12/21/2012 Results

LMaD: The LOTTO now has a new blue border around its gameboard.

Jennifer (weird orange hair): BLUE- WIN
Sean (black graduate suit w/ yellow tassel): GREEN- $100
Lovlyn: RED- $250

The Tiffanies are worth $5K again, while the car's the Chevrolet Sonic (CURTAIN #2).

PICKS: #2, #5 & #6

1. #6: TIFFANY
2. #5: WAYNE

She says she needs a kitchen from AjMadison w/ $500 worth of groceries ($2,799 total in BB), but she's going for the cash.

FINAL CHOICE: #2- WINS $3K (SONIC S.: #4 & #7)

Time again for the Check Trios Deal.

Gary (fork): CURTAIN #2- Chinese food ($25 + $250 + $2.5K)
Stephanie (ZONK queen): CHECKS- $400 + $40 + $4K (CURTAIN #3: Laundred money)

Lindsay's FD Decision (party girl)(e-mail for Cat): BB ($1K)- 3-D home theater ($3,249)
Sabrina's FD Decision (birthday girl celebrating a birthday tomorrow)(freestyle poem): CURTAIN #1- Pool table ($3,550)(SE: Bottom of the ocean)


James (a professor milk) & Tommy (cookie) play Panic Button for:

#1: BULL BBQ ($2,183)
#2: APT 2B.com living & dining room furniture ($6,230)
#3: Trip to Grand Pineapple Beach Resort ($5,696- that's the first time any prize behind here has been worth less than the one from the middle curtain)

1. #4 (T)- BBQ
2. #1 (J)- DUD
3. #6 (T)- ANTIGUA

BONUS ($1K): B (J)- PD #2!

Danae (purple loofah) becomes the Personal Assistant.

Tanya Jill's R (black graduate): RB ($1K)- MacBook Pro w/ $1K iTunes card ($2,799)
Krystal's R (a health concierge wearing a purple wig): $1,400 (GB)- Jalapeno eye cream
Danae's R (her daughter Corine's dressed as a chef): BB ($1,100)- '13 KIA Rio (CURTAIN #3)

PD #3!

Heather's FD Decision (a 5th Grade teacher dressed as an '80s girl; Wayne even mentions "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"!): SE- BOUNCED CHECK ($100)(SB: nelson j spa party)($2.5K)

BD #63:

SD (#3): Trip to JW Marriott Desert Springs Palm Desert
MD (#2): VESPA GTS 300- STOP
BD (#1): Bayliner 185 Bowrider ($23,730)

Sabrina traded away her pool table for that.

Benjamin (Ben Franklin): Carabiner ($500)- YES
Nicholas: Recalling 10 spikes on his hat ($200)(Jonathan)- EIGHT
Jazmine (purple pajamas): Sleep mask ($200)(Tiffany)- NO

TPiRecap (the ARP of the '13 Chevy Sonic LS HB's $15,920)

Millionaire: Can Carmelo go any further?

6. Based on the way precious metals were once divided into smaller pieces of currency, the Russian Ruble gets its name from "rubit" meaning what?

A: To freeze
B: To stir
C: To melt
D: To chop

FA: To chop- $10K ($36,100)

7. What yummy-sounding phrase describes an ideal situation that's unlikely to be realized?

A: Cake in the lake
B: Eclair in the air
C: Pie in the sky
D: Sorbet in the sky

FA: Pie in the sky- $2K ($38,100)

8. Though its exact origins are unknown, some believe what phrase derives from the number of yds. of material one need to make a suit?

A: Sweet sixteen
B: Three the hard way
C: Dressed to the nines
D: Cheaper by the dozen

FA: Dressed to the nines- $500 ($38,600)

9. Begging the question why it was made in the first place, which sequel to a classic holiday film went straight to DVD this yr.?

A: "The Grinch: At It Again"
B: "A Christmas Story 2"
C: "Life is Still Wonderful"
D: "Another Miracle on 34th Street"

WALKS W/ $19,300 (A: "A Christmas Story 2")

The yr's final player is gonna be Amy Schneider from NYC (who's said to be Jewish; she & her three loved ones in the audience play this game & "Jeopardy!" together at home).

