11/9/2012 Results


Michael's Fast Deal Decision (CURTAIN #2)(a '79 guy w/ a white afro): GO ($1K)- Baby gorilla in giant high chair
Nadine's FD Decision (CURTAIN #1)(peace girl): NO ($1.5K)- Home theater w/ $500 GameStop card ($5,350)
Sharold's FD Decision (BB)(real-life youth coordinator): NO ($2K)- Washington, D.C. trip ($6,259; my mom visited one of her friends near that city yesterday)

Nikea (a stay-at-home mom & muralist wearing a purple ribbon on her white afro) plays Ca$h Register for the blue Mazda2 (CURTAIN #3).

1. #3: $200
2. #5: $200
3. #12: $400 ($800)
4. #6: $200 (halfway mark)
5. #10: $400 ($1,400)
6. #1: $200 ($1,600)
7. #14: $400- WINS MAZDA! (ZONKs: #2 & #9)


Jacob's FD Decision (the number #1): CURTAIN #2- TuffStuff home gym ($2,699)
BB (something to drive)- Golf cart w/ fuzzy dice

Adriana's FD Decision (nutty lady): SE- $1Z ZONKEY DOLLARS (Box of Money Denomination: $50)

Benjamin's CD Choice (a Navy pilot dressed as a cowboy): #1- SURF ROCK
CURTAIN #3- Bedroom ($5,065)

Cassandra's CD Choice (cat): #4- COUNTRY

SB- Trip to The Verandah

Alexander (movie man) is about to play Who Wants to Answer Multiple-Choice Q's for Cash & Prizes?

1. Where was the trip that was just passed up in the SB- Antigua, St. Thomas or Puerto Rico?
DA: Antigua

2. What was that gorilla sitting in to start this episode- biplane, high chair or golf cart?
DA: High chair

3. How much in $50's was in that BoM- $5K, $20K or $10K?
DA: $5K


#2- Lemon car (#1: '13 Hyundai Accent GLS)

Stanley & Tonya Colbert (a 20-yr. married couple dressed as pirates; their anniversary's June 5th) are running the SB Gauntlet.

RB- One-yr. Sechoir membership ($2,160)
GB- Louis Vuitton accessories ($3,010)- BAILOUT TO GO FOR BD
BB- Rolex ($5,050)

BD #35: Their daughter Kelsey ( makes them pick DOOR #2...they each have an HDTV, making that package worth $5,950. And just so you know, Nakia's daughter is named Tonya.

#1- Chevrolet Sonic Sedan & $10K (revealed second)
#3- Orange '50s-style refrigerator w/ $500 in groceries ($2,499)

No $500 for Phillip because he doesn't give Tiffany a postcard w/ a surfboard on it.


The last featured player this week is gonna be Kathleen Miller from Stamford, CT (who inadvertently shot at Judge Judy; she's appearing on "Katie" Mon., I think), but her husband doesn't know she's playing this game.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Testing Testing, Smelly Sports, Wealthy Names, Blustery Indicators, Good Luck, Back To Life, Fading Glory, Color Correction, Will's Words & Candy Land
Final Topics: Good Luck, Testing Testing, Fading Glory, Blustery Indicators, Will's Words, Smelly Sports, Candy Land, Back To Life, Wealthy Names & Color Correction

1. Many people believe that which one of these unfortunate animal encounters brings good luck?

A: Bitten by a dog
B: Spit at by a llama
C: Pooped on by a bird
D: Kicked by a horse

FA: Pooped on by a bird- $7K

2. Experts of molecular gastronomy commonly refer to what part of the house as their laboratory?

A: Kitchen
B: Bedroom
C: Garage
D: Attic

FA: Kitchen- $15K ($22K)

3. When Yahoo! appointed Marissa Mayer CEO this yr., fans of what once-popular photo site asked her to please make it "awesome again"?

A: Snapfish
B: Flickr
C: Instagram
D: Shutterfly

FA: Flickr- $2K ($24K)

4. When it feels colder outside than the actual temperature, one's likely experiencing which of the following?

A: Draft shaft
B: Breeze freeze
C: Wind chill
D: Gusty cooling

FA: Wind chill- $10K ($34K)

5. Will Smith once said his grandmother, who appreciated diction, would correct his saying "y'all" by stating "A yawl is a" what?

A: Hat
B: Flower
C: Boat
D: Knife


A: 19%
B: 3%
C: 66%
D: 12%

FA: Boat- $1K ($35K)

6. Though it might not make you smell like Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez, which of the following baseball teams introduced a cologne this yr.?

