12/11/2012 Results

LMaD: Cynd (witch) becomes The Woman Who Can't Say No.

Angelita's R: $900 (because she needs to go shopping to replace a shoe she just broke)(CURTAIN #1)- visiondecor.com bedroom w/ Napoelon Quality Fireplace ($3,666)
Robert's R: $900 (a program director for disabled adults dressed as a fireplace)(BB)- Tin foil clothing
Cynd's R: CURTAIN #2- Trip to Treasure Island Resort

It's time to do a Dice Duel for cash or a new car.

Control R:
Raechel (a marketing solution seller for printers dressed as a 25-cent fortune teller booth): 2
Jadeane (the wife of a locksmith named Ronald dressed as a Mexican): 5

J: 1/4- $1,100
R: 3/3- $700
J: 6/2- $600 ($1,700)
R: 5/1- ITP
R: 3/6- $1,200 ($1,900)
J: 2/6- ITP
J: 3/4- $400 ($2,100)

TBR (CURTAIN #3): YES (Chevrolet Sonic Sedan)- PERFECT DEAL!

Joshua's Freestyle Battle FD Decision (a computer teacher at a boys & girls club): CURTAIN #3- Kawasaki motorcycle ($6,299)
RB- Beehive hat

PD #2

Stephanie (puppet) & Jeffrey (giraffe; they're married for 2.5 yrs.) play the Four Keys Deal for the Mazda2 in CURTAIN #2. Stephanie keeps w/ the theme from that last sentence w/ #2 & they decline $1K & the recumbent bike w/ workout clothing in CURTAIN #1, a total of $3,345 worth of STJ.

#1 (Jonathan): NO
#2: MAZDA- PD #3!!!
#3 (Tiffany; Jadeane & Ronald would've chosen this one): NO
#4 (Wayne): NO

Are you sure this isn't the 600th taped episode, guys? After the next break, Wayne incorrectly says $50K+ in cash & prizes have currently been given away this episode.

Aysha's purse is going to be used for the Purse Objects Deal. Jora (dressed as a nice blue Musketeer) is the guy who will do the predicting.

2. A PENNY: YES- MATCH ($1K each)
3. ATM RECEIPT: NO- NO MATCH (Aysha maxes out for $1.5K)

Jora's Final R: NO (CURTAIN #3)- Four-night trip to Inn at The Market in Seattle ($4,612)
Aysha's Final R: NO (BB)- Cape Spade accessories ($3,443)

(Note: Wayne made another mistake after the next break- he said the first car winner today was first in line for a BD door.)

Sharon's FD Decision (a marketing consultant from Kansas City dressed as a bee): CURTAIN #1 (weighs more than a pound; $1K)- Game room ($5,377)
SB (weighs less than a lb.)- Pair of diamond/ruby/white gold earrings ($3,744)

PD #4

BD #55:

SD (#3): Home theater ($3,800)- LOSS
MD (#2): IKEA kitchen ($7,383)
BD (#1): Trip to Grace Bay ($7,701), St. Maarten mini speedboat ($9,875) & $5K

The trader(s) who went for it...was Cynd (for her hubby & two boys), so she's just flying home.

Richard (who was sitting close to both our lucky couples for the day) has Four Kings for $500, while Teddi claims the $200 Jonathan's holding for popping all of her grape balloons first amongst the three girls she's a part of.


Millionaire: We start civilian play on Broadway Giveaway Week '12 w/ Philadelphia cashier Ingeborg Bivins (who'll turn 40 in February & wants to win enough to "augment herself").

Pre-Randomized Categories: Log On and Learn, Workout World, Mode of Transport, Messy TV Time, State Signature, Pet Tease, Home Turf, No Flow, BROADWAY ("Mary Poppins") & Extra Extra
Final Menu: Messy TV Time, Home Turf, Mode of Transport, Log On and Learn, Workout World, BROADWAY, State Signature, Extra Extra, Pet Tease & No Flow

1. What type of movies does the TV network TMC air back-to-back as part of its weekly "Splatterday on Saturdays"?

A: Spaghetti Westerns
B: Chick Flicks
C: Horror Films
D: Sports Documentaries

FA: S.W.- WIPEOUT (A: Horror Films)

Ralph Dukes from Orlando takes her place.

