12/20/12 Daily Results

LMaD: Right away, the Draw Straws container's out.

Caroline's R (Fall leaves): CURTAIN #3- VESPA S-50 (BLUE: $280)
Matthew's R (water buffalo): GREEN- $3,150 (BB: Strawberry & octopus lollipops)
Jessica's R (tennis player): SB- California Coast Tour (RED: $425)


Eden (puppet on strings) has to Strike a Match as many times as possible.

1. #18: #3
2. #8: $2K
3. #3: $1.5K
4. #23: #1
5. #17: ZONK
6. #13: $1.5K- BAILOUT

$500- #11 & #16
$1K- #14 & #19
$2K- #22
SB- #2 & #9
SE- #5 & #20
CURTAIN #1- #10
CURTAIN #3 (Nissan Versa Sedan)- #1

The third deal involves a purse & murse.

Stephanie's R (Lucy): CURTAIN #2- Digital camera package ($2,579)(Coach carry-on purse worth $328: $800)
Joseph's R (Ricardo): PowerBlock equipment ($2,905)($1,375 Jack Spade messenger bag: $1K)
COUPLE'S TBR DECISION (married for 11 years & together for 13 overall)(SE): NO (The Zonkey Backlot DECATHLON)

PD #2

Judith's FD Decision (birthday girl): $1,800 ($300 per night- Tiffany w/ SB)- Trip to Nelson Spring Beach Villas & Spa

Christy's Good/Bad News Choice (fairy princess): Bad (SB moved to in front of CURTAIN #2)- IT FITS IN ONE HAND
Decision on That: GO ($500)- Pair of Michael C. Fina hoop earrings ($2,400)

Good or Bad News Choice for CURTAIN #1: Good- IT USES GAS
FINAL DECISION: GO- AjMadison pro-style gas range w/ copper cookware ($5,065)

Champagne (an actor school teacher dressed as a New Orleans girl) & Haily (a resident adviser at Viola University dressed as a kosher dill pickle) play the Head-to-Head For a Car Game. We guarantee there's a real car behind one of the two curtains in play on the morning.

H: #2 (for her pickle sister Heather)
C: #3

#2 (Haily)- '13 Chevrolet Spark (#3: Baseball bat-covered HB)


Daniel's FD Decision (a groom engaged to Kristin): CURTAIN #1- inmodehome.com dining room ($5,600)(BlackBerry Bold w/ one-yr. plan: $2K)

PD #4

But that couple then goes for the BD of the Day!

BD #62:

SD (#1): $1,976
MD (#3): Trip to Bay Gardens Resorts
BD (#2): Mazda2 & EVERYTHING ELSE (GT: $23,971)- WIN!

Valerie (pink loofah): Soap/body wash ($200)- YES
Natalie (tiger)(Tifffany): Green gummy bear ($500)- SORRY
Leman (Hawaiian): Macadamias ($200)- NO


Millionaire: First today will be Kristina White-Chagani from NYC (who looks like pro wrestler/model Marti Belle) w/ her mom Jacqueline in the audience.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Cooking Equipment, Animal Houses, Holiday Weather, In His Honor, Middle Ages Minting, Hollywood Haiku, Still Flat, Extra Parts, Lady Money & In the Beginning
Final Topic Tree: Holiday Weather, Still Flat, Middle Ages Minting, In His Honor, Extra Parts, Animal Houses, In the Beginning, Hollywood Haiku, Cooking Equipment & Lady Money

1. In the holiday song "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer", what type of weather does Santa Claus encounter on Christmas Eve?

A: Windy
B: Frosty
C: Sleety
D: Foggy

FA: Frosty- WIPEOUT #4 (A: Foggy)

Another NYer comes to play, 26-yr.-old Ryan Mockler.

Subjects: Common Ideals, Breakfast Mascots, Capital Letters, Worth its Weight, My Car Died, Tell-Alls, Finger Painting, William or Britney, Y Not & Name Game

1. W/ its slogan "a nude horse is a rude horse", the hoax organization SINA stood for the Society for Indecency to what?

A: Naked Animals
B: Novel Associates
C: Nature's Attire
D: Nefarious Androgyny

FA: Naked animals- $25K

In the audience w/ him is his dad Bill, mom Judith & girlfriend Katie.