Shuffled Tree: Abandoned Slogans, Flatlining, Y Not, Namesakes, Myth Busted, Survival of the Fittest, Dodgy Cities, Hollywood Haiku, In the Kitchen & Madame Money

1. "Tienes leche", the Spanish translation of what ad slogan, was dropped when an advertiser foresaw that it may be misunderstood as "are you lactating"?

A: "Hungry? Why Wait?"
B: "Where's the Beef?"
C: "What's in Your Wallet?"
D: "Got Milk?

FA: "Got Milk?"- $1K

2. So known for its flatness that its name translates to "low lying country", engineers in what nation met last yr. to discuss building an artificial mountain?

A: Luxembourg
B: Netherlands
C: Slovakia
D: Finland

FA: The Netherlands- $7K ($8K)

3. Who was pictured on the May '87 cover of Playboy, a cover in which the magazine's named appeared as "PLA_BO_"?

A: Cindy Crawford
B: Madonna
C: Vanna White
D: Brooke Shields

FA: Vanna- $500 ($8.5K)

4. While Edgar & Allan were retired in '07, Poe still remains a mascot for what NFL team?

A: Seahawks
B: Eagles
C: Falcons
D: Ravens


A: 3%
B: 6%
C: 2%
D: 89%

FA: Ravens- $15K ($23.5K)

5. According to a popular but incorrect myth, there's an extra 13th what on the famous military status of six men raising the flag in Iwo Jima?

A: Flag
B: Sword
C: Hand
D: Grenade

FA: Hand- $3K ($26.5K)

6. Bengal, Malayan & Sumatran are three of the six surviving subspecies of what endangered animal?

A: Tiger
B: Antelope
C: Lion
D: Elephant

FA: Tigers- $100 ($26,600)

7. A known center of prostitution in the 19th Century, what state's Dodge City's reportedly the origin of the phrase "red light district"?


JTQ (A: KS)- $5K

8. On celebrityhaiku.com, who's the subject of the poem "Funny how a wolf/Has such little body hair/Put your shirt back on"?

A: Taylor Lautner
B: Christian Bale
C: Chris Evans
D: Zac Efron

FA: Taylor Lautner- $25K ($51,600)

Q of the Day: Celebrated on Dec. 23rd, the "Seinfeld"-inspired holiday Festivus includes which of these traditions?

A: Exchange of Nicknames
B: Critique of the Desserts
C: Revelation of Lies
D: Airing of Grievances

A: Airing of Grievances

9. So Flippin' Hot is a brand name of what type of kitchen tool?

A: Tongs
B: Ladle
C: Spatula
D: Corkscrew

FA: Spatula- $2K ($53,600)

For $63,600: If you replaced the Presidents on the front of U.S. bills w/ their wives, how much money would you have if you had three Julias & two Marys?

A: $35
B: $70
C: $160
D: $310


CM #38:

$100K (Little-Known People): To illustrate the harms of sexism, Virginia Woolf once invented a famous writer's "sister", a talented but ignored woman named what?

A: Lilith Dickens
B: Emily Twain
C: Judith Shakespeare
D: Lady Byron

WALKS W/ $53,600 (A: Judith Shakespeare)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #50 (Fall '03): Jennifer clarifying to the host that she was a payroll administrator for a cheerleading uniform co. (Pat thought the co. actually made cheerleaders)

$1K T-U: Rhyme Time

_ O _ _ Y

_ O L L _

Connie's correct w/ HOLLY JOLLY. We're starting in the middle of this panel to wrap up the week:

Connie Dones (Boston, KY)- An outpatient surgery center worker married to Mike for 22 yrs. w/ two children Billy & Nikki
Eric Moody (Ellicott City, MD)- An intel analyst married to Jennifer (both of whom just retired from the Navy) for 19 yrs. w/ boys Matthew & Christopher
Leanne McLaughlin (Cary, NC)- A state financial auditor married to Steven w/ a sister & brother both in the Air Force

$2K T-U: Person

_ _ T I Q _ E

_ _ _ L E _ T _ R

ANTIQUE COLLECTOR gets solved by Eric.

Last Featured Trip This Week: Bienville House ($5K)

simple green Jackpot R: Place

After the opening spin, he has discovered a $300 T at the end (four-word solution), an $800 N but then the E as the sole dud vowel. Second, Leanne calls out an $800 R (next-to-last letter of the puzzle), buys an A, picks up the 1/2 CAR next to $300 w/ a $500 S at the beginning & calls two $500 L's while on the Jackpot, then following her purchase of four O's are a $400 M (the second word's MALL), back-to-back $1,800 P's, the other two vowels as singletons & a $650 H...

