"Family Feud" 11/15

G1: Hartleys (Louisville) vs. Franchinas (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,140)

R1: Name something a woman doesn't like to see her man playing w/.

Video Bonus: First Face-Off Guesses

Hartleys (Marilyn's married to Rich & was previously on the show about 28 yrs. ago; she even gives Steve a picture of her & Richard Dawson during a Fast Money round!):
Linda (wearing a white derby hat; she correctly predicted this yr.'s Kentucky Derby winner): Another lady- #2 (24)
Andrew (younger son): His pants- X
Rich (an eye surgeon who wears a pink suit): Another guy- XX
Chris (a brother who was on the program before as well & just got married): His cars- XXX

Diann Steal (for 59): Video games- T4 (4)

#3: Toys/dolls (7)
T4: TV/remote (4)
#6: His nose (3)

R2: Name something a senior citizen can take off in a game of Strip Poker & still be dressed. Think about it:

#1: Dentures/teeth (34)(Nicole)


Angelo: Hairpiece/toupee- #2 (14)
Natalie: Glasses- #5 (6)
Jackie: Sweater/cardigan- #4 (8)
Diann: Shoes- #8 (3)
Nicole: Cap/hat- #3 (10)
Angelo: Watch- X
Natalie: Oxygen mask- XX
Jackie: Robe- XXX

Marilyn Steal (for 75 & early lead): Belt- NO (Franchinas: 134)(#6: Socks & hearing aid)(4 each)

Double: Name the first place you go after winning the lottery. What hits the jackpot on this board?:

#2: Bank (16)(Andrew)
#3: Attorney/lawyer (8)(Angelo)


Rich: Casinos/resorts- X
Chris (& I see some more of their family in the audience): On vacation- #1 (42- Hawaii, especially)
Marilyn: Car dealership- BA (5)

Linda: Accountant- XX
Andrew: Home to celebrate- #4 (6)
Rich: Real-estate agents- XXX

Diann Steal #2 for Safety Net: Go shopping- NO (Hartleys: 154)(Other BA: Lottery office)(5)

Triple: Name something a man doesn't like being turned down for. One way or another, we're going to have a team win another game:

#1: Sex/nookie (58)(Natalie)

Jackie: Job- T3 (4)

Nicole: A woman on a date- #2 (28)
Angelo: Fight- XX
Natalie: Credit/loan- WIN! (4)


1. How long would you wait for a date before deciding you've been stood up?
2. Name a vegetable that's hard to spell.
3. Where do parents tell children that babies come from?
4. Name a complaint police officers have about a job.
5. Name something that gets congested.

Dee Ann:
1. 10 minutes- 2
2. Eggplant- DUD
3. Heaven- 20
5. Traffic- 28

1. 35 min.- LOSS
2. Tomato- ANOTHER DUD
3. The stork- 32
4. Rowdy people- 10
5. Nose- 30
TOTAL- 122 ($1,750 after three games)

1. An hour
2. Asparagus & zucchini (tied)
4. Danger/violence
5. Chest

G2: Frenchs (also from Louisville) vs. Newkirks (three-day take of $21,585)

R1: Name a part of a woman that might be described as well-rounded. Starting this "Feud" off:

#1: (Bubble) butt (64)(Angie)
#2: Hooters (10)(Dee Ann)

Bert (a youth pastor at a rural church in WV): Lips- X
Brian: Hips- #4 (8)
Sam: Face- XX
King Bert (his actual queen's in the crowd for this episode): Stomach/chest/waist- #6 (3)
Angie: Thighs- XXX

Dee Ann Steal (for 85): Personality- #5 (4)(T2: Brain/mind)(10)

R2: Name something a man has to hide from his wife when he's having an affair. Leading off:

#2: Cellphone/numbers (29)(Brian)

TIME OVERS- Pastor Bert & June (she said credit card too late)

Sam: Credit card statements/bills/receipts- #1 (31)
King Bert: Her address- X
Angie: Shirt w/ lipstick or perfume on collar- T3 (7)
Pastor Bert: Her name- XX

Brian (whose wife's in attendance, too): Dirty underwear- XXX

Dee Ann Steal #2 (for 67 more): Email on his computer- BA (5)(152)

T3: Condoms (7)
#4: Love letters (6)
Other BA: His skanky hussy (5)

Double: Name an expensive automobile a valet drives around for a while before parking. Put the pedal to the metal:

#2: Porsche (16)(June)

#6: Lamborghini (6)(Brian)

Darrel: Chevrolet Corvette- OTHER BA (6)
Rob: Ferrari- #1 (19)
Dee Ann: Mercedes- #4 (12)
Kristy: BMW- X
June: Cadillac (convertible)- XX
Darrel: Lexus- XXX

Angie Steal (for 118): Rolls-Royce- SORRY (#3: Jaguar)(12)

Triple: Name a state w/ beautiful beaches. To either have a shutout or Sudden Death:

#1: FL (53)(Sam)

King Bert: CA- #2 (16)
Angie: AL- X
Pastor Bert: HI- #3 (10)

Brian: NC- SWEEP (6)(255)

SD #13: Name a fruit that people pick off trees.
Rob: Apples- WIN! (57)

FM #2:

1. How much time can you spend shopping before you get tired?
2. Name a tradition you see at most wedding receptions.
3. Name something that squeaks.
4. Tell me your favorite fish to eat.
5. Name someone you wouldn't curse around.

1. Two hrs.- 20
2. Toast- 19
3. Door- 18
4. Snapper- 3
5. Mom- 22

Dee Ann:
1. One hr.- 21
2. First dance- 21
3. Toy- 20
4. Salmon- 31
5. Preacher- 38 (all clergy counted)
TOTAL- 213!

They're now the biggest cash winners this season after four games w/ $41,585!


1. Three hrs.
2. Throwing bouquets
3. Mice

(Final note: Karen directed this episode.)


6 PM: 7
6:30 PM: 9


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