2. CinnaMon, a "laid back" cinnamon stick w/ a Jamaican accent, is one of the mascots of what breakfast cereal?

A: Kix
B: Apple Jacks
C: Corn Pops
D: Alpha-Bits

FA: Apple Jacks- $2K ($27K)

3. What's the capital city of the country that's alphabetically first in the U.N.?

A: Kabul
B: Oslo
C: Quito
D: Nairobi

JUMP #1 (A: Kabul)- $7K

4. Which of these annual sporting events gives away an actual solid gold trophy?

A: Super Bowl
B: Kentucky Derby
C: MLB World Series
D: Daytona 500


A: 8%
B: 51%
C: 12%
D: 29%

FA: K.D.- $5K ($32K)

5. Many in the media couldn't resist using a synonym for "cry" when reporting the '11 bankruptcy of what automaker?

A: Audi
B: Mazda

FA: SAAB- $1K ($33K)

6. A tell-all memoir written by Scott Thorson about his relationship w/ the pianist Liberace was titled Behind the what?

A: Samovar
B: Davenport
C: Humidor
D: Candelabra

LAST LIFELINE (A: Candelabra)- $3K

7. Earlier this yr., which of these companies released a set of eight nail polishes featuring colors such as "Cotton Candy" & "Robin's Egg Blue"?

B: Mattel
C: Crayola
D: Wham-O

FA: Crayola- $15K ($48K)

8. Which of these is a line from Shakespeare & NOT a lyric sung by Britney Spears?

A: "Taste of a poison paradise"
B: "What's practical is logical"
C: "The game is up"
D: "Revive my dignity"

$24K STOPPAGE (A: "The game is up")

Potentially today's last participant on the afternoon is Carmelo Cruz from Teaneck, NJ (who got a job offer just as he was finishing up his audition application).

Shuffled Tree: Getting Catty, Clock Watching, Shake Your Body Baby, Beverages are Served, Geographical Gig, Middle Ages Minting, Keep Dreaming, Phrase Origins, Deck the Halls & Comedy Store

1. In addition to referring to a male cat, which of the following's slang for "womanizer"?

A: Gilcat
B: Tomcat
C: Philcat
D: Mattcatt

FA: Tomcat- $1K

2. The clock faces on Big Ben have minute hands that are 4.2m long & hour hands of what length?

A: 2.7m
B: 4.2m
C: 6.3m
D: 8.4m

JTQ (A: 2.7m)- $15K

3. Because it forms "molecular conga lines", what element does author Bill Bryson call "the party animal of the atomic world"?

A: Nitrogen
B: Hydrogen
C: Sodium
D: Carbon

JTQ #2 (A: Carbon)- $7K

4. At a party, which of these beverages is commonly served using a ladle?

A: Eggnog
B: Red wine
C: Champagne
D: Beer

FA: Eggnog- $100 ($1,100)

Q of the Day: In the lyrics to the Gene Autry song "Frosty the Snowman", Frosty has all but which of these items on his face?

A: Corncob
B: Button
C: Carrot
D: Coal

A: Carrot

To Return Fri.: Located near a famous U.S. landmark, the Four Corners Folk Festival's an annual music event held in what state?



A: 4%
B: 18%
C: 4%
D: 74%

FA: CO- $25K ($26,100)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #49 (10/24/08; the year's mistakenly identified as '06): Andrew Sewall's $100K win (that was taped before the first-ever $1M win that season; nothing was changed in that clip)

$1K T-U: People

T E N / L O R _ S

A - _ _ _ _ _ N _

Another item from "The 12 Days of Christmas", it's definitely not "TEN LIONS A-LEAPING" from Rufus (actually his last name), but he's not even the first to buzz in anyway- Kala solves "TEN LORDS A-LEAPING". Again, starting the interviewing from the left & going to the right:

Kala Hill (Powell, TN)- A financial analyst for a lodging co. married to Shane w/ 2.5-yr.-old son Memphis
Jeremiah Mathews (Landover, MD)- An Air Force Staff Sergeant in Logistics stationed at Andrews A.F. Base
Michael Rufus (Hillsboro, OR)- A telecommunications managing accounts worker married w/ three children who goes on backpack fishing

$2K T-U: Around the House

_ _ _ _ _ R Y

B _ _

Michael's the first to ding in this time, but LAUNDRY BAG's incorrect.

J _ _ E _ R Y

B O _

Kala steals from him again, this time via JEWELRY BOX.

Featured $5K SS: hayneedle

simple green Jackpot R: Food & Drink (the sleigh category wipe's been used in all of the past two episodes; not sure what happened to the snowman one)

She leads off her consonant picking w/ an N for that MDW & two R's for $1,800, then she buys an E & A, calls a $500 S for the $5K spree & a $500 Jackpot T and purchases the rest of the vowels (three O's, a U & I). She then calls off $700 worth of two C's but then LaTs out. Jeremiah subsequently calls the two Y's for 13 $100 bills but then a dud of V. Third, Michael calls the two H's & K's at $900 per couple & FPs two M's, and for $4,600...