S H O P P I N _ / M A L L

_ O O _ / _ O U R T

...and she says SHOPPING MALL FOOD COURT for $4,150, keeps control & has the early lead.

SOLE DUD: E (Eric)

Current Scores:

Leanne: $4,150 1/2 CAR/Connie: $1K/Eric: $2K

(A shout-out from the control room.)

Mystery R: Song Lyrics (big puzzle alert)

She lands on top dollar right away, but the T's a singleton. Once she secondly buys six E's, she calls the $900 H to finish the next-to-last word out of eight (THE) & two S's while on the MW next to the MDW. She risks $4,150 & her plate...& has the 10 thou wedge! Two A's later, coming along to her are a $1,200 set of N's, three I's to clean out the vowels & nine $600 L's (if she had called those while on top dollar right away, it would've been $31.5K) before we have...

_ I N _ L E / _ E L L S

_ I N _ L E / _ E L L S

_ I N _ L E / A L L

T H E / _ A _

...her reciting "JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAY" for an added cash sum of $20,250!


Current Scores:

Leanne: $24,400 1/2 CAR/Connie: $1K/Eric: $2K

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #59 (10/2/06)(Phrase)(Matthew du Mee called PCBA):

T A _ E / A

_ _ _ _ _

He failed to TAKE A WHIFF & left w/ $23,750 in cash & trip to Fiji; that bonus puzzle was a part of the first BR SHUTOUT in S24 (& the first in about a yr.).

(Just before gameplay resumed, Reba McEntire did an anniv. shout-out.)

Prize Puzzle R: Thing

Connie's first to go spinning, saying two T's for 12 Benjamins but then S for sad. Second, Eric selects a $500 N for the same 1/2 CAR & three A's (including the obvious one at the beginning), then he Bankrupts out next to $3.5K to lose his Ford Fiesta opportunity & $250. Third for Leanne are a couple R's for six pictures of Ben Franklin, trios of I's & E's to shut down the vowel section & then she just tries to solve the following...

A / _ E T A I _ E _

I T I N E R A R _

...besides another Benjamin, she's gonna need A DETAILED ITINERARY for her Hotwire.com trip to the El Conquistador Resort priced at $5,800.

SOLE DUD: $500 S (Connie)

Current Scores:

Leanne: $30,300 in cash & Puerto Rico/Connie: $1K/Eric: $2K

$3K T-U: Living Things

F L O _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ W / _ _ _ _ E

Eric only figures out the top line.

F L O C _ / _ _

S N _ W / _ _ E _ E

Leanne can add another three to her score as a FLOCK OF SNOW GEESE flies over our heads; up to $33,300 she goes.

Speed-Up: Show Biz

The Final Spin's...worth SIX GRAND! Oh boy. After Leanne calls two M's...

_ ' L L / B _ / _ N / M _

_ R _ S S _ N _ / R _ _ M

...she says "I'LL BE IN MY DRESSING ROOM" FOR $36K MORE & HAS SET A NEW MAINGAME RECORD!!!!! Left behind in the other banks:

Connie: $12K
Eric: $18K

SOLE DUD: T (Connie)

Final Scores:

Leanne: $69,300 in cash & P.R./Connie: $1K/Eric: $2K
GT: $72,300

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $250

Maxwell House $100K BR #67: The single-star envelope's the calling envelope for Leanne.

Category: Phrase

Let's get this big board started:

_ _ T / T _ E

_ _ _ _ E R

HMPA are only good for...

H _ T / T H E

_ _ _ _ E R

...she tries really hard (saying HIT THE BUTCHER towards the end)...but we still have to sadly HIT THE BUZZER on her. Please, oh please, don't let it be the big one...

...NO, it was the $30K- she's still got $69,300 in cash & trip, still the fourth-highest total overall this season; well done!

$5K SPIN ID #60: JS3318193


(Also tonight: Mike Wallace added $20K to his current "Jeopardy!" winnings w/ a lock game win, bringing him to $48,800 after two episodes.)


9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Millionaire"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "The Price is Right"


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