Menu: Horse Sense, Natural Disasters, Pharmacy Facts, Curious Coincidences, Name Change, BROADWAY, Film Translations, Sound of Gossip, Colorful Candy & Famous Last Words

1. Although a close horse race's often said to be won "by a nose", the anatomically correct way of saying the same thing's "by a" what?

A: Mane
B: Flank
C: Muzzle
D: Withers

FA: Muzzle- $2K

2. While hot lava's one obvious danger of an active volcano, eruptions can also cause all but which of these catastrophes?

A: Tsunamis
B: Mudflows
C: Earthquakes
D: Hurricanes

FA: Hurricanes- $7K ($9K)

3. NyQuil makes a "just for sleep" product aptly called what?

A: MmmQuil
B: BrrQuil
C: ZzzQuil
D: GrrQuil

FA: ZzzQuil- $5K ($14K)

His son Christopher's here.

4. Though they're joined by just 10% of the general public, six of the 12 U.S. Presidents since WWII had what shared trait?

A: Red hair
B: Cleft chin
C: Peanut allergies
D: Left-handedness

FIRST JUMP (A: Left-handedness, which he would've guessed)- $25K

5. Slovak officials rejected the results of a 2012 local bridge-naming poll after what action star's name topped the list, w/ 12,599 votes?

A: Chuck Norris
B: Jean-Claude Van Damme
C: Dolph Lundgren
D: Steven Seagal


A: 25%
B: 32%
C: 36%
D: 7%

NO MORE LIFELINES (A: Norris)- $100

6. What Broadway hit has a first act w/ scenes set in "Salt Lake City Airport" & "A small village in Northern Uganda"?

A: "Lombardi"
B: "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
C: "The Book of Mormon"
D: "Catch Me If You Can"

FA: "The Book of Mormon"- $3K ($17K)(Row #9)

7. Taking its title from military slang, what would the '12 film "Zero Dark Thirty" be called if translated to a 12-hr. clock?

A: 12:30 AM
B: 10:30 AM
C: 12:30 PM
D: 11:30 PM

FA: 12:30 AM- $500 ($17.5K)

8. What actress provides the voice for the never-seen narrator & title character of the TV series "Gossip Girl"?

A: Emily Blunt
B: Mila Kunis
C: Kristen Bell
D: Michelle Williams

FA: Michelle Williams- LOSES $16.5K (A: Kristen Bell)

We hope Somers Point firefighter David McGill from Haddon Township, NJ can return tomorrow.

Menu: BROADWAY, Sci-Fi, Murder, She Wrote, What's the Scoop, Festival of Lights, College, Truth in Fiction, Dirty Music, Program Critique & Forgotten Fellows

1. What candy bar shares its name w/ the club at the center of the action in the Broadway show "Cabaret"?

A: Rolo
B: Kit-Kat
C: Twix
D: Junior Mints

FA: Kit-Kat- $3K (Row #1)

2. In the '53 Sci-Fi movie "It Came From Outer Space", what was the it?

A: One-eyed alien
B: Giant robot
C: Time-traveling cyborg
D: A radioactive cloud

JUMP #1 (A: One-eyed alien; he thought it was the robot)- $15K

3. Perhaps drawing on her red carpet experience, who wrote the Mystery novel "Murder at the Academy Awards"?

A: Roseanne
B: Joan Rivers
C: Rosie O'Donnell
D: Ellen DeGeneres

FA: Joan Rivers- $1K ($4K)

Q of the Day: A plumbers' union named what thinker an honorary member after he said he would choose plumbing as a job if he were young again?

A: Albert Einstein
B: Charles Darwin
C: Sigmund Freud
D: Thomas Edison

A: Einstein

To Return: Ben & Jerry's boats that which of its ice cream flavors will make a person's taste buds exclaim "Erin go Wow!"?

