerdi, which translates to what?

A: Friday
B: Parmesan
C: Eight

FA: Fri.- $100 ($27,100)

4. In Texas Hold 'Em poker, a starting hand of a 9 & a 5's often nicknamed after what singer?

A: Shania Twain
B: Dolly Parton
C: Patsy Cline

D: Faith Hill

FA: Dolly- $1K ($28,100)

5. What famous medal depicts three naked men embracing one another?

A: Nobel Peace Prize
B: Medal of Honor

C: Pulitzer Prize
D: Presidential Medal of Freedom

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Nobel Peace Prize)- $3K

6. What American TV program, w/ a strikingly similar format, is the predecessor to a British talk show called "Loose Women"?

A: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
B: "The View"
C: "Judge Judy"
D: "Rachael Ray"

FA: "The View"- $10K ($38,100)

7. A harsh though common way of saying someone just broke up w/ me is to say "I just got" what?

A: Lambasted
B: Dumped
C: Zapped
D: Chucked

FA: Dumped- $15K ($53,100)

8. When guards at India's Indira Gandhi International Airport arrested a man w/ a loris in his pants, he was attempting to snuggle a what?

A: Nocturnal primate
B: Flightless parrot
C: Rare toad
D: Poisonous snake


A: 73%
B: 7%
C: 8%
D: 12%

FA: Nocturnal primate- $5K ($58,100)

9. Which of the following's the sanitized version of the profane phrase Mark Harmon used on a groundbreaking '99 episode of "Chicago Hope"?

A: "It out of luck"
B: "Up it creek"
C: "It happens"
D: "It hits the fan"

FINAL LIFELINE ACTIVATED (A: "It happens")- $500

Q of the Day: In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, Alice exchanges words w/ which of these nursery rhyme characters?

A: Old King Cole
B: Jack Sprat
C: Little Bo-Peep
D: Humpty Dumpty

A: Humpty Dumpty

Final Q Today: What's a more efficient way to refer to your sister's father's brother's mother?

A: Second cousin
B: Great aunt
C: Great uncle
D: Grandma

FA: Grandma- YAY ($65,100)



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