H I C K O R Y - S M O K E _

C O U N T R Y / H A M

...he eats some HICKORY-SMOKED COUNTRY HAM (though I thought I heard him leave out the D at the end of the top line, though closed-captioning said otherwise).

SOLE DUD: $600 V (Jeremiah)
SOLE LaT: Kala

Current Scores:

Kala: $3K/Jeremiah: $0/Michael: $4,600

(Here's a shout-out from the production dept.)

Mystery R: Before & After

Jeremiah spins & puts up three N's for $1,450, but he secondly hits LaT. Second, Michael inserts a $500 D, an S & two T's to add $800 per appearance but nothing by calling for an M. Third, Kala calls another negative of H. On his third spin of the round, Jeremiah gets the $800 & calls an R, then following his buys of quad A's & two O's are an FP E, three $600 L's (all on the first line of four) & a K while on the MW next to the vacated MDW. He risks $3,450...& has the $10K! After buying the other vowels (two I's & the U), calling the P stops him. Michael follows by claiming the WC courtesy of the $500 C...

A L L / T A L K

A N D / N O


_ I _ U R E S

...it's ALL TALK AND NO ACTION FIGURES, as well as another 34 $100s featuring a photo of Franklin; this player also keeps control.

DUDS: $300 H (Kala), $500 M (Michael), $300 P (Jeremiah)
SOLE LaT: Jeremiah

Current Scores:

Kala: $3K/Jeremiah: $0/Michael: $8K WC

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #58 (9/12/03)(Phrase)(Ginger called HDCA):

L _ _ _ / _ _ T H

_ A _ S

A: LOOK BOTH WAYS (which triggered the first BR SHUTOUT of S21 & it cost her a 350Z; an Infiniti FX35 was lost twice earlier in that SP week)

Prize Puzzle R: Phrase

Rufus first selects the two N's for $1,400, an $800 S, three O's & an E, then appear two $400 M's, a $350 G, an A, a couple T's to put in another 18 Benjamins, four I's while on FP but then B for bad while almost landing on LaT. Called next by Kala is a $450 H...

_ A I T I N G / _ O _

M _ / S H I _ / T O

_ O M E / I N

...she'll be "WAITING FOR MY SHIP TO COME IN" no more, because to add to her money's a $5.5K Costa Caribbean Cruise courtesy of Hotwire.com.

SOLE DUD: $800 B (Rufus)

Current Scores:

Kala: $8,950 in cash & cruise/Jeremiah: ZIPPO/Rufus: $8K WC

$3K T-U: Thing

_ H A R _ _ _ _ L E

_ O N A _ I O N

Kala's in five-figure land w/ this CHARITABLE DONATION & T-U Sweep.

Speed-Up: Same Letter (no FS graphic)

Each consonant Vanna displays is worth $1.5K a pop. A T's called early...

_ _ N _ - _ _ _ T

_ _ _ _

...it's a good thing it was just for $1.5K at the time, because Rufus' guess of HAND-KNIT COAT doesn't qualify under this topic. He tries again after calling a G...

_ _ N G - _ _ _ T

_ _ _ _

...HANG-KNIT SHAW's not any closer to being correct while at the $3K mark. Then the SL of three L's called by Kala...

L _ N G - L _ _ T

L _ _ _

...but she's also wrong w/ LONG-LOST LIFE, possibly giving back six biggies. Finally, we hear an S...

L _ N G - L _ S T

L _ _ _

...whoever his LONG-LOST LOVE is, she's finally gotten Jeremiah out of the gooseegg column.

DUDS: D (Kala), R (Jeremiah)
DQs: 4 (two missolves by Rufus & one by Kala; Jeremiah's repeated T)

Final Scores:

Kala: $11,950 in cash & Caribbean/Jeremiah: $1.5K/Rufus: $8K
GT: $21,450


Maxwell House $100K BR #66: After spotting her dad Ricky, Kala whirls the BW to the G.

Prompt: Food & Drink

I remember the moist variety of these being whiffed on last season, which also resulted in the first BR SHUTOUT of S29:

_ _ _ E _

_ R _ _ N _ E S

This isn't too bad of a time for her to say CMDA...or is it? So much for the first word being MIXED; the right ones were GOOEY BROWNIES & we don't give away our third Jeep Grand Cherokee this week.

$5K SPIN ID #59: RG3023197

(Also tonight: Susan Jann came up short in Final Jeopardy! & left w/ $55,800, but Sunnyside, NY real estate agent Mike Wallace won the Norma Brown Jackpot of $28,800.)


7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "The Price is Right"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"


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