A: Karamel Sutra
B: Mission to Marzipan
C: Dublin Mudslide
D: Neapolitan Dynamite

FA: Dublin Mudslide- $100 ($4,100)

WoF: The Seattle incident from '02 where Pat's butt gets slapped is shown for the second time. And I see some Girl Scouts in the audience tonight.

$1K T-U: Place

_ O _ _ T Y

_ A I R G _ _ U _ D S

Laura solves COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS. Tonight's solvers:

Laura Cassidy (Parrish, FL; originally from Canfield, OH)- A 2nd Grade teacher at Team Success in Bradenton, FL married to Patrick w/ a three-yr.-old daughter named Annabelle
Brian Curl (NYC; originally from Tabernacle, NJ)- A musical theater performer/choreographer & bartender extraordinare who's been to 49 of the 50 U.S. states
Debra Martinez (Willow Spring, NC)- An airline worker at an executive platinum reservations desk & swimming/soccer team Vice-President married to Joaquin w/ four children (Alexis, Joaquin, Lance & Roman); her mom's also in the audience (& towards the end of her interview, Pat sits on the top part of his podium!)

$2K T-U: The 80's

_ Y _ A S T Y

& / _ _ L L _ S

Brian IDs "DYNASTY" & "DALLAS" for $1K per show.

Featured Vacation: Presidents' Quarters Inn courtesy of BedandBreakfast.com ($6K)
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Yankee Candle

simple green Jackpot R: Event

He takes two T's for $1,800, two H's for $600 extra & three E's (w/ one at the end of each of the last two words of this four-word puzzle) to start, then two R's for another $600, three A's, $1,650 sets of S's & N's, a couple I's & after an $1,100 W pairing, this is what's there...

W A S H I N _ T _ N

_ R _ S S I N _ / T H E

_ E _ A W A R E

...he also recalls (George) WASHINGTON CROSSING THE DELAWARE to bank another $6,650.


Current Scores:

Debra: $0/Laura: $1K/Brian: $8,650

Mystery R: Before & After

Debra starts her run as she calls for five T's to get the YC package & $2.5K & three $500 H's to also pick up the vacation wedge. Following four E's is N for nada. Secondly, Laura calls a trio of R's while on the MW next to LaT & gives back $3K...for 10! After she takes the WC via a $500 F, she buys three A's & calls out a $900 C...

A R T _ C H _ _ E


_ F / T H E / _ A T T E R

...the $10K MW's claimed this time w/ the solve of ARTICHOKE HEART OF THE MATTER, giving her a total this rd. of $11,150 & she also remains the spinner!

SOLE DUD: $700 N (Debra)

Current Scores:

Debra: $0/Laura: $12,150 WC/Brian: $8,650

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #51 (9/9/03)(Person)(Yesenia called FCDI):

C _ _ T T E R _ _ _

S21 started out w/ a BR SHUTOUT, so obviously CHATTERBOX wasn't solved.

Prize Puzzle R: Song Lyrics (big puzzle alert)

First up from her are four T's for 14 Benjamins, two E's, trip N's to throw in $1,350 & seven I's, followed by a dud of M. Second, Brian finds the Bankrupt next to $650 on his next spin. Third, Debra has found three G's for 24 $100s, three H's for nine more & an O pair, but she then spins up the same Bankrupt to give up $3,050. Back in control, Laura calls the $500 R & S to pick up the 1/2 CAR next to $900 and four L's to tack on $1,200, then she doesn't want to chance it no more...

L I _ E / I S / _

H I G H _ _ _ / I / _ _ N T

T O / R I _ E / I T / _ L L

N I G H T / L O N G

...& she exactly recites Tom Cochrane's "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY, I WANT TO RIDE IT ALL NIGHT LONG" to add to the 4,450 bucks a trip to the Bay Gardens Resorts worth $6,125.

SOLE DUD: $400 M (Laura)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Brian & Debra)

Current Scores:

Debra: NIL/Laura: $22,725 in cash & Costa Rica WC/Brian: $8,650

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ H _ / _ I D _ S

_ _ _ _ _

He might not have THE MIDAS TOUCH, but Brian does have a new cash sum of $11,650.