A: Pirates
B: Red Sox
C: Cubs
D: Yankees

FA: Yankees- $25K ($60K)

7. Since 2008, Hershey's has from time to time offered a limited edition version of the Whatchamacallit that went by what name?

A: Doohickey
B: Thingamabob
C: Doodad
D: Thingamajig

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Thingamajig)- $500

8. A rare medical phenomenon in which a patient's circulation spontaneously returns after he's declared dead is named after what Biblical character?

A: Ezekiel
B: Solomon
C: Lazarus
D: Isaiah

FA: Lazarus- $5K ($65K)

9. Due to his last name, which of these billionaires is sometimes referred to in the press as "The Palindrome"?

A: Carl Icahn
B: Warren Buffet
C: Larry Ellison
D: George Soros

FA: Soros- $3K ($68K)

10. In perhaps the boldest of its numerous color changes, what popular tourist attraction was painted yellow in 1899?

A: Statue of Liberty
B: Eiffel Tower
C: Leaning Tower of Pisa
D: Big Ben


CM #20:

$100K (Play the Percentages): The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there's currently one death in the U.S. every 14 seconds & one birth in the U.S. every what?

A: 4 sec.
B: 8 sec.
C: 12 sec.
D: 16 sec.

FA: 8 sec.- RIGHT!

Q of the Day: On the TV series "Happy Days", what was the actual first name of the Fonz?

A: Charles
B: Anthony

C: Stephen
D: Arthur

A: Arthur

$250K (Nicknames): "Silent Gray Fellow" was the nickname of a popular brand of what (which started selling all the way back in 1911)?

A: SONY amplifier
B: Colt revolver
C: Harley-Davidson motorcycle
D: Boeing plane

STOP (A: Harley; she was thinking of the Colt revolver because a gun was in her mind)

TPiRecap (Salute to the Military '12)

Family Feud:

G1: Martins (Seattle) vs. Molnars (two-day cash winnings of $20,525)

R1: Name a decision a husband makes that a wife can veto. Here's at least one:

#1: Big purchase/car (29)(Denise- she said buying a house)


Nicole: Dinner/date plans- #2 (25)
Lisa: Wanting to have/not have kids- BA (4)
Tina: Changing his job- X
Joanna: Vacation plans- #4 (9)
Denise: Buying dog/cat- XX
Nicole: What he's wearing- XXX

Bryan Steal (for 67): Going out w/ the boys- NOT THERE

#3: Have sex/threesome (19)
Other BA: Kids' names (4)

R2: 100 married men were asked between you & me, what would your wife have to do to become a supermodel? Not much hope "AMERICA'S NEXT top model" is up there:


#3: Plastic surgery (13)(Ashlee said boobs)


Martins (they drew names beforehand to determine who would be on this team):
Terry (female HS Health & Fitness instructor): Lose weight/diet- #1 (47)
Shelly: Change hairdo- X
Rollie (uncle/electrician): Get a tan- XX
Bryan (whose wife's 8.5 months pregnant & was unable to attend their tapings): Sexier clothes- XXX

Denise Steal (for another 60): Trade her end for a new one- NO

#2: Grow younger (16)
BAs: Dumb down & grow taller (11 each)

Double: Name an office supply a man might steal that could hurt him if he stashed it in his underpants. What's on top, if we see it now?:

#1: Stapler/staples (34)(Lisa)


Tina: Scissors- #4 (9)
Joanna: Letter opener- #6 (4)
Denise: Paper clips- #5 (8)
Nicole: Pens/pencils- #2 (28)
Lisa: Laptop/computer- X
Tina: Tacks/pushpins- #3 (11)
Joanna: Ruler- XX
Denise: Paper- XXX

Bryan Steal #2 (for another 188 & the lead): Staple remover- YES INDEED (2)(248)

Triple: Name something dogs just love to do in the park. Easy, right?:

#2: Pee/drop "dog logs" (25)(Tina)

DUD- Play w/ other dogs (Shelly)

Joanna: Hump other dogs- X
Denise: Run/walk- #1 (49)
Nicole: Play w/ frisbee or ball- #3 (12)
Lisa: Nothing- XX
Tina: Eat- XXX

Bryan Steal for Game: Sniff/smell (other dogs)- WIN (9)


1. According to 100 married ladies, when you have a wife w/ your husband, what percentage of the time is he wrong?
2. What's the sexiest part of your body?
3. Name an animal who'll eat anything, even you.
4. Name something kids do while their mom fixes dinner.
5. Name something a man might need if he made a deal w/ the devil.

