"Wheel of Fortune" 11/15

$1K T-U: People

D _ N _ _ I C


Elsa & Brian say the correct answer like a DYNAMIC DUO. Introducing:

Elsa & Brian Garcia (West Lafayette, IN- married w/ daughter Hannah)- He's a Navy Lieutenant, H-60 Seahawk pilot & NROTC instructor working on his Master's Degree at Purdue Univ.
Cathy & Neal McGaughey (Jacksonville, FL- mom & son)- She works for a non-profit church and has two sons & five great grandkids; he's a Marines Staff Sergeant & reconnissance platoon traning chief at Camp Pendleton married to Amy w/ two sons (& has been on three combat tours)
Chelsea & Logan Lamping (Rosamond, CA- married Air Force Captains for nine yrs.)- She has a two-yr.-old daughter; he's an F-16 test pilot

$2K T-U: Landmark

_ _ N / _ _ E G O

_ _ _

Chelsea solves SAN DIEGO ZOO.

Featured Prize: Pair of RetailMeNot shopping sprees ($7.5K)

Allegra-D Jackpot R: Food & Drink (big puzzle alert)

Chelsea & Logan immediately pick up the SS wedge w/ three $500 R's, then they say four E's, three A's & Lose a Turn. Elsa & Brian secondly find a $500 L for the WC, the rest the vowels have to offer (quad I's & an O) to be down to no spendable cash anyway, the back-to-back Z's for five grand & a $10K T quartet courtesy of that WC...

E _ T R A / L A R _ E

_ I Z Z A / _ I T _

E _ E R _ T _ I _ _

O _ / I T

...& this EXTRA-LARGE PIZZA WITH EVERYTHING ON IT's worth 15 big ones; they'll also start the next puzzle!

SOLE LaT: Chelsea & Logan

Current Scores:

Lampings: $2K/Garcias: $16K/McGaugheys: $0

Mystery R: Same Name

As The Garcias get going, they call triple the N's for $2,700, buy four A's & then Bankrupt out on the MDW's left edge to give back $2,450, so their WC usage late last round was the absolute right decision. Second, Neal & Cathy pick a $350 D but then a dud of H. Third, Chelsea & Logan take the MDW w/ two R's, then a $1,400 G pair & couples of I's & E's to shut the vowel shop down...

_ E G / A N D

_ A _ I N G

_ R I _ A _ E

R _ A N

...& they solve MEG AND SAVING PRIVATE RYAN to double their T-U $$$.

SOLE DUD: $900 H (Neal & Cathy)

Current Scores:

Lampings: $4K MDW/Garcias: $16K/McGaugheys: $0

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #43 ('99)(Thing)(Lucy called CPMI):

C _ _ P _ N

A: COUPON (not solved)

Prize Puzzle R: What Are You Doing?

The McGaugheys begin w/ $1K worth of start from two S's, a top dollar T couplet & an A, followed by the Bankrupt w/ top dollar next door to lose their $7,750. Secondly, The Lampings LaT for the second time this game. Third, The Garcias receive two N's for a G-spot, an I, eight E's, a $3.5K G & the other two vowels, after which are an $800 L, dos R's (one at the start) for $1,200 additional but then the other Bankrupt strikes to snatch $5.5K from their grasps. After The McGaugheys LaT out, Chelsea at least attempts to solve...

R E _ U E S T I N G

E _ T E N _ E _

S _ O R E / L E A _ E

...they're REQUESTING EXTENDED SHORE LEAVE & I hope this helps their maingame score a lot- a couple of getaways from Hotwire.com to the Cayman Condos on Sunset Cove adding up to $8,640.

LaTs: 2 (Chelsea & Logan and Neal & Cathy)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Neal & Cathy and Elsa & Brian)

Current Scores:

Lampings: $12,640 in cash & Cayman Islands/Garcias: $16K/McGaugheys: BAD LUCK

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ _ _ D / T H _ T

_ H _ U G _ _

HOLD THAT THOUGHT- Team Garcia's at the $19K plateau.

Speed-Up: Occupation

That was a $1,700 Final Spin. Once Vanna gets an E & lights it up...

_ _ A _ - _ _ - _ _ A _

A N N _ _ N C E R

...Cathy finally gets her team out of gooseegg territory w/ any PLAY-BY-PLAY ANNOUNCER they like; our champs missed out on 5,100 extra bucks.

Final Scores:

Lampings: $12,640 in cash & travel/Garcias: $19K/McGaugheys: $2K
GT: $33,640


Maxwell House Regular BR #41: Elsa's envelope's the ' one.

Category: Thing

Here's the last letter of each word:

_ _ _ E

_ _ _ E

Their calls are CPMI...

_ _ M E

P _ _ E

...they only get HOME. They won't be saying on their HOME PAGE they got another $45K.

$5K SPIN ID: PB6848895



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