"The NEWLYWED Game" 11/8

Frankie & Tawana
Ken & Barby
Matt & Krystal

1. "Being married to my wife is like living with my superhero, because she has amazing strength when it comes to ______________."
2. Your wife has hung a sign on the front door that says "The circus is coming to town", so tell us which side of the family's coming over- yours or hers?
3. Social media's a great thing except when it means airing all dirty laundry, so tell me on a 1-5 scale how private is your wife when it comes to revealing too much online?

F & T:
1. Complaining/fussing- CLEANING UP
2. His- RIGHT (5)
3. 3- FIVE

K & B:
2. His- WRONG
3. 5- ONE

M & K:
1. Responsibility- PERSEVERANCE
2. Hers- RIGHT (5)
3. 5- RIGHT (10)

SH: Sandals Grand Antiguan

1. Which animal simile best describes your husband- hungry like a wolf, happy as a clam or horny like a unicorn?
2. If I took this show on the road & shot an episode from your house, what would you be most careful to make sure our cameras never got a shot of?
3. What public figure, past or present, would you say your husband reminds you of the most?
BQ: Since you & your hubby have been married, what's the most number of nights in a row you've spent apart?

T & F:
1. Wolf- WOLF (15)
2. Dishes- THE KITCHEN (25)
3. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- NICK CANNON

B & K:
1. Clam- WOLF
2. The private things in her nightstand (in a second drawer)- SPARE BEDROOM
3. Tom Cruise- TOM CRUISE (15)
B: Seven- SEVEN (40)

K & M:
1. Wolf- WOLF (20)
3. Aladdin- ALADDIN (30)
B: Two- WIN! (55)

CP: Omaha Steaks

Anthony & Lisa
Kelvin & Jarita (he predicted at 12 yrs. old that they would get married)
Patrick & Meghan (who host weekly game nights & even have a classic board game based on this long-running show!)

1. "I used to find it annoying when my wife ________________, but now I found it endearing."
2. After your wedding, which one of your wife's bridesmaids would you dub her royal hot mess?
3. What was the most intimidating thing about your wife when you first started dating- looks, smarts or family?

A & L:
1. Farted in bed- TALKS
2. Jenna (disappearing sister)- KEIRY (sister-in-law)
3. Family- FAMILY (5)

K & J:
1. Scares me- BELCHES
2. No one (only six people at wedding)- NOBODY (5)
3. Looks- LOOKS (10)

P & M:
1. Grunts like a pig- COOKS & MAKES A LOT OF DISHES (I Do-Over Alert #4)
2. Becky (because she chugged a whole bottle of wine early in the evening & was on the toilet for a while)- MEGAN
3. Smarts- SMARTS (5)

SH: Smugglers Cove

1. "I get butterflies in my stomach when my husband _________________."
2. If you were offered a dream job w/ great pay but it required you to move far away, would your hubby start packing his bags immediately, reluctantly follow you there or dig in his heels & refuse to move?
3. "Howard Stern might be the King of All Media, but my husband's the king of all _________."
BQ: The WTA's working to ban excessive grunting on the tennis court- if there was a no grunting law in your bedroom, who would have a harder time playing by the rules?

L & A:
1. Kisses me- TICKLES HIS FEET
2. Refuse (she's from NJ, he's from Staten Island)- REFUSE (15)
3. Real-estate- COMEDY
B: Him- YES (40)

J & K:
1. Kisses me- MATCH (20)
2. Reluctant- REFUSE
3. Education (because he's a teacher)- SPORTS
B: Him- OUT

M & P:
1. Kisses me (especially on her neck)- PLAYS THE GUITAR
2. Start- START (15)
3. TV- TV (25)
B: Her- WIN! (50)

CP: The NY Pass

G3 (Broadway performers):
Geoff & Chelsea
Jim & Erin
Denny & Haven

1. Using the letter T for "tie the knot", give me a word that best sums up your wedding night.
2. If you & your wife were having an argument, who would be the first to mimic a witch & yell out something "Wicked"?
3. If you had to write a show tune about the one body part of your wife that's so deserving of its own Broadway show, which one would you pick?