Speed-Up: Thing

$1,400 in the Final Spin department this evening. Both Laura & Brian are competing for 5,600 more dollars & after Vanna lights four T's...

_ _ N _ T _ T _ T _ _ N _ _

_ _ _ N _ _ _ N T

...it's Laura who cashes in again on a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT!

SOLE DUD: R (Debra)

Final Scores:

Debra: $1K GOOSEEGG/Laura: $28,325 in cash & C.R. WC/Brian: $11,650
GT: $40,975


Maxwell House $100K BR #59: Laura spins the S in AMERICA'S.

Subject: Thing

Here's a third of letters as her mom Lynn roots her on:

_ _ _ _ T

S _ N _

CDKIB are good calls on paper...

_ I _ _ T

S _ N _

...well, they didn't go the way we wanted, but because she knows every school like hers should have their own FIGHT SONG, she's $50K richer! That's a GT in cash & trip of $78,325, making her the third-highest winner of the season, which also means $167.5K's in the Rebuilding Together bank! There's another example of why I had more faith in a player's chances at a bonus puzzle than the host.

$5K SPIN ID #52: SC6446448

(Final notes: The new BR timer wasn't shown during this endgame. Also, as of this season, the WC graphic just fades instead of flipping after the selected consonant's called for. Finally, we heard a few notes of the remixed "Changing Keys" towards the end of the repeat of last night's intro flashback moment.)

Jeopardy! Competition Tonight:
Rachel Shuman (Silver Spring, MD)- Curriculum coordinator
Jan Rishoi (Ann Arbor, MI)- Analytic software sales executive
CHAMP: Josh Frumkin (whose two-day cash winnings total $43,601)

Here's What Kevin Has For Them First:

Josh's barely in LGT w/ $4,200 at the break, w/ Rachel at two grand & Jan at $1,200. This rd. will end w/ Patron Saints; we don't have time for the $1K clue, but we do have the time for Jan's DD associated w/ the $800 box. That $800's exactly what Jan has now, but Rachel's at $3,800 & Josh leads her by $1,400. The man named Jan risks his eight bills.

St. Andrew: This profession he practiced for a living.

"What is golf?"...good news, he made the studio laugh- bad news, Jan's wrong. He was a fisherman, but Jan will lead off in Double J!

TOTAL LT: $4,800

DJ! Rundown:
IN THE DICTIONARY (letters of "dictionary" will be used in each right response)

It's Rachel's turn at a DD clue, the $1,600 one dealing w/ 19th C. Americans; she has $5,800 to Josh's $8,400 & Jan's $3,600. For another $3K & a $200 lead:

An 1877 cartoon showed 12 widows crying in bed, mourning the death of this man.

"Who is Smith?"...good guess, but incorrect- should've thought of BYU, Brigham Young. As he says Let's Go Caroling, Jan catches a second DD in the middle of the category w/ $5,200; he trails Josh for first place by Rachel's current bank of $4,400. Jan goes for $4K more on this:

The view of a certain Middle Eastern city inspired pastor Phillips Brooks to write this carol in 1868.

"What is 'Little Town of'...what is 'O Little Town of Bethlehem?'"...good thing he corrected himself! The time's up beeping sounds before we can get to the two least valuable clues regarding I Got a Bridge I'd Like to Sell You.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $5,600

Scores After Two Rds.:
Josh: $12K
Jan: $9,600
Rachel: $11,600

Josh: $12K
Jan: $7,600
Rachel: $14,600

FINAL J! TOPIC #62: Businessmen.

Thomas Watson, Jr. appeared on the Mar. 28, 1955 cover of TIME w/ the caption "Clink. Clank." this.

Jan has jotted "What is IBM"...way off target, so he's going down by $5,400. One of the other two players has it right...but it's not Josh- he falls to $799 w/ "What is Computer?" & heads home w/ $45,601. By writing "What is Think", Rachel wins $19,600.


9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Millionaire"


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