1. 100%- 16
2. Arms- 2
3. Lion- 24
4. Watch TV- 35
5. Mercy- 2

1. 75%- 14
2. Butt- 10
3. Tiger- 3
4. Play video games- 18
5. Fame- DUD
TOTAL- 125 ($625)

1. 50%
2. Eyes
3. Tiger
5. $$$

FINAL G THIS WEEK: Myerses ($785) vs. Bowdens (Seattle)

R1: 100 married ladies were asked to name a habit a toddler might have that you'd hate your husband to have. Base response(s):

#2: Tantrum/whines/crying (18)(Alnisa)
#4: Poops/wets pants (14)(Kelby)


Malcolm: Sleep all day- X
Lauren (the band she's in is named Groove Factor): Being clingy- XX
Brandon: Sucking thumb- T3 (14)
Rashad: Drooling- XXX

Kelby Steal (for 46): Put everything in mouth- SORRY

#1: Picks nose/eats it (29)
T5: Eats w/ hands & throws things/food (5 each)

#7: Grabs wiener (4)
#8: Talks w/ mouth full (3)

R2: Name something that would be hard to do if you were wearing pants two sizes too small. Once the buzzers are activated:


#2: Walk/run (19)(Malcolm)

#6: Dance (3)(Bryce)

Lauren: Sit/squat down- #3 (14)
Brandon: Hit a split- X

Rashad: Stretch- XX
Alnisa: Jumping jacks/exercise- XXX

Kelby Steal #2 (for 36): Take 'em off/put 'em on- T4 (11)

#1: Bend over/tie shoes (32)

T4: Breathe (11)

Double: If you got snowed in at a mountain cabin, name something you'd hope you had w/ you. Leading off this query:

#2: Food/drinks (24)(Lauren)

#6: Cellphone (4)(Randy)

Brandon: Games- X
Rashad: Significant other/spouse- #1 (43)
Alnisa: Firewood- #3 (8)
Malcolm: A way to find help- XX
Lauren: Electricity- XXX

Kelby Steal #3 (for 158 extra & the lead): Warm clothing- ALSO NO GOOD (Myerses: 204)(Other BAs: Books, shovels & matches/lighter)(4 each)

Triple: Name something of yours you'd like to kiss goodbye. Hello, what?:

#3: Spouse/mate (4)(Rashad)

DUDS- Old photos (Ryan) & your family (Kyle)

Alnisa: Job- X
Malcolm: XX
Lauren: Debt/bills- #2 (15)
Brandon: Bad habits- XXX

Kelby Steal #4 (for another 57): Extra weight/fat- #1 (57)(93)(#4: Illness/pain)(3)

SD #11: Name something you might cut w/ a saw.
Rashad: Wood/trees- WIN (95)


1. Name something you'd better not drop when someone hands it to you.
2. Tell me the age when a boy goes out on his first date.
3. Name something a school would hate to run out of.
4. Name a card game that's easy to cheat at.
5. Name something in his home a slob rarely uses.

1. Drink- 28 (especially in glasses or cups)
2. 16- 25
3. Students- 7
4. Poker- 32
5. Broom- 12
TOTAL- 104

1. The ball- DUD
2. 15- 26
3. Food- 3
4. Spades- 2
5. Shower- 7
TOTAL- 142 (two-day total of $1,495)

3. Books
5. Vacuum cleaner


Military Families Week is the first team week of the season & there will be no 1/2 CAR plates or intro flashback clips for the next six shows (there will probably also be no intro flashbacks during the secret santa sweepstakes)

$1K T-U: People

S _ L D _ _ R _ / _ N D

_ _ _ L _ R _

Denise & Jennifer solve SOLDIERS & SAILORS. Here are our last six puzzle solvers this week:

Denise VanderMark & Jennifer Kilbourn (mom & daughter)- Denise's been married to Dennis for 41 yrs., while Jennifer's from Yorktown, VA (Langley Air Force Base) & is married to Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dave w/ two children; Denise has another daughter named Christina & three grandchildren
Emma & Nate Rhodes (newlyweds for about three months)- She's a website & graphic designer, while he flies helicopters for the Coast Guard during search & rescue and law enforcement
Kay & Corey Henderson (San Diego)- She was born in South Africa & raised in Australia, while he's a Chief Petty Officer & electronics technician who also does Naval Special Warfare Support Activity 1 in Coronado, CA (he's been overseas for five yrs.)