G & C:
1. Tired- TREES
2. Her (because she plays the "Wicked" witch)- YES (5)
3. Her mouth (especially the lips)- MOUTH (especially her smile)(10)

J & E:
1. Tired- TACKY
2. Her (he at least did "The Lion King")- YES (5)
3. She has the greatest "can"- BUTT (10)

D & H:
1. Terrific- TERRIFIC (5)
2. Her (she played The Gingerbread Man in "Shrek"; he's in "Chicago")- YES (10)
3. She has a fantastic backside- BOOTY (15)

SH: The Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa in Santa Fe

1. In your everyday life, who seeks the spotlight more?
2. When you & your hubby are out w/ a group of people, what's one thing he does that makes you cringe?
3. Based on his bedroom behavior, what's your husband's spirit animal?
BQ: Who was the last person to tell you how wonderful your husband is?

C & G:
1. Him- YES (20)
2. Giving her the silent "You want to leave?" eye treatment- THE WAY HE CHEWS GUM
3. Energizer Bunny- ENERGIZER BUNNY (30)
B: Her mom- HER MOM (55)

E & J:
1. She- YES (20)
2. Take a two-minute story & make it three hours long- HIS STORIES THAT GO NOWHERE (30)
3. Monkey- MONKEY (40)
B: Her mom- HER MOM (65; if only he said he was sleepy)

H & D:

1. She- YES (25)
2. Giving her the silent "You wanna go?" eye treatment- NOT PARTICIPATING
3. Lion- TIGER

CP: HomeGoods

Glenn & Amy (there's a picture of 'em kissing w/ a lightning bolt in the sky)
Brett & Alessandra (she's a germaphobe & goes to renaissance fairs)
Rob & Nisey (she often steps on his feet)


1. Forget Bridezillas- since you've been married, what has your wife done that made you worry she was turning into Wifezilla?
2. "No matter how busy she is, my wife always manages to find the time to _____________."
3. Name something you love about your wife that you can also say you loved about one of your exes.

G & A:
2. Be loving & caring to me & and to her children & the family- CLEAN
3. Nothing- BOOTY

B & A:
1. Staying up late daily- FEAR OF GERMS
2. Look absolutely beautiful- CLEAN
3. Active, athletic & not a couch potato- LONG HAIR

R & N:
1. Getting mad at him for not knowing the Q's she asks him- COMPLAINING ABOUT THE KIDS TOO MUCH
2. Make sure everyone's fed- MAKE LOVE
3. Booty- BOOTY (5)

SH: Pleasant Holiday to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort


1. If your wife's fantasy football team was made up of all her friends, who did she say she would draft to play tight end?
2. "In my heart, my husband doesn't lack anything but if you ask him, he'll say he wishes he was more _________."
3. What did your wife say the climate was like when she first met you- was she hot on your tail, did she play it cool or did it take her a while to warm up to you?
BQ: Take a mental picture of your you-know-what & name it using any popular tourist spot in the world.

A & G:
1. Mark- MARK (brother-in-law)(10)
2. Communitive- COMMUNICATIVE (20)
3. While- WHILE (30)
B: Old Faithful- EIFFEL TOWER

A & B:
1. Billy- BILLY (who has Fabio-like hair)(10)
2. Taller ("having a few more inches")- TALLER (I Do-Over Alert #5)(20)
3. Hot- HOT (30)
B: Space Needle- BIG BEN

N & R:
1. Antonio (w/ a nickname of Tone)- TONE (15)
2. Muscular- MUSCULAR (25)
3. Hot- HOT (35)
B: Grand Canyon- THE BIG APPLE

CP: Omaha Steaks


8 & 8:30: 8 each
9: 9
9:30: 6


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