"Family Feud" 11/6

GAME #1: Gibbses ($735) vs. Hugheses (Louisville)

R1: Name an occupation where causing other's pain is part of the job. Let's get this match started:


#2: Boxer/athlete (8)(Patrick)

#7: (Physical) therapist (3)(Cookie)

Patricia: Dentist/doctor- #1 (61)
Patrick Henry (Video Bonus): Construction worker- X
Jesse (golf course worker & aspiring head pro golfer): Collection agent- XX
Cameron (Louisville Male High School student): Slapstick comedians on shows like "Jackass"- XXX

Cookie Steal (for 72): Personal trainer- BA (3)

#3: Nurse (7)
#4: Chiropractor (4)

Other BA: Dominatrix (3)

R2: 100 men were asked to name something you're NOT too proud to beg for. I doubt voting's up there:

#1: $$$/raise (31)(Patricia)
#2: Tail/love (29)(Celeste)


Patrick H.: Food/dessert- #4 (7)
Jesse: New car- X
Cameron: Tickets to sporting events- XX
Patrick (dad): Job/occupation- #3 (10)
Patricia: Beer/booze- T5 (6)
Patrick H.: Help- T5 (6)
Jesse: Guy time- XXX

Cookie Steal #2 (to retain lead w/ another 89): Your hand in marriage- NOT IT (#7: Mercy)(5)

Double: Name a TV show on which you'd like to be a guest judge. I like this Q:

#1: "American Idol" (40)(Patrick H.- Steve gives him Kevin Nash's nickname of "Big Sexy")



Jesse: "America's Got Talent"- #2 (13)
Cameron: "dancing with the stars"- #5 (7)
Patrick: "Miss America"- #4 (10)
Patricia: "The Voice"- #3 (11)
Patrick H.: "Top Chef"- X
Jesse: "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN dance"- XX
Cameron: "America's Best Dance Crew"- XXX

Cookie Steal #3 (to get lead back w/ 162 more): "The X-Factor"- SORRY (Gibbses: 251)(#6: "The People's Court")(5)

Triple: Name something dangerous that people do while they're supposed to be driving. Will we have new champs on this part of the doubleheader or not?:

#1: Texting/cellphone (88)(Theresa)


Debra: Put on makeup- #3 (3)
Cookie: Reading (news)paper- #4 (2)
Celeste: Eat/drink- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE WIN (4)(363)


1. On the 1-10 scale, 100 men were asked how much do they like to hear good gossip?
2. Name something people lose at the beach.
3. Name something that makes a humming sound.
4. Name a part of the mouth.
5. Name a food that impossible to stop eating the moment you start.

Celeste (sister):
1. 5- 19
2. Towel- 13
3. Bird- 28
4. Teeth- 20
5. Potato chips- 44
TOTAL- 124

1. 6- 7
2. Shoes- 12
3. Bee- 12
4. Tongue- 30
5. Grapes- LOSS
TOTAL- 185 (two-day total of $1,660)

1. 1
2. Sunglasses
4. Lips

G2: Barretts ($725) vs. Vergaras (Western Springs, IL)

R1: Name something you might compare a bald guy's head to. Beginning w/:

#1: Cue/billiard ball (22)(Kate)

Antonio (insurance broker): Egg- #5 (12)
Stephanie: (Water)melon- T2 (16)
John: Bowling ball- T2 (16)
Stephen (uncle): The Sun- X
Kate (a Math & Science standardized test Q writer): Dome- XX
Antonio: Uncle Fester- XXX

T.L. Sr. Steal (for 66; he reportedly has 24 grandkids): Pumpkin head- NOPE

T2: Baby (suit)(16)
#6: Mr. Clean (2)

R2: Name something a woman passes to her girlfriend when she's done w/ her. Starter(s):

#1: Clothes/shoes (37)(Autumn- she said a shirt)

Kisha: A nice Gucci handbag/purse- BA (3)
Heather: Boyfriend(s)- #3 (16)
T.L. III: Jewelry- BA (3)
T.L. Sr.: New automobile- X
Autumn: Books/magazines- #2 (30)
Kisha: Makeup/lipstick- SWEEP! (4)(93)

Double: When you're on a sailboat, name something you shouldn't do into the wind. I have this feeling about some of these answers:

Spit (a loogie)(47)(Kisha)

#5: Puke (3)(Stephanie)

Heather: Sail- #3 (5)
T.L. III: Use the bathroom- #2 (34; "drain the vein")
T.L. Sr.: Speak- X

Autumn: Throw something- XX
Kisha: Lean- XXX

Kate Steal (for 178 & to regain momentum): Blow smoke- NO (Barretts: 271)

#4: Cut the cheese (4)
#5: Puke (3)
#6: Sneeze (2)

Triple: Name something a guy reaches for that might make his wife slap his hand. Crucial face-off:


#4: Beer/drink (4)(John)

DUD- Remote control for TV (Heather)

Stephen: Cigarette/cigar- X
Kate: Another lady- #3 (5)
Antonio: Car keys- XX
Stephanie: Her (boobs/bod)- #1 (59)
John: Food- WIN (20)(330; desserts also counted)

FM #2:

1. 100 women were asked how many shoes do they buy each year?
2. Name a place where you'd see studs.
3. Name something that nervous people do w/ pencils.
4. Name something people say before they go to bed.
5. Name something that can ruin a picnic in a park.

1. 10- 18
2. In a wall/house- 22
3. Tap it- 45
4. "I love you"- 6
5. Ants- 39
TOTAL- 130

Antonio (Kate's wife, I believe):
1. 30- 2 (#1: Five)
2. Cowboy shoes- 13
3. Chew on it- 28
4. "Good night"- 47; WIN AT 220!
5. Rain 

(Note: Karen directed this episode & we didn't hear the last FM ding in the instant replay.)


6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 8


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