$2K T-U: Food & Drink

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ U _ E

S T _ _ K

Denise's short of letters by guessing BARBEQUE STEAK.

_ _ _ _ E _ _ O U _ E

S T _ _ K

Corey eats a PORTERHOUSE STEAK to get the cash & control.

Featured Pair of Trips: Maui Kai Ka'anapali Beach from Hotwire.com ($8,700)
Tonight's Gift Tag: Route 66 gas cards

UnitedHealthcare Jackpot Round: Phrase

Corey spins the wheel first for his team & Kay calls four T's for this week's house minimum of $2K, then following that are three E's, a $5K H pairing, three O's, a U singleton, three $500 N's to pick the WC up, tres I's, the same number of F's for 27 more bills & a $600 R couplet. They're currently looking at...

O U T / O F / T H E

F R _ I N _ / _ _ N

I N T O / T H E / F I R E

...but Kay goofs by saying the fourth word's FRINGE, so they likely just lost $10,800. Denise & Jennifer follow suit by Losing a Turn, then Nate calls a $500 Y for the trip wedge...

O U T / O F / T H E

F R Y I N _ / _ _ N

I N T O / T H E / F I R E

...OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, INTO THE FIRE, they shoot right into the early lead.

SOLE DQ: Kay (blown solve)

Current Scores:

Hendersons: $2K WC/Denise & Jennifer: $1K/Rhodeses: $9,200 in cash & HI

Mystery Round: Same Name 

Denise & Jennifer's second spin lands on a $600 wedge & they begin w/ two N's there, followed by triple the A's, a $1K D couple & a dud of R while on the MW w/ that MDW next door. Second, Team Rhodes calls another negative of L. Third, The Hendersons also whiff on the same MW w/ an H request. Denise & Jennifer next FP two O's to round out the vowels & discover a $300 T & twin B's for another grand & the gas cards...

B O O T / A N D


_ A _ _

...& Denise solves BOOT AND BAND CAMP for a total this round of $4,250 in cash & prizes.

DUDS: H (Corey & Kay), $400 L (Emma & Nate), R (Denise & Jennifer)

Current Scores:

Hendersons: $2K WC/Denise & Jennifer: $5,250 in cash & tag/Rhodeses: $9,200 in cash & vacations

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #40 (10/12/98)(Thing)(he called PDCO):

_ _ _ R D O

A: HAIRDO (not solved)

Prize Puzzle Round: Movie Quote

Emma & Nate first put up a $900 P at the very start of this solution, two $700 S's, a $300 H & three E's, but buying an I ends their latest turn. Second for The Hendersons is a bad consonant of R. Third, Denise & Jennifer FP dos O's, call $1K worth of double D's but then say L for loss. After Emma & Nate run into the Bankrupt next to $650 to fork over $2,100, Corey & Kay calls trip N's for $2,700 and use the WC on Pat's advice to call two B's to add $1,800 to their potential till. One twin A purchase later to finish the vowel bin...

T H E / N A _ E ' S


_ A _ E S / B O N D

...to honor the premiere of "Skyfall", Kay says "THE NAME'S BOND, JAMES BOND" to earn 'em 4,250 more bucks & a $12.5K couple of trips to London.

DUDS: I (Emma & Nate), $350 L (Denise & Jennifer), $300 R (Corey & Kay)

Current Scores:

Hendersons: $18,750 in cash & U.K./Denise & Jennifer: $5,250 in cash & stuff/Rhodeses: $9,200 in cash & HI

$3K T-U: Event

S U R P _ I S E

_ I _ I _

Corey takes too long just as he gets the first word.


V I S I _

Denise & Jennifer get a SURPRISE VISIT of another $3K wad into their winnings.

Speed-Up: Things

Consonants pay $1,900 each time they appear. After a G call by The Rhodeses...

R _ _ _ S / &

R _ G _ _ _ T _ _ N S

...they win the middle team's $5,700 bank by following all RULES & REGULATIONS.

Final Scores:

Hendersons: $18,750 in cash & England/Denise & Jennifer: $8,250 in cash & cards/Rhodeses: $14,900 in cash & Aloha State
GT: $41,900


Maxwell House Regular BR #37: The pair of automobiles up for the taking on this set are red & silver Chevy Equinoxes. Kay spins the I in SPIN.

Category: Thing

I may know this already, but this looks tricky to me:

_ _ _ E _ T

T E _ _ _

MDHO adds these two letters...

_ _ _ E A T

T E M _ _

...they needed the P's- it was UPBEAT TEMPO. Not only do we NOT have a full-fledged aired PERFECT BR WEEK...

...THEY'RE THE FIRST $100K LOSERS ALL SEASON LONG. That sends 'em home w/ $18,750 in cash & trips.

$5K SPIN ID #40: MG0323326


Marion Penning (Baltimore, MD)- A teacher at Roland Park Country School, which is a green school
Chris Pae (Suwanee, GA)- A Pre-Med & Pre-Law teacher at Berkmar HS
Robin Cheney (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)- A teacher at Rancho Viejo Montessori School who usually takes her kids on camping trips

TAKING A "TEN" DANCE (each correct response starts w/ those three letters)


The ladies are tied for the early lead w/ $1,600 each & they have a $400 cushion over Chris. And the big money Civics clue also has a DD for Robin w/ $2,600, but she's only $200 over Chris & $400 over Marion. For $1,400 & to keep the outright lead:

For a Constitutional Amendment to take effect, this fraction of the states must ratify it.

"What is 2/3?"...3/4. She finishes this round at $1,400 & will begin Double J!; Marion slightly leads Chris $3,200-$3K.


DJ! Topics:

Does Marion Remember Bookstores? She'd better, because its $1,200 unravels a DD w/ $7,200, followed by Chris w/ $5,400 & Robin w/ $3,400. She puts $2K & first place on the line:

This word preceded "ink" in the middle of one of the first mystery bookstores, opened in 1972.

"What is Murder?"...that's got it to increase her total to $9,200! She's got the other one as well that's on the $1,600 Elemental Symbol, now w/ $13,200; Robin's a fairly distant second at $7K & Chris' got $5,800. Marion makes this answer worth three G's:

French preposition between coq & vin.

"What is gold?"...that's a golden response to put her in Lock Game Territory w/ $16,200!

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $2,800

Post-DJ! Readouts:
Robin: $13,400
Chris: $7,800
Marion: $19,400


Robin: $14,800
Chris: $7,800
Marion: $17,200


In 2012, the National Postal Museum marked the 75th & 100th Anniversaries of these two disasters w/ an exhibit called "Fire & Ice".

Response: "What is the Titanic + Triangle (Fire)"
Final score: $399- ELIMINATED

Response: "What is the Chicago Fire & the Titanic"
Final score: $1,400

Response: "What (are) the Titanic sinking and the Hindenberg"
Advances w/: $26,801

1. Michael- $18K
2. Diana- $10K
3. Terry- $6,799
4. Robin- $1,400

Figure It Out: It's Episode 618.

PANEL: Rachel Crow, Chris O'Neal, Ashley Argota & Leon Thomas III

Featured Vacation: St. Pete Beach

#1: Michael Nakamura
BB: _________ ________ ON ________ WITH ________

R1 C: Spools (ceiling)
PROGRESS: _________ SPOOL (off clue) ON ________ W/ ________
Recap: He's a champ, not the fastest & doesn't sew
Prize: the singing machine

BAG SSA: Overreacting (Chris gets slimed up w/ :21 left in regulation to give Henry said item)

R2 C:
Silly string cans (clue coaster)
PROGRESS: _________ SPOOL ON STRING (off clue) W/ ________

Recap: Doesn't balance something heavy
Prize: sketchers

CF3 C: Coin tossing (boys)
PROGRESS: TOSSES (off clue) SPOOL ON STRING W/ STICKS (Rachel w/ :06 left)- LOSS (he's a world champ in his age bracket & has been doing this for four yrs.)

#2: Khalid McCullough

BB: _______ _________ ________ FOR __________

R1 C: Exercise strips from jlfit
PROGRESS: ________ __________ _______ FOR EXERCISE (WoH- :10 left)
Recap: Not a collection & I suggest you put on your goggles
Prize: Dynacraft bike

JACKET SSA: Wearing goggles (but only Rachel gets the green stuff six seconds into the next round- Karissa won)

R2 C: Garlic press (boxes)
Recap: Doesn't run, relax, Rachel & what do you use the clue for?
Prize: Foozball table

CF3 C: Sisters (Julia)
PROGRESS: ________ _________ SISTER (almost immediately off clue) FOR EXERCISE




"Family Feud":
6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 7
9: "Millionaire"
7: "Figure It Out